The Psychic Vampire

Posted on January 30, 2010

Let’s do this the AA way, shall we?

Hi, I’m Scarlet, and I’m a psi-vampire. Also called a Psy-Vampire, also called a Psychic vampire. I truly hope you know what this is, but if you don’t (or you want to know more), you’ve come to the right place. Although I’ve only known formally what I am for a few years, I’ve gathered up enough information to inform you.

A psi-vampire is a type of vampire (No, really?) that feeds mostly on prana, or life force. We are said to be born with an energy leak in our astral form. Sort of like a leaky faucet. So, to maintain our own life force, we drain others of theirs. Most of us go through life having NO IDEA we are doing this. If a person is exposed to an out of control drainer for an extended period of time, they can become physically ill. Just as the vampire can if they go without “feeding” for an extended period of time. Different psi’s have different ways of feeding, but I tend to use the rope method. I see energy radiating off of everyone, and just sick it into myself. I totally feel like a vacuum. Some people can feed off sexual energy, but I don’t. Seems a bit unfair, doesn’t it? (Just kidding sex vamps!)

How can you tell if someone is a psi vampire?

You truly can’t, unless you ask, or are a strong energy user yourself. We appear just like….People… Pale people. The only ting that stands out is said to be our eyes. I have yellow eyes with dark rings around them. I believe this is more genetic than anything, but I’ve heard otherwise. We can blend in with a crowd just like anyone else can. We go to school, work, church, games, and every other place regular people go. Psi’s can choose to be good or bad, just like you can. Some of us decide we like to play mind games with non-vamps, and some of us try not to feed at all. (bad idea. In all honesty, I do feed regularly. I prefer not to feed on strangers, only people who have been forewarned. At first, I was leaning toward the bad side. (Don’t worry, I recovered.)

We are night people, on a biochemical level. Just being awake in the day is a feat for me. We don’t lead easy lives, though. We are moody people; our moods can change on a dime. The way we feel is mainly affected by our level of energy. We age, but slower than a regular person. I am most certainly not immortal in any way. Can we be Christians? Yes, of course. Do fires start when we walk into church? No. Each person has their own energy signature, and a psi-vampires tends to be extremely different than a humans. If you suspect that you know a psi-vampire, keep it to yourself and just observe them. Are theirs moods hectic and unpredictable? Do you feel drained when they are in the room with you? If you decide to ask someone if they are a vampire, do it discreetly. We have our problems, and fitting in can be hard for us. The vampire life is not for the weak.

So, we don’t like blood?

Of course we do. Blood is constantly on my mind, or hovering in the back of my mind like a creepy man at a gas station. Blood contains prana. We need prana. Do the math. We can get prana from fresh blood, fresh meat, or straight from the source. Blood, to me, is like the most amazing ting in the universe to you. Cookies? Chocolate? Nah, I’ll take some blood.

Our abilities?

Now, don’t go and think we totally miss out on all the vampire abilities just because we don’t need blood to survive. I’ve actually heard it said that Psi’s are more dangerous than Sangs, because the victim can’t tell if they are being fed off of. You are sure to notice someone biting you, not so sure to notice someone siphoning off your life force. Some of us get more than others when it comes to abilities.

Empathy is one thing that comes with most psi-vamps. Empathy is the ability to feel other’s emotions, or know what they are feeling. That leads us into psychics. Some of us are, some of us aren’t. I, personally, am. Not the ol’ legendary psychic-in-a-tent-with-a-crystal-ball type. Just the I-happen-to-be-able-to-read-you-like-a-book type. It’s involuntary, I prefer to stay out of most people’s thoughts. Dark, twisted creatures, humans are. We are said to be able to “blink” (speed up time), and go out of our bodies. I have yet to succeed in blinking, but have done astral travel many a time. Another thing is the ability to make someone forget. Don’t worry, we only use this if we happen to be spotted while feeding. One thing I have developed since my awakening is heightened senses. Mainly hearing and smell.

Can we change other people?

Well, this is all theory here. I don’t think we can. Now, this is coming from an accidental test that I’d prefer not to explain. I kept the person under close watch, and their eyes took on a yellow tint and he started complaining of moodiness for a few weeks, but it eventually faded. I was born the way I am, and awakened during puberty. What a lovely addition to the troubles of puberty, am I right? That’s what I think about that, but I’d love to be proven wrong on my theory.

All in all, psychic vampires are a little known, but thriving type of vampire. I’d love to answer your questions, and hear any of your comments.


Sent in by Scarlet, Copyright 2010

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71 Responses to “The Psychic Vampire”
  1. billie b says:


  2. Scarlet says:

    I was kidding about the dark twisty part xDD And I have to know you personally or be in the same room as you to truly read you.

    • John says:

      I discovered a while ago that I may be a psy vamp I tend to make others feel tired while i increase in energy but when i feel tired everyone else feels excited or hyper. I noticed that when in a large group of young energetic kids i tend to be full of energy but when all alone i am moody i function better at night than day I can read some emotions on people but not all. So based on that do u think i could be a psy vamp?

  3. liam says:

    You bit anybody then or jus vacuum there aura

  4. Scarlet says:

    I do not have to bite someone when I feed. Not when I’m feeding on prana, that is. And if I do feel the need for blood, I will find a donor who will give me blood. I don’t believe in feeding on someone without their knowledge, but sometimes it just happens.

    Every living thing has prana. When I feed, I just suck some of their prana in. Therefore, I use the term vaccuum.

  5. liam says:

    a donor how do you go about doing that human or animal not like they sell it by the pint at the market

  6. Scarlet says:

    A few of my closest friends and family know about me. (Believe me, coming out of the coffin is hard!) If I want blood, I will approach one of them in a private place and ask if they will be my donor (if they are STD and blood-borne disease free). If they will I have them bloodlet. And that’s how I get my blood.

    I don’t like feeding off of animals, though.

  7. liam says:

    Yeah pigs are too salty sheep are bland and you feel sick after a horse people though if you can make em weak less struggle you can jus take freshly squeezed from the heart hmmm tropicana for a vampyr

  8. billie b says:

    This is crazy i dont no if im reading crazy confused humans comments or there really is vampires sharing there thoughts with everyone on this site.I hope all you claiming to be vampires are because this is exciting stuff

  9. Melissa says:

    I think I was first called a psychic vampire when I was a little kid, and although I didn�t fully understand it at the time, I’ve come to accept and realize what it means.

    I don’t believe I have a leaky astral form, nor that I need to suck energy from others to replenish myself. I don’t entirely understand it all yet–but who does??–but the reason I say I don’t believe I have this gift or ability in order to sustain or replenish myself and my energy is that I don’t feel down, weak, depressed when I’m not doing it. I don’t suffer a lack of vitality when I am not draining energy or life force out of others. My control is not perfect, but I’ve worked hard to master it and now, with the exception of instances of great emotional upheaval or physical stress, if I do take energy, it’s generally a conscious–and consensual–thing. If I realize I am draining energy, I can stop it. As long as the exchange is between myself and another animate being, that is. Batteries, electronic devices, things of that nature, it’s a whole different story.

    I’ve also started, within the last several years, learning to reverse the energy transfer. It’s absolutely fascinating to me. Thank you for a really interesting post.

  10. "Scarlet" says:

    Billie- Oh, believe me. There are real vampires on this website. I’m sure there has to be some fakes, but I believe most of the vampires here are real. There are some feelings and things we can’t possibly fake.

    You, m’dear, have achieved what we are all striving for. Understanding and controlling our draining is extremely hard, but I commend you on learning that. I am able to control and abstain from draining to a point, but when the line is crossed and I’m low on energy.. There’s no stopping it. I hope one day I can have control like you do.

  11. Melissa says:

    Oh, Scarlet, my control is nowhere near perfect. Not at all. I’ve had to work hard to achieve even the amount of control that I have. I mean, when it got to the point that I was draining car and truck batteries…I knew I had to really work on it. I still go through batteries (of all types) far more rapidly than the average person with equal use. I still “blow up”, explode, deplete, or otherwise fry, frazzle, and render useless everything from light bulbs to computer hard drives way more than should happen…but I have learned to recognize “warning signs” and can now often contain the drain, as it were.

    It’s curious to watch this ability develop in my son, too. He is nearly sixteen, and as he’s gone through puberty, the energy has been incredible.

    I would definitely LOVE the chance to speak and/or work with others in the area of psychic vampirism. There is so much we don’t know, and so much we can do.


  12. Victoria says:

    I’ve been psi feeding for 7 years now and never really thought of it as been any different to humans, I’m very empathic and can sometimes astral project, but not at will, I have never heard of “blinking”, what exactly is it (i know you said speeding up time, but how does it work)?
    As far as i know, “turning” someone is impossible.
    take care.

  13. renu says:

    hey i m also very moody person ….no one can realy predict my moods..and i m very intense person also but i am not a vampire.i actally visited many websites about vampires and fascinated about them infact vry sexual feeling.but after i visited that websites till now i m suffering from recurrent fevers all the time.i m becoming ill all the times but gaining my health there any conncetion my visits to vamp websites and all this unexplained illness.but i never communicated with them also on that websites.ll u please answer.

  14. Karina Farris says:

    Hey Scarlet!
    I am so amazed at your courage! How often do you have to feed? Im in a rush, class is almost over. Ill ask more questions later! BYE!

  15. Brandi says:

    wow the more i read, the more I come to understand myself! after reading all of this I feel a huge weight off of my shoulders! I’ve never really researched any of this for fear of what I might find. I was very scared that I might find that I was “evil” I have always enjoyed the taste of blood and have been told many times that I have a tendancy to “drain” people. I always feel very refreshed after sexual encounters while my partner feels very tired and drained as if they have expended every bit of energy. I have never thought it was me as I had never heard of a Psychic Vampire. I tend to have a hard time sleeping at night but find it very easy to sleep during the day. When I do sleep I have very vivid dreams of very erotic sexual encounters with my Dreamtime Vampire Lover. He comes to me quite often in my dreams. He never changes, Its always him. We share our blood with eachother while making love. I always wake up feeling very very fulfilled and full of love. There is no other way that I can explain it. I will be back! Please any commentswill be helpful! I still need more validation on alot of these feelings. and i have so much more I want to share now that i have some validation that im not just crazy!

  16. Anonymous says:

    ok I just read this and im glad I did I no some people that may read this may be like this kids full of it but I wish I was but im just trying to get some answers
    for the last few months people that no me well are getting concerend
    I’ve been up all night I haven’t sleept in months .
    I’ve have had this hunger fer so long and ill eat food all day ill still feel hungry my gf was looking at me the other night and she stared at my eyes sayin that they look so different like they have a hint of bright yellow in them I thought it may have just been the reflextion from the street light but when we got in my house she pulled me to the merer and I seen it for my self
    then about a month or 2 ago she had cut her hand and was bleeding like u wouldn’t belive I have never felt so intence to bit her
    there was like a suddin erge to taste it
    idk if im going crazy or there’s something out so I was hopeing u can help me

  17. "Scarlet" says:

    Melissa- If you plan a study, let me in on it! ^^

    Victoria- I have NO idea how blinking works. It seems a little out there.. Like I’m not sure what I think about it O_o

    Renu- There is no way to tell me there is a connection. You’ll have to keep researching, and decide for yourself ^^

    Karina- Ahaha, Courage ;) Anyway, I usually fee every day, but there are a lot of factors put into when I feed. If I’m suddenly tired, cold, and cranky.. It usually screams FEED! NOW! Quite ofter I’ll do it without even realizing it.

    Brandi- Like I siad to Renu, tehre is no way I can “Validate” you over the internet. Vivid, recurring dreams ALWAYS mean something though, so do your research!

  18. anthony says:

    um I no most people on this web site are here just for kicks but im realy looking this stuuff up and I was hope you can help if this is real cause
    lately thing have been a bit weird for the last few months I’ve been different
    I don’t sleep at night its been months and I noticed my self falling asleep around 6 or 630 almost every morning and sleeping more in the day
    I have been um how can I put this realy realy hungry all the time and I’ve been eating like you wouldn’t belive I’ve been havein like 6 cours meals at one siting and no im not fat and even after all that ill still be realy hungry

    I’ve also been haveing realy bad mood swings out of know where like last week I was walkin with my girl friend and I would just snap out on random people or on her

    and latly my girl friend is sayin I’ve been a lil weird and not normal and she new me ny hole life so she nos me well
    we where walkin not to long ago and she was looking at me fuuny and said my eyes where like bright yellow I just thought it was a reflextion from a light on the stright but when we got home I look at my refelxtion and she wasn’t lieing
    then she had cut her hand like realy bad and I never felt such like a string erge to tast it I never felt so over welmed for it I no this might sound weird well weirds an understatment but I wanna know if im goin crazy or is there something to this and I was hopeing you can help mabe
    I had left a nother commennt b4 say the same thing but it didn’t seem to go threw idk if you have to accept it or if it just didn’t go I just wanted to know what u think of my situation ???

  19. Karina Farris says:

    Okay, we’ve only been in class like 10 minutes. So I have time. Hahaha, Well yeah, I think you telling pretty much the world what you are is pretty couragous….. Anyway. I am 16 and am very interestes in all things paranormal. Plus, I am probably going to bombard you with questions (I hope you don’t mind). Okay, Here I go….. Are Psy-vamps like immortal, or can they die like the rest of us? Do you like being a vampire? How did your family react? “coming out of the coffin”? Thats really funny! Sorry, I’m blonde and tend to digress, UGH! THere I go again….. Okay, How many of your friends know? Were you scared to tell them? Ummmm…………… I can’t think of anything else to ask!!! Gr, thats frustrating…… Hahahahaha I’ll think of more questions. I promise.

    By the way, I HATE the vampires in Twilight. They definetly SHOULD NOT sparkle. Digressing again sorry! =]]
    Later Scarlet!
    Love always.

    Note from admin – Karina if you post your email address in a comment and ask others to email you again your comment will be deleted.

  20. "Scarlet" says:

    Anthony- Like I have said before, I can’t tell if you are or aren’t a vampire. Research, try to feed, and find mentors. I wish you the best of luck =)

  21. Scarlet says:

    1) We are most certainly not immortal. We CAN die, and DO get sick. =) I have an extremely high pain threshold, but that’s probably not due to the psi-vamp effect.

    2- Do I have much of a choice? Lol. Sure, it’s an okay way to live. At first it was just like Please, let me die! but I’m used to it now.

    3) My family was like.. You’re crazy. Then I demonstrated draining, and they said I see. Well, that’s cool. (Open-minded family helps.)

    4) Oh, yes! I love that term x)

    5) About 2 or 3 know. One is still unsure, but acknowledges the fact that I am, infact, different. I was horrified about telling them, but I’m glad I did. Sometimes they’re dorks about it, like flashing blood in my face when they bleed, but it’s good to have someone to talk about it with outside your family.

    Twilight destroyed the vampire image. But even so, I did read the books and tolerated them.

    I’ll be happy to answer any more!

  22. Karina says:

    Okay, So what is it like being a vampire. I mean, how do you cope? Are you affected by sunlight? Are you afraid of anything? Sorry, I don’t mean to bombard you, I am just honestly curious. Ive believed in Vampires all my life and everyone thought I was crazy……. But you know how that is……………
    I have a completely unrelated question. If you don’t know the answer, that’s fine.
    If Vamps exist. Does that mean werewolves exist?
    I am a HUGE freak when it comes to legends and such, so I can go a little crazy sometimes! Hahahahaha
    Sometimes I can’t believe Im 16…………
    Thanks for your time!
    Love Always

  23. Brandi says:

    I know you cant “validate” me over the internet! I’m not that silly : ) Really what I am asking is if you or anyone else here has experienced anything similar? I dont know???? I’m struggling here trying to figure out how to put all this stuff in my head into words! Ive never really shared this part of me with anyone! I just really need help in understanding myself…. I know there is only so much you can do over an internet web page!!!! I dont even know where to begin on researching this stuff! To be quite honest, Im 27 years old and this is the first time ive had the internet in my house! so Ive never really had the privacy to be able to check this out…I know its kinda funny. Im not saying that I belive that I am a vampire… or even a psychic vampire…. possibly…. maybe…. uuuggghhh. I am having a very hard time with my words right now. Ive deleted this part like 20 times already! I know that dreams definately have meanings! I have a few books on dreams…. but none of them say anything about dreams that are consistantly the same over 10 + years….Im getting frustrated trying to get this out…… so tonight Im gonna sit here and try and write this down first so I can get it out….. and then maybe you might be able to help! lol I sound like an idiot right now!!!!! jeeeez!

  24. "Scarlet" says:

    Karina- Coping isn’t extremely hard. The hardest part for me is when my friends tempt me, and don’t understand what they’re doing. Other than that, I just get through the day (:

    2)Yes, I am affected by the sunlight, but I don’t spontainiously combust when I go outside. I’m just pale, and get sunburned really easily. My eyes can’t quite cope with sunlight, either.

    3) Of course I’m afraid of some things! Like spiders. They freak me out. When it comes to crisis’ though, I don’t have that fear mechanism. We had a tornado here last year, and my doggy was outside. So, I had to go retrieve him! I also had to herd my family into the basement, because they were like chickens with their heads cut off. Wether that’s related to the psi thing or not, I’m not sure.

    I can’t rightly say they do or don’t exist. I’ve never come across one, but I had one friend recall a vivid dream in which he turned into a wolf. He told me every detail, to the point where he had me wondering if it happened. But still, I’ve never seen anyone change before.

    Brandi- Your confusion on the subject interests me. I, too, felt mass confusion during my awakening. I got headaches, had horrible gastrointestinal problems, and would sleep for days at a time.

  25. Trevor says:

    I’ve actually read alot about “vampires” and what not, but it’s not the vampires that I’m more so interested in . . . Vampires don’t really have to fear anything but… I hate to sound silly, but I’m sure there are Lycanthropes around too aren’t there? (I feel so stupid for even asking that lol)

  26. Trevor says:

    Also, one more question, and just try to bare with me on this, if theres vampires and lycanthropes, wouldn’t both races fear a Hybrid..? I mean a hybrid would be Superior to both lycans and vampires, in intellect, strength, agility, reflexes and what not, what would your opinion be if a hybrid were to happen?

    • Vampire Truth says:

      Trevor – it isnt logical to assume that a hybrid would be superior to either “original” parent.

  27. Trevor says:

    Okay so not superior, but would be a very strong opponent would it not? Knowing your tricks and all, I mean, that would be kinda scary, I mean just look at Underworld how Michael Corvin vs Victor went, kinda something like that is what I pictured lulz ^^ =P

  28. Scarlet says:

    No comment on the hybrid thing. But it is my new mission to research lycans ^^

  29. Karina says:

    Heyy Scarlet!
    Its me again. Hahahahaha. You have very interesting answers. Lol, but they are just like any other person. We all have temptations, and we are all affected by sunlight.
    The weirdest thing happened to me today. I was with my friend, and I was like WAY hyper, then I went into the bathroom (no one was in there) and looked in the mirror, and I noticed really dark circles under my eyes and I was really tired….. But when I got back to my friend, I was hyper again. I was confused… Hahahahaha
    So………. lets see………… Um………………….. You say you age slower then the rest of us humans right? How old are you and how old do you look? That question is kind of mean. Hahahahaha
    Love always

  30. Scarlet says:

    Haha, I’m too young to look younger than I am. I’m 17 and look 17! But yes, we are supposed to age slower. Check back in 20 years and we’ll see where we’re at! ;) And that’s interesting with your friend.. We tend to feel hyper when everyone’s mellow and vice vera..

    • des says:

      Yesturday I went to a tobacco shop w my hubby. So the point is that the lady workin insisted on my I’d which isn’t a prob because it always happens anyways! So she asked I said sure no problem and she commented back to me sayin u will b 31 this april! Amazed @ my apperance of yputhfulness. I said yeah I get that all the time so she says: (here’s the kicker) I thought u were 17 or younger. I was so amazed. It made my day and night! :) but I do look young very young, so does my mom she drains watches and batteries also. Once when her and I were argueing n the house when I was 16 I started to walk off and it was as if each step I took blew a bulb and I’m not talkin bout it goin put I’m talkin like smoke and big loud bum noises! It never made since but that only happens now that I’m much older when I’m very very mad. Cause I’m pissy a lot anyways quick tempered all my life but very nice!

  31. Nightcrawler says:

    Hello All,

    I have a question for everyone who has awaken. Now I have read from many other places that Psi Vampires are able to see energy/prana that comes from people and sources of nature. Now I myself have never been able to do this, however I am able to feel/sense the energy of others around me. I have been going through this for 7 years and have been awaken for 5 years now. I have been trying to teach myself how to control my unintentional feeding of others prana but I am really struggling with it. I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem as well or have any ideas how I might be able to train myself better? I am open to ideas. I know my few friends greatly appreciate it too, It is hard to keep friends when everyone around you gets drained of their energy.
    I have pretty strong with my clairvoyance. my empathy is my strongest skill in this department. Unfortunately I get accused of being schizophrenic all the time because of this. Generally the people I am around normally reflects the mood I will be in. I can astral project some but it is really out of my control.
    I agree with the whole sunlight thing, I sunburn extremely easy and my eyes are extremely sensitive to light in general. I love to go outside but unfortunately I have to be careful to the amount of time I spend outside cause I get extreme headaches and getting sunburns isn’t fun.
    Well sorry to bore you all with all this. Hope to get some help and maybe get some stories of other Psi Vampires lives.

  32. Scarlet says:

    Nightcrawler- That was certainly not a bore! Yes, I think all of us have that control problem, and we all have different ways to deal with it. The best advice I have is to be aware of when you’re feeding, and try as hard as you can NOT to (if you don’t want to.) As for the seeing prana, we all have different ways of feeding and sensing. I happen to be able to see it, while others may not. A lot of people think our “condition” is a psychosis, but it, of course, isn’t. It couldn’t be more real. Hope this helps!

    Trevor- Sure, I’ll be interviewed! ^^

  33. Lux'uael says:

    physics vampires does�t slow age, but they live up to over 100, if witness then up to 150.

    just keep answering them about physics vampire, i don�t have agaist psi and sangs because they live short than mine type damphyr (inheritor vampire, half vampire but a dominant damphyr from two classicals, not from two inheritors)

    But I still have time to be alive more around 250 years to get max 550 or 600 years old this is a medium adult for classicals, this classicals can live over 600 up to 1000 but I have never known some ageless survived over 1000 (some ancient classical vampires). Inheritors and classical’s mostly do suicidal unless they success to survive or they will ruins us to possibilty end non-exists. Because we are not ready to give our information.

  34. Trevor says:

    Okay Scarlet, questions are, where you from, whats your name (don’t have to give last name), and tell us about yourself basically ^^, I don’t know how these interviews really work

  35. Karina says:

    Heyy Scarlet!
    I have no idea what to ask anymore! I am definetly coming up blank.
    So Im going to ask some really basic questions. Do you have a favorite band? If so, what is your favorite song by them? What is your favorite color? Uhhh, Your favorite food? lol
    I have to goo… In school again!
    Love always

  36. Trevor says:

    Hey Scarlet, It’s me Trevor, just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentines Day =). Also I know how to do this interview now. Questions are:

    How long have you known about being like you are:
    Place of Birth/Origins:
    Whats your abilities:
    How did you become a Psi-Vampire:
    and of course saved the best for last
    Would you preferr being human or like you are now:

    Please get back to me on the questions
    Love Trevor ^^

  37. Scarlet says:

    Katrina- Lol okay, here goes. Favorite band = The Killers. Favorite song = Tranquilize. Color = Aqua! And normal food? = Rice.

    Trevor- Sorry it took a while to get back!

    How long have you known about being like you are: A while. I don’t remember when I found out WHAT I am, but I think I’ve been this since puberty hit.
    Place of Birth/Origins: Uhm.. A hospital ^^
    Whats your abilities: Draining energy, seeing energy, shielding (Hard, but I can manage) , and astral travel. Those are the ones I use most often.
    How did you become a Psi-Vampire: I was born a psi-, but the onset of it came on in puberty as stated above!
    and of course saved the best for last
    Would you preferr being human or like you are now: Psi. I don’t like to have regrets, because I do have to live with myself ^^

  38. Tiffany says:

    There are two mythical subjects that you just DON’T mess or joke around with me on. They are my fave and least favorite mythical(or not) subjects in the whole wide world. I hint that I love and hate them every time they are mentioned. They are fairies, my favorite, and vapmires, don’t like.
    I’m 12 and i have imaginary friends who are faries and vampires. Recently, one of my fairy friends, Vidia (yes one of the disnyey fairies), was attacked by my vamp friend Katelin when trying to defend me. I have many adventures in my mind with these friends, both good and bad. But I really want to believe in only one “story” or idea and also know about the different types. I have acepted the idea of multiple types to match my many imaginary encounters. I’m reading Twilight and I haven’t read on since last week. this is unusual because of my love of books and fast reading. This is because of one little detail abouit vampires that sends shivers up my spine. Literally. I will just refer to it as “the obvious reason. I try to diminish my too extreeme fear through knowledge like all humans have through our history. But it is really hard. me and some of my imaginary friends started VAPFDC that focuses on diminishind(D) these fears(F) about vampires(V).
    Now for the point of this. I would really apreciate it if anyone (both humans and not) could give me some advice on how to continue to lessen my extreeme and unhealthy fear. As long as you refer to the obvious reason as “the obvious reason” if you do mention it. I’m sorry if anyone is bored with this long comment. But if you dont like what you read online, dont read it. The only other real person in the world that I have mentioned my fear to is a friend at school named John. I can trust him. I feel really god about letting my feelings out and this is the first time I’ve done it online.
    Once again, please comment with advice of fear diminishing.

  39. Aquamairne says:

    Tiffany- I think that we choose our fears. You shouldn�t force yourself to be afraid. I�m not going to interfere with your imagination, but if it scares you, then don�t imagine this stuff. Pretend it was a dream or something. Also, think about this website. Some people may be making it up of course. But some are real vampires. This should tell you that not all of them are bad. Most of them don�t want to hurt humans. If “the obvious reason is why you fear them so much, think about Scarlet and others like her. The obvious reason isn�t the only way that vampires, you know. About the book thing, try an audio book. Then you don�t have to read it yourself with your own eyes.
    For any people who like vampires, I found a cool way to show a vampire face using the key board: ^,.,^ it’s shift 6, comma, period, comma, and then shift 6 again.
    Scarlet- Are you jealous in any way of humans because of something we have that you don�t?

  40. "Scarlet" says:

    Aquamarine- Yes, I’m jealous of humans. But I am because they have a simpler existance (I’m in no way saying an easy one!). Humans crave ice cream and chocolate, we crave blood and consume energy.

  41. William says:

    well i dont know what vampire am i but i can feed by only looking to peoples eyes for a bit then i feel ewrything what that person feels i don’t tell anyone what i am saying here i can manipulate people i can control my speed my streght my reaction. i wish that someone whould tell me what the hell am i
    i once felt a presance of ther powefull creature then i just stabed him whit my arm and drank his blood one of my friends tell me that i am a krusnik he read something about vampires and he said that i might be one becouse i can sense other vampires and ewry far more powerfull creature thain human please help me

  42. Aquamairne says:

    Hi Scarlet, it’s me again. I realized that vampires are now a part of my life. I hear about Twilight and other stuff all the time. Yesterday, I was dreading math because we had to work on our group projects. Our group (except me) chose a situation in which Videsh and Aaron were vampires. We got to do our MST projects instead so I was happy. Then a little while later, one of the dry erase easels fell down. Someone named Steven was there and I automatically put my hands on the board before it hit him because I know it hurts for the easel to fall on you. A little bit later, I noticed that on the easel my MST group was using someone named Rebecca was writing “wolfpire” on it. I didn�t like it so I erased it. After math outside homeroom, two girls and Jessica were talking. Jessica stumbled backwards and saw me. She said �why did you trip me?” I said “I�m all the way over here” she said” you tripped me with your mind using psychic powers because you�re a vampire.� I showed my anger and my feelings by denying it harshly. “What? You don�t like vampires?� she asked. I thought I gave away too much. I also remember other times when people said they were vampires and they were joking. I showed that I didn�t like it by saying shut up and walking away. Last year, someone said I was a vampire because I always wear a black sweater and I never go out in the daytime. Also, I always seem to be hungry. When I tale a lot of snake=s for the kitchen, I�m still hungry. I�m more of a night person and I don�t like the sun in my eyes. m sure this is all just random events and probably came up so suddenly because of twilight. But I�m not 100% sure. I know I don�t like blood like real vampires do because when someone cut them self and waved it in my face, I wanted them to move their hand away from me. I want to be sure that I�m not a vampire even though I know I can�t be. If I�m not, then would any of the traits I described fit a real one? And does these events, half of which happened in one day, mean anything or if it�s just a coincidence that they happened together? THANKS ^,.,^

  43. Aquamarine says:

    Oh and also yesterday, I was thinking about one of the scenes for the movie Twilight. As much as I tried, I couldn�t concentrate and get that scene out of my head. Even in homeroom and dismissal, it was bothering me. Not so much to day thank goodness. And today, I got for the first time ever an issue of…. actually, I�m not going say the name of the magazine. And in it were tons of pages about Twilight, vampire book ads, and even one horoscope one. And today in Humanities, we read a story called “Why Bats Only Come Out At Twilight”. And in Science, Rebecca took one of our star shaped papers for MST and wrote “wolfpire Vampire Diaries” on it and wore it like a name tag with double sided tape. And during Math, she and Jessica were talking to the others at the table about that too. And when we had to write on the easel, she wrote “wolfpire” next to “Table 1 704″. I was like “What is going on here?!” Once again, it seems strange that there is such an abundance of vampire-related events occurring so suddenly. Coincidence, random, or does this mean something. I�d like to know. You don�t have to answer the question, as long as I get some opinion. And by the way, I like your humor.”A psy-vampire is a type of vampire (No, really?)” I said the same thing and LOL’d. And should I be too cautious about my (ever so slight) fear? Not you but in general. the whole idea of it. Thanks for, umm, stuff. ^,.,^

  44. eleonora says:

    I have just read all your experiences and I think I can add some very interest info for your knowledge since I have personal experiences of many things mentioned above. But since I have not much time now I would first like to respond to dear Tiffany who needs help and come later for more. I also feel necessary to say that I am not a vampire psychic or other. I am a human with higher psychic powers than other people.

    Ok Tiffany. Let me give you some of my feedback and I hope it helps you. Of course you are correct with everything that you see or have seen. There are no mind games so please be careful what you think. When you think of the vampires – and I am referring to psychic vampires or creatures of that mainly suck energy � they are attracted to you. There is always the case they came anyway but that is different. They all come for your light , either take it or take it and harm you. You are a beautiful soul very powerful and they need to live from souls like you. So my advice is the following. Do you believe in God? Believe in God. By now you should anyway because I know you see besides fairies other light beings as well and many more. Isn�t that so? Fairies are very nice and helpful and many more goods � depending of their kind- but you have to understand that they are not in the upper psychic level. The psychic realm has levels and as you go up you will meet more light beings much stronger than the fairies. That means that there are many other levels of good guys stronger from them as well as bad guys. That is the truth. Only in the spiritual level there is no evil of any kind.
    So if you need protection or a loved one protected you better call an angel � the moment you think of them you know�or an archangel. Archangel Michael has saved me a lot of times since I was very small. You just call him and watch. Also you should not fear at all, just be careful. Why? Because you are so much stronger than those beings/creatures. You just don�t know it yet or you are not sure of that yet. You are God. Please keep always in mind that what is the dark side is not safe. Keep them away from you, from your house, from your family. Keep away from their world unless you have a very serious reason not to do so and if you do please ask from help from above. You are not alone, you know it.
    So fear just attracts them, you don�t need that. You have no reason to fear because you are much stronger. Also Aquamarine is very right when saying that we choose our fears. Just choose positive things to think and imagine. You have to learn so many things yet. Test your powers on good things.
    If you feel the need..just ask for help and it is there. Keep your environment clear and protected. Stay away from the lower levels and when you see others in danger you don�t always have to charge�you are not sure yet of all your powers, ask A.Michael to sent help. He will do instantly.and even if you can�t help charging ask assistance anyway..nobody is going to deny you.
    Finally one more commend. We all like to talk to our friends don�t we? But keep in mind that people can be manipulated from another stronger mind- or psychic entity � to hurt us in the end. So always judge what you hear from the Gods eyes. If what they tell you comes from love, and justice and it is good for you and other people spiritually and physicaly and psychically then its true. Always judge with your heart and mind. And if you are not sure ask for help, or stay away until you are sure. Keep your abilities to you�as much as you can. Other people don�t have to know. I know how great it feels when you share these feelings and experiences..especially with someone like you but it is rare.

    If you need something specific just ask me, I might be able to help

  45. Aquamarine says:

    Wow. I�m sure that those requests for advice and all the other stuff weren�t as deep as you are saying and not meaning that this happened in real life. Did you catch the words “imaginary friends”? Just talking about pretend adventures and what we all have: fear(s). Like I said we choose our fears. But that doesn�t mean that we don�t have good reasons to have them. If it’s one small detail, then just get over that. I think that when someone doesn�t like people messing around with their beliefs and they imply that they love or hate it, it usually means that they really believe it seriously and they don�t like people making fun of that. Not necessarily that they believe because they saw it and don�t want to deny it. This is probably one of those beliefs that are only based on what one hears, sees, and watched. What is usually intended for advice on “fear diminishing” is “hi. I am really afraid of this. Can someone help me with advice and strategies on how to keep myself from freaking out every time I hear, read, or think about it?”

    But I personally think that all that info is interesting. How did you hear or learn of all that? And by the way, I have never heard of “Archangel Michael”. So I have to ask, who? Is all that true? Not that I don�t believe but this kind of stuff is hard to believe especially if you hear about it for the first time. Once again, wow.

    You can take all the time you need to respond. If I need to ask something else, I will always remember because I have an application that lets me write journals with actually writing and I record all of these strange “coincidences”. I�m using that word too much lately. If you want to say more but no one asked, I suggest posting what you have to say as a story. Awesome info, I would love to read if you do.

    Thanks, you�re welcome, happy whatever day and all that stuff. I had a good day so I�m really energized and enthusiastic. This may seem obvious but to and one who’s still wondering, I�m human. ^,.,^

  46. eleonora says:

    Dear friend you are right�it is always a thin line between reality and imagination. But do not forget that we humans have the power to give a real form to our thoughts .Not always but we can do it and these thoughts take real forms in the psychic realms. No soul in them but low level �stuff�. That is one reason all wise people say �be careful of what you think�. This �stuff� formulated is full of the feelings you gave it and it creates problems to the weak people and maybe sometimes to the stronger when we are not aware or when tired and sick. So you know�better safe than sorry!!(ha ha)

    There are no coincidences..but we must be careful in translating well .All the job we humans have to do is think and judge correct. That is the difference between our becoming better humans and strengthening our soul and between losing our soul and become just wonderers of the low psychic levels living in misery and unhappiness. So what you notice is either to lead you to learn something, something you should know or to mislead you!

    talk to you later


  47. eleonora says:

    Aquamarine I don�t know many things but what I know is from real experiences.I had from very small different experiences but I didn�t know what to do with these!!!(Sounds familiar?)I was just letting them happen trying to cut out the bad ones. Not easy always especially in the beginning. After many years, around 17 I found out I can fight back. What an apocalypses (ha ha) Now I laugh but back then it was live or joke.I am speaking of experiences from the psychic level that affected directly my physical body. So strong. Anyway that is how it started. After that I met some times non- human beings and people came on my way to teach me small things every time and help me. I am sure there are more exciting stories than mine..i still have many to learn.

    About angels and archangels�Oh yes they are so real�.Those from you who �see� can most probably verify that.. I didn�t believe myself. But when I started to see and listen the puzzle was almost completed. Also light beings – white-or gold aura-are around us to help us like the black energy people are also there to eat from us. They are black believe me. This is their aura color. Psychic vampires are a different category of their own-out of the many- but they do belong to the dark side. That is why they always try to feed from others. But those who try to get away from this life are very wise and can be very positive.
    Angels of course exist but in the spiritual level. They do not come to the psychic and/or physical level unless for a very very serious reason. Archangels of course exist..all of them. They all do hear us when we call them and if you ask for help they do give it even if you don�t realize that. You come to believe these only by living it..otherwise you have to have huge faith. I will post some to the stories some of my experiences later.

    William – you can use these powers you have to everyone for your self-interest or to your enemies only. Choose. Some people gain powers to protect other beings. Very special people you. They become empathic to vampires and other creatures to understand them more. You sense them easily (not only vampires) and you get wild by it. You imidiately responded. These are qualities of a warrior. You are the only one who knows inside you what you are and how you will use your power. Nobody can tell you.William hold your ability to share everything from everyone..especialy from the bad guys because you will have “leftovers” inside you that you will not like later on. I know it is very hard but try to keep away from sharing their inside.

    take care you all

  48. William says:

    well actualy i can chose when i want to use my powers but theres one thing which i cant understand lots of people when they get bitten by vampires faint and when a vampire attacked me and bitten me i didnt faint i just destroyed him whitout any holdback

  49. eleonora says:

    Most people faint bebause their only energy source is their blood. When there are psychic resources – to a very strong spiritualy person- the damage is minimal or for seconds only. Also at times when we have a work to do we also receive some “presents” from the divine realm or God. They give us some extra abilities or “tools” with which we can be more effective when needed. This also may happened to you.If it is so then you may have seen something or felt when it happened. Do you have any experience like that?
    Ofcource we can use these for doing evil but then we are some time we would be killed.The good is always stronger than the evil as much as they try.The reason is that they dont have access to the spiritual resources where the energy (power,ideas etc) is limitless.

    So, you are a warrior as I said.It doesnt matter exactly which “kind ” you are right now because through using your powers you will find exactly what you can do and dont. Whenever you have to act you will be discovering new abilities. Again do not empathise..Dont allow anyone to touch you in any level. Remember that. However when you cant help it you can use it..when he bit you you could see everything of his kind that moment..where he lived..those with him..even now you can.But better be careful because at the same time they maybe link to you too.Also have you noticed after the bit changes in your abilities?Physicaly or psychic?
    Is there anyone to protect you?Dont tell me. If you need ask help…from the right place!!

    People (humans and non-humans) that are alike you will come to you as you go on using your powers.If you decide not to use them at all then you have to do it completely and remain a normal person.
    Be extra careful these days…they are really pissed off I am talking to you!

    William � dont post you experience that I asked here in any case. You dont have to tell me. For details it is also better through email.

    • Vampire Truth Admin says:

      eleonora – No one can see or access your email address and we do not allow folks to post contact information in the comments.

  50. eleonora says:

    renu-why are you doing something that makes you ill. If visiting those sites makes you ill afterwards why do you do it???? What if someone is taking your energy…not that difficult you know..stop doing what makes you sick.Find other interests

    Brandi – in the story of the real vampire on this site , commend 106 for karina you have your answer about the situation you have happening. My question is ..Is it what you really want or does he make you believe you want it? Also you said that you always drained your partners. That can happen to everyone. When we have sex to someone who doesnt love us then there is no exchange of energy. One gives another takes.There is no both give both get. Also psychic vampires can use a person to drain energy from his/her partner very easy.Is this draining taking place to your partners the same years you have your dreamtime relationship?Even a little before? Think of everything.
    and yes it is evil to drink blood from other people as I said. You can find a millions of excuses but it will still be evil. Using anyone for your interest is evil.
    I am going to say one last thing in this post and that goes to everyone..get conscious please. Whatever you do be conscious of it, be sure of it, be sure its yours not someone elses.
    when sleeping many shields are off and that leaves us valnerable to anyone not only psychic vampires. Dont allow anything to happen in your dreams .At least not anything that you do not control. Learn to control yourself.This way you will know what you want and be a lot more protected.Learn to control your energy.
    You are afraid to loose your energy so much .I am telling you that if you live a normal life and help other people and give love the moment you need energy it is automatically downloaded to you. Sometime you will understand. Vampires have to hunt for their energy when it is so easy to get fulfilled by just giving love to your environment.

  51. Aquamarine says:

    Sorry but Eleonora, your comments are confusing to me so I�m going to do what I usually do when I some one answers my question and I don�t understand or if I don�t get an answer at all. Answer my own question. Your comments seem a little overboard to me and I�m sure it doesn�t go that deep. This is probably just a bunch of coincidences and all caused by the popularity of twilight, vampire diaries, and all that other stuff. I�ve gotten used to it now so I know that Rebecca, Jessica, and other people which I might mention later ( Samantha or just Sam, Patricia, and some others) are serious vampire lovers. Anything about that, especially Becky and Sam, will make them go fan crazyish like that like the wolfpire thing and the math linear project. today I saw that Rebecca had a bunch of names of “vampires” like Stefan, Cullen, and a bunch of stuff from vampire diaries and twilight written all over her shoes.
    And about the whole fear thing, you�re getting me confused even though I didn�t directly ask. I�ll just say this for anyone to RELEVANTLY build on: we all have fears. It�s normal no matter whom or what you are. But don�t torture yourself with it. If you are afraid of a certain topic or thing or whatever, do not engage in conversation about it when it comes up unless you have to (as in be required to like in school) and don�t spend so much time thinking about how much you don�t like it. It�s like true hate. If you truly hate someone, you won�t go blabbing to yourself or others about how much you hate them. You�ll avoid them whenever possible.
    And this is for future references. We are reading Dracula in world literature extended day and I�m not looking forward to it. So I�m going to say this, I�m not going to ask to read or participate in discussions if I don�t want to. If I ask about that in the future, refer to this. We are reading Othello so the other one is way off into the future so I might forget. Thanks people (forgive my humor I�m watching too much Fred) ^,.,^

  52. sassy says:

    hiya scarlet! im not sure how to say this but i think im a physic vampire also, and if i am i’m in some serious troble. i guess i always knew somthing was different about me and i spent most of my life trying to figure my true self out. i have recently turned 13( please do not think me young, for i AM mature)and as you said the whole prosess pretty much begins at puberty, anyway until recently i thought myself dying. you see i dont know anything about feeding or whatever and i am seriously weak. what i found weired is although i was weak during the day, i thrieved at night. i pant when running in gym and i can barley get up the stair at my school. i also get dizzy and weak headed during the day and sometimes even at night. i knew i souldn’t of felt weak because a year ago i was so strong and fast and yeah. now i can barely do a thing. im so worrid, i mean, i cannued a lot in the summer and roller bladded nerly every day! help!

  53. des says:

    After reading your story I believe I have found my place n life. :) I knew I was on the right path w all this stuff but I felt different than a normal vamp also. Thanks to you I feel @ peace w my discovery. I’ve always had gifts but -yes puberty was the big bang and its not been nothing different ever since. My mother told me( and I’d lay my hand on a bible or take a lie dectector test on this) that when I was born I had a sword floating over my infant body and that a dark intity caped would sit by my crib and watch over me. She said she knew it wouldn’t leave me and he never really has. I still feel him but obv I don’t remember being a newborn! Lol! She said the house was haunted that she had moved into and she thought if she left it would go away. The fact in this is that it was developed around me. Not the house or area. I’m a medium I have always been one. I have accidently drained someone just n conversation w out knowing I promise! And they got literally sick feeling like they were going to throw up. That’s sadining but now I know how to block and accept. So I am resposible. But I didn’t know what to call myself. I do readings for people all the time and I can heal and take pain away also. But if I don’t drain myself I will keep the pain. I am often called a human xray machine because I can c sick spots n people I work w. My husband is my donar and this is funny because I never knew what I was but we were both 100 percent aware that if I didn’t get acess energy I would be very sick until I got it. One night during fourplay I bit him a little harder than normal but it was like a rushed feeling and my teeth hurt so bad w pressure I felt such as never before full of life and then it happened my first bit. :( I was overcome w a rush of adrinalin; caous struck the air w a hint of fear. He jumped up I was amidealtly on his front side face to face we stared not touching. He ran upstairs to the porch outside. It was ironically a fullmoon which I have my period on every month. Some tell me that’s special gift. I hate it regardless. He said ur eyes ur eyes! I felt different he said their glowing almost ur face is different what’s wrong w u? After catching and cornering him and we both calming down we talked I told him all my thoughts and what I felt. He said to me : my very mundane husband he says your a vampire. I said no I’m not. He said u like the sun but won’t stay n it very long ur pale ur eyes change weird u have ur period on a full moon ur a medium u do weird healing things that work ur fast and stronger than u should be for 5 ft 3 weighin n @ 130 lbs. U look 18 and ur 30! I was shaking @ this point could not stop. It felt scary but exzilerating I loved the night it felt beautiful I could hear so many things I’d never heard before all @ once,we call it my change. I don’t drink blood often but I do take energy. Sometimes on accident! But I just wanted to say thank u so much for your story. It has comforted me n a very peaceful way. Sometimes havin a name for what u r means everything and u have given me this! Blessed be!

  54. James says:

    I want to meet a ‘real’ psychic vampire. I want to meet one that will totally drain me of energy so I can leave this horrible, miserable existence. I am also a huge skeptic. Early in my life, I was one who sought after all the mysteries I could and had a very open mind; since I have never encountered anything even remotely paranormal and am approaching 40 years of age, I have decided that I don’t believe a thing unless I experience it personally.

    The information given on what is supposedly a psychic vampire by “Scarlett” can really be anyone who has bipolar disorder. The ‘drained’ feeling someone gets after meeting a person can easily be attributed to that person being a powerful personality, or an extremely boring personality. I read no evidence of anything else in “Scarlett”‘s description.

    From the description above, I could be a psychic vampire or else the victim of one, were I to believe in such a thing. I am extremely depressed most of the time and often feel completely energy-less. I sleep better during the day (5am-3pm is probably the best time for me to sleep) and others claim that I make them similarly energy-less when I am in their presence. My parents both died slow, horrible deaths, my mother’s illness was never satisfactorily explained. The roommates I live with now have been sick more than a few times in the few months I have lived here whereas they claim they don’t get sick very often, etc. However, I have no allusions that I am a vampire.

    So, how can I attract a ‘real’ psychic vampire to feed? If you think this inquiry is an attempt to ridicule, please don’t. I am still genuinely curious about such things, though as stated above, since I’ve never experienced such things, I am about as skeptical as a person could be.

    Hopefully, this will be approved and posted as I am genuinely curious.

  55. Aquamarine says:

    actually,eleonora, you said teht there is a thin line between imaginary and reality. i thought you were just putting too much meaning into your answer, but i think you are right. i love adventure but sometimes, everydayn life doesnt cut it. i will admit it, i still have imaginary friends. but enimies too. i have fun and exciting adventures in my room and in my mind. and i am 13. no shame in being creative with your mind, no mater how old you are.
    any way, my most recent adventures have been based on the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. my “moroi” boyfriend has gone strigoi by shoice because of spirit. last night he sneaked into my room and “drank” from me because i am a “moroi” as well. when i woke up, i was “terrified” that i was this()close to being dead because strigoi love moroi blood. even though none of this really happened, all day today, my neck was itching on that side. its wierd. i think i am teh only human being in the entire world whose imaginary adventures impacts my real life.
    please note that all of this is IMAGINARY and IN MY HEAD not real so daont panic and say things like “oh you poor thing you are luck to be alive!” or “the same thing happened to me and here’s what to do…” seriously. dont.
    so eleonora, can i get your insight on why this happens. maybe i just get bored in class and my imagination takes over. please tell me what you think

  56. Vytas says:


    Uhmmm… Is the eye color really has to be like you described (yellow-something), because, I’ve read what you had to tell us and well… Pretty much all the things match up to me… Especially the “We are sensitive to emotions of other people” part… I mean now that I think about it, it’s even getting kind of scary… I can “read” the emotions of other people by looking at their face… I, how to say, almost feel them… Are there maybe ways to confirm my being a Psi-Vampire? Please anwser this…


    • Vytas says:

      I had a dream yesterday night, that I was in fact a blood-drinking vampire… And I kind of drank the blood of this little girl… And this ay sound a little creepy, but I actually LOVED it… Ugh… I remember the feeling even now…

      • Zach N. says:

        I had a dream some months ago, where I was performing inhuman acts, and some Devil May Cry 3 moves along with it to see what i was capable of. I also remember not wearing glasses, or the feeling of my contacts. It was a great dream. And last night, I remember moving from place to place quickly, and the image of a girl in a white nightgown, her skin pale, and her hair was covering her face (Like Samara from The Ring, but she wasn’t trying to kill me, but it seemed like she wanted to tell me something, but I don’t know if I listened, or if I was trying to avoid her for some reason. I wish I remember what happened…My dreams end in a bad case of cliffhangers.

  57. MorgainLeFey says:

    I am very adept with my energy, I was born seeing auara’s around everyone, I can see chakara’s. I have worked with my energy for many years. I am also very empathetic. I am not a vampire as far as I know, but clearly related some how.

    Recently I met a man. I had not had sex for an extended period of time 12 years. I decided to change that with a casual encounter from a personal ad. The sex was incredible, far more than sex usually is. At first I just wrote it off to the time thing. But it continued, I became/become befuddled when I am near him, he can bring me to orgasm with a look and a touch.

    Having worked with energy, I can open it up, like a conduit and let the prana flow through me. Instinctively I managed to open up with him and let it flow and it got even stronger…better. I am not befuddled anymore and I do not drain.

    I am quite sure that he does not have any idea what he is or what he is doing. I suspect that he has always been a vamp, but recently he has experienced an illness and I think his need to feed has increased. I know he senses something though.

    So, from those of you who understand this, what happened? If this is feeding a vampire, sign me up, is it always glorious?

  58. You Don't Need To Know My Name says:

    Yeah, hi. About the eye thing, the yellow eyes, can they have bright blue eye with dark rings around the iris? Just a question pondering in my mind. Thanks xx

  59. Texture says:

    You are a very very demonically possessed person. The demon you invited in during puberty is the vampire. It destroyed all your morals, your innocence, everything. You dealt with witchcraft and accepted this demon, whom you know by name. YOU, as a person, are not a vampire; however, you are very vampirical because of the demon attached to you.

    Little one, I hope one day you realize and understand and are set free…

  60. Laoka says:

    I actually find this quite interesting myself, being I’ve always been very open and a deep believer in anything paranormal. Also being someone coming from a family with a few paranormal people in it, including myself I’ve kinda grown up with it. xD

    Though I’ve heard theories of certain claims of Vampires being ‘real’, this one I do however believe, something much of the world, among other things would have trouble accepting.

    Often something like this would be called someone needs to go to a mental house for some serious guaranteeing, or they need to go to god for some ‘help’ because they are lost and going into the path of the ‘devil’.

    But to be quite honest, I don’ find it that odd, or really odd at all, maybe just cause I’mm just tao used to things out of the ordinary, or in my case in the ordinary. xD But either way I find it fascinating. x3


  61. Stefan says:

    I am still unsure about my being a psi-vamp. i have many symptoms of ps-vampirism and i believe i went through my awakening some time ago. i just want to be 100% sure about it. so any REAL psi-vamps please help me out. ive done my homework so i will know if your not a true vamp.

  62. peachiegirlXD says:

    do you feed off of little children or babies? Just asking not trying to offend in any way :P

  63. Stefan says:

    I heard that theyre energy, like theyre blood is purer so thats the best you can do if your a vamp. I dont, I dont think its right.

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