The Demon Says Kill Nightmare

Posted on January 11, 2012

My daughter is battling demons they are getting stronger. She has hid the exact details of what she is seeing for a while. She finally confessed to what she is seeing. She is a child, and is almost 10 years old. But, what she is witnessing is quite remarkable and yet frightening. I thought that I would share her confession with you.

These demons come to me in groups, they follow me around. I can hear them in my ears. They constantly whisper “Nightmare, Kill.” to me. I do not know what it really means. The demons won’t leave me alone. No one seems to believe me. My mother is the only person who really seems to believe me.

I communicated with a spirit tapping on the window several weeks ago. Now the thing will not leave me alone. I feel like I am going crazy.

I can see the demons now. They have horns. Their eyes are black. Sometimes blood oozes out of their eyes. The demons follow me wherever I go. There are 14 demons that follow me around. I can see them in the bathroom mirror at school. At home I see blood everywhere. The blood seeps down the walls. Blood comes out of the facet. I see someone getting stabbed in the kitchen. I do not know who it is. I also see blood everywhere I go at the hospital, at the grade school.

In the bedroom they tap on the windows so I hide under my bed. The demons do not go into the living room where there is a Jesus candle. They also do not bother the kitchen where a picture of Mother Mary and Jesus is hanging.

When I go somewhere in the car with my mother, I see the demons fly and follow me there. I can see also a girl with blond hair and hazel eyes I think she died in the 1940s she was my mom’s aunt Ann who died at 11 years old of Rheumatic fever. I also see my mom’s mother who has dark brown straight hair and green eyes, she is very pretty. She is also deceased. I see other dead family members they follow me around, then their eyes turn black. I think they are also demons.

The only peace I get is when I watch TV and take my mind off the voices,ghosts and demons I see. All other times I see them.

I started to cut myself when the demons commanded me to cut. I cannot control my hands when they control my mind.

My mother was frightened and put me in the hospital. She want to get me help. I am scared to go to the hospital. But, I do not want to hear the voices or see the demons anymore.

Sent in by Carri, Copyright 2012

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12 Responses to “The Demon Says Kill Nightmare”
  1. psychologist says:

    I hope you do go to the hospital. You and your mom should seek to get every help available. Through your church but as well through the mental health field. At 10 you should not be seeing what you are seeing and it must be so scary. Please seek out professional help NOW and be safe.

  2. jeff says:


    When I was just 5 years old, my grandparents visited us for a few days. It was then that I learned “the Lord’s prayer.” I loved my grandparents much more than they knew.

    Eventually I learned the entire prayer. It has always been a comfort. I’d encourage you to try teaching this prayer to your daughter. I wouldn’t suggest it, but it did make a big difference for me.

    Not unlike your daughter, I have some very vivid memories of my childhood. My older brother confirmed that he too was witness to some of these things. I thought I was the only one seeing these frightening images, and they were very much “solid” and moved things about our bedroom in the middle of the night. Because of the many times I saw these things, I used to sleep on my stomach, holding the blanket down under my toes and also held the blanket tight around me.

    Because of that, I can even now stand on my feet flat against the floor, and point my toes upward at nearly a ninety degree angle.

  3. Nisaribi says:

    Your experiances sound absolutely terefying. But if thing like a jesus candle stop them then my advice is to keep a holy item on you at all times, perhaps this will stop them from haunting you. Other than that perhaps the local priest can help you.

    I truely hope you will overcome these demons.

    • Caretaker says:

      Jesus Candle? I have never heard of that before.

      • Nisaribi says:

        neither have I but the story says that it keeps the demons away so it would be a good idea for her to keep one in her bedroom.

      • Clare says:

        She is probably referring to a candle with the picture of Jesus on it. Others refer to them as prayer candles or religious candles.

  4. Bernice says:

    I will pray for your family. This child is going through hell. I agree with Jeff please teach her the LORD’S Prayer and give her a cross to wear. Tell her to ask GOD for help each time this happens to her. Keep her close and watch. Cutting herself is bad sign. She needs you. Pray with her. If religionous items help keep them away then put them in everyroom. I have a cross hanging on dash mirror. Mom you and your daughter are not alone please let her know this. As a child and young adult I went through something similar and it can make you thing your nuts but you are not. But these demons feed off of fear. I really hate that this child is going through this. I would fight for her or anyone going through this hell if I could but I can’t be there physically but I will be there mentally. My prayers are with you and your family.

  5. Stan says:


    Please take this child to a delverance minister as soon as possible. Google “deliverance ministry” to find one near you. Please do this before she loses her soul for eternity.

  6. carri says:

    Thank you for your advice and prayers. She is being released from the hospital on Wednesday. I bought her catholic crosses and medals of saints to wear. She is gonna see a councilor. I am also gonna take her to the Catholic church for help. She is doing better.

  7. Kimberly says:

    Hi Carri, I told you how to stop this in my last post on your other messages on this sight. Did you not read it? I notice you are posting on different sights on the internet. Why don’t you go back to your first post and read all the responses on how to stop this?

  8. Tao-kaka says:

    Every name of the demon has a meaning to it their is a possibility that the words “Nightmare, kill” is just another way of saying their names as “nightmare” in it self would probably represent hundreds of demons. I’m a pessimistic (suffering from depression) person but when bad things happen or when I feel myself as in any form of danger or darkness around I think myself as Darkness and Light, that “light” I tell myself is what’s going to keep them away of course one light is not enough but with the connections I have (friends, family, etc) I see the light as something that grows much stronger. You yourself should be a glimmer of light for her, let your emotions of joy and happiness past and present overwhelm that darkness that is holding your daughter captive because as long as their is light their shall always be hope for your daughter and yourself, use that light to fight the demons. Also the the activities are the only isolated to your daughter do paranormal things happen to your home also? If so if I may make a suggestion you should try burning some sage and go around your home as sage is used in cleansing rituals and it is also used to cleanse the body and the soul.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Is she saved ? if not, then your pretty helpless. She needs to relize that God is so much more powerful then the demons that haunt her. when she is confronted with these demons tell her to look at them and tell them that her God is more powerful then theirs. & that she comands them to leave is Jesus name.

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