Seeing a Demon Next Door

Posted on December 10, 2011

I keep seeing a demon next door. It is tall black with no face. The family next door has a registered sex offender. A week ago I heard the man, who is a sex offender beating his 15 year old step daughter. This beating woke me up at 3am on a Sunday night.

My 9 year old daughter keeps hearing the demon tapping on the bathroom and bedroom window. My daughter heard the tapping tried to ignore it. The spirit would not let her. It kept tapping all night long and banging until she answered it.

My daughter communicated with this tapping spirit for 3 days. Finally the spirit said. I know your mother’s family. I also know her ex husband’s family. My ex husband’s name by the way is Doug. Then the spirit said. If you do not continue to communicate with me I will harm your mother’s family and her ex husband’s family. The final word of the spirit was he wanted us to know the word Vudum. I looked up this word on Google on the internet. This search engine showed some form of Vodo. It startled us.

We were a little shaken. But the real scare came when I saw the bathroom curtain move and saw the demon next door.

The last time I could remember seeing a black clothed demon with no face was at the Stinkney Mansion in Bull Valley Illinois. I sighted this spirit in close proximity to where my brother Sean died in 1984. I sighted this demon about 2 years later. But I forgot about that incident until now when this demon appeared again.

This demon appears to be walking through the neighbor’s house next door. But it taps on our window at night. My daughters hears it banging and tapping all night long. I also heard a voice in the living room several weeks ago. It was 1am. I yelled a prayer at the voice and it stopped.

The voice appeared to be coming from my German Sheppard or it could have come from the vent in the basement.

I do not know why this demon is tormenting us. It’s traveling from the house next door.

The Demon told me Vodum

Hi my name is Christina and I am 9 years old. I started to respond to a tapping on my window. I am afraid. I heard it for many nights. The tapping starts in the bathroom. Then the tapping follows me to my bedroom. One night the tapping was so bad I had to sleep under my bed. I only answered the tapping 3 times. I would not have answered the tapping but the neighbor girl who is 15 encouraged me to do so. She communicates with spirits on a daily basis. She said all spirits are different and are not all bad.

A few days ago the spirit tapped again in the bathroom at nighttime. I told it I was afraid and it stopped tapping, for a while.

Last week I saw a demon next door. It looked like it had no face and it was all black. It moved through the rooms of the neighbors house. I was still in my mom’s car in our driveway trying to get out. But I was too afraid to move. You know how when you see something that is really afraid you freeze. Well that is how I felt.

When I went into the bathroom to take a bath. This thing I do not know what it was. It started tapping and answered it’s questions and it answered me. I asked it questions. I asked how is the world gonna end. It communicated a tornado. I told the spirit that we are all not different we are spirits. We are all the same. spirits and humans have skin and bones. We are not all that different. Eventually we humans will be spirits.

The thing said I know your families and your mother’s estranged husband families. It said I can torture them. The voice whispered vodum. If you do not answer my questions. That was the end of me hearing the voice it just disappeared.

Sent in by carri, Copyright 2011

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28 Responses to “Seeing a Demon Next Door”
  1. Diana says:

    Please, if you hear your neighbor beating a child, call the police. I know a lot of people will feel as if they shouldn’t stick their nose in others’ business but, this is one area when you should make an exception. Do it anonymously if you have to but, if you hear it, call. You may save this child’s life in the process. Sitting idly will only hurt her, not help her.

  2. SnowWolf says:

    I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, as have already asked you this-twice- on your previous story, but…
    What steps have you taken to ascertain that an entity is actually the cause of these problems?
    In your other story you stated the next door neighbor is a convicted sex offender that beats his stepdaughter. In that story, as well as this one, you talk about something tapping your NINE YEAR OLD’s window at night…
    Are you 100% certain that your problems are not being caused by the living?

  3. carri says:

    No the living is not bothering us. It is the spiritual.

    • SnowWolf says:

      And how have you made sure of that? Have you investigated the noise and tried to find the source? Checked outside for footprints? Made sure there are no tree branches that a person could access that window from? Made sure the tapping itself isn’t caused by a tree branch? The problem with saying that a problem is spiritual in nature is that someone, somewhere, will want to know how you established that. I have asked you several times how you concluded this issue is paranormal, you have yet to answer. That is one of several reasons I think you’re yanking our collective chains.
      Another reason I think your tales are bogus, I’ve seen you comment to various people here that all they have to do to banish a demon is wear a cross. If you know how to banish a demon, and it’s that simple, why on earth are you still having this problem?
      Finally, if I had a neighbor as vile as your supposed neighbor and my child complained that there was a tapping on the window, my first thought would be the neighbor trying to break in. I would be on the phone reporting to the police that someone was trying to break into my house through my child’s window. Your reactions just don’t make any kind of sense.
      Sorry, but this stinks of fiction from beginning to end. I’ve tried hard to believe it, but just can’t. Have a good un.

      • Mark F. says:

        I agree, this reminds me of a child making up all this. And the descriptions in the story are very confusing, I believe a child has spun this tail.

        • Caretaker says:

          I love it when people post comments for nothing more than to criticize the story – not :)

          You believe a child spun this tale? Did you actually read it? Here is a quote I copied from the ‘story’ “Hi my name is Christina and I am 9 years old” So what clued you in that it might be a child?

          You remind me of a person who has nothing better to do in life than to criticize.

          The descriptions are confusing? Well you may not be aware of this so I will let you know – this was not written by a professional writer. In fact, the stories and experiences here are written by people from all over the world, from different cultures, and yeah from different age groups. If you were an adult you would probably realize that already.

          “spun this tail”? Do you know the difference between a tale and a tail? I should criticize you for that………

          • FattyAddie says:

            Well said Caretaker!

          • CuriousCat says:

            I’m sorry, but isn’t it hypocritical to criticize someone for criticizing?

            I, too, found the story to be quite confusing.

            • Caretaker says:

              Not really, I am not criticizing them for criticizing, I am criticizing them for posting nothing more than a complaint. It really irks me when people do that. If all you want to do is insult and complain then why post a comment in the first place?

              AND they obviously didnt even read or understand what they are complaining about. Of course it sounds like a child it IS a child. HOW can one criticize a 9 year old for sounding like a child>? :)

              • CuriousCat says:

                I completely understand what you’re saying, but isn’t that the point of having a place to comment? Whether you agree with the comments or not, they’re there for people’s opinions. And, their opinion is, they don’t believe the story and it’s confusing to them. :)

                Carri- Sounds like professional help is needed in your situation. I hope things get better for you.

                • Caretaker says:

                  BUT how can one criticize a 9 year old for sounding like a child?

                  It isnt about my agreeing or not agreeing with the comment, I disagree with a lot of comments but I NEVER use that as a basis of determining whether or not to allow a comment to be made. We do not have to agree on anything and I allow folks to have their say. It doesnt bother me that they said they didnt believe it, there are a lot of things on the site that I dont believe myself.

                  Added – People from all over the world and from all age groups write their stories and send them in. They are not professional writers and I do not like it when people complain about someones writing skills. People send in stories asking for help or understanding – if someone has nothing better to do than to criticize their writing skills I say shut up :) Usually those who complain about someone elses writing skills make errors themselves right there in their own complaint. “Tails”? ha ha ha

  4. Ashley says:

    I have seen demons before, and i’m currently 12 about 13. One day my grandma was going to feed a friends’ cat because, her friend was out of town for a few days on vacation I think. Well she entered the house and left me and my Aunt in the car. Then I seen a brown blur open up the door, so I was thinking, maybe the top of a kids head? A few minutes later, my grandma got in the car. So I asked her and I quote, “Who went in the house grandma?” THen she looked at me weirdly and said no one went in the house. I told her about the brown blob, then my Aunt told her that she too seen one at the corner of her eye and thought nothing of it. (We would later call her friend and pray over her house)
    I was 4 when I seen my first couple of spirits at the same time. My grandma would come over to my house at night, because I have been having horrible nightmares (my grandma has a key to the house). Well one night after she left I woke up in the middle of the night and seen so many angels. One was sitting at my bedside and the others were stand or sitting on other furniture. So I fell asleep to the most beautiful angels ever. When something that special happens to me, I remeber it, unless I was younger then 4 years old. (All my stories are very very true and I am still in shock today that this had happened to me)
    One day I was 11, and I seen something I could not explain. My bus 9, drops me off and I walk the rest of the way home. Well, I just got up to my house when I seen a panther by my fence? All i could see details of the panther, was that its tell was slowly waving back and forth. Its eyes were green, it looked at me if it was peering at my soul. So I ran to my house and grabbed my mother hand and brought her through the door to show her, but the panther was gone.
    I have this other story to tell you next that ked me to this page. Recently two days ago my grandma was at home and she went through the hallway and seen a door with a random demon carved or imprinter in the door. So she took out the door with a friend from church. Later she went to the kitchen and found the exact one in the wall. So my grandma and her friend from church prayed all over the house.
    Thank You, yes you were the only person that gave me an answer.

  5. carri says:

    We still are hearing the tapping on the windows. I have checked everything nothing outside. I have seen a demon next door. I have seen demons at different times in my life. Sorry if you do not believe but I am telling the truth this is supernatural. how do we stop the tapping. A teenager named Nick has also heard the tapping late at night. To Snow Wolf this is supernatural sorry if you do not believe.

    • Janna says:

      Carri, you have written two stories about the tapping and your nine year old. Sorry if some people don’t believe you but I think when one sees things they will believe after that. I don’t know if your story is true or false, and its not my place to tell u whether it is or not but toy you sound concerned for ypur child and as a mother I understand that fully. There is a demonoligist/medium listed here under friends named Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal). I would click on her website and write her personally and see what advise she may be able to offer up to you. God bless and take care.

  6. Robyn says:

    Perhaps this entity is attracted to all the negativity going on. It is after all, seen next door where the child abuser is.

    I hate to say this, but feel I must. Your child is safe in her home and it is highly unlikely she’ll be harmed by a spirit. However, the child next door is NOT safe. It is your duty as a good adult, person , parent, human, etc to contact the police, child services, etc. You may be the only voice this child has.

    Also, are you certain your daughter has suffered no abuse? I’m not saying you’ve personally done anything, but children often have hallucinations after abuse. Could the neighbor have any type of access or could she have witnessed this type of abuse next door via a window? I’m guess yes if you’re able to see this dark entity from your home’s window.

    Even if the living is not bothering you and your daughter, a child next door is being abused. Report it. In the US it’s a crime not to actually.

  7. carri says:

    Of course we will report what has happened to the girl. Nothing has happened since. My child just has a gift for seeing spirits.

  8. Stan says:


    Please advise your child to resist communication of any sort with this spirit. She should also stay far away from the neighbor and everyone in his family (especially the daughter if she is attempting to get your daughter to cooperate with the demon). You have no idea how dangerous this situation is. For protection – get your daughter a bible to keep in her room (preferably to read on a daily basis), have her wear a crucifix, teach her the Lord’s Prayer and have her recite it over and over every time she has an encounter with any evil spirit or demon. They only have power when we give it to them through our fear and/or our lack of faith.

  9. Kimberly says:

    There are demons all around us. The one you saw next door, probably possesses the man when he commited these evil acts that caused him to be a sex offender.

    Tapping at 3:am is a typical demonic time for this. Look it up. Demons know lots about people and their families. They have been around for many years.

    All you can do is make this evil spirit not want to bother you by constantly playing the Bible on CD or Blood of Jesus Christ songs over and over in a low tone in your house. It will HATE it and stay away.

    Tell your daughter that next time the spirit threatens her, to tell it that “I loose the hot red blood of Jesus Christ, upon you.” If you continue to torment me, I will ask the Lord to send out warrior angels to release holy fire from heaven upon you.” They hate that.

    Sometimes, they just want to torment you. So remember they HATE the blood of Jesus, they hate talk of the resurection.

    Get an mp3 player, play it all the time at a low tone. I promise you it will not want to hang around your home.

  10. kimberly Kennedy says:

    I read that you think your daughter has a gift for seeing spirits. It is not a gift. Many people can see spirits. Rather than a gift, it is tormenting. A common thread in children that have as you say a “gift,” is that there mother, grandmother or grandfather, etc, were involved at some point in their life, with trying to communicate, or play with paranormal, occultic paraphanalia. Although this is not always the case, this is a common thread. This experience can be stopped, by using the name of Jesus. The spirits will stop bothering her. If this continues and you do not address this now, your daughter may start dabbling in occultic areas as she gets older, trying to broaden what you consider a “gift.” And she will be filled with deppresion and be worse off. I am being frank about this because I have studied this area for over 10 years. And I get sick to my stomach, because I know the consequences, of stupid people always telling young children that they have a “gift,” and that they should try and talk to the spirit and so on. It opens the door to more spirit visitations, and trust me, the spirits can come in many forms, and pretend to be this person or that person when they are not, just to get their footing in your door.

    You should renouce any occultic involvement from your ancestral line, and not encourage your daughter with the thoughts of this as a gift. This will keep the demonic doors closed, and put a stop to them from having a legal right to visitations and irritating you.

    • Robyn says:

      I agree that it is common for the children of those able to communicate with the spirit world to also have this gift.

      I do call it a gift. But agree with you again that it can also be rather tormenting. No, it can be downright terrifying.

      It seems you’re saying a curse is placed on these children because of the deeds of their parents. I can’t agree with you there. What seems like a curse sometimes is a blessing, a calling and a purpose. We all see energy, entities, ghosts, spirits, etc for different reasons, but the ability to be able to do so is God given. One must be careful with how they use their abilities though.

      It is my true nature as a fair and open-minded individual to respect and value your opinion; however, I was a bit offended for you to say “And I get sick to my stomach, because I know the consequences, of stupid people always telling young children that they have a �gift,� and that they should try and talk to the spirit and so on.” Stupid people? Really?

      Let this stupid person ask you something – if you have a skill no one else does, do you stay at a beginner’s level or do you develop your skills until you are efficient and you are able to safely perform this skill? I’d hope perfecting a natural talent would be encouraged. Did you add knowledge from day 1 to year 10 in your experience with the paranormal? I hope so.

      You say you have over 10 years experience – I’m 33. I have 33 years experience. I am not evil, my ability to see things some cannot is not evil and no evil curse has been placed on me. I am only evil if Our Creator is evil as I am his creation.

      Spirits don’t care about such things as legal and illegal so one should not worry about the legalities of demonic visits – assuming this entity is demonic. Most are not. In fact, in my THIRTY THREE years I’ve known of demonic entities attacking a person very, very, very rarely.

      Blessings & Light,

  11. kimberly Kennedy says:

    In regards to me stating “stupid people,” I am refering to a number of individuals whom I will not mention that I have seen tell young girls to try and communicate with these spirits. To open a dialogue.

    When one tries to start dialog with a spirit, it is like saying come on in. I want to spend time with you. Some people think they are helping a spirit, and some might have the best intentions. But in my experience, many spirits are not whom they claim to be.

    Elaborating on your disbelief about a curse on a child, I like to use this example. Let’s say you are my child. My ancestors built a home for me on a property. It is 100 years old. It was not built well. For the most part, they did their best, but skimped on expenses by using decayed wood on parts of the floor. I don’t know that. All I know is that I inherrited the property. I then have a beautiful child. My child is now living in the home, and is having unusual symptoms, memory loss, asthma. The child is suffering as a result of one of his or her great grandparents not using good judgement.

    Later it is found that their are mold issues in the home. Next, one of the floors gives way, the childs leg is severed….Ok, get my point? Is this a curse? Is this a gift? Is this intended? Is this on purpose? Is this God’s fault?

    The Bible clearly states that generations will have curses come through the line for the sins of the fathers. Does this mean, that God is a mean God? No, it is a result of the sin of the ancestors.

    Demons opperate on legal grounds. I have been studying this topic, along with exorcisms, demonology and occult ext, for over 10 years. I do not claim to have every answer. But I do see the common threads.

    I mentioned the common threads in my earlier statement above. The not so common threads are this, you can have spirits enter your home through people or objects, or certain shows…

    A good story you can read on this sight is called the Hitchhiker spirit. It is a good example of what can happen. It is not typical, but it does happen. Masks and little carved people or gods that are brought into ones home can draw or have demons as well.

    Repeating the common thread…God does mention the curses that will go for a series of generations. Is this intentional or a warning? Does it make me mad at God…No. I do not like everything that God does, but when I die, I would rather live in heaven with Him, than spend my eternal life in Hell.

    So what am I getting at….When people sin, the get consequences, if they don’t know how to renouce or ask forgiveness of their sin, there will be demonic attachments which will follow through down to their children.

    As an example, this may sound shocking for me to say this you, it was to me to some degree. In one of my reviews of an exorcism case. The demon spoke out of the individual and said, she was ours before the sperm hit the egg.

    Anotherwords, the demon had a right to this child (at least claimed the right) because of the ancestral lineage.

    So you mention your age. Not that it matters, I am in my 40′s. I have been studying all aspects of religion since I was a kid. But have spent more time the last 10 years studying this area. Because of the enormous amount of suffering people endure, like children, hauntings and possession.

    I see and watch many shows and read lots of material and I can see, by the info given to many people, why the hauntings remain, or are only temporarily improved.

    Many people are tormented by spirits. And anyone can say it is a gift. But in studying this area and seeing all of the exorcisms and things I have personally seen, it is not a gift.

    And if you ask for this to be removed, and renounce any occultic or ancestral sins in this area, and shut the doors, this “gift” will not continue.

    You may still have a stragler here and there. But spirits are everywhere, and come and go. The big point is that you don’t make your home atmosphere confortable or receptive to them.

    So that I hope explains my earlier statement a little better. Frankly I don’t want to see and ugly evil spirit. I would rather just get rid of them.

    And oddly enough I have less fear in dealing with an exorcism, rather than an invisible spirit that throws things around and uses it’s shadows.

    I am just giving a super sumerized point of many years of knowledge in a nut shell.

    • carri says:

      yes I agree. about generational curses. My child’s grandmother did a seance in 1983 when my brother Sean died. In 1972 I, the mother Carri as a 9 year old child played with a Ouji board.

      • kimberly Kennedy says:

        Hi Carrie, make sure you follow the info I gave you to break the legal strongholds the spirits have with you. They are attached to you and your family line. I believe if you do it a few times, you will notice a huge difference in your household within a few days. The air will be lighter. Your child will be happier. etc.

  12. carri says:

    My child now was in the hospital for cutting herself. she is almost 10. she communicated with the spirit, against my wishes. now the spirit won’t leave her alone. He talks Latin in her head. she says she thinks it is Latin it is a language that she cannot understand. She also says the spirit tells her to cut herself. She also sees black shapes like Demons. She is afraid. Now I took her to the hospital then to a psychologist. I have my son and a friend stay with her while I work at night for her safety. she also may be put on medication so she cannot hear the voices. She said the voices are making her want to cut herself. so I am putting her on medication until this stops. also we are putting crosses on her and praying for her. Just to let you know the spirit is whispering Vodom in her ear and Latin. She does not know what the Latin is saying.

  13. kimberly Kennedy says:

    Hi Carrie, I will tell you how to easily remove this demon from annoying your daughter. You have to be involved.

    It will be easier than you think. Sit down with your daughter, and both of you at the same time, renounce “ask God for forgiveness through Jesus name,” for any known and unknown contact, or association with any unclean spirits, paraphanalia, occultic associations, incantations, anything you can think of that is related to the occult. Ask Jesus to forgive you going back say 20 generations on both sides of your family, and those you have had sex with.

    Ok, I know you think that is weird. I will try and summarize the explanation. Demons opperate on legal grounds. They attach themselves through people, or objects. Verbal spoken words are powerful. When you renounce outload that you are asking forgiveness through Jesus Christ, say John 3:16 outload, Demons no longer have a right to you, because your sin and your ancestors sin is covered through the blood of Jesus.

    Then you can make them leave you alone. Demons will harrass you and follow you. If any invitation has obliged them into your life, even so far as to say from any of your ancestors, a demon can attach themselves to you or you lineage.

    If you read the scripture of John, you will see that God spoke the word, and the word became flesh “Jesus Christ.” As an exorcist, it is kind of like being the police. You are mearly using the spoken word of God, “God given authrority, to command spirits to leave.

    Additionally, I mentioned that spirits can be transfered through people, objects, and even sex. So if you slept around, you could have attachments from other people’s lineage as well.

    I know that sounds really strange. But I have seen many exorcisms and read hundreds of books on the subject. But I would imagine, now it makes sense to you why we see such a perverted carefree atmosphere, promoted on t.v. And we see now more than ever so many people that are damaged, and perverted to an extreme, like we have never seen before.

    So back to square one, Say I carrie, and state your daughters name, have her say the same, ….renounce any contact with any unclean spirits, demonic spirits, and any participation with anything of the occult. I go back through my lineage from my mother and fathers side, and anyone that I have been with innapropriately, and ask that you cleanse me and my daughter, (have her say the same) of any sin, or demonic or unclean attachments that have come to us through any sin, knowing or unknowingly has commited.

    I now cover these sins under the blood of Jesus Christ, claiming Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. And then read out loud John 3:16, and then Galations 3:13.

    My sins, and my daughters and childrens sins, as well as those of my ancestors, etc, are now washed from me and my daughter, and you “Vodom,” evil, cutting demon, suicide demon, as well as any other unclean demon, I now command you to leave me and my daughter now, (make sure your daughter does this too,) and never return. You no longer have any rights to me and my daughter (children.)

    The spirit will wait to see if you are a week person, if you really mean what you say. You make sure you are firm about your stance. Command it to go now in Jesus name and never return, also command it to never again speak to your daughter, and not send any other spirit in it’s place to torment you or your daughter…

    You should notice a difference right away. Do it until you notice a difference.

  14. kimberly Kennedy says:

    I forgot to add, it would be helpfull if you could get your husband to join in. As he also carries half of the lineage carried on to your daughter.

    Yes I know it all sounds weird. But I am challenged in explaining all of the logistics here in this forum.

    You will see though that this will work.

    It’s kind of like telling someone how to make a cake. You throw in some of this and that, and surprise! Something good comes out of flower, water, eggs, and sugar. That came from a seed stock in the field.

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