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The Ghost Dog

My husband and I are Ebay sellers. We go to a lot of auctions. We mainly buy buttons and small vintage items. Sometimes we have to buy a whole box of stuff just to get one item in the box.

One late Friday night after returning from an auction I was at my computer with my back facing the lot boxes we had won that night. As I sat doing some item research I about jumped out of my chair as I heard a whistle behind my back! I turned slowly in my chair and looked at the window, even though it was late at night it was light outside because the streetlight is right in front of our home, there was no one to be seen in the window. Also I knew the whistle was behind me and came from within the house.

I turned and my eyes fell on the lot boxes. There was an old hat that …

December 26th, 2008 by CareTaker 

Ghost Of The Living Pet Cemetery

OK, this all starts when I was about 6 (first grade) and I had gone to bed and was in a deep sleep and I recall it being around 3:15 in the morning and then all of a sudden, something kind of warm jerked me up, like as if to say “Amaya,wake up, please, wake up” and then I heard footsteps like none in my family (these footsteps were VERY soft, and my family’s footsteps are VERY loud). I heard the footsteps, about 10 of them and then a cup taken from the cupboard, then the sink turned on and off, and then the cup slammed VERY loudly on the table and shattered.

The next morning; I asked my parents if they had gotten up and they had replied “no” (my family has NO records of sleep walking) and I told them about what had happened that night. My mom was shocked (my father still isn’t a believer even though …

February 3rd, 2008 by CareTaker 

The White Dog Ghost

When I was six I got dropped off at my grandma’s house after school. My grandma lived on a really high hill with a long driveway and trees on both sides. So I was walking up her driveway when I heard whimpering. I looked around for the cause of the noise but I didn’t see anything.

As I continued up my driveway I heard barking and a huge dog jumped out in front of me. The dog had streaks of dirt and blood but I could tell it was white to begin with. It growled and barked at me but what I remember were those dark, pitch black, eyes that stared almost like it was looking right through you. I was scared out of my wits.

The dog jumped on me and tackled me into the grass. The dog bit into my leg just enough to make it bleed and I closed my eyes. When I opened them again the …

December 18th, 2007 by CareTaker 

Pet Hauntings Animals As Ghosts

Written by the Caretaker

Many stories have been written and told that deal with pets and ghosts. A lot of stories are about pets who have come “back from the grave” to interact with the living.

I once read about a returning soldier who was saved from drowning by his old faithful German Shepherd. He had to walk the last few miles to the house. It happened to be very dark in a strong wind and rain storm. Along the way he was met up by his old dog. That dog showed up just as he was about to cross a bridge and did everything it could to stop him. He eventually gave in and followed the dog up to the next bridge went across and headed on home. Somewhere along the way the dog disappeared. He assumed that it had went on home.

After he had been home for a few minutes he asked about the dog. His family …

October 17th, 2007 by CareTaker 

Ghost Cat In Our Loft

Submitted to us by Embraeah Catthol

In about January 2007, I was sitting in my room while my younger sister was on the computer. It was about ten o’clock in the morning, so I was fully awake, while my older cousin, Beau, was asleep. Payge, my younger sister, had her headphones on, so what happened couldn’t have been her.

From around our loft, where Beau slept, I heard a single, clear, loud ‘Meow’. I asked Payge if it was her, but she said that it wasn’t. The TV’s obviously wasn’t making the noise, because I don’t use my bedroom’s TV, my living room TV wasn’t on, and my mom’s TV can’t be that clearly defined when her bedroom door is shut.

Strangest thing is: My cats died in 2005, and I don’t have any, nor could I hear my neighbors’ cats if they had any.

This story is so freaking weird. Not only do I not own any cats, but …

October 14th, 2007 by CareTaker