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Pet Hauntings Animals As Ghosts

Posted on October 17, 2007

Written by the Caretaker

Many stories have been written and told that deal with pets and ghosts. A lot of stories are about pets who have come “back from the grave” to interact with the living.

I once read about a returning soldier who was saved from drowning by his old faithful German Shepherd. He had to walk the last few miles to the house. It happened to be very dark in a strong wind and rain storm. Along the way he was met up by his old dog. That dog showed up just as he was about to cross a bridge and did everything it could to stop him. He eventually gave in and followed the dog up to the next bridge went across and headed on home. Somewhere along the way the dog disappeared. He assumed that it had went on home.

After he had been home for a few minutes he asked about the dog. His family members told him that the dog had died long ago. Then the next day he learned that the bridge he had planned to cross had been washed out in the storm. If he had walked out onto that bridge in the pitch black storm he would surely have drowned.

What really happened here? Did a dog actually come back as a ghost? If so how did the dog know that it needed to show up that night? The thing I really love about all these ghost stories is that they make you think. No one truly knows what the “other side” really is. Hence no one fully understands the nature of ghosts, but when we read these stories we can get hints and glimpses of real ghosts. We can recognize common threads and be better able to put together the puzzle that will answer the question, “What is a Ghost?”.

One story we have here tells about a Ghost Cat who came back to visit his former owner, an eight year old girl.


If you would like to read a much more detailed story about how a ghost dog saved a man’s life read Are Pets Able to See Ghosts?


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13 Responses to “Pet Hauntings Animals As Ghosts”
  1. Shemieke says:

    dogs r smart that is why!! lol

  2. Austin the ghost kid says:

    Oh yeah? Well I think cats are smarter, because this one ghost cat saved a little 7 year old girl from a murderer! So hah! Cats are smarter :)

  3. michelle h says:

    We were 5 high school girls spending the night at a friend’s.

    I saw a kitten run through the hallway. I asked my friend about it and she said I was seeing things; she had no pets.

    Later, another girl saw the kitten. I questioned her about what color it was. It was the same gray kitten.

  4. Brandy says:

    I have a black cat that lives in my house with me. I have no living animals inside. This black cat is a spirit. I have seen it disapear before my eyes many times. Oh and I do have two black cats outside, but the spirit inside is bigger than they are.

  5. Believer says:

    If it wasn’t a dog spirit, I’d say that it was his gaurdian angel in the form of a dog.

  6. kitty says:

    I have 2 cats who guard me and they are both black. One is my late friend sophia, she was my life friend and a British Short hair comes and visit. especially when I have Tuna about. and Seb. He was an Oriental Black. He was my friends cat and we were always together when he was alive. It sounds weird I know but I feel safe with them around me and my other cat Friday picks up when they are there. Animals are more then just PETS as they love us no matter what. and will protect us at any cost. I have a way with animals and have a Dog I see called Rolo. He stopped in his tracks when he first saw me and stayed there for at least 5 mins just looking at me. Now we are friends. I have felt and see other creatures such as a wolf which followed me home when I was out late one night. he was protecting me. Kitty

  7. Amy says:

    I totally believe this story. My family had a chow named Bubbles and a Poodle named Punkin. They have both recently passed away and there are times that I can hear them bark or panting. There are even times that my father and I can smell Bubbles, because she had a very distinctive smell. We live in a house that has some paranormal activity and hearing them is the icing on the cake. It actually makes us feel more comfortable knowing that they are still in the house with us.

  8. et says:

    When I was about 7 I got my first pet, two kittens. They were brother and sister. I named the girl Daisy nd the boy Duke. Duke liked me but he was house cat that liked to be alone all the time. He would let me pet him though and he was very sweet. Daisy was my baby! She would follow me literally everywhere I went. from the time i woke up to the time i went to bed. One day Duke was by the door waiting to be let out. I was very confused, he had never been outside nor he ever tried to go outside. He seemed mad idk how but it was like he was glaring at me. I bent down to pet him. He flipped out hissing clawing scratching and biting me. I was home alone and Duke was attacking me relentlessly. I was in shock he had never ever even so much as swiped at me with his paw. Daisy was nowhere to b found. I kicked the door open and he ran out. I had scratches claw and bite marks all over my arms. That day my mom went outside and Duke was wedged between the deck and house. He was dead but we could see noting wrong with him no scratches marks or anything. So we wrapped him up in his fav blanket and buried him in the backyard. That night I was sleeping on the couch with daisy I woke up to see a dark figure which looked to be the grim reaper duke was by his feet sitin contently and staring at me. I was frozen in fear and then they both vanished. I dont understand any of it mabe you guys could help me understand it.

  9. Jackie says:

    Hey ET, have you ever phoned home about this??

    Just kidding, gosh that is soooo frightening though!!! Well freaky!!

  10. Stephanie says:

    My 3 year old daughter has leukemia and not only does she have beautiful blue and green orbs pop up in pictures with her ALL the time…today I found the 2nd..DOG!! Last Christmas it was an outline of a poodle and just purple…TODAY i uploaded some pictures and there in the fireplace is a german shepherd staring right at me??!! Mouth open and all…and all the right colors….If you want to see it…send me an email…[email protected] I would more than love some opinions about it!!! WOW!!

  11. messces says:

    I had a little boston terrier that one day by accident ran out of the house when the screen door opened on a windy day. She was a hyper little dog and very brave. She ran after after a kid across the steet and was run over by a truck. I was really hurt and blamed myself for the whole thing. I burried her in a location close to the house. A few weeks after the whole thing i came home after work ate and took a bath to get ready for bed. I remember she could be heard all over the house since the flooring is wood. I kept hearing the same sounds she made when she was around a few minutes after i came through the door. I brushed off the noise all through the evening and through the early morning hours even though i kept waking up. It continued for several days until i told a co-worker. She looked at me and asked if i had any of her stuff in the house still. I had taken everything out to my knowledge i told her. The crate her sheep skin bed. I just kept her tags and a few pics. My co-worker told me to look around that there had to be somthing left behind that was bringing her spirit back. As soon as i got home i looked around and i remebered she liked a certain corner under the couch. The I found the little stuffed shrek toy she slept with all the time while in and out of her crate. i remember my co-worker told me that when the the dogs presence comes back to take the toy in hand and call soopy out of the house and také the toy a bury near her grave. When soopy’s pesence came back I did what i was instructed even though i felt silly. I got the toy and said (soopy lets go outside) i went and burried the toy near her grave. I heard soopy once and i told her to leave after that. She did not come back anymore.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I had a very loved pet die. He was a 5 year old, mini horse. I know it’s no cat or dog, but he lived in my house with me for a long time when he was little because he was sick. I had rescued him. When he got better I moved him out with my other horse. And they were never far apart. And he would make a big fuss if I went anywhere without him. About two weeks ago, he got caught on something and freaked out. I woke up the next day and found he had broken his neck. Now everytime I go out to take my other horse out for a ride, or even just to get him out for some excersize, I can hear my mini making a fuss… And the dust starts up like he is paicing the fence line like he use to. Even if the air is perfectly still. I find new little foot prints in the soft dirt sometimes to. Mostly when I turn on the water, he loved to play in the sprinklers. My other horse notices to. When he goes back in his pin for the night, he walks right over to where I had found my mini that morning and puts his nose down like he use to do with him when we got home. But we are the only ones that notice it. Not even the dogs notice anything. I find it kind of strange.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Animals are very intuitive; no doubt our beloved pets want to reassure us that they are fine on the other side…no doubt they can come back to help us too as the German Shepard did that stormy night….thanks for thr tales- no pun intended!

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