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The Ghost Dog

Posted on December 26, 2008

My husband and I are Ebay sellers. We go to a lot of auctions. We mainly buy buttons and small vintage items. Sometimes we have to buy a whole box of stuff just to get one item in the box.

One late Friday night after returning from an auction I was at my computer with my back facing the lot boxes we had won that night. As I sat doing some item research I about jumped out of my chair as I heard a whistle behind my back! I turned slowly in my chair and looked at the window, even though it was late at night it was light outside because the streetlight is right in front of our home, there was no one to be seen in the window. Also I knew the whistle was behind me and came from within the house.

I turned and my eyes fell on the lot boxes. There was an old hat that looked like it belonged to an older man and as I looked at that hat I felt my hair stand up on my arms, I knew there was a connection to that whistle and the hat. The whistle sounded like a whistle one would make to call a dog. Nothing else happened that night and I forgot about the incident quickly enough.

We have several nieces and nephews and two grandchildren and I try and do little projects with them when I have the time. On this particular occasion we had a “sewing sleepover” and they had all made beds for their pets. Our oldest niece was in the dining room sewing and asked us when did we get the little dog? I thought what is she talking about. She said a little dog had came to the end of the table and looked at her… There was no little dog that we knew of and the thing was dismissed.

The old hat had found its way up to our guest bedroom and placed with the many other hats that I collect in a glass showcase cupboard. This particular room has no heat or air vent and when it became full blown summer we would keep the door closed to that room when not in use to help with the air conditioning.

One evening we retuned home from shopping and my husband asked me where our dog was and I showed him the dog was under the table asleep. He thought that was odd because in the stairwell you could hear a dog whining. We both stood there listening and you could here a dog whining like it wanted out.  After a few seconds it would quit. We looked upstairs and there was no dog, the bedroom door was still closed to the guestroom. My husband went and laid across our bed for a nap and I went back downstairs. My husband called me in a few minutes and said he had heard the dog again. As I stood just outside our bedroom talking to him about it, I heard it too and I knew where it was coming from, it was coming from the guestroom. Somehow I mustered enough courage to walk over and open the door. I saw nothing but the whining stopped. My husband and I just looked at each other, neither wanted to elaborate on it. Maybe if we just let it go it would be like it never happened. You always wonder what you would do if you were in such a situation and it still surprises me that we pretty much remained calm… I did notice however that our dog refused to go upstairs and he had always slept in our bedroom before. He will now go upstairs but never to stay but a minute or two.

A couple of evenings later I was by myself in the house, my husband was working late.  I was sitting in the recliner in the living room and it was facing the stairwell. All of a sudden I heard a dog’s toe nails bounding down our wooden staircase and I saw a small silky haired dog hit the landing and head for the kitchen. I felt like I was in a trance and I followed it to the kitchen as if to let it outside but it was gone.  I stood in the kitchen in disbelief but not afraid just mystified as to what was going on.

One morning my husband had left for work early and left me to sleep in. I awoke to the pain of a dog or something on my feet scratching and digging at them. I sat up in bed and the feeling stopped. I laid back down for a few minutes and it felt like something bumping my bed like a dog would do when it wants out.  For some reason I felt like I should go get the hat and put it outside and I did. I went into the guest room and opened the cupboard and removed the old hat and promptly marched it down the steps and out the back kitchen door. I laid it on a chair that we have on the back porch. I stood there for a moment with the screen door open, not saying it out loud but saying it in my mind that the dog should go out to.  As I stood there I could hear a dog whining, it almost sounded like a puppy. I could hear it whining but I could not tell from where other than it was outside now. I quickly closed the door and went back inside. Later my husband carried the hat to the trash. I felt bad about putting the hat in the trash, almost disrespectful but I knew I could not give it to someone else and that I did not want it back. I have often thought maybe we should have put it on Ebay, I am sure there are plenty that would have loved to have it!

I have thought and thought about this experience and tried to come up with a reasonable explanation but I can’t. I know the items had come from a recent estate auction which meant someone had passed on and their possessions were now up for sale. I have heard of dogs mourning themselves to death after their master died, my own Mother’s dog had almost done it.  I am a Christian but I know there are many things we won’t understand until we leave this life.  I never felt threatened by this incident but more uncomfortable with it.  I guess the only thing I can say about this “haunting” is that it was a man and his dog who were  inseparable… They were together in this life and the life after. One thing it gives me hope that dogs that once were in my care I may get to be with again someday.

This is not the only strange experience I have had in my lifetime that just can’t be explained, this is just the most recent.

Sent in by Gwen, Copyright 2008 TrueGhostTales.com

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13 Responses to “The Ghost Dog”
  1. marella says:

    what is it when u dream about snake’s

  2. marella says:

    i believe in ghost’s

  3. marella says:

    they chose you

  4. sally says:

    Hi I can relate to your story!!!

  5. Jackie says:

    That story was believable and sad. The dog was whining in that way, as though it still hadn’t found peace. Try praying for it to find it’s owner.

    What else could you have done with the hat, other than binned it. If you’d sold it on ebay, then some other person may have been bothered by it. It is sad though and i can understand how you must feel guilty getting rid of it like that, but there was no other way round it.

    Nobody really knows for certain what happens when our pets die. In my case that would be about 20 goldfish, eight dogs (inc, the dogs when i was young and living with my parents), about 15 cats, a horse, six hamsters, two tortoise!! lol OH! and two budgies, plus the parrot!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey i’m Alexis. I’m 12 years old. Funny you should say that. i got a puppy when i was 9. I loved that puppy to death. He already knew all these comands. Sadly a year later he fell very ill. He died about six mouths after i got him. Anyway i was in my room. looking at pictures i had of him. i was 11 years old by that time. Then my Best friend came over to finsh a porject. I told her to go to my bedroom and get some glue. She did and came running down. i didn’t know what was the matter with her. The first thing she said was “you’re dog he is on your bed.” i didn’t have a dog then. So i went to see what it was. Surely it couldn’t be my little MAX. But there he was. On my bed wagging was tail. I about fell over i was so happy to see my little boy. I told my mom about him. She didn’t think i was tell the truth. i was about to cry but, if she saw him he might go away. Which he did go away after six mouths. That was how long i had owned him. i never saw my little MAX again. i no he is lookinf after me.

  7. emily says:

    I think that story is so sad…

  8. Carly says:

    i have never really thougth about dogs lookin for there owner after death. especially after they have died there self…weird

  9. charley says:

    i dont beleive it sorry :s

  10. Bonnie says:

    I am a total animal lover.
    I do believe this and you should be happy that you had the extra time with your beloved pet.I hope with all my heart that my past pets are waiting for me..

  11. Evelyn Plyler says:

    OMG! SO I googled ghost dogs this morning. Reason? I thought I dreamt it the first couple times. I heard it pant, I felt it at the end of feet,I felt the bed moving as it would feel he was going round and round till he lay down, I felt it run up and down under my sheets. I was frozen. Since I was always in and out of sleep with it I thought it to be nothing but a dream.

    Today I was awake. The dog started getting excited that my new born was up and you could feel him walking around on the bed. I stood still. The baby didn’t fully awake so then there was calm. I was up. Looking at E entertainment. Next thing baby started to make noise in her room again and this time fully awake I felt the dog in my bed. A very small dog. He ran under my sheets,against my legs and up to my chest when I caught him in my hands and he disappeared. I uncovered myself, got up and looked for it.

    I don’t know what to make of it. I told my husband being that we have been sleeping in seperate rooms that we have a ghost dog. The man must think I am nuts!! Now I want to know what he was trying to do running so fast towards my face. Had I not stopped him, would I Have seen him. Was he going to bite me? Was he going to lick me. He seems to respond to the baby, or settling down in bed at the end of my feet.

    Is it the house or just the bed that came from England that was givin to us by a woman who had this set since she was a little girl. Mint condition. I’m still chilled about it. I even called my sister and told her. SHe got chills but didn’t call me crazy. Anyone have advise on how to make sure this ghost dog is not a threat to me or how I can make nice nice so he won’t bite me?

    Dated:January 17,2009

  12. K8 says:

    Oh that’s really cool. The hat must have been one of the only items left of the dog’s previous owner. This was probably as close as it could get, and went looking for the owner. I’ve heard of many cases where pets come back as ghosts and protect previous owners.

    This is kind of like a dog my Grandmother had that I helped care for. This dog was dear and near to her heart and Molly (the dog) was very loyal to her. But after about 1 year or so of owning Molly my Grandmother died of a blood clot. I began going over to help take care of the dog and she wasn’t the same. Molly was always biting and howling through the night. She wouldn’t even let us bathe her because that was my Grandmother’s job. So my family and I made a tough decision and decided to put the dog down. Every once in a while hen I pass the graveyard my Grandmother was buried in I’ve seen Molly circling her gravestone.

  13. morgan says:

    poor puppy i hope it is ok

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