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Not all Demons are Bad or Mix Lies with Truth

NOTE: This was origianlly submitted as a comment to Talking to a Friend in Hell. I thought it was very interesting and merited its own entry for better discussion.

Actually, not all demons are evil or mix lies with truth. In some cultures, they believe that some demons are good and some are evil. Some demons do help humans as there have been many stories throughout the ages about this. There is one story in particular that’s posted someone on this very same site. It was a true Egyptian story about a sick man (I believe) who was visited by a woman who was controlled by demons. I will try to find the story here and attach the link so that you can read the full story. The lady came to this sick man and was giving him information on the illness of several human beings. The lady was actually using this man to aide other human beings.

She …

April 29th, 2011 by Caretaker