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Shadow People or Demonic Spirits?

Posted on July 30, 2010

Well I am 14-years of age and, I have encountered many paranormal beings. I grew up with a preacher as a father for the most part my father always had bad luck in life no matter what he did. I began to lose faith in Jesus… I met some of my friends family members and they were into Wicca, Nocturnal Magick, Witchcraft etc. They got me VERY interested into the Wicca side of things.

When I started studying and practicing Wicca VERY weird things began to happen to me. I started getting very moody and very angry at everyone. I would fall into a deep depression and soon I began cutting my self. I would see things and objects in my room and around me would appear in places that I would not put or leave them in. I began to have dreams of evil beings telling me random information about people in my life. I finally decided that the reason for these happenings was because of the Wicca.

So I started reading the Bible and I have regained Faith in The Lord. I just moved in with my father and his Fiancé and I left all of the evil behind me. But my dreams are coming back and weird things are starting to happen. I am not the only one noticing these things happening.

My dads fiancé woke up in the middle of the night at around 1:30 a.m. She woke up because she felt like she was on fire. She was really hot but she was not sweating. The Shadow that she saw was standing right in front of her. As soon as she was able to see this Shadow it began to move in “shudders” around us. I was dead asleep and she began to pray to Jehovah for these things to leave. It did not work until she started praying out loud. She told me what happened the next day and we heard noises in the apartment.

We left the Wifi switch on the computer on when we left today and when we came back it was switched off. I sat my bottled water down on the living room table with the lid off. I went into the kitchen for about 5 minutes and when I came back out to drink my water the lid was on the bottle. My dads fiancé did not put it back on and we were the only ones in the house.

We threw out everything that we believe might have any connection with evil or the Devil but we are still experiencing these things. We do not understand what it is but we know that it cannot be good. We found this website and the things that I have before seen and the things that my future step mom seen are just like the Shadow People. But we also know that shadow people may not be messing with us like this. We would really like to know if there is anyone out there to help us.

Sent in by Malia, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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19 Responses to “Shadow People or Demonic Spirits?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    You are all trying so hard to rid this entity from your home! Now is the time (I think) to sage your home- I mean every nook and cranny….smudge sticks are the best. Spirits simply can’t reside where that smoke has been, I would also advise putting up religious pictures and crosses in your home as well….plesae let us know how you are all doing!


  2. trolldoll says:

    i’m sure this is hard to deal with. i don’t believe that you brought it in by studying wicca. what ever you do, believe in your faith, and you will be fine!

  3. AnNa says:

    all i can say is pray.maybe get a priest to help.put some crosses in the rooms.thanks for the story.

    • N@uRto x H!n@t@ says:

      ya thats y i ve alot of crosses in my room. bt i stil see thing lk shawdow figures and seeing a devil lk being in my room its scray really.cn sum1 pray 4 me im really scared :(

      • trolldoll says:

        here’s the thing with crosses and statues. you can have them all around you and pray to them, but that’s all they are, wood and ceramic. they can’t help you, prayer can.

      • JK says:

        N@urto, tell us your story and we may be able to help you get rid of them for good. JK

    • Big Chief says:

      Hmm, aren’t crosses and statues a form of Idolatry. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having faith in God by surrounding yourself or home with pictures, idols, crosses and statues. How does God represent pictures, idols, crosses and statues???

  4. Anon says:

    That’s scary. I bet its really scary to be dealing with. You three should NOT give out negative energy to these evil spirits. No negative energy such as sadness, scared, mad, etc. Show them you guys aren’t afraid. If that spirit(s) can touch objects it possible can touch you in harmful way. For hear on out I suggest you guys can get a priest or paranormal group. Have crosses and pray each night. Good luck.

  5. h!n@t@ says:

    i no wht ur going thourgh. i use 2 have depression 2. till my mom took me to a hospital were they help kidz lk me that have that. i waz emo , bt my mom found out abt it. and seeing things and hearing strange voices calling my name so that hospital kind of work bt not alot. i stil have depression :( it suxs. i wanta nomal life. my leg shakes alot no one realy knows y it shakes so il pray 4 u

  6. independent says:

    well, wat u need to do is completely banish everything thats not of GOD…even u…maybe deep down u shud make sure u let go of everything u knw….an now the spirits have come bak to fight u n ur family. just plead the blood of jesus an command the spirits 2 go…..play sum gospel music, or spiritual music or something……..jus keep faith in god……hope that helped!

  7. JK says:

    I am afraid that these types of entities would only be enraged by a saging. This ain’t no simple dead person.

  8. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    Wicca is not associated with evil or evil intent.

    However, the faith of your choice is a powerful protection from evil of any type.

    I would suggest what is happening is nothing to do with you particular choice of deity or form of worship. Muslims have evil spirits called ‘ Jins ‘ – just like christians have demons – the idea of the existance of the concept of evil is not isolated to the concept christianity. Though this one sounds a bit mischievous rather than anything specifically of evil intent.
    Be cautious and alert but not overtly alarmed.

    I doubt very much this situation is related to practising Wicca or any non christian form of worship.

    If you are having a genuinely paranormal experience, it would have happened if you were a buddhist ( who also have a concept of good vs evil ). Your choice of faith does not change your predisposition to experiencing or (not) experiencing a paranormal event.

    However, some religious teachings can create a biased mindset, where the dogma of certain persuasions percieve (ALL) paranormal events as being related to evil/ devil/ demons – so when the spirit of old Aunt Agatha pops in to see how the family is doing the whole family screams its the devil! and become hysterical! Because thats what they believe to be true, and often its no where quite that exciting.

    Remember in the bible, Enoch visited the witch of Endor and envoked the ghost of Samuel from the dead with whom he had a conversation!…………and thats in the christian bible. So the christian experience demonstrates that these experiences exist, however, each person’s experience is intensely personal…whether it is old auth Agatha, a poltergeist or something more intrusive.

    Be alert – but not alarmed.

    Calm down and trust your faith.

    • GirlRacer says:

      Hi Jennifer!

      Djinn are not evil. Its a common misconception that they are.

      Djinn are intelligent beings with choices as we are. Some make the wrong choice, some right, like us.

      The difference between Djinn and sheer evil (demon if you will) is that the evil has one intent, no choices.

      Humanity has committed some atrocities. Hard to comprehend why, but we’ve always been faced with a choice. That is the way Djinn’s operate also.

      Thanks for taking time out to read.

      Steph xx

  9. Robin says:

    Your involvement in wicca is not the catalyst to the things happening to you.I too have suffered from depression and got medical help after years of trying to find some other explanation.Depression untreated will only snowball and create other problems.Stay true to yourself and don’t look to religeon of any kind to solve your problems.Try to find mundane explanationa for what is happening.Feel free to chat with me or others who have been where you are.Things will get better.

  10. Amanda says:

    At my old house there were things trying to scare me. The church i was going to at the time the pastors wife was like another mom to me. She told me to put the armor of God on and actually dothe motions and say it out loud. Read Ephesians 6:10-20. She also gave me another scripture to read Psalms 91 out loud. When i started doing that things stopped happening.

  11. Athena says:

    I do not believe that this entity was brought in by wicca either. Wicca if studied properly and used right will help you prevent this from happening. I study wicca however I do not do spells or anything yet. I am still studying.
    Sometimes entities can form from anger someone with emotional issues. If this entity is a problem then believe in the lord that will protect you, bless your house by a priest but don’t ignore the issue for it can get worse.

  12. juliet says:

    maybe u need 2 leave the house try going 2 a friends house 4 a couple days n tell ur dad n stepmom 2 go somewhere 2 if its not happenin 2 u or ur parents proably its the house or if its u dont pray ok tht will show them they r in power n destroy u be strong stand up 2 the fear tht is scaring u face them i did n now they leave me alone some haunt me but i dont care they give me bad dreams i fight them. ima Psychic n i see tht ur going 2 be ok write bakk i no it will work

  13. Witchking Andy says:

    Indeed young ladie.You might have opened a portal.Do not doubt the faith of Christ. I am under the wicked witch category and being part of a cult that i cant leave or its my neck

  14. Elijah says:

    If it be Christian, or Buddhist, or Wiccan, etc…
    No matter the faith, or belief, it’s about intention. Depression is caused by a circle of negative thoughts, getting beyond depression is as simple as changing what you think about. Something else to consider if your depressed is looking up, most people who are sad or depressed tend to gaze downward, which just adds to the dark and negative moods.

    As for Shadow People… I’ve been followed by what seems to be one shadow person my entire life, as a kid my immediate feeling was instant terror, but now I just want to understand what or who it is and why it’s been following me around for all these years..
    It seems to try and pretend to be me.. I’ve had ex’s and friends I’ve lived with see it when I wasn’t home, and from the corner of their eyes they thought it was me, until they remembered I was at work or someplace else, at which point they would look right at it and yell “Hey!” “Who are you!” or the like, and it would run out of the room and seem to disappear when it realized that they noticed it wasn’t me.. but when I was a kid it was the same size and shape as me, but like a solid shadow without a shadow of it’s own, but it wasn’t transparent, but more like a void in what we know to be reality itself.. and to this day it still follows me, and it still mimics my shape/size/proportions,… kind of reminds me of a little brother trying to copy his big brother,… well best of luck, and I hope I was able to help.


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