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Paranormal Experiences all My Life

Posted on August 17, 2009

I have had paranormal experiences for as long as I can remember. On and off since I was three years old I have been menaced by a large black shadow creature. I have experienced sleep paralysis from 12 years old until after sometime around 1983.

My sister and I heard ghostly footsteps in the middle of the night only during the summer time for years. It was a woman walking up and down in front of our house in high heels we always got the impression she was waiting for someone/something. She just walked up and down, up and down the sidewalk. One night we got the courage to look outside, we could still hear the clicking of her heels on the concrete walk, but there was no one there! One night my sister had a girlfriend stay over and silly us decided to have a sance. We must have disturbed this womans spirit because we felt fear and anger. We got scared out of our wits and said a prayer for protection. From that day to this no one has heard the footsteps.

There is/was a spot in my parents house (the den) where my sister could talk in a low voice and I could hear everything she said while standing in our bedroom in the center of the floor. Our room was on the front side of the house, the den was really in the back, (faced the back yard). Yet we were able to talk to each other and carry on a conversation with no problems.

At 18 yrs of age I was visited by (an angel?) and told how I could live my life, choose a career, and get everything I wanted; it was all mapped out for me. For too many reasons to go into, I didnt get to do it. I have had dreams and visions where I knew what would happen in the near future, i.e. my brothers motorcycle wreck, the split between my Mother and her first cousin (they grew up as brother and sister but after my prediction (which came true)) they never spoke again.

When my son died my husband said I woke up and told him that something wasnt right it turned out to be within a half hour of his passing. During the first year he was gone I dreamed that I was sitting at my Paternal Grandmothers kitchen table, with my Maternal Grandmother and one of Maternal Aunts (all deceased) we were each doing hand work (a big thing in my family) when my Paternal Grandmother said that my Grandfather would be home soon. We all cleared off the kitchen table (where we had been working) and each began to fix our favorite food. While bending over a bushel basket picking out potatoes I began to cry and my Paternal Grandmother told me that it was alright to cry that even Mary cried when Jesus was crucified.

There was the time in Germany when I was alone in my apartment and I was awakened by pure evil and feared for my life. There was something or someone on my balcony moving around. It tried to raise the metal shutter in front of the picture window and door to the balcony and couldnt do it and I felt like it was willing me to open it for him/her – I prayed for protection and it finally went away.

Then in 2003 I broke. I lost my son in 2000, and my Mother had been diagnosed with incurable, inoperable Cancer. Before I realized what I was really doing I took a bottle of pills, they would have done the job if my husband had not taken me to the hospital and had my stomach pumped – it was a close call. While in ICU recovering from that stupid mistake my Maternal Grandmother and her two oldest daughters (my favorite aunts) appeared at the foot of my bed. My Grandmother expressed disappointment, etc. One aunt gave me a pep-talk, the last one asked me a question (too personal to share) and I got angry and blurted out What the hell does that have to do with anything? They were shocked and immediately disappeared. My son comes to me and gives me butterfly kisses on my checks, my Mom comes to me and I smell flowers. My Dad came to my Husband (before he died) and was his companion for the last month of his life – my husband knew when he was there because he smelled cigarette smoke (I couldnt smell it). After my husband died strange things would happen like the toilet flushing when no one was in the bathroom. I heard from two eyewitnesses that when my Dads favorite uncle passed away, his wife thought he was unconscious (sp?) (per the nurse) when he suddenly sat up and said R***** E*** what are you doing here?

Well that is everything up to today. Im sorry this is so long – everything just came tumbling out when I read the comments attached to this site. This is the first time I have ever told anyone the whole story all at once. I did it because I know you all wont laugh at me and will give me comments that will help and or assure me. I do believe in the paranormal and the Philadelphia Experiment, etc. There is just too much in my past for me not to believe. Please leave comments; good, bad, indifferent. Thanks, Robbie

Written by Robbie Scifres, Copyright 2009

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6 Responses to “Paranormal Experiences all My Life”
  1. Mama's chick says:

    Hi Robbie,

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your son and husband honey.. That alone would send anyone over the edge.. especially to lose your child.. at any age. {{hugs}}
    Your lucky that your relatives .{that has passed on}.. is able to visit you.. I wish my mom would visit me..
    Stay strong hun and thanks for sharing your story with us!

    Mama’s chick

  2. Hannah says:

    listen, i have had experiences with the paranormal a few times, but you shouldn’t let that become your whole life. if you do, you’ll sit in your house alone all day and night. go out with friends, do something fun! i recently got a mani-pedi with my mother. so if it seems like youve lost it all, just find someone who will pull you back up from the blue.

  3. lewsi says:

    hahaha.. oooh i really am scared.. ahhaha nice made up story ha?? and i am working up 4 my project of ghosts. i should really take this one…

  4. Robbie Scifres says:

    To Moma’s Chick and Hannah – Thank you so much for kind words and advice. I do try and get out among “the living”. I have re-married (an old boyfriend who lost his wife 1 yr. before I lost my husband). He has never told me one way or the other if he believes me or not and lets me talk about my experiences and what I am reading about this week. My family used to tell me I was strange when I would tell them about my experiences (even my sister found some of my experiences hard to believe and she heard the footsteps!), that is until my Dad’s favorite uncle sat up in bed and spoke to my Dad. A nurse and his wife were there and he made believers out of them right there. Now my family knows that maybe I have been having some experiences all these years.

    To lewis – I am used to your kind – doubters. Be careful my man – what goes around comes around. One of these days your gonna get the be-chjeebers scared out of and nobody will believe you either and you will be wondering why. They may even get on the internet and give you a bad time or make fun of you.

    I am going to end this here but I am going to post to the Philadelphia blog. I have something to say about that – so if you interested in that comment – come along. Thanks guys!! Robbie

  5. Sai Chan says:

    Robbie Scifres,
    Since you are kind, I am here out of kindness too.
    You life is definitely ruined by the negative force(s).
    But if you believe the government’s power and the superstition things, it would be hard for me to help.
    Instead of accusing me, you should have search at least on the internet of the truth of the real experiment that I mentioned compared to the probability of your superstition.
    If you have trust in me as being a friend, I’ll try to unraffle your mysteries. And to dissolve any negatives.
    Helping someone without gratitude, the risk of feedback from the negative forces is very great.
    I am willing to take that risk, ONLY IF you always have a heart for me.
    The first thing is for you to expel the superstition, before I can continue.
    Because a correct mind is the essential power of the positive that you are lacking of.

  6. Miriah says:

    Iam so sorry for the loss of your son. That pain never goes away does it? My daughter is still with us,but lives with her dad. I know its not the same but I know to a point how you feel. Also to lose your husban on top of it,you had me in tears reading your story. The great thing is tho you know they are with you. You are a strong person,and to share your story of heartbreak among strangers is very admirable. Thank you God bless

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