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Paranormal Encounters Since Age One

Posted on July 8, 2010

My name is Chuck Sanchez. I’ve been interested in the paranormal due to my experiences with seeing and hearing the unexplained starting when I was a child in my baby crib. I can remember theses things because they were very traumatic for me at the time. I have been interested in the paranormal ever since, however didn’t really get on the bandwagon with investigating the paranormal until around 15 years ago. In my search for answers regarding the afterlife, let’s start from the beginning with me and the life changing events that lead me to my interests in the paranormal.

When I was about a year old, I can still remember that I and my brother and parents lived in the city of Inglewood, California on Imperial hwy in a small apartment complex. It was a two bedroom apartment. I was asleep in a crib in the living room, it was around 3:00 am or so when I was awakened by a strange knocking noise over by the front door. I awoke and looked over to my left when I saw what looked like a mask of a hideous face about 5 feet tall from the floor moving from left to right at a good speed and went into the kitchen and disappeared. I of course screamed bloody murder and my dad came in and picked me up and was asking what was the problem and best as I could explain to him I was trying to tell my dad about what I saw and he just said there was nothing to worry about something like that.

A few years later, We moved to Huntington Park California a suburb just southeast of Los Angeles and needless to say we did indeed have paranormal activity there a well. My mother told me that one time she saw a burlap color hooded monk with the robe showing only down to the waist and moving slow towards a fireplace we had at the time.

Then another occasion she said she was sitting talking to our grandmother on the phone when what she describes as someone pouring ice water over her head and she told me she felt something coming towards her and that she began to recite the 23rd psalm and that it began to move away. when she stopped it began to get colder again then she recited the 23rd psalm again and there was nothing else that happened that night. I never really saw anything myself in Los Angeles just heard things and felt things.

Anyway I can go on and on with my personal experiences but please let me know if any of this sounds familiar and feel free to give me a comment or suggestion.

Sent in by Chuck Sanchez, Copyright 2010

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14 Responses to “Paranormal Encounters Since Age One”
  1. AnNa says:

    CHUCK–i cant believe you remember stuff at a young age.i know everyone is different but thats something else.i would like to hear more stuff that happened.what did your mom do when she say what she did?ya that would be scary.thanks for the story and again i would like to hear more.keep them coming.

  2. Pat says:

    Hmmm… almost sounds as if your family is attracting paranormal activity. I am beginning to think it may come from your mothers side as she has had some experiences. I would ask her or ask your grandparents (your Mom’s first)… you may just have to do the burning sage (smudge Sticks) to rid the house of any paranormal activity. Good luck!

  3. Marlaina says:

    I believe you Chuck. I know kids can remember certain things, from a very early age. I’m 45 yrs old..and I can remember things way back. I can remember the house my grandpa lived in..even down to the color of tile on his kitchen floor: and I was only 2 or 3 @the time. Nothing as traumatic as you’ve described had ever happened to me as a child. But when somthing scares a child like you where..I can see why it’s imbeded in your memmory. Children are very opened minded..and I believe that’s why they are subseptable to seeing ghost’s. In looking thru the story’s on this site..and seeing the many story’s from people who’s expeiriences began when they where children: confirms the “opened minded” theory. By the time we get “older”. Were told “ghost’s aren’t real”. Ect..but when were little ones..we don’t understand that concept yet.

  4. trolldoll says:

    you sure have a good memory to remember things that happened when you were one!

  5. Anonymous says:

    There is no possible way you could remember instances at one year of age. I have a two year old daughter who has been advance in her development from about 8 months old and she in no way could communicate on a level of understanding at one year of age. She maybe had a vocab of about 15-25 words and they were all simple words eg. mum, dad, nana, cat, dog. This story may have been more believable if you weren’t so precise in your re-telling. My earliest memory for instance, was my 3rd birthday when I recieved my cat from my mother. All I can remember was sitting at the table eating eggs with soilders and my mum bringing him in. That’s a vauge recolection and I was 2 years older then you claim you were.

    • Caretaker says:

      I have to disagree, it IS possible and it does happen. I myself have a very clear memory of when I was 2 yrs old and have read of people who have memories from even earlier ages. It isnt common but it is possible

      • trolldoll says:

        i have one memory of being in my baby bed at night time calling for my mom. i had to be around 1 or 2. we adopted my bro when i was 3 and i remember holding him for the first time. i’m sure it’s possible!

      • Sheepy says:

        The human memory is centered around emotion and so whilst I do not doubt that a person may remember events from such an early age with stronge enough emotins being felt this memory would no doubt have been supresed in order to cope not to mention that I do not believe a 1 year old capable of telling the time much less remember it for years to come no matter how stronge of an emotion was being felt

        • GirlRacer says:

          I was born with clicking hips and didn’t take my first steps until I was 4 as I was constantly in plaster.

          When I was 13 months old, I had to have operations to try and fix my hips. I remember as clear as day crying in pain when I was brought around from an operation.

          I remember that like I said as clear as day. I’m now almost 34.

          The human memory doesn’t just remember emotions. It works on the five senses. It works on the individuals capacity to store and recall numbers, names, times.

          Granted, children are more able to use emotion to learn and my own experience at 13 months involved emotion (crying) – but it was the pain I recall most. Searing white hot unbelievable pain.

  6. Anonymous says:

    wow that sounds scary

  7. CameraShii86 says:

    I believe that you can remember such things. I think this story is kind of creepy… I remember many things from such an early age…seems like it is mostly traumatic or sentimental… The mind picks and chooses what it wants to remember. It also stores memories and when it hits a trigger, you just may remember. Totally off topic, is it me or is Anna most of the time negative and demeaning or is that just me. It is hard for people like me to share my stries, knowing someone wil be there to criticize it. Oh wel, everyone has an opinion..wanted or not. I will share my stories some day…hopefully soon.

  8. CameraShii86 says:

    Sorry my spelling was off. I was typing too fast. Great story by the way Chuck!!

  9. sydney says:

    i agree i remember when i was still in my highchair and flung some potatoes of a plastic spoon,and at my dad’s nose…and i was 1. also i do believe that you may be a bit of a medium…maybe….your mom too since she experienced quite a few things. =)

  10. holly says:

    wow! Thats one creepy story

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