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My Imaginary Friend Almost Killed Me

Posted on June 25, 2009

When I was around the age of 8, I remember that I used to talk to this little girl. I lived with my grandma and my mom. They just brushed it off as me having an imaginary friend. This little girl had light brown hair that she always wore in pigtails and green eyes. She told me her name was Lucy. She told me that she was eleven years old and that this was her home. (The house was a Victorian-style house, and must have been built in the 1800s or something) I told my mom and my grandma everything Lucy told me. Lucy was possessive. When my mom would call me for dinner or something, she would beg me not to leave. I always told her that I had to go. Later, she’d be pissed at me. She’d throw toys at me, pinch me, and hit me. Once, she even pulled my hair so hard, that she’d pull a fistful of blond hair out. The first time my mom finally became worried, was when she found the bruise Lucy’d given me.

Approaching my ninth birthday, I remember taking a bath. Lucy was mad that day. (I can’t remember what I’d done to make her so angry.) She came in the bathroom, and dunked my head under the water. I couldn’t breathe. (I have asthma) I splashed, and kicked my feet, and eventually, my grandma came in to see what was wrong. She tried to pull me up. Lucy was still pushing me down. My grandma called for my mom, and Lucy’d became so aggravated by then that she let out sort of this horrible screech and cry. She left.  My mother called for an exorcist the next day. I can’t remember much of that day. I sort of erased it from my memory. What I Do remember is that right before the priest was about to wash down the house with holy water, I heard this little giggle in my ear. It was Lucy. She whispered, “Goodbye, Becca. It was really fun playing with you. I’ll miss you.”

When I grew older, my mother gave me a sheet of paper. It had my our old address on it. Under it was: TENANTS-MARY TAYLOR CHRIS, LUCY ASHLEY CHRIS. It had their birthdates under their names. Mary’s birthday was March 12, 1856. Lucy’s was December 1, 1872. She died because she’d become very sick. She’d had a rare heart disease, and it had finally killed her. I forgot what the name of it was. Her mother was so distraught, that she’d killed herself. I’ve always wondered how come Mary didn’t haunt me, too.

A few months later, on Memorial Day, I visited Lucy’s gravesite. Her mother was buried right next to her. I was kind of scared to bend down, and place the white roses on Lucy’s grave. (I guess I was scared that her little hand would pop up, and drag me under) But, I somehow gathered the courage to do it. As I did, I heard a little giggle in my ear. “Thanks.” she said. I turned around and ran.

I Do believe in ghosts. My story may sound like something straight out of a horror movie, but it is true. Believe it or not, it is true. And if you’ve ever had an encounter like mine, you would be a believer, too. I’m going to major in Paranormal Research at Penn State this fall.

Sent in by Poe, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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38 Responses to “My Imaginary Friend Almost Killed Me”
  1. Goththom says:

    I’ve been looking into stories where a child’s ” imaginary” friend turns out to be a spirit or other entity. It seems to be more common then I expected, though in most cases they go their own way and fade in that person’s memories. Most of the time they have no recall of any of the details, while parents and siblings remember vividly. Then there’s cases like yours, where they leave a permanent mark.Thank you for sharing this.

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    i’m glad your going into paranormal research and what a sad story. she remembered you and thats so cool. i’m sure she didn’t mean to be hurtful and was probably like that in life, just a bossy little girl, great story and keep us posted on how your studies go!!

  3. Pundreek says:

    Your imaginary friend was feeling lonely for almost 100yrs before she finded you as a friend. she dosen’t want again to be lonely this feeling made her voilent. At the end of the story she had not forgotten you this shows that she also loved you as a friend. Nice story

  4. Alpha says:

    Wonderful story!
    I’m glad Lucy was finally able to move on.
    Best of luck with Paranormal Research. It’s a notable profession and a blooming industry on the verge of many mainstream issues.

  5. Lucy says:

    Im only 11 and i discoverd i was a medium when i had a inagenary freiend when i was about 4 – 5 great story best of luck

  6. Jen says:

    that’s a lovley story hon, it was very sweet, and that poor little girl, dying so young, i’m sorry that she hurt you, but maybe she’s moved on, and that was very nice of you to give her the flowers

  7. alize says:

    WOW thats such a good story im soo happy for lucy she seemed very nice and sweet except when she got mad but yah she really did love you and i hope u go visit her grave more often she probably misses you you are a very special person to lucy you where probably her best friend do me and lucy a favor and visit her grave more often she is a very sweet girl we arent much of an age difference either im a yr. older then her its kind of scarey to know that there are children your age who passed away well i think thats enough hehe good bye

  8. Nina says:

    Awhh! That was nice of u to the her the white roses! Btw…nice story this story sounds real unlike the other stprys that I’ve been readin lol Lucy…I like that name hehehe<3

  9. Caretaker says:

    Read more about Imaginary Friends and Ghosts – //www.trueghosttales.com/imaginary-friends.php

  10. Charlie says:

    Aww … Lucy seemed so sweet (apart from when she tried to kill you of course).

    Your story sounds a lot like one of an imaginary friend I used to have when I was 9 years old. She told me her name was Anna and she was extremely kind – always talking to me and trying to make me feel better when I was upset. I got really close to her but then I annoyed her because I chose one of my (not nead) friends over her so she almost suffercated me that night … which wasn’t hard to do as I (also) have asthma.

    After that experience I looked into the history of my house and found out that a 8 year old girl called Anna died of suffercation one night – how she was suffercated was unknown. I tried to find where her grave was but it didn’t/doesn’t seem to be anywhere. Shame … she was really sweet except for that one time. I still miss Anna some times. I know it sounds weird that I miss a ghost that tried to kill me but it’s true!

  11. Eddie5 says:

    Good story but still scary.
    Actually paranormal and reality should not be mixed humans are not well friendly to ghosts as they are to humans. Ghost Hunting is dangerous but its possible.

  12. Karen M. says:

    Actually, I’m going to take my digital to the cemetary here and see If I can get something on film, I did a couple years ago and the only thing interesting was a black cat that seemed to hang around this one particular grave! This cemetary is so old (France), who knows I might get something to share with everyone, I hope!

  13. Aashna says:

    I am really surprised after reading ur true story, as i never beleived in all this but after reading all i really come to know that all this is true Lucy!!!

  14. sherren says:

    i had the same thing as you her name was linda but she was blck

  15. marie says:

    I remeber when I was four and five that a girl whose name I never found out would be in my house and ask me to play and of course i said yes she was nice I lived in apartment and when i started seeing her it was afew days after the shootings that happend at 3:00 am she looks excatly like the lady of the apartment that nearly got shoot at just yonger but I think that her daugter but just not sure of it but she was nice.

  16. larissa says:

    i got freaked out about the story.i didn’t think it wasso scary until i read it.LoL

  17. Anala says:

    are you gonna try to join the paranormal research society at Penn State?

  18. Pat says:

    Join “Paranormal State” psychic research team. You sure had a rare glimpse at life on the other side!

  19. Sunnie says:

    I am glad I found this site and read your story,When I was yong about 4 or 5 I too had a friend her name was Googoo,at least that is what I have been told by my grand mother and mother.I have been very sesitive since i was very young I want to thank you for sharring your story. I wonder how many more kids out there have gone throught the same thing ?

  20. Sunnie says:

    Sorry one more thing I want to wish you good luck with your paranormal investigating.

  21. shannon says:

    it’s so sad that Lucy had to die like that! :( i’m sorry that lucy did that to you but i agree with everyone else i think she was lonly and you were so nice to her. i think she really apreciated the flower. she probly missed you alot. good luck at penn state!

  22. Breanna says:

    wow, I can’t believe people like Lucy have to suffer like that, and go throught that painful death. Very well-written story. I went through about the same thing like that, and I will post it soon. Good luck at Penn state!!!

  23. zoecat says:

    wow.sad. can you see lucy?

  24. Lil'Devil says:

    wow…. ummm…. thats scary! that might had been a terrible experience…. but i think that lucy was kinda lonely so she thats whay she started haunting u…. but oh well, good luck in ur umm paranormal thing….

  25. courtney says:

    ive had the same experiance i was only 9, except my imaginary friend was a kid i met when i was 13, we were really close until he died on my 14th birthday, he wanted to be my bf, but from that time and this day (im about to be 16) he has haunted me and tries to keep me away from other guys, i still love him, i visited his grave and i have spoken to his spirit, i just wish i was still alive.

  26. courtney says:

    what state are you in? id love to visit Lucy’s grave, she sounded like a sweet little kid, ive seen spirits all around me for years, i want to see if i can see her.

  27. Maria says:

    (: that was sweet of you to give her flowers.

  28. Gummi Ninja says:

    WOW thats sad how she died! am sorry she did that to you!
    nd am goinq major in parnormla too!
    but am still in highschool
    am evenstartinq a club in my school(:

  29. callum says:

    wow i feel very sorry i had a friend like that but she just realy randomly disapper

  30. Momoka says:

    The end of the story really touched my heart.

  31. vanessa says:

    i used 2 have an emaginary friend 2. her name was emily… she was nice not mean. however turned out she wasn’t so imaginary… when i found this out i thought she was the little girl who died around my old area but turns out she was from a cricket ground in used to go to… i hated that buildin but had to go with my mother… apparently, i told my auntie i dont remember but my auntie knew about it when i said something to her years later.

    Emily-anne (her full name) is apparently looking for her grandfather who is abroad somewhere… she is a little victorian girl who is still with me and i am 15 now. i dont think i want her to go but do want her to find her grandfather but who knows she been so nice to me over the at least 10 years…

    so i believe you story the whole way… at least she left you alone and you found out about her (even if it was years later)

  32. Porsha D says:

    I think u would make a wonderful addition to Ryan Buell’s team (Paranormal State)…I watch that show all the time…My boyfriend gets mad with me cause the t.v. stays on A&E…lol….Good luck with the paranormal field!!!!! I dont think I have the balls…lol…I like viewing the evidence but experiencing something for myself is a whole notha subject!!!! :) :) :)

  33. Danny (Storm) says:

    Wow. Thats freaky. Maybe Lucy was just showing her anger of how people used to treat her or something. I don’t know…

  34. peaches says:

    I am really sorry to hear that your imaginary friend lucy had really physically hurt you, but in my truthful opinion i believe that she was kind of lonely and that to be friends with someone like you, and i dont believe lucy is an evil human ghost even though she was hurting you, but i do believe she has some serious issues by physically hitting people and hopefully she doesn’t do that anymore even though she has passed on. Good luck poe!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Penn State WHAT UP WHAT UP! I was going to go there, but decided to go to a closer college in Philly.

    Your story is crazy creepy. Lucy was mean to you, but at the same time I think she just wanted a freind. I’m sure when you lefted to go do something she had no one else to play with or be with for that matter. My friend had an experience like this when we were little, I never thought anything of it. I am glad that my “imaginary friend” was not possesive, but I am sorry you had to go through this. Best of wishes with your studies.

  36. emogirl98 says:

    Huh…Lucy…I’ve alway’s like’d that name when I was little…

  37. Syphera113 says:

    I believe in your story. I am sorry about your friend Lucy but I think that she never meant to hurt you she just possibly hates being alone.

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