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Many Paranormal Experiences Have Things In Common

Posted on May 19, 2008

A lot of stories here have things in common. I have had some of the same paranormal things happen to me as well.

Once, when I was working third shift, I arrived home at 7:00 in the morning and my husband was leaving for work. My seven year old and three year old were asleep on each end of the sofa. I went down the to the bedroom that would be in sight and hearing of my daughters and thought I would nap until they got up.

I fell asleep for awhile, then woke up with the feeling that someone else was in the house that should not be there. I thought that if I pretended to be asleep they would take what they wanted and leave. I was terrified.

I could see them moving down the hall in my mind. It looked like a black swirling cloud with bright lights going through it. I felt it come into my room and come over to the bed. The feeling was dense and I could feel the heat of a being standing by me. I was shaking so hard that I knew they could tell I was awake, but I kept thinking if I didn’t open my eyes it would leave.

Suddenly I felt its hands pushing me down in the bed, like it was testing me. Then I felt it go very quickly down the hall and out of the house.

I got up and ran down the hall to check on my kids and they were still sleeping. I thought to myself that this had to be a very vivid dream and probably wouldn’t think of it much again.

About a week after that, my seven year old asked me if I thought the vampire would come back soon. I said, what do you mean? She said, you know, the one that looked like a black cloud with lights in it. I was shocked, but tried not to let her see that. I asked her what it did and she said that she woke up when it was going down the hall and it stopped and said that it would be back.

Once I was taking a nap in the early evening when my husband was home and could watch the kids. I was at the point between awake and asleep when I heard two male voices talking about me. I could see the outline/shadow of one of them and could only hear the other one talking. The one I couldn’t see seemed to be more of the boss over the other, but the one in the room seemed very angry and passed constantly. They were talking about me! It kept telling the other, she is mine, I can take her now! I kept trying to scream, but couldn’t.

Finally I got out this high pitched scream and my husband ran into the room. I told him I must have been having a bad dream so he left. As soon as I shut my eyes they were back. This time the one was more angry than before. It said to the other one that the sow is mine! I can take her now! The other one said, now is not the time. The other one said, I don’t care, then jumped on me. I got out another scream, but I couldn’t move.

My husband came running back into the room and asked what was wrong with me. I told him that I didn’t know, but that I was getting up now.

Both of the stories are true to the best of my knowledge, but my point is that over the years I have heard of many similar things happening to other people. Don’t you think this is odd? Do you think there is some kind of connection?

Sent in by Lillian Jones, Copyright 2008

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16 Responses to “Many Paranormal Experiences Have Things In Common”
  1. kangkan says:

    May’be its ur subconscious mind making up things… as this often happens when we r half asleep. Ever tried to keep conscious when u r on the verge of sleeping…? u can’t move ur body at that time though u try… u sense somthing heavy choking u… n so n so that makes us make up things… ! its not that i don’t believe in spirits or ghouls.. i too have seen once… i hav struggle for ‘bt 9 years, sick with the fear of the unknown.. have lived for two years in a haunted residencial school… those two years seem’d to b half my life… N those days were my worst nightmares.. ! Stil i try to experiment on things.. keep spirits things aside n try to be practical.. N strong. Even if they r there try to scare them away… they r things that don’t have existence in our living world…! Also rem ,where there is evil..there is GOD. belief HIM….!
    Hope u get my point.

  2. Rosemary Campbell says:

    I think what you saw and heard were two male spirits who have invaded your home, and you have enough of a psychic gift that you can see and hear them.

    I believe they had sexual things in store for you you by the way you say they talked.

    People talk about demons as written about in the bible and there may be demons as they say but its been my experience the spirits who appear in our homes and sometimes harrass us are just spirits of the dead and I believe they can just pop in our homes at will and there are no locks to keep them out.

    The spirits who harrass me are my relatives and a man I knew before he died and I have written about it in the possessions stroies I posted on this site but few people believe this story because in their own minds they believe that Demons are something else and they believe all the other spirits of the dead are either up in heaven or in hell but its my experience they roam the earth and they are much like they were when they walked the earth, either nice or not nice.

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    I had a dream…,no, more like a nightmare just like that once, it was so scary, it had those same words in it, but it was a tall blonde man saying them right to me.
    only he said he would be in trouble if he took me now.
    And im only 13…

  4. jake says:

    ok i do belive in these things i have this kind of dreams or whatever all the time but my fears are kinda dumb ….i im realy afraid of anyone who tries to control me…it just guives me the creaps but i never acctuly lived in a time with war in here but still i always c stuff like this like someone just wont let me wake up
    and theres a war or something so creapy…

  5. Jackie says:

    That’s really creepy especially if it wasn’t just your subconcious. The thing that makes me think it isn’t your sub is that your daughter saw it too. So if that is the case then those voices you heard are too freaky. I was scared out of my wits just being touched by something, let alone hear it, that would have really done me in.
    The touch, or should i say hit, i felt was not one i could describe, but it was most definately different from a human feel. I’ve tried to describe it, as a feeling going inside my back and reaching my lungs or around that area, which really took my breath completely away. Did the voices you heard sound different from human’s voices? It must have been horrible for you, pray if it happens again and try and be strong enough to demand that it leaves. Apparently, these things feed off fear.
    Good luck

  6. nameless says:

    you r probably a mediam, u daughter too, that is why u both saw this ‘thing’. it could be a sleep paralysis. mabye even a demon. idk this sight is freaking me out

  7. ghost_girl says:

    Was that the last time this happend? With the people talking. Even if that happened to me I would still have sleepless night. But I guess I just get scared to easily. Oh well. Maybe I `ll get over it eventually.

  8. kiran says:

    WOW that sound sooo scary hope ur babies were allright if i was u i would do the same thing

  9. kiran says:

    im not trying 2 scare u but when the vampire stopped and said to ur daughter i’ll be back dont u think they come again and try to kill u or something if i was u i wont even be in that house by now dont u think

  10. psychotically happy says:

    im a 14 years old girl…

    and i think i heard those words before…

    i think it was when i was lost in a forest back home..

    i’m not so sure though

  11. no name says:

    did u ever see them or hear the voices again after that?thats really creepy.you know what they say…childen are more sensitive to those kind of things..so has your daughter seen anything else?

  12. Ichigo says:

    Sooo Scary I wouldnt stay in that house if i were myself. hehe

  13. Avaren says:

    to tell you the truth this is the first time i have ever heard of this type of thing…..

    i will do some research and be back to tell you what i found. thanks for sharing.

    good luck!

  14. .... says:

    wow…. weird…

    this is the weird thing… iv had 3 dark spirits haunting me since i was 4, i was born a medium, it runs in my bloodline. anyway, i could never see there faces, and they wore long black coats like in the old fashion days, with those long black collars and these massive hoodies over there heads. i could never see there faces, but they were plain evil. at the age of 5 i was convinced that i was suppose 2 commit suicide because they where getting into my head… anyway to my point, i have a great healing medium. i saw her and she litrelli took out all of my negative energy and those things away.. but they never left my house…. this might be a help… get plain white candles, as many as u like. place them on bowl of some sort and fill it with rock salt around it…. place them all over ur house, then whereva the flame light is touching, that is ur safety zone. spirits wont be able to harm u, but only white candles. also, u can try this aswell to protect urself. before u go to sleep or wake up whatever, visulise mother earths branches holding your arms and legs down and those branches going thru the soil into the middle of the earth where mother earths heart is.. this will centre ur spirit. then imagine a little ball growing bit enough for u to walk in it. the outside of it is just a big mirror… no1 can see u or come in… once u step in, imagine it being all white and u really need to feel it happening. this will protect u from harm and like i said once u get used to it…. it should be strong…

    anyway, goodluck

  15. thraxbaby says:

    vamps in movies rock… But in real life? I’m not sure.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I was in a 4 story building built over 100 years ago all by myself one time and i heard someone whistling in my ear and there was noone else in that entire building but me. I have had grocery bags move around and make noises and I have seen things being thrown across the room. and I have turned light switches on and those lights did not turn on but the lights in the other room turned on. I have heard people going up and down my stairs when i was home alone. I have seen whiteish clear things moving across the room it looked like the bottom half of a person from the hips down. I have always had strange things happen to me ever since i was young. I dont know how to tap into anything though. I have often wondered if i am a medium or something along those lines. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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