Mafia and Evil Entities

Posted on June 9, 2011

I am middle-aged and until the last three years I had led a prosperous, active, almost blessed life with my husband, John, in a upper middle-class community. We were on the board of the homeowners association along with two other couples. I was not comfortable with these people (they seemed a bit sleazy to me) but John did not feel as I did and over a couple of years we socialized with them on perhaps a half a dozen occasions. John and I drank little (maybe once or twice weekly) and probably over a decade or more smoked marijuana two or three times.

When we had gotten some tickets to a rock concert I then mentioned to John that most likely these persons could get us some pot to enjoy for the concert and would he mind if I got some, which I did. My husband worked out of the home and while he was still at work I sat on the couch, filled a small pipe and just before taking a puff, I saw a shadow figure run across the room. While I tried yet could not convince myself I did not actually see a shadow figure and it was absolutely not a bad omen, I smoked some anyway. That was three years ago and my life has never been the same since.

What we did not know then, and for sometime afterwards, that these two couples are members of organized crime (Mafia perhaps). And, while still unaware of what we were dealing with we had purchased a second property, a condo in the downtown portion of our community, partly as an investment and partly an urban environment for us to enjoy on weekends along with our home in the outskirts of town. We later learned that these couples knew well and intimately the neighbors surrounding our new downtown condo. When we discovered this we thought it was simply a coincidence. In hindsight, I now see how we were led to this purchase.

The renovations having just been completed, John and I were standing at the top of the spiral staircase about to descend to the floor below on an inspection tour of the newly completed work when I got a “knowing”. By that I mean I knew absolutely that something terrible had happened to someone there and it had to do with pornography. I immediately expressed these emphatic feelings I had to my husband. Approximately a month following this the elderly man who lived in the unit next door, the father of one of the HOA board members in the community where our home was located, had mentioned to me that the original owner of our unit was a film producer of pornographic movies and that the condo was utilized for such. I also had been told by an acquaintance that the condominium was used for prostitution as well as pornography enterprises. We later had reason to consider that the entire block where this property was located was within a compound of members of organized crime.

Early on, before we were well-aware of the dangers surrounding the property, my husband and I divorced and the condominium became my fulltime home. Just prior to and following our divorce I began having very graphic visions of the most evil-looking entities. (Note: I had not continued the use of marijuana following the concert). My neighbors had also started utilizing “gas lighting” techniques on me for what I presume were sex industry recruiting tactics. Gas lighting is a known form of psychological abuse utilized to mentally break a person by constant, relentless forms of menacing (i.e., breaking into the home, mailboxes, cars, etc., moving, taking and/or breaking things among other harassments).

Members of organized crime use these tactics to get their victims to capitulate to their will or drive them to suicide or have their victims talk of suicide (one does feel like no longer living due to the extreme stress this inflicts) and then murder them and make it look like a suicide. Law enforcement officials are well-aware of these techniques. Alone, I coped (most of the time, anyway) as these techniques are also designed to isolate their victims. This has been going on for nearly three years during which I have done everything humanly possible to present to law enforcement officials and local civic leaders solid, comprehensive evidence of these peoples activities during which time I have had, and quite possibly still have, reason to believe I may be murdered. Recently, I have been able to sell the unit and move to another location but am not out of the woods yet, so-to-speak.

These criminals are managers of hundreds of student housing units (this is a university town) and given my personal experiences and observations I find these circumstances absolutely unacceptable. Also, remembering well the “knowing” I had when my husband and I first purchased the property that something terrible had happened there and the association with pornography production I sometimes wonder to whom and what; a youth or child perhaps? For these reasons, I could not run. Instead, while it’s personal cost to me has been extreme (perhaps eventually leading to my loss of life) I know I’ve done the right thing. For I believe it was intended that I was there and for me to confront the situation to the best of my abilities the results of which remain to be seen.

Sent in by Lisa Maher, Copyright 2011

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4 Responses to “Mafia and Evil Entities”
  1. marty says:

    Sounds like you are in over your head. When I was a Teenager my mother always told us if we think we are in danger or in a bad group then we should use the RLH factor. (run like h—- factor) It sounds to me like you need to borrow my mothers teaching and not tell anyone where you end up.

    good luck girl, I’ll pray for you, please get away from there if it means starting over.

  2. LMC says:

    Interesting story Lisa…

    Thanks for sharing… Did you try to get rid of the negative vibe from the condo before you left?

    Be careful although the Mafia is big & powerful, they are also spiritual, sometimes if they know it’s more of a spiritual thing they might back off… Cause they will realize your not a threat… Unless you want to do something about it! Then thats a different story!

    Walk with peace & love in your heart :-D

  3. jk says:

    Evil follows evil. There are no small sins in the world we live in. If we are bad and do things that are not right we tend to attract these types of entities and these types of people. I also have these knowings but they are very clear messages from the Holy Spirit not just signals to my conscience or spirit knowings. It sounds that you have a gift that has been ignored. You first must recognize that the gift is not yours it is on loan from God and is to be used exclusive for His purposes. What are to be done with these gifts you may ask? That is what you must seek God and ask Him about and Jesus death and ressurrection will give you the power that you need to use you gift for Him. Please don’t discount what I am saying. Many times people that God gives special gifts are discovered by bad be for they discover God’s purpose in their lives. Sounds like you may be one of those few. What do you do? You get a Bible if you do not have one and read it, especially the new testament and at the same time get down on your knees and surrender your life to the Lord of Life and He will fight this battle for you and you will no longer worry or be affraid. He did not give us the spirits of fear, anxiety, depression, suicide, and others. They are fundamentally evil at the root and the advesary uses them masterfully to manipulate us. If you knoe God through Christ Jesus

    • LMC says:

      Yeah you can attract evil by doing evil… Yes she haves a gift from God it’s called intuition, everybody haves that, it depends on who is open enough to recognise it.

      Having faith in God does make you stronger… Welcoming God in your heart & believing in yourself & God you can over come anything! When God gives you a gift you are given a choice on what you do with it…

      Lisa… you have the ability to pick up energy vibes, negative or positive, that’s your gift. Just because you picked up negative doesn’t mean your evil, just means you have a sixth sense.

      I know cause I’m extremely gifted! I use mine for good and I have faith in God, God is always in my heart… I know when good or bad is around me not only can I feel them I can see them and hear them… Yes I can communicate with them. Ghosts spirits Angels and demons that’s just some of my gifts.

      Be careful that’s all… JK is right on the fact you can fall in the hands of evil easily when you receive and recognise your gifts… Peace & love be with you God bless you.

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