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Mafia and Evil Entities

I am middle-aged and until the last three years I had led a prosperous, active, almost blessed life with my husband, John, in a upper middle-class community. We were on the board of the homeowners association along with two other couples. I was not comfortable with these people (they seemed a bit sleazy to me) but John did not feel as I did and over a couple of years we socialized with them on perhaps a half a dozen occasions. John and I drank little (maybe once or twice weekly) and probably over a decade or more smoked marijuana two or three times.

When we had gotten some tickets to a rock concert I then mentioned to John that most likely these persons could get us some pot to enjoy for the concert and would he mind if I got some, which I did. My husband worked out of the home and while he was still at work I sat …

June 9th, 2011 by Caretaker