Lucid Dreams and the Tall People

Posted on April 10, 2010

I wouldn’t say I am any more psychic than most people, but I have clocked up a number of paranormal experiences in my 43 years so far. This includes one home that was haunted, a couple of haunted workplaces and even, when I was about 14, my dad seeing the “ghost” of ME one night at a time when I was ill (but not at all life-threateningly ill, as you might expect).

But the experiences I’m writing about now are something quite different; I don’t even know what category they would come under: astral travel, altered states of consciousness, aliens, fairies, ghosts/ spirits, inter-dimensional travel or simply a vivid imagination!

The experiences started when I was about 26, and continued for just over a year. (They might even still be going on, only I don’t remember them.) I want to write about them because I’d be interested to know if anyone has experienced similar and/ or can explain them. I was interested in recalling my dreams and having lucid dreams, because before and after my mum died earlier that year I’d had sleep paralysis a lot of times; I think stress brought it on. It was utterly terrifying, and once I found out what it was I wanted a way to banish the scary entity I would “see” during an episode. (I did conquer those episodes; another story.) So anyway I was in the habit of keeping a notebook and pen by my bed, and every morning on waking, before I did or thought about anything else, I would write down all I could remember about my dreams. After a short time, I found I could remember as many as about 6 a night, in great detail.

It wasn’t long before I became aware that I was dreaming during most of my dreams, but I was having some recurring encounters with some very strange, non-human people which did not “feel” like normal dreams. I can’t explain it any other way. I would wake up from those feeling stiff and cold, as if I’d been very deeply asleep, but somehow not rested and not fully “in my body.” Those feelings would wear off quickly and the weird dreams did not affect my waking life in any way other than making me wonder what had been going on. I never felt scared by them.

The first dream in which the “Tall People” (as I used to call them in my dream diary) appeared was bizarre indeed; I was standing on Maiden Castle, an Iron-age hill fort near where I was living at the time, and a tall young man approached me. He was very attractive but certainly not human. He was tall and slim and wore good quality modern clothing; jeans and a hoodie in bright colors. His skin was coffee-colored with a golden glow about it and his hair was long, straight and light brown, parted in the center. His eyes were a very striking shade of amber, like an owl’s. Everything about his features was perfect; flawless skin with no sign of aging; thick, glossy hair, regularly-shaped facial features and a kind of radiance. I was not scared.

He was joined by two female companions with exactly the same kind of looks, who were dressed in the sort of bright and scanty clothing that people wore to dance parties at that time (the early 90s). They spoke to me without moving their mouths (I think they sometimes did speak in a more normal way in subsequent dreams) and I had the impression that they meant no harm, yet I sensed that their emotional and moral makeup was very different from my own. Their odd combination of human and inhuman traits was fascinating to me. They said they were off to a party, and asked me to go with them. I had the choice, but at the same time I had no choice but to join them. I can’t describe how I decided to go with them, if it was me who decided at all.

The next thing I knew, we were still on Maiden Castle, but somehow in a different place. It was the same, but different. I can’t explain how. There were lots of people just like them, and we sat down at one of several long wooden tables set out on the hill. There were bowls of fruit, other food I could not identify, and cups with colored liquid in them. Some of the fruit was familiar, but the wrong color, like blue bananas; other fruits I had never seen before. At this point I felt a small voice of caution within because in my waking life I had heard the folk tales that if you ate fairy food you would have to stay with them. They never said they were fairies; they never told me where they came from and I never asked; they were just there. The tall people seemed so friendly and harmless that I went ahead and ate and drank with them. I can’t remember how anything tasted though.

The next night the tall young man and the two females were back again with another male. This time they drove me to a local beach in a red convertible car, laughing and singing, their beautiful hair flying out behind them. I got the impression they were a rather hedonistic race. When we arrived, the mood changed. The man I’d met originally seemed to be in charge of the others. They stood in a line on the rocks, silent and serious, whispering amongst themselves from time to time while I dived into the water. I have no idea why they didn’t dive in too, I just know I felt compelled to because it was so inviting. The water was clear and beautiful and I could see a seal darting gracefully about in the mottled rocks and weed. I swam after it for some time. I came out of the sea feeling like that had been a really meaningful experience, but I couldn’t figure out why. The next moment, we were back in the car and I was still wet. They took me to a house where the females let me put on some of their clothes. Then the dream just merged into a “normal” dream without those people there.

Those first two dreams were the most vivid, but for a year or so afterward, even after moving house 30 miles away from where I first met them, those tall people got into my dreams on a very regular basis. It was usually the original man with the two girls. I would be in the middle of dreaming something very mundane, and wherever I was I would look up and there they were, standing in the background, just watching me. Sometimes the man would raise a hand as if in greeting or smile as if he knew something I didn’t. I never felt either good or bad energy from them although I was certain they meant me no harm. Gradually, the tall people stopped visiting me. I have no idea why, but it could be because I got pregnant and around the same time began to follow a particular religious path quite strictly, which I am still practicing.

So what was going on? Has anyone else encountered these tall, “perfect” people with yellow eyes, in dreams or awake? Who could they be? Why did they visit me?

Sent in by Sarah, Copyright 2010

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20 Responses to “Lucid Dreams and the Tall People”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like u had a dream about the characters in twilight.
    Like Edward was the guy Alice and Rosalie were the two girls
    so that makes u…Bella? Or perhaps u just were reading the

    • Sarah says:

      This was way before the Twilight books! Though my kids like them, I have never read them or seen the film. I guess we as humans try to put things we don’t understand into a category we do know something about… for me it was fairies rather then vampires! I do feel priveliged to have met these beings though. Maybe I will try to contact them again?

  2. Sarah says:

    Just read article here on the Annunaki. Could it be that they are visiting us already??

  3. joanna:) says:

    wow that is so weird and scary and wonderful at the same speechless i dont know what to say for the first time.what where the other dreams about?

  4. anna says:

    i agree with joanna.but i think if that happened to me and they stopped visiting me i would be concerned and wondering why they are not with me at night.because i would be so us to it.i do believe in the story even though nothin like that happened to me.thanks for the story and if anything happens let us know ok.thanks

  5. Jane says:

    I started crying when I read this. I’ve had these dreams too. I’ve been seeing things since I was little about 9. I don’t like it one bit to see the things i see. It has stopped as i had gotten older seeing stuff. But now it has changed into dreams and just feeling stuff. I don’t like it and I even has insomnia as a child because of this. Sometimes these things are good and sometimes they’re bad.

    I can’t watch any paranormal movies at all.

    But the tall people with dark owl, animal eyes, I have dreams about. They have come in my dreams and yes they do not appear human at all. I had a dream of them and like the post said in groups, I think 3 men and 1 girl. The thing that i didn’t like was that they acted like they knew me. In the dream they acted like they were my brothers and sister, but at first I didn’t feel any bad from them, but then i started getting this eerie feeling and yes i talk to them in my dream very much like i would have a conversation in waking life. I started noticing their eyes, they were so solid. I didn’t like it. I even told them you guys are not good i can see it because of your eyes. Now my dreams have turned into being so lucid, but they are not good. I used to have more pleasant dreams. Now I dream in darkness and I’m sorrounded by people. I’m very worried about this. Because I used to have pleasant dreams and guidance from good beings. Now I can’t even trust my dreams like i used to. I’m not that religious, but I’m to the point of just going to church.

    The problem is that must admit, that I did mess with tarot cards, and pendulum crosses to get answers, and when i used to do that this sort of things didn’t happen. But about a year ago i went through a very dark and emotional period in my life, I was cheated on by my fiance and since then my dreams have been different, and at that time I was still consulting the cards. Now I’m positive this new wave of negative energy and spirits has come to me because I was doing divination when I was myself full of emotional negativity and I know that I shouldn’t have done this at this state.

    But you ask why mess with that stuff? Well as a child i never mess with it, but It was around me all my life, my father knows how to throw the cards and I got interested in it and did it. But now I have stopped, but i don’t know how let these evil things leave me alone. I mean before I would encounter them and I could fight them off but now they don’t seem to go away that easily? But I’m planning to speak to a priest and read the bible something i have never done….

  6. Jane says:

    Jane here again…I’m sorry it was kind of messed up of me, I just wanted to make this interesting so I lied…. But i think you need some serious help. I don’t see you speaking about a husband or anything. I’m guessing you must be a single mom? Sometimes out of our loneliness we create company… and this is all in our minds….The concept of angels and demons has been ingrained in our minds through religion, movies, and stories. These have become archetypes ingrained in our minds and when we are in despair we seek comfort and our mind starts going wild! So you see sarah, once you moved away you probably change your life a bit and your mind was distracted.

    It is important to have faith in Jesus Christ because you never know if these are indeed deamons of some sort.

    • Sarah says:

      Jane, thank you for your comments. I am not single, nor was I at the time. However, as I said, I think the main reason for the experiences stopping was when I began to practice my faith more strictly. This would maybe point to the fact that the beings were not good (but also could mean that they were and just were no longer needed once I started praying regularly?)
      I am really scared by evil things ( by a lot of things, in fact!) These beings did not scare me ever. I still think they were harmless; either that or masters of edception!

  7. vulcan10 says:

    I don’t know. It could be just dreams. And others having similar dreams reminds me of the picture that someone made up, to see if others would follow along, of a guy he supposedly saw in his dreams, and then you have thousands of others come along and speak of how he invaded their dreams too, almost like a cult or religion, when he was made up to start with. It could be something else but it’s hard to really know since it was in a dream. In real life though, I’d definetly avoid swimming with seals out in the ocean. They’re good shark bait. And on one of your added comments onto someone elses, your right. Fallen angels are masters of deception. They can appear as anyone or anything they wish, and since they have followed us our whole lives they know everything we have done and can repeat them at will just like the living person would.

  8. Carlos says:

    Very Very Interesting.Never quite heard a dream like this but I absolutely believe you.Where these people oddly tall meaning like 8 ft or over or just regular tall like 6 ft and up.

  9. Nicole says:

    I think i lucid dream every night, but instead of being able to control my dreams, (which i can, i only remember a few times tho) I believe I am aware that I am dreaming, but am simply observing what is going on around me for insight. One night while in a dream, I opened my mouth and these extremely strange noises started coming out, it sounded like a different language, only not human. The pitch was very low. I closed my mouth, thought about what was going on, and then opened my mouth again and the noises started coming out again. I tried to see if I could recognize anything i was saying, but then my body started to shake like i was having a seizure in my dream and I woke up. I woke up as if i was in a really deep sleep, but my mind never went to sleep, so i was wide awake when i woke up. I was not scared,(which suprised me) but got the very strong impression that something was trying to tell me something. This happened again to me last night.

  10. ryan says:

    Strange how so many things like this happen and no one thinks twice. my dreams are always the same, i see a black room there is a child sitting on the floor with his head down saying ” you can’t run you can’t hide and you can’t fight back, it is coming” i don’t know what to make of it a warning or just a demonic threat

  11. Mark says:

    I just had a dream with the same tall people. It was so unusual, I googled “dreams of very tall people” and landed here. They appeared as a couple, man and women, very thin but healthy looking and were around 8 feet tall. I sensed no harmful intent and they just to be present. I think they were clothed in a very earthy, plain way. Shocking at first just to see them!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Mark I have just read your comment and I am left feeling really shocked because I did the same as you.I googled Tall people in dreams.
      I fall asleep say on the sofa before I go to bed and when I wake 5 times out of 10 these tall 8 foot people are standing watching me almost waiting for me to wake up before they move on.dressed in plain clothes they are nothing special.Once a man had a rucksack on his back and another lady was actually sitting by me .they are usually different people.They make me jump or scream .I wake up shaking.
      Am I waking in a dream Why these people.
      I am glad that others have experienced this

  12. Tigerlady316 says:

    Hello people. I’ve been having the same dreams about tall people, just this weekend, in fact. In the dream I had last night, my husband and I were out eating with a group of friends in a large eating area surrounded by many people. Our table was located near the front of the restaurant where we could look outside.
    I noticed four approximately 8 or 9 foot tall people watching us. One was a Native American male – long black hair, dark earth toned skin, another was a white male wearing glasses, another I couldn’t see, and the fourth was a gray haired older looking gentleman.
    I felt that I knew the man wearing the glasses and he me. He knelt down to get my attention and I reached out and gave him a hug and he me. The older gentleman looked on us approvingly, and then I woke up.

    The night before that, I had a spiritual dream where I was fighting a short little person. He was pitting me against my husband and my husband against me. I realized what was happening and then attacked the little man in the name of Jesus and tried to tell him about Jesus. The little guy was completely confused and I noticed the four tall people watching and I woke up.

    I’ve seen them in my dreams, and, have glimpsed them out of the corner of my eye awake. I do not fear them, but I do respect them.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had dreams that felt like they were “more than” dreams before now. One involved a tall man who put his arm around me in a protective way. I asked him his name and he showed me a picture of a Roland keyboard, like Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran would play. The name stands out in big letters… I met another in a library where we studied books together. Both men felt like people I knew well and loved.

  14. SarahGulick says:

    This is crazy because I just had a dream last night about 4 TALL men looking for a guy by the last name of Bell. One of them hugged me and I know this sounds bazaar but I felt as if I was falling in love with this Tall man. He as well had lightish brown hair but it was shorter the the other mens hair. They where there looking for that guy by the name of Bell, but they helped me find my children which I was originally looking for in my dream before they appeared. I didn’t know about these “tall men” before and certainly not about Bell until I started researching Ebe the alien. That’s when I came across Art Bell in which I found a email and messaged him… I think “we” are amongst many people that experience these dreams. BUT what they mean I’m not sure. I’m keeping an opened mind as I do believe in my heart they will come for real one day & not just in our dreams. : )) I honestly can not wait if this is how they really are. FULL OF LOVE….

  15. Jay says:

    Wow!!!! In 2003 I started taking zoloft for insomnia problems 3 weeks in the med I recalled first started to lucid dream. At first it was really scary because I couldn’t never wake up, and when I did I’ll just realize that I was still in the dream , it felt like if I was there for days even weeks. When I’ll finally wake up ill feel very sleepy still, headaches, jaw pain, and oily sweat. I felt so afraid of going to sleep and at the same time so intrigue and excited. In one of the dreams I had I was trap for so long that I decided just to sit and stare around, and that’s when I felt something somehow heavy kinda like pulling on the back of my head. So I decided to reach to the Back of my head and grabbed whatever it was that was pulling it. Then I turned around to see what it was. I was surprised!! It was a cable… Just like the one from cable tv. So I started to pull the cable towards me just to see that it was ripping coming from inside the walls and that it never end it. Anyways i completly realized that I was dreaming so i just started having fun, crawling walls , flying, appearing In different places…. And that’s when the Tall golden lady and the 2 masked guys (normal size not as tall as the lady) appeared. She was about 8 to 9 feet tall and the men were about 6. She talk to me but not speaking it was something like telepathy. And I wasn’t afraid at all the first time that I saw them because. I thought I’d created them I’m the lucid drea
    so the first time I approched them she was angry and she told me to leave. Since I was flyin a crawling walls I thought that I was powerful so i was like whatever so I said no. She just came and grabbed me and slammed me on the floor and it hurt really bad it took me a while to get up(it felt like a day or 2) and when I did I tried to attack her but i just couldn’t get close to her and she started to beat the crapp out of me it felt so vividly painful that i was crying and begging that’s when a lady covered all in black (with a shadow like cloth) came and pulled me towards her , away from getting beat. I was the in a dark room that felt huge sort of like a dessert. It was pitch black and infron of us but from a distance were 3 lilttle candles then she told me that that’s how she can tell from what distance the golden lady will come from by the way the light of the candle flicks, the she told me to stay in the dark that the bright golden lady will not find me there so I felt safe the dark lady suddely dissappered and I started to ge worried. Suddenly I woke up … Then I made sure that I was really awake and I started to cry ( that was in the afternoon that day) then I just when on with my day and completly forgotten all about. And when out with my friends that night and I got back home late that night so I just went straight to bed not remembering what I’d dream that same after noon so i just went to bed. I woke up thirsty that night so i decided to get some water when I turned around there she was the golden lady and I was paralized she grabbed me by the feet and dragged me all over my aparment and took me outside and throwed me on the pavement from the balcony it felt so painful and I wanted to cry so bad but I could so I just closed my eyes. I Waited for a while to open them and when I finally did I was somewhere that look like a European city , running on the streets and hall from the the 2 masked men , while I was running i tripped and felt that’s when they caught up to me . They put me on my back with my arms behind I looked back and i saw one of them pulling a syringe out of a bag and shot me on my lower back I felt so painful that I automatically woke up. After that happend I never saw them again and I stopped lucid dreaming. I’ll lucid dream now and the but never like then.

    • Caretaker says:

      Are you sure these were lucid dreams? To be lucid in a dream means that you are fully aware that you are dreaming. It is very unusual for someone to fell things such as fear, or feeling trapped.

  16. Jay says:

    I was fully aware.. The thing was that everytime That Tried to wake up and i did then later realize that I was still dreaming and it was repeated.

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