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Lucid Dream with Jesus and Lucifer

Posted on April 29, 2010

A few years ago, I went through a very hard time. I had lost my job, all my bills were past due, and I was about to get evicted. Things seemed hopeless and I was very depressed. One night I was feeling so bad, that I decided to go to a nearby Catholic church and pray. My faith is all I had left. It was late in the evening, so I didn’t even know if it would be open. When I arrived the doors were locked and as I turned to leave, a man that was standing in the darkness(I didn’t know he was there)asked me if I was looking for the Chapel? I nodded and he showed me the way. I thanked him and went inside.

I went to the very back row and just sat there crying. I felt so helpless. I prayed for what seemed like an eternity, asking the Lord to guide me through this difficult time. After I while I got up and realized that in the corner of the chapel, there was a basket with hand-woven rosaries. I picked one up and saw a picture of a young lady and a note. Her mother had made them and asked that people take one and pray for her daughter who was ill. When I arrived back home, that was the first thing I did. I truly believe in the power of prayer. Then that night, I had my confirmation…

My “dream” began with me all of a sudden in a long black “hallway”. I couldn’t see the end as it was pitch black and it seemed to go on forever. The only thing I saw was in the far distance to my right there was a doorway and a bright white light came out onto the “hallway” floor. Feeling scared of the darkness I ran towards the light and when I got there I realized that there was no door or door frame, just a rectangle where the opening was to his “room.” Immediately after I entered,I heard a loud BANG behind me. I turned around to see that the “doorway” was gone! I was now in this endless “white room.” The second I turned back around, in front of me was the most beautiful angel I have ever seen. I remember thinking that I have never seen anything like it in books or TV. It motioned for me to get closer and said,”Come here my child…” But something wasn’t right. My heart was racing, I took a step back, and shook my head no. He asked,”Why?” in a very soothing voice and I responded,”Because I know who you are.” He then gave me an evil grin.

Before anything else could happen, I bowed my head and asked Jesus to please help me because I was so terrified, I couldn’t stop shaking. Before I had finished my prayer, I heard another loud noise and just like that Jesus came to me from above with such force it shook the whole room. He held out his arms and said,” Come to me my child.” I shook my head no. He asked why and I tilted my head towards the fallen angel without ever looking that way again. I was afraid to go anywhere near where Lucifer was standing. He laughed as he looked him in the eyes and said to me, “He can’t hurt you now because I’m here.” That was all the reassurance I needed! I ran into his arms and closed my eyes as I did. He gave me such a gentle embrace and for the first time, I wasn’t afraid. There was such an overwhelming feeling of peace. I kept whispering, “Thank you Lord for saving me” as he caressed my hair. He turned to Lucifer again and demanded that he leave me alone! With that Lucifer exploded into a ball of fire and was gone. I woke up right afterwards.

Everything got better after that and now I don’t see how I could’ve thought that I wasn’t going to make it? I believe that evil really did have a hold of me and my faith saved me.

Sent in by Anna Rojas, Copyright 2010

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25 Responses to “Lucid Dream with Jesus and Lucifer”
  1. scarygirl67 says:

    What an amazing, inspirational testimony! I completely believe you have assessed your dream correctly…this was a battle between good and evil, and good won! Thank you so much for sharing this experience…you just may have saved the life of someone who is in the very same spot you were in when you felt so lost.

  2. anna says:

    ANNA—that was a beautiful story i really liked it.how are things now for you?i hope good.one question how did jesus look like in your dream?thanks for the story.

  3. Brian says:

    This is an amazing story, truly amazing. I’ve lost faith so many times, and even agreed to give myself up to Him. After I screamed out loud, and swore that I would do what He asks me to do, I had a Dream. I knew I was dreaming, because He told me I was dreaming. He told me to levitate, and I was skeptic. But I did. He reminded me that I was dreaming again. And He told me even though this was a dream, what I would do next would be real in every world I exist in. He gave me a scroll, I opened it, it had no words, but He asked me to sign it.

    As I was about to sign it, Jesus came. And asked Him to step away from me. He did, but for a strange reason i stepped closer to Him instead of Jesus. Jesus told me he wouldn’t want to lose someone pure, with a good heart. I started to cry and asked for forgiveness. And he said “No child, the one who needs to forgive is Him”. He then stepped closer and told Jesus that his place was not in my dream. And He disappeared. Jesus stayed and told me to do 3 tasks.

    1. Go to Church
    2. Public Service
    3. Save

    I have gone to church everyday and pray before I go to school. And prayed when I come out of school. I have done Public Service, I have volunteered to clean parks, I have been to Soup Kitchens, and I have donated my blood. But I still have one more task to complete. And I hope I can save someone by them reading this and letting them no that God and Jesus is the way you must go. I may be a 17 year old, but please trust me. He isn’t that answer. Lucifer is poison,and following Him is what brings us down.

    • Yaya says:

      I am also 17 years old… and in my life i have expierienced so much demonic activity happening around me….. The last one i had was one of the scariest expieriences i have had yet.
      Well it was like aroun 12am and i was in bed barely trying to go to sleep… I was facing the my door with my back towards the wall and I had laid there for about 20min when i felt myself starting to doze off… When all of the sudden i could hear something very small like a mouse or something running up and down the the bed behing me (by the wall)…. I tried to focus on what that noise had been because i was still inbetween half alseep and awake so i wasnt sure if what i had heard was real or not so i stayed really still to see if it happened again…Sure enough again i could hear something running up and down behind me and this time i could also feel the vibrations on my bed of something just either slideing their fingures on the bed or like if mice were running on the bed.. Initially thats what i thought it was.. mabye some mice had gotten in my room… and i was praying that thats what it was.. i was so scared that at first i couldnt move but then it happend agian, thats when i was like, “ok i have to get up and see what this is”…. When i tried to open my eyes and jump out of bed i couldnt move, not even to open eyes… it felt like there was a presence on me holding me down and not letting me move… At that moment i got mad and said that this entity is not stronger then me because i have God on my side, and I gathered strength all at once and forced myself to get out of bed, I fell on the floor, got up as quick as i could and turned on the light to see if mabye there had been mice on my bed or in my room but when i pulled the covers from my bed and look everywhere else there were no mice ( even though i was really hopeing there was considering the situation.) and there is no doubt in my mind that it was a demonic presence that was trying to play with me that night… and also because it is not the first time that those sorts of things happen to me or the people in my family…. But there is always one thing that over comes any of these situations and that is Jesus Christ… So i am a believer and i strongly believe that your faith can pull you thru any situation.

  4. jk says:

    Awesome. you go sister. You cried out to the Savior and He kept His promise. If only people would realize his power and let Him. Let Him fight our battles for us and we should learn to stand in faith while He does it.

  5. Anna Rojas says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. It’s great to read your experiences as well. To answer your question Anna, Jesus in my dream looked just like the paintings that we’re all so familiar with. I don’t know if that’s what he really looks like, or if he was showing himself in that way so I could understand that it was him. I’ve thought about that a lot. I did forget to mention that he was really tall and he spoke to me in Spanish, whereas Lucifer spoke to me in English. I don’t know if this has any meaning.

    scarygirl67 & jk: I believe that evil takes full advantage when you’re vulnerable that’s why everyone needs to keep hope and faith alive. It’s so important!

    Brian: I’m so glad that you were saved. I will send prayers your way.

    Yaya: I’m really terrified of your experience. I don’t think I could’ve handled it because they feed off fear. I will pray for you as well.

    On another note, my cousin told me once that she had a dream with God and of course I asked her what he looked like and she said that fire came out of his eyes and mouth, but she wasn’t afraid. Has anyone ever heard of this? Till this day she doesn’t question that it was him.

    • anna says:

      the only reason why i asked is because everyone says no-one knows how he looks like i thionk thats weird well i dont know but thats different that he spoke spanish to you.as long as he helped you thats all it matters.thats for the comment back.

  6. antonela says:

    My name is Antonela and i somehow ran accros this story not sure how but i think it send me a messsege because i strongly belive in JESUS i am 17 years old about to turn 18 and i have a little girl thats almost two. Most people would sit here and judge me and say how could this girl belive in JESUS when she has a babby and she dosent obey the rules. But to be honest i mest up in my life in many ways but i had became very strong with my religion when i got pregnant at the age of 15 i was left alone with a belly the only ones that were there were my parents and i thanl them. The one that held me up the most and that understood me the most more than anyone was JESUS because all my emotions he knew them i became very strong and as of now unfotunatly i fell back to how i use to be before but that is why i think i came accross this story, because i need to go back to the good time. you really inspired me alot thank you because only GOD can help us and he works in very misterious ways!!! Antonela

    • Anna says:


      I’m grateful that my experience was able to inspire you. Please don’t lose your faith! Remember God won’t give us more than we can handle. Evil is always trying to put our problems in front of us and on our mind constantly so that we worry and drift away from our faith! Don’t be tricked into going down the wrong path! I will pray for you my friend.

  7. trolldoll says:

    you needed him and he was there. i’m not religious but if it works and i do believe for you it did, then pray, go to church. there are such things as miraculous happenings. good for you!

  8. Carlos says:

    Wow.I hear about powerful dreams like this quite often and I do believe that there is spiritual warfare going on especially even more nowadays.One thing does seem to remain consistent in all accounts though that actually believing in and calling for the name or presence of Jesus Christ will ward off the evil.I’m going through the roughest patches of my life ever right now at 33 years old.I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom in my life.Ive lost my job,am having fianancial hardships,want my own place and live with family(which can be hard sometimes),and am battling major deppression and anger issues.However I also realize that things in my life could be much worse and at least I have a place to stay,have some money to get by,and can get help through Christ and counseling for the deppression and anger issues.Anyway to get back on point I’ve had a few dreams and nightmares myself about God vs the Devil and I should post them on here.

    • Anna says:


      I’ve been going through the same things you are right now as well. I feel your pain. Times are hard, but faith will get us through this! I would love to read about your dreams. Please post them!

  9. crisi says:

    I love your story because it gives me hope and makes me stronger to know that Jesus will protect us no matter how bad our situations are in life. Yes, times are tough, but yet God is always there to guide and bless us in his own special way. Thank you again for your beautiful story, post some more if u ever get a dream like this again. Sometimes its a message for us all.

  10. Pat says:

    Oh My! That is one of THEE BEST stories I have read here! Bless you and thank you for sharing it! Praise GOD! Yes I believe you faith saved you! Yes life can get VERY HARD sometimes; I was in a quite similar situation a few months ago and yes my faith was about all I had left too. BUT the LORD has delivered me out of that slump and all is going very well now! BLess you for your story!

    • Anna says:

      Thank you Pat and you are most welcome. I’m so glad things are going well for you! Please feel free to send this to anyone you know. With the current crisis, we all need a little hope!

  11. pearl says:

    This is on of the best experience story i’ve heard. i my self have back slidden a lot and want to get back to Jesus and give my life to him…u’re actually very lucky to have seen Jesus and how ur life changed.pray for me.god bless

    • Anna says:


      May God bless you too my friend. Of course I will pray for you. Don’t “think” about giving your life to Jesus, just do it, once you have- you’ll immediately feel peace in your heart and that’s him acknowledging you. Things will get better, just trust in him!

  12. celeste says:

    wow thats really inspiring made me want to cry cause it was so touching may god always be with you in your times of need and may jesus always watch over you

    • Anna says:


      Thank you for your well-wishes, I really need them right now. Things are tough and believe it or not, I came back to my own posting to give myself some hope again of what Jesus already did for me in the past and will continue to do for me and you, and others who believe in him. God bless you my friend.

  13. computerfreak says:

    Just to show that there is always hope lurking somewhere at the bottom of your heart.
    I just have one question, do you have a gurdian angel?

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