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Guardian Angel Dad

Posted on January 19, 2010

My Dad passed away in May of 2001 of a massive heart attack in his home with my Mother in the next room. It was quick and fast with no time for a goodbye. I have always believed in an afterlife and had discussed this with my father prior to his passing as he was afraid of what was to come.

I believe that our body is the vessel in which our soul or spirit resides. When we die our soul leaves the body and crosses over to the other side, another dimension. I still took it very hard as I have always been very close to both my parents.

That night at my folks home I went out and looked at the beautiful stars in the sky remembering what my dad always told his three grandchildren, “When I am gone from you I will never really be gone I will be the soft stars that shine at night and the wind that blows through the trees that will be me!”

I prayed for my dad to give me a sign that he made it and told him I would never say goodbye in my prayers always so long as I felt he would be near me and I would see him again. I have gotten many signs over the years the first being three feathers on my car door, many Dragonflies and much more. But the best was the night he came to me and sat on my bed holding my hands telling me he was okay at peace and free of pain. He looked just as he did before he passed only better somehow! He told me I was right about what I thought and for me to go on with my life and he would be watching over me and we would be together again in time.

I feel so blessed to have that connection with him and I know he is my guardian angel and my mom’s too as he is around her as well. I keep getting this feeling that I should write a book about this because so much has happened and not only to me. Who knows, maybe PaPa as the grandkids call him, will help me with that too. In the hope that I may bring comfort to others that have lost loved ones and always wondered does the heart still go on?

Thanks PaPa for always being with me. I will meet you someday on the other side. Sing with the Angels for me! So long for now your little peanut!

I have had many things happen since 2001 including my Dad touching my hand in bed one night after asking him to. One of his favorites was to tickle my feet, sure scared me the first time though! I just felt there was too much to include here at this time. If you would ever want the full story sometime just let me know OK! Thanks, Sandy.

Sent in by Sandy Swager, Copyright 2010

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8 Responses to “Guardian Angel Dad”
  1. Nana says:

    That’s really touching and I’m really glad that you can keep in touch with him

  2. Open mind. Col* says:

    Hi Sandy, that was a lovely story, i had goose pumps & shivers from start to end!

    Id love to hear more, in detail

    My friends & i lost a great friend in 2008 to liver cancer, his name was Paul

    in desperation my friends & i asked him for signs of proof that he was still among us somewhere, his fave song was Tracey Chapman- fast car. Its an old song that we rarely hear these days, yet all of a sudden it was always been played on the radio or if we walked into a pub it would suddenly come on the juke box!! Freaky but comforting.
    God bless us all, peace Col*

  3. Anonymous says:

    thAT story was very touching i loved it((:

  4. Skip Green says:

    Hi Sandy, You dont know how much I envy you. I lost my mother 13 months ago. My mother and I were very, very close to one another. It was hard for me to imagine her ever being gone, and I am still having a really hard time with her loss and the way she went. She had lung cancer and I watched her suffocate for 9 hours before she finally passed. This really effected me and made me a bitter and unhappy person, for reasons that i don’t understand. I feel as if when my mother died that she just burned out like a light bulb.
    I would like to hear more of what has happened to you. My mother promised me, as your father had promised to you, that after she passed, she too would give me some kind of sign that she was in a better place. But….. unfortunatly, I have never felt anything nor have I ever gotten any signs from her. So I really think that if I could recieve a sign of any kind, and know that it is my mom trying to ensure me that she made it, I would lose my bitterness and negative way of thinking. If you don’t mind me asking, how long was it before you recieved the first sign from your father? Like I said it has been 13 months now and still nothing.

    Thank You most Sincerely,
    Skip Green

  5. Sandy says:

    HI Skip, So sorry to hear about your Mom I know how hard it is to lose a parent. My thoughts and prayers are with you and extra Angels too. In 2001 we endured the loss of both my dad and my father in law 7 weeks apart never thought it would happen like that. That was a year I will never forget,lots of other things happened too. My mother in law passed in 2004 in an assisted living home and I must have felt her go as I stood up at that exact time and said my goodbyes to her and that I loved her,got the phone call shortly after but I already knew it ! My mom is still here with us at 81 yrs.and she is my best friend. My dad made contact with me within a few months.I would listen to music in my car CDs mostly to comfort me.I played Neil Young a lot.One song called Birds made me think of him it talked about feathers falling around you to show you the way to go a bigger bird leaving a baby bird in my mind. Well I guess he heard my prayers and that song too because I received 3 feathers on on my drivers side door and I knew it was him. One for me, my husband and our son it was amazing! Keep asking your mom for a sign and be on the lookout it may come in an unexpected way keep you eyes and ears open to receiving it. I also read lots of books about the afterlife which helped.They say it takes time for a soul or spirit to get adjusted more so after a long illness or traumatic passing. I guess they go to a sort of hospital to be taken care of. So give your mom some time and don’t give up OK ! Have you found money in weird places,heard the same song on the radio a lot that has meaning to you,or found something in your home moved or changed around these could all be signs.So take time and think back maybe you have gotten a sign and missed it.My dad liked to send me dimes for awhile instead of pennies from heaven. My dad passed in May of 2001 and sent my first dragonfly in Sept. when I asked his advise on a huge choice I had to make in my life at the time.When he sent that dragonfly I has chills all over and my hair was standing up I knew it was from him and I had done the right thing.Dragonflies I learned later can bring messages from the other side.When praying or talking to your mom light a white candle they say it helps us to make contact. Keep in touch with me and let me know how things go OK. It does get better with time I will be thinking of you and your mom. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. Take care, Sandy

  6. Jen says:

    That’s so sweet, i had a simler experince with my grandpa, when he died of cancer, he’s always with me or in my dreams…..I’m sorry about your dad….take care :)

  7. werewolf999 says:

    i am very sorry about your loss, and i know how it feels. i lost my great-grandmother to diabetes and i sometimes feel more powered and like a day can’t get any better. a nun at my school died too. she liked picking up money on the ground and sending it to charity. i lately have been fining many coins on the ground, no way! ;D god bless you!

  8. anna says:

    thats awsome that your dad is with you and your mom.I wish I knew if my uncle was around me even though he died over 10 yrs ago.the story was sweet.thanks.

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