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I Know Without Doubt I Have a Guardian Angel

I came across this site a few days ago and wanted to share this.

I am normally a very happy, strong willed individual, however there have been a few times in my life I have suffered severe depression. The first time was back in 2007 after my Grandpa died (he was one of those very rare persons that never had anything mean to say, loved everyone, always sincere and had a very infectious passion for life). I slipped into depression, wouldn’t leave my bed or my house for that matter. Almost lost my job and many friends. I just felt generally lost and empty. After a few weeks of living like this with one foot already off the edge to killing myself, I had this dream:

I was sitting in a clearing and in front of me was this tree, it was huge and glowed with what I perceived to be life. As I stared at it, I began to …

July 23rd, 2011 by Caretaker 

Guardian Angel or Do I Just Miss Him?

My grandfather died around 6 years ago. A few months after this happened is when I started having paranormal experiences.

June 19, 2005

I was spending the night with my grandmother a few months after Larry (my grandfather) had passed away. I was around the age of seven. I had woke up one night, and I saw my grandfather standing in the doorway.

“Papaw, is that really you?” I asked. I didn’t get a response, instead he walked into the room, and passed through the wall beside my bed. Since my bedroom at the time was the master bedroom, i didn’t think anything about it. I just went back to sleep.

I woke up in the morning, fresh in my mind what had happened a few hours ago. As I start to get out of the bed, I hear my papaw’s voice.

“Don’t worry,Kayla. Everything is fine.”

I had no idea if I was imagining it, or what. I ran …

July 19th, 2011 by Caretaker 

A Visit From My Angel Brother

When my twenty-seven year old brother died I developed a deep depression and so did the rest of my family. The night after we found out about my brother’s death and every one else was sleeping, I went to the front door and opened it leaving the screen door to take it’s place I stared into the dark night and wept my heart out for my brother.

I kept saying, ”Brother stay with me. Where ever I go I want your spirit to go with me. Please stay with me.” And all of a sudden I see a bright beautiful gold light that almost blinded my swollen (from crying) eyes and after the light goes away I see a handsome Angel with a beautiful white robe, a shiny gold halo on top of his (the angel’s) head, big white powerful wings, my brother’s handsome face and his dark hair and his feet floating.

I gasped and smiled at the handsome …

June 11th, 2011 by Caretaker 

Was it My Guardian Angel?

I was ten years old when me and my family moved to rural Oregon. We were about an hour from our destination when we were caught up in an ice storm. Suddenly, the car started to spin and my dad, Billy, was behind the wheel, lost control, and my mom, Karen, started screaming. We were sent careering towards a brick wall that stopped cars from going over the edge of the bridge and into the valley below.

When the car stopped spinning, something that what I thought to be human crashed against the bonnet. It punched it’s fist straight through the windscreen and slashed my dad’s neck with it’s fingernails. I was pretty scared by that point, so I didn’t have time to see whether there was a dagger in it;s hand or not. Then, another thing yanked the mangled door straight off of it’s hinges and grabbed my mom. It took her away into the mist and I was …

June 6th, 2011 by Caretaker 

My Fight for the Light

Hi,I’m from NB. Canada. I moved here 2005. I am a Christian. But I’m also open minded. I believe in heaven and hell. I believe in the Bible. I have studied on the future,  (Revelations), nwo, heaven and hell in my own time alone. Mainly online. I found a lot of amazing, breathtaking,shocking facts, But this is not why I’m here.

I want to share two stories about what happened to me. One about Lucifer, both on guardian angels.

First story:

I was a preteen when my parents wanted to find a good solid church. One night we went to a church and that night was the night I found the truth of Jesus… was real! They called people up for pray and I believe that night I truly gave myself to him. For a long time when I went up I felt a warm embrace as I knelt down. For hours I cried being reformed from my “sin skin” …

February 22nd, 2011 by Caretaker 

My Guardian Angel

My mom’s mother and father died before I was born. My grandmother when Mom was 5 and my grandfather sometime in the late 80s early 90s. I was born in 1995, so go figure, I was never able to meet them. I’ve always heard good stories about my grandfather, Papa Gilbert. He was a sweet man and was good to my brothers.

The house I spent the first 3 years of my life in was an old farm house. My parents and siblings had lived there a little while before I was born and they had not experienced anything before either. Numerous things had happened, it sounded like rocks were falling down the stairs at night and the recliner would squeak when everyone was in bed. My oldest brother had his own room upstairs and my other two shared one and I slept in the room with my parents in my crib. Multiple times stereos went off and shadows were …

June 13th, 2010 by Caretaker 

My Guardian Angel

This story took place when I was 13 years old. My family was still grieving over the death of my cousin who had been gunned down in front of his house on march, 25. I would always catch myself seeing his face when I closed my eyes or feeling something standing very close behind or next to me. But there were two occasions that kinda freaked me out, both happening at night.

I was about 2:55 in the morning when I laid down to go to sleep. As I was laying in the bed I kept hearing a faint tapping noise that seemed to be coming from my dresser. Every time I would look over at my dresser the noise would stop. After a few minutes the noises still wouldn’t go away and being that I was getting kinda tired and wanted the noise to stop I got up to go see what was making that annoying noise. When I …

January 27th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Guardian Angel Dad

My Dad passed away in May of 2001 of a massive heart attack in his home with my Mother in the next room. It was quick and fast with no time for a goodbye. I have always believed in an afterlife and had discussed this with my father prior to his passing as he was afraid of what was to come.

I believe that our body is the vessel in which our soul or spirit resides. When we die our soul leaves the body and crosses over to the other side, another dimension. I still took it very hard as I have always been very close to both my parents.

That night at my folks home I went out and looked at the beautiful stars in the sky remembering what my dad always told his three grandchildren, “When I am gone from you I will never really be gone I will be the soft stars that shine at night and …

January 19th, 2010 by Caretaker