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Grandfathers House in Mexico

Posted on April 25, 2011

During my High School freshmen year, roughly 5 years ago, a family trip to Mexico was planned to take place during my winter vacation. Naturally, being my mother land, I was overzealous looking forward to my trip in the winter. Although, my enthusiasm came with a cold fear: I would be staying at my unoccupied Grandfather’s house, the setting for the majority of my families’ horrifying experiences.

When I arrived in Mexico, my dad, who lives here, picked us up and drove us to where we would be staying. During our short ride, my family discussed the exciting things we would be doing and places we would be sight seeing. However, I found myself kept completely to myself. There was only one thing on my mind: We would be staying in a haunted house.

When we reached our destination, to our surprise, the house had been completely renovated. No more was it the epitome of horror. On the contrary, the house looked very welcoming with tall blue gates and snow-white paint. Our neighbors, who were also family, noticed us arrive and gave us a warm welcome. Although, it was a little awkward because it was my first time meeting them.

After chatting with them for a bit, we mentioned how great the house looked after the renovations. When we mentioned the renovations, they froze in a cold sweat. They warned us of the second story of the house and talked in such a way that made it seem as if it were the gates to Hell. Not only did we feel uneasy now but more so when we found out that apparently, when the house was being renovated, the construction team refused to work on the second story because of “disturbances”. The result was a completely unoccupied, unfurnished, second story. The creepiest part was that the second story was only accessible through the back of the house via a spiral staircase, as if it was purposely sanctioned off from the rest of the house.

Our first night in our Grandfather’s house was unpleasant to say the least. Because the house had been unoccupied for so long, the electricity, water, and gas were completely cut off. Although, this was only a minor inconvenience as my dad had called the companies ahead of time and everything should be up and running by the next day. However, this meant that by nightfall, it would be completely pitch black.

Before nightfall it was decided where we would sleep and being the lucky guy I am, I was stuck with the room right next to the spiral staircase leading to the second story. As if there this room was not creepy enough already, there was another door leading to the back of the house. This door was scary to say the least, the upper half was glass meaning you can see through it. Although, I would be sleeping with my brother, I was petrified.

Nightfall had arrived and my heart couldn’t be racing any faster. By the time everyone had fallen asleep, I was clinching my eyes harder and harder trying to do the same. Then without warning, I heard it: Very faint footsteps which to be coming from the spiral staircase outside. I tried my very best to ignore the sound but in complete darkness, you can’t help but focus on your hearing.

As the footsteps grew closer and closer, I was looking over to the door hoping nothing would pop up behind the glass. Then suddenly…the foot steps abruptly stopped. You would expect that this would bring relief but no, I was still in a cold sweat. I was now terrified of the dead silence, “What could that have been”, I asked myself. Although, it didn’t matter because it was the last time I heard it that night. Nights passed and still, nothing but silence. My sleepless nights went away and for the majority of the trip, I felt at ease.

It was the final night in Mexico before our flight the next day. There was a birthday party being thrown at my neighbors house across the street. Naturally, my family was invited and decided to attend. They had asked if I wanted to come along but being comfortable in the house, I decided to stay.

An hour or so went by when I heard footsteps approaching me from my right. In a cold sweat, my heart was momentarily stopped. However, I was quickly relieved when it was just my sister and neighbor bringing me some food. They were in a hurry so they quickly went back. A few minutes went by when I heard footsteps yet again. I figured it was my family again but it then struck me: These weren’t the footsteps I just heard, but rather the very same footsteps I heard on my first night. I was frozen stiff so I couldn’t help but listen as the steps came closer and closer. Then suddenly: I heard a lullaby being hummed. All I could do was stare at the door leading to the back area. It was then when I saw it: A lady in white, still humming a lullaby. Although it was dark, she had a faint glow to her so I clearly saw her, even if for a mere second. I slipped on my shoes and ran outside across the street to the party. When I arrived, I couldn’t utter a single word. After a few minutes I calmed down and told everyone what I had witnessed. My neighbors were in complete shock. “T-T-T-The L-L-Lady in White”, they said as if it were some legend.

They told us about how many years ago, A lady in white with her baby had shown up at my Grandfather’s house looking for shelter. My Grandfather agreed to let her stay for the night in the room on the second story. During that night, my Grandfather heard a lullaby being hummed loudly from the second story.

My Grandfather thought nothing of it until it went on for several hours that night. He went upstairs to the second story but when he reached the door to her room, the humming stopped. When he opened the door, there was the lady in white sitting on a chair in a pool of blood, her wrist’s slit with her baby in her arms. My Grandfather ran to her to see if she was still alive but he was too late, she had killed herself and took her baby with her. She told us how for years my Grandfather would hear the lullaby. They were certain I was hearing it too. As the party ended, we went back to my Grandfather’s home and I couldn’t even step inside the room. My family decided we should all sleep together in the next room. I finally fell asleep and the next day, we flew back to our home.

What haunted me that night still remains with me to this very day.

Sent in by Carlos Vazquez, Copyright 2011

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13 Responses to “Grandfathers House in Mexico”
  1. Tracey says:

    Whoa why she kill herself over at your grandfather’s house at two story and with her baby so what happen to the house now ? Great story though.

    • Carlos says:

      Thanks for reading, glad you like it!

      We don’t know why she would do such a thing but ever since that day, her spirit has roamed the house. After renovating the home, the spirit still haunts to this day.

  2. Witchking arcadia says:

    Four thumbs up.. I like the fact that this was written with different words something new perhaps.excellent. The lady in white must of been scared of,, sick of something. Or some one chasing her she was so scared she might of commited suicide. Nothing else i can think of other then the fact that she might have been psychotic..

    • Carlos says:

      Thanks for reading my story, glad you liked it!

      Unfortunately, we will never know why she would do such a tragic thing. Maybe she was really sick or like you put it, psychotic.

  3. trolldoll says:

    how sad!

  4. Carri says:

    such a sad story. but I believe your story. she maybe did not want the baby or her family did not want them so she did the unthinkable. did your family ever find out why she killed herself and the baby. you may have to tell your family to investigate why it happened in order to stop the haunting in the house. The renovation also caused the haunting. tell them to bless the house and put up crosses.

    • Jaybee says:

      Good idea Carri, about the blessing and the crosses, but this being Mexico, my money would be on betting that they probably already have – several blessings and several crosses.

      • Carlos says:

        Indeed, my Grandfather is a very religious man so naturally, there are quite a few crosses around the house. I’m not sure about blessings but knowing my Grandfather, I’m pretty sure he tried that already.

  5. Jaybee says:

    After my grandparents passed away, my cousin and his family lived in the house for a while. Now no one has lived there in 20 years. I could never see putting money into it to totally renovate it and make it nice again — only to leave it abandoned with no one living in it. Thus my question for the author, why would they take an old house, completely renovate it – then leave it empty?

    • Carlos says:

      The renovations to my Grandfather’s home apparently were done while he was in the USA, where he runs the family bakery. His home was renovated so he had somewhere nice to stay during a visit. So, the house isn’t really abandoned but it’s only occupied during vacations/visits to Mexico. However, renovations were also done in hopes of cleansing the home of haunting entities. With the house’s history, ‘The Lady in White’ is not the only haunting.

      • Jaybee says:

        Oh, I see. That makes sense, thank you for responding. From what I’ve read tho, it would appear that spirits get annoyed when there are renovations to the places they’re haunting. It appears they don’t like changes from when they were there. I’ve read a lot of stories where the hauntings had calmed down until remodeling started, then it was bedlam all over again. Ah well, none of us really know, we can only speculate.

        • Carlos says:

          Yeah, I know what you mean but in this case, I think the renovations might have actually helped. My Grandfather’s home is easily a couple decades old and he’s told me that there were many hauntings prior to ‘The Lady in White’. My siblings, when they were younger, actually had their own share of horrifying experiences. Apparently, there was woman who practiced black magic that used to live near our home and died in a fire. When my brother was a young, he was playing with his friend and they both saw her burnt ghost. Once, the power went out and a harmonica started playing, scary stuff. But yes, I guess we will never really know for sure if things are cooling down or just getting worse.

          By the way, thanks for reading my story!

  6. awsome says:

    whoa you’re a vazquez too. cool im a always seeing vazquez’ and windering if were related cuz we have a big family that i don’t know about, tins in mexico. btw sad story, must’ve been freaky

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