Girl With No Eyes

Posted on June 7, 2010

This took place in Christoval, Texas as well, but I am not the one who had the connection with this girl. My guy friend who always went ghost hunting with us did.

It was a Friday night I believe and a week away from Christmas,when we all got together to go ghost hunting since well I was moving and wanted to get as much hunts in before I left. Well we all left Roberts house and headed to the park on main street. When we got there we did the normal things, ask questions, took pictures and he walked around.

I didn’t get anything in the pictures this time though. Robert however saw a monk walking around in the old fashioned robes with the pointed hoods and the robe color was white, he only saw it for a few minutes before it disappeared. He eventually told me that when I went to talk to him and thought that was interesting.

I soon walked back over to the girls see how they were doing and they were fine, they kept asking questions and joking around every so often. After awhile I went back over to Robert and he said that he thought he saw something down at the causeway, so he took off telling me not to let the other two follow, even though we all ended up following because of a truck that had showed up and started to follow us.

When we got to the causeway I had the two stay behind me a few feet while I walked a little ways closer to Robert, but not to close. When I did I saw something in white moving around in the water and I asked Robert what is was, he said it was the girl with no eyes, she however always wore black and had black hair, just no eyes, instead black sockets where they are suppose to be. He then said there were two shadow people with her to. At this point I was curious and at the same time wanted to leave, soon enough we did.

When we got back up to the road though, we saw that truck again and we waited until it left, when it did leave we went to the elementary school and sat down there to see if we were safe from it. I believe those two did more EVPs over there, but I cant remember if we got anything. After what seemed like an hour and was only 30 or so minutes we left and caught up with the truck again. Robert decided to go up to them and see what was up and found out they were only seeing if we were ok and he said we were so they left and I was glad not to see them after that, for I didn’t trust them and got this odd feeling from them.

When we got to main street we saw a group of kids and found out they were going to high school still and that we also knew some of them. They asked what we were up to and we told them, they then go on to tell us that if we ring the bell at the petit building then strange things will happen. Well all of us including them went to the building and rang the bell. What we heard was a bit odd and kind of creeped me out, we had heard a girl scream from inside after ringing that bell. I took more pictures of the building and got nothing again.

Eventually we all split up and my group went back to my car to review the stuff, we all thought we heard chanting on the recorder, but to me I don’t really know, I could hardly hear it.

I know in one of the EVPs we got at the school it was of a train, but trains don’t come through Christoval anymore. At the time we recorded that EVP one of the neighbors was honking there car horn and you do hear that yes, but then it changes in to a train horn. Me and my guy friend argued that out with one of the girls for she said it was the car horn still, well me being around trains before I knew that was a train horn.

The odd thing was that when we went to listen to that EVP a second time it disappeared, the third time it came back and so on. I thought that was very odd seeing as this was a recorder and that EVP shouldn’t of down that.

Getting back to the girl with no eyes. My guy friend has seen here for about 4 months, he would dream about her and see her in the petit building in his dream. He also went into a few trances at my house that I had to snap him out of, he went on to say he saw her again. He told us one day he was walking over at the park across from the high school and he went by the Devils bath Tub and saw her again. He said he wasn’t to go further in, but he didn’t and I’m glad he didn’t. When he told us that I got the image of him from that night in my mind and what would of happened to him if he went in. I had saw a black dog that was waiting for him and the dog didn’t look to nice either.

I do know that that girl did follow us around along with the one with the knife from the high school, for every now and then we would smell perfume or Robert would sense the girl with no eyes.

What I have told you is all truth and I would like to know more about this girl, I have only read one story in witch some one else has seen her in a different state, but I want to know who and what she might be.

Sent in by Rayen Lanham, Copyright 2010

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24 Responses to “Girl With No Eyes”
  1. AnNa says:

    thats to bad you didnt get any pictures.what about you friends did they get any?if so you should post them.about the girl with no eyse that would be creepy.i dont what to say,what you should sorry im no help.but if you do find out so stuff about her i would like to hear about it.thanks for the story.

    • Rayen says:

      I was the only one with the camera and my friends are the ones who had the recorder nothing else.

  2. Vzy4kat6387 says:

    When you mentioned your guy friend saw a figure which he believed to be a monk walk out infront of him then vanish.. Um I don’t think that was a monk he saw. From the way you described the color of the rope and how the hood was pointed I believe he saw a kkk member.

    Which in that case you want to stay away from, while I was in history class we learned about those people, very racist and just all around horrible. I suggest you not go back where that figure was seen.

    Or if you do go back, do not try and communicate with that spirit. You want to say as far away from it as possible. You do not want to get into a tango with that spirit. If you do your looking for trouble.

    • Rayen says:

      Actually christoval has monks and nuns,so I wouldnt be surprised if it was an actual monk.

    • trolldoll says:

      v i think you have a active imagination! why would you say it was a kkk? the guy explained it was a monk!

  3. Rayen says:

    Noticed I made a few typos.

    he wanted to go further in – it is wasnt right now
    Evp shouldn’t of done that – this one is down right now to.

    Must of looked over them when I typed this up.

  4. Bailee says:

    That story gave me the chills. Thats scary that it is true even more.

  5. LMC says:

    WOW… I don’t know this is the first time I am hearing about her… I am from California sorry I can’t help you more… but if you do get your answer please let us know thank you so much for sharing your story.

  6. Coral says:

    Rayen, I’m sorry but that story was just all over the place (and this is only MY opinion) It was jumbled and hard to follow.Very confusing. Altho, you do know what they say about opinions right..? everyones got one !!

    • lily says:

      yeah i agree with you. and whats with that thing with the knife? mabey i didnt read the story well enough

      • Rayen says:

        If you would of read my past story Christoval Texas Ghost then you would understand the whole knife thing and and what im talking about here.

  7. Kind Skeptic says:

    When I was in High School (I also grew-up in Texas, by the way) my girlfriends and I could make ourselves believe so many things just by suggestion and ‘gang influence’. I certainly can’t deny you your right to believe everything you say you saw and think you heard, but darlin’, “this dog just don’t hunt”! :-)

  8. trolldoll says:

    please do further investigating! i’m sure there is a strange history to all of this!!

    • Rayen says:

      I think my investigations are over in christoval now,i may do one more later on,but that depends if my group gets back together for it.

      • Darryl says:

        Hello Rayen, I am from christoval myself. I graduated back in 03. I have aunts and uncles that grew up in the town back in the 70′s and 80′s. They have always said that it was believed that the Highschool was built on or near an indian burial ground. How true this is i do not know. Ive heard that there are tomb stones way back in there although ive never seen them myself.

        I used to work at the convenient store outside of town. I would sometimes see strange lights in the sky on my way home after closing. we used to see them up on eight ball hill as well.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well that freaky my friends had a smilar experiance with that but it was a little boy in San Felipe

  10. miley says:

    hey that really was scary.i am from india.i cant you sorry but please publish the solution when you get it.i am so eager.

  11. LuKe says:

    Ive had an experience with a little girl that lives outside of my room and loks at me .I think this little girl dosent wont to harm me i actually think that the little girl thinks i am its bigger brother .Ive gone out side of my room with my video camera and have heard moaning and knocking but i didnt catch anything.

  12. lexi says:

    I live in indiana and i have been seeing the girl with no eyes. she has long black hair and her fingers are pointed more like claws and two shadow ppl. the girl always screams in anger and there is one shadow that is really big and tall and kinda cloaked. the other shadow crawls on the floor and i have seen it on my ceiling as well. i have a team of paranormal investigators and a well known demonologist helping me with this. it would be interesting to know which state u moved to. maybe u brought her with u.

    • Norma says:

      What were their findings?

      • lexi says:

        The findings were not entirely conclusive. This entity had nothing to do with the property or my apartment. Tracy Bacon, a Demonologist, was asked to help with one of the many investigations that took place at my home. He said that the entity was most likely demonic and advised me to seek out the Lord. I had lost my Faith and when I took the steps to go back to church, get Baptised, and pray regularly the girl went away. I no longer have any problems with her. I also had a blessing performed on me which helped us come to the conclusion that it was demonic, based on the way I felt and my actions when the Holy water was placed on my forehead.

  13. Jo says:

    When I was in high school, I would often hallucinate about a girl with long black hair and no eyes. She had leathery skin and was usually nude and dirty. She was very skinny. It really freaked me out.

    I work at a adolescent treatment center and I found out that one of the girls was having a similar experience and talking about how she sees a girl with no eyes. It freaked me out so I looked it up.

    I live in Iowa, so kinda far from Texas, but very similar experience.

  14. Norma says:

    I found this post in a search for information about this girl. I have a 5 year old who sees her and recently started hearing her. My daughter told her teacher about her and said she hadn’t told me because she didn’t want to scare me. If anyone knows about this girl, please let us know.

  15. lari says:

    well i had a dream about a little girl with no eyes and and a white robe she had long straight brown hair she looked up at me and i just freaked i started to pray in my dream and woke up really fast and i was still praying i lasted about 1 week without waning to go to sleep..i dnt know why i dram about that girl but she was standing outside my house…and til this day i hate sleeping in the dark

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