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Ghostly Warnings or Not?

Posted on June 2, 2010

About 11 years ago, I moved into a nice condo in San Diego. The day I moved in, I was instructed to see the resident manager to sign a copy of the condo association rules and regulations. She was an elderly, very nice lady named Helen.

I am prone to hear sounds/words in my half awake/half asleep state (HAHA state) in the mornings. About three mornings after meeting Helen, I heard a woman’s voice in my ear say “Helen.”  Hmmm, I wondered, is my spirit referring to Helen, whom I just met?  About three mornings later, I heard the same woman’s voice say “murder.” Oh no!  Since it was the same voice and came so soon after I heard the name Helen, I connected the two and thought I was being warned that Helen was going to be murdered!

Three mornings later came the word “Ramon.” Well, in San Diego 34% of the population is Hispanic, and every gardener is Hispanic. I wondered where Helen would run into Ramon since she was retired and stayed mostly in her residence, and putting clues together, decided that she was going to be murdered by one of the condo gardeners! I didn’t know what to do! Should I warn Helen not to open her door to any of the gardeners?  Don’t offer them a glass of iced tea? Avoid walking anywhere near them when they are cutting the grass or tending to any other gardening chores? I remained silent but worried about this even years after I moved from there, always reading the paper to see if her name appeared in a news story. If she has since met her demise, I hope it was from natural causes.

I hate it when I receive words (which I sometimes interpret as clues)  and don’t know how to put them together to make any sense, or solve what I perceive as a puzzle. I thought more recently that the spirit’s name night have been Helen, and she was prompted to tell me that after I met my neighbor Helen, and perhaps it was she who had been murdered by Ramon.

Last week in my HAHA state, I heard the word “telephone” spoken by a lady, then she repeated it a couple of minutes later. What did that mean? Was I supposed to call someone? Who? Another clue which I cannot interpret.

Sent in by Sandy Fuersich, Copyright 2010

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Tags: California, San Diego, Sandy Fuersich

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16 Responses to “Ghostly Warnings or Not?”
  1. AnNa says:

    i am dissippointed the story isnt done.you cant tell a story half way.what happened to the lady.i dont think anything is going to happen.you said you were living there over a year and nothing.maybe its going to be nothing.why would the voice say something and nothing happened.im glad she didnt get murdered,dont get me wrong.well i guess if anything else happened let us know.

  2. fenwinkel says:

    Anna — I moved from San Diego two years ago, and I hadn’t read about anything bad happening to Helen before that. Then again, I was interpreting the words to mean something they might not have meant at all. Maybe they were just unrelated words that I put together in my mind. I probably shouldn’t do that anymore — just accept each word as an individual word and not think of them as a mystery that has to be solved. Thanks for your comments!

    • AnNa says:

      thanks for anwsering back.you know what i might of done the same thing if i were you.but if you do find anything out hopefully not but if so let me know.thanks.

  3. Shahzeen says:

    Hey dude the story was good interesting however you should have completed it.

    Hope to see the complete story.I am sure the lady will be fine

    • Sandy says:

      Shahzeen, I don’t know how to complete the story because I don’t know what happened to Helen. I never knew her last name so I can’t look to see if there is an obituary for her. When I used to look for word of her in the paper, and hoped that I would not see a story about her murder, I looked for the name of the condominium complex. I remember the first time in grade school when I read a story that was “a day in the life of” someone and it didn’t have an ending, it just was. It bothered me then, and I have to admit that those kinds of stories still bother me. I’m sorry if I have propped a door open in your mind which I unfortunately can’t close.

  4. MorganLeigh says:

    Mabye…. just gonna wing it… the helen lady commited a murder, and killed someone named Roman, and never got caught…

    • AnNa says:

      that would be scary if that was true.they would never think it was someone older.no offence to anyone whos older.

    • Sandy says:

      MorganLeigh, I’m laughing out loud at your interpretation of the words I heard. Evidently your brain works like mine, so we are both in trouble.

  5. AnNa says:

    SANDY-what if you go back if helen is still alive and so called visit her and talk to her,but if someone the know owner or someone says that she past away then find out her last name,then go from there.i know it sounds silly(.i just thought).

    • Sandy says:

      AnNa and Vzy4kat6387, I’m sorry I didn’t go back and check on Helen while I still lived in San Diego. Unfortunately it’s too late now as I moved to Cincinnati two years ago so can’t just hop in my car and go visit. I will just have to pray that I wrongly interpreted what I heard and that all is well. I’m sure she could use your prayers as well.

      • AnNa says:

        what about calling.could you do that.it might cast alot but never be to careful.

        • Sandy says:

          Since I moved from there nine years ago, I don’t even remember the name of the condominium complex, or if it even had a name, so unfortunately I don’t know how I would get a phone number. Also, AnNa, I have come to the conclusion that whatever your career ambitions are, you should definitely change it to becoming a detective. You zoom in on the little things which are important.

          • AnNa says:

            you know what i always wanted to be that or an under cover cop.that made me smile.just to bad you dont have any info on it.but you tried and did your best.i just hope nothing happened to the helen.keep us informed if you find anything out please.thanks for commenting.

  6. Vzy4kat6387 says:

    I’d go back, and check on the elderly woman .. Those random voices that called out her name and telephone were warnings, to call her and make sure she’s alright.

    Go back to visit her to see if she’s still alive or passed away, and if she’s passed on then find out her last name as Anna said to find out how she died.

    But please, don’t ignore those warnings. You could very well save her life if she’s still alive.

  7. lily says:

    wow thats racist, did u even ask if any of the gardeners were name ramon. i know three white guys named ramon

    • Sandy says:

      Lily, I have to agree with you that what I was thinking was racist — kind of like what the problems are with the new law in Arizona…stereotyping. I have no defense, except to say that at the time that’s the only explanation I could think of. I hope I am a lot smarter now.

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