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Ever Strange Happenings

Posted on September 20, 2010

I am Vivian. I am sixteen, and do not prevaricate. I have never done so, and I shall tell you the truest tale that I have to tell. This all happened to me, not too long ago.

PLEASE NOTE – I remember everything that happened perfectly. Even our movements. That experience is not very easy to dismiss from my mind. Do not say that I am prevaricating, because I am not.

It was a bright and sunny Saturday. I had gone to my best friend Willow’s house, because we were going to do a few EVPs around her room, and also because we wanted to hang out.

When I got to Willow’s house, I noticed something strange. There was a thick demonic feeling in her driveway, which made me a little nauseous.

Willow greeted me casually, by hugging me and grabbing one of my bags (I was to spend the night), and led me inside once my parents had driven away. We threw my two bags (Which were overflowing with stones, crystals, and notebooks) on the floor next to her bed, and tossed our shoes to the corner of the room. I plopped down onto the bed, and sighed.

“So when are we going to do an EVP?” I asked.
“Soon enough,” Willow replied, readying her tape recorder. “I just have to reset the dang thing.”
“Okay,” I said, smiling. “I wonder if Hex is the cause of your demon sightings.”

(Hex is a demon of the light that myself and five other people that I know have encountered in the past years that I have known them)

“She may be.” Willow said, and then yawned. “The tape recorder is all set.”
I got up, and walked over to her. “So what are we going to ask?”
“First, if there is a spirit/demon lurking around. Secondly, we’ll ask for its name. Finally, we’ll ask for a purpose of being, and a sign that it is around.” Willow replied promptly.
“Okay,” I said, “Let it roll!”

So Willow and I began the EVP.

“Is there a demon or spirit in this very room?” Willow called.
After fifteen seconds, I asked a question.
“What are you called?” I called. After ten seconds, Willow asked another question.
“Can you give us a sign that you are here, please?” She called.
Suddenly one of her old dolls flew out of her closet, and slammed into me. I gasped in shock as it busted on me (It was porcelain), and its pieces scattered everywhere, some jabbing into my arms.
We instantly stopped recording.

“What just happened?” I exclaimed.
“I have no clue.” Willow said, eyes wide. “It’s the demon. I know it.”

We played the recording, and to our surprise, we had replies.

To the first question, we had this as our reply-
“I am here.”
It was in a voice that I knew somehow. It was smooth, not raspy. Beautiful and addictive. A woman’s voice. A very alluring voice.
To the second question, we got this as a reply-
“I am Hex.”
No joke– It was actually her. Hex. It was actually her.

We played the rest of the recording.

We were shocked after we finished it. We had actually heard Hex’s voice. She wasn’t a figment of our imaginations. We both heard her.

I was baffled.

After we cleaned up all of the porcelain, and tended to my wounds, we went outside.

Then something happened.

Something took over my body. Something forced me to run into the road, and dance. I danced a strange dance, making swift but graceful movements, and Willow watched in awe. It seemed as if time had stopped as I danced. Cars went by – but strangely, I didn’t get hit.

After I regained control, I collapsed on the side of the road, exhausted. Willow was instantly to my aid, speaking to me wildly. She was afraid for my life.

She told me that I had said some strange things while I danced. She remembered all of it perfectly–

“Snamuh uoy no nwod niar l’liw l’leh fo semalf eht fo l’la dna pots l’liw emit.”

I was puzzled. What did it mean? I was unsure.

So we went back inside – We were highly afraid of the outdoors after what had happened.

Can someone please help me understand? We don’t know what is going on. Please, we need help with this.

Sent in by Vivian, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Demons, EVPs

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61 Responses to “Ever Strange Happenings”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Backwards the message says
    Time will stop and all the flames of hell will rain down on you humans.

    • Suzi says:

      That………that….is kinda bad now that you point it out. Its kinda scary too. Well all I can say to everyone her is to becareful.

  2. William says:

    It means ” time will stop and all the flames of he’ll will rain down on you humans”

  3. Anon says:

    This is my first comment on anything on this sight but what your friend told you that you said, was an entire sentence written backwards. It was a warning to all.
    You were made to say “Time will stop and all of the flames of hell will rain down on you humans”.
    I am nearly sixteen myself please, please stop playing with this type of thing and pray that what ever is happening will stop.

  4. Brian Blackburn says:

    Vivian, its backwards: “time will stop and all the flames of hell will rain down on you humans”. But then I think you know that because I respectfully believe you “prevaricated”.

    Respectfully yours,

    • Britany says:

      That was so easy. If you’re smart enough to remember everything that’s happened, i believe you’re smart enough to deceiver this ridiculously easy sentence written backwards. I’m sorry but i don’t believe this for one second. :/

  5. Coral says:

    Oh yea and : ‘Time will stop and all of the flames of Hell will rain down on you humans”……There ya go- mystery solved : / Sorry, looks like more silly stuff-

  6. Sins Angel says:

    Hey well as you know you have met hex and she is powerful there is something about you that draws her to you. I would be careful in what u practice with her around or at all u never know what might b there. The other thing u might want to do is find out what she wants she is not one to bother ” humans” unless she wants something. I practice white magic And I have for 21 years I have been through a lot and I have helped a lot of people that needed it hex is NOT one I will mess with unless a life is in danger. Please be careful she can control anyone or anything. Do your homework on her and others like her. If u need any other help fill free to talk to me.

    • Vivian says:

      I really need to chat about this, no one will believe me. I’m speaking the truth. Pure truth.

      If you want to talk sometime with me about this, I really need some help coping with this– Hex has done some pretty dreadful things to me lately.

      • Sins Angel says:

        Viv don’t let people getto you there is a lot of ppl that don’t believe or they think it’s all made up but myself and my husband have had run ins with hex and know what she is capable of please becareful. I am not going to tell u to stop doing what ur doing because I believe you should fallow your own path bu I will say becareful and as for what it says that’s is for u to enturpit not anyone else for that could be the meaning then again to you it could mean something differant. Hex is a trickster and knows how to use mortals as she wants. Any time u want to talk u am more the happy to talk to you about it….

  7. Phoenix says:

    If you read it backwards it says, “Time will stop and all of the flames of hell will rain down on you humans.” Sounds like a warning to me. You will have to do a cleansing and also banish the demon / spirit. Close all channels of communication. A protection spell may not go amiss either. Take shelter of the Lord, all things including magick come from He who is the source all things. He is the Lord of all and has dominion over even the greatest demon. Do not be afraid but do not be foolish either.

  8. Dave says:

    you seem a very bright girl yet you have not managed to work out that the message is merely in reverse starting with “time will stop” on the far right – good story though

  9. priya says:

    humans you on down rain will hell of flames the of all and stop will time.. rewrite all da wors u vll gt this and wen u rewrite te sentence u gt this “time will stop and all of the flames of hell will rain down on you humans!!!.

  10. AnNa bites back says:

    i dont know what to say.i want to believe it but for some reason i have a hard time.im sorry.thanks for the story though.

  11. mario says:

    Read what u you were saying its backwards writing

  12. wonder1 says:

    i really think you need to read that sentence backwards…and let me know what you read

  13. Speed says:

    Time will stop and all of the flames of hell will rain down on you humans…..?? That’s what it says it’s just backwards

  14. Anonymous girl says:

    Im sorry, but i absolutely do NOT believe this story.it sounds fiction to me.

  15. Ian says:

    I am particularly impressed that what she remembered in sounds translates perfectly to words written backwards. uoy in particular must sound odd when spoken.

  16. Witchking Andy says:

    But do not forget who is highest of all.God not only god of love but of war and judgment.Demons tremble at his coming.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Come on guys o have delt with the evil that Vivian is dealing with it’s not anything nice to deal with and I can beliveve that Hex made her say that and is haunting her for what reason I don’t know but she is scared and needs encouragement to get through this. Hex takes on many diff forms andno one knows her real name cause I don’t beleave Hex is that. She is young and trying to cope with what has happened and I am going to stand by her on this and help her in anyway I can. Blessed Be!

  18. lindalindsay3134 says:

    dear vivian. ur story is quite frightning. but i do believe u. especially since ive seen a lot of stuff like this before. ppl need to keep in mind it IS possible. ur not crazy hun.

  19. Amy007 says:

    This one is hard to swallow, it might just be that you are not writing like 16 year old girl( I am Vivian. I am sixteen, and do not prevaricate. I have never done so, and I shall tell you the truest tale that I have to tell. This all happened to me, not too long ago.) This sounds like you’re trying to create atmophere for a fictional ghost story. Next time leave out all the frills and fancy words and just tell the story in eveyday english. Just say I don’t lie or that this is a true story. And if this is for real you’d better leave this crap alone, find a new hobbie Demons are real and nothing to be messed with.

    • Nana says:

      I have posted another reply to a comment similar to this one, but I still wish to notify you on the same points.

      Just because this story has a more advanced vocabulary and uses proper grammar and spelling does NOT mean that it is not an authentic recount of a true story. If Vivian has a higher writing standard and a more advanced grasp of the English language than what you could even hope to understand then that is not her problem, but yours. She is quite obviously more educated than what you are, and so if her story uses a formality of language that you cannot comprehend I suggest you either attempt to understand that not all teenagers must write ‘lyk dis’ or that you read a different post.

      Another thing: it is not impossible that there is more than just one Vivian on here. It could simply be a coincidence that a twelve-year-old named Vivian and a sixteen-year-old named Vivian share both the same interest in the paranormal and the same taste in vocabulary. There are a million other possibilities, too – prevaricate is not that much of an uncommon word, you know. Just because two people of the same name (which they may have, possibly, adopted from another source) decide to use the same word does not mean that they are necessarily the same person.

      Finally, I have read posts where demons act in a way that seems ‘cliche’ and in general, unbelievable. In theory, this would stop people from believing the victim of their onslaughts, which in consequence would stop the victim from obtaining help, simply because no one would believe the victim. So it is rather plausible that Hex had decided to act that way in an attempt to stop us from believing and giving our help. Demons are unpredictable and deceptive – they will use the most clever ways to withhold help from their victim.

      I respect you opinion to the fullest and I do agree that the coincidence does seem a little bit odd, but I do ask you to consider all the possibilities and variables before accusing someone of being a liar. I do not mean to offend you by stating this, but to arise an opposite exposition to your arguments. I thank you once more for considering this.

      • Amy007 says:

        okay maybe I was a bit rough when I called her a liar and maybe she does have an exceptional vocabulary for a 16 year old but I think you misunderstood my meaning when I told her not to use words like that, its not as common in everyday use as you make it out to be and i’m sorry but it makes the story sound like fiction and if it is true, I also offered the advice not to mess with demons, I know that they are real and things can happen. So if I offended anyone that truly was not my intent but I have a right to my opinion as well. Thanks

        • Caretaker says:

          Yes but what words are in common everyday use can change quite a bit from one area to another

          • Amy007 says:

            Yes, thats true it can but like I said my intention was just put out what I got out of it and when I read the words that she selected to use it made that story sound unbelievable to me .

  20. Amy007 says:


    Vivian says:
    July 23, 2010 at 9:00 pm
    You are a very special child.

    I am also twelve, and I have experienced many paranormalities in my short lifetime. I am not a girl who is known to prevaricate and I am not going to begin now.

    I believe you completely and I am going to share with you what I have gone through. But I must not state it in this public place. God knows who would be reading.

    I will just say this:
    I have met various demons in my lifetime all of which trying to eradicate me. I am a person who relies on darkness (to stay safe), and light makes me think like a demon. The only demons that try harming me are the ones which descend from light. But I know many things about demons and the one which had been you in the mirror. I believe that it is actually your inner self. That is what most demons are created from. Humans with the darkest of hearts. But I do not believe that you have a dark heart you are not a bad person at all.

    Thank you, and may God bless.


  21. Amy007 says:

    The story Vivian comented on that I listed above was called A DEMON CORRUPTED MY MIND and is written by a 12year old by the name of Matt and was posted on July 17th 2010 and you can find this story currently on page 10. if you think i’ve go overboard with this its just because i’m sick of people posting mocking non-real ghost stories on a true ghost story website, take your fiction elsewhere. Please.

    • AnNa bites back says:

      well i will have to check that for myself too.if its true i cant believe that,i have found some too well stories that sound the same,but different names.why so they can see if they can get sipathy from others.wrong wrong so wrong.i will check this out for myself.thanks.

    • grim reaper says:

      good work amy007. I totally agree. This is *true* ghost tales.com…take you fiction to some place else please…

  22. LouLou says:

    Ugh – Seriously, people, get a grip! I’m all for ghost stories & love a good ‘true’ story as well as a fictional one…but this is a forum for ghost stories. Not demon ones…& even if it was a forum for demon stories, this one is blatant c**p.

    First of all, no 16 year old on the planet talks, or writes like that & secondly if you we’re really as worried & scraed as you say, then you wouldn’t have taken the time to type it out all so accurately & thoughtfully…was this a submisson for an English exam for something?

    *rolls eyes*

    Some people are far too easy to fool…

    • Nana says:

      Although I do respect your opinion, I do wish to address several points to you in response to your comment:

      1. Although the site is (quite appropriately) named ‘true ghost tales’, it relates to all things paranormal in general. So, yes, in fact, demon stories are a large part of the paranormal activity that happens and it may even surprise you that very many of the ‘ghost stories’ are linked, either directly or indirectly, with demons.

      2. A person’s style of writing depends on many things, not just their age class. For example, a sixteen year old who reads higher-class literature will adapt a certain style of writing similar to the books that they read, whereas a sixteen year old who finds themselves more interested in less formal means of writing will again write with a style similar to the one that they read most commonly. Just because this young woman doesn’t write with a million spelling errors and takes the time to set out her recount in a way that can be actually understood with proper grammar doesn’t mean that she is faking her age or her version of events. She is simply writing her story in the way that she is used to.

      3. As I indicated previously, just because she is using proper grammar and spelling at her own standard doesn’t make her story any less true. She obviously wants us to be able to paint a picture with our minds of how the story goes and how it all acted out. It doesn’t mean that she wasn’t scared and worried while writing it, it only means that she was writing it out in the way that she is used to writing in.

      As I said before, I do respect your opinion and you do raise some interesting points, but I do ask that you consider what I have said. Whether or not her story is fake you may decide for yourself, and I respect that, but please don’t judge the authenticity of the story because of its formality.

      Note from the CareTaker – I put this comment in bold myself. Awesome comment :)

  23. GOD'S SERVANT . says:

    I think this is compeletly true. Vivian, i think you need to stop messing around with demons. They are real and they could me very,very,very,very EXTREMELY dangerous!!! Take good caution with playing with demons. Have the house blessed so the demons wont come back. God bless you Vivian !!

  24. The Nate says:

    Hello Vivian, im 12 but dont think of me as stupid, I personally never had such a intense paranormal thing happen to me but I understand whats happening. As long as you dont see, feel or anything out of the ordinary anywhere else besides your friends house, then dont go there again until your friend gets that place basically swept clean by a religous-related act.

  25. voodoochilegail says:

    Sorry I do not believe you.

  26. Abigail says:

    I’m sorry this was so obviously a fake, everything was written to make it sound more dramatic, like a story, this doesnt sound at all real to me.

  27. Sins Angel says:

    Does everyone have no life that u have to sit there and find reasons that this can not be true you would say bull if you knew what my children have gone through and what my 12 yr old could say about what has happened to him. So u found stories alike there are a lot of ppl that deal with the same thing as others the diff is most don know or just don’t say what’s going on. So ppl need to stop being mean and leave he alone. I have delt with the same bull she is from the same spirit so you going to call me a liar and you don’t know me or what I do. Think about it and just back off her see the thing is hex is NOT something that you can look up so it’s not somthing that could be made up that had to come from dealing with her to know what’s going on!!! You have nothing better to do the pick on a child!

  28. Caretaker says:

    If you dont believe this story or any other experience here that is up to you. There is nothing wrong with expressing your opinions whether you believe a story or not. But if you post a comment for no other purpose than to insult someone it will NOT be approved and you will be wasting your time as many people have on this story.

    As the editor here I apologize for the fact that not everyone will like or believe every story – and that is sarcasm for you. If you dont like a particular story then please just go back to the index or on the next story.

    I really think that most of our readers will like most of the stories on the site but we are all different and have different likes and opinions.

    • portlyenglishfatherlesschild says:

      we can voice our opinion only if it meshes with yours is what I read out of that, considering you deleted two comments doubting her story. Part of a discussion is an opposing point of view. If that is not allowed, then no real discussion can be had. I have found several sites that only allow comments that “support” or “feed into” the OP. I didnt think this was one of them…


      • Caretaker says:

        portlyenglishfatherlesschild – Not true at all. Any opinions are welcome here. Why dont you go back and read what I wrote again? My problem was nothing to do with opinions! What I said was “if you post a comment for no other purpose than to insult someone”

        In fact I even said “There is nothing wrong with expressing your opinions whether you believe a story or not.” So how can you sit there and say all that? There are a lot of comments on this page where people doubt the story. The ones that were deleted included insults. The rules are very short and simple.

        I really hate it when someone tries to change what I said and then comes back with a remark like yours. If you want to argue with me or disagree with me then please stick with what I actually said.

        Opinions are fine, insults are not permitted.

        • portlyenglishfatherlesschild says:

          Ok I conced on the point that you DID state all opinions are welcome. I apparently posted in haste.

  29. Pam says:

    Why oh why do untrained try to contact spirits/demons. What makes you think you can handle what you possibly may stir up??? You used NO type of protection???
    Something here does not ring true.

  30. Candice S says:

    Hi , I personaly have not havd any dealings with harmful spirits or beings, not that I am complaining. I do believe your story and wish you the best of luck in dealling with our without Hex in your life. If you ever get that negative or scared feeling just put up a psychic bubble and contain yourself in its safty. Envision a pure white belt around your waist, know that it is pure and made from God/Goddess and love. See this belt shape expanding below your waist to the ground/floor you are on, see it expand above your waist to fully enclose you from above your head to below your feet. Know with all of your being that this white bubble will keep you safe from intruders ans harm. Not a single thing can pass into it without your permission!! I hope that helps you Vivian, light and love,

  31. portlyenglishfatherlesschild says:

    Seems to me if someone like me (who had to look up prevaricated) could easily read the backward writing after a COUPLE seconds of looking at it, then someone with such command of the english language as Viv seems to should have noticed it way before she hit the send button to post. But that is just me using logical deduction.

  32. Dark boy says:

    This may help you please reply……….
    just read wat u said backwards and becomes a warning………..

    Time will stop and all of the flames of hell will rain down on you humans

    Stop this messing wid demons
    wat happens is the demons , some of them , want to become the scariest as was said by
    a Ghost when i had used the Oujia

  33. skeptical says:

    you can tell its not true from the begining when she says she is16 and that her and her friends dealings with hex go back a couple years. nice grammar though. i would have said i was twenty something. more beleivable.

    • Caretaker says:

      You can tell it isnt true because the writer is 16? That is ridiculous, nothing wrong with being skeptical and nothing wrong with not believing a story but basing it on a person’s age just is not logical. Why would it be more believable from a 20 year old than a 16 year old? Do you think people automatically start telling the truth when they reach a certain age?

      • Skeptical says:

        No, that’s not what I said nor intended to imply. She states that she IS 16, and that her experiences with Hex go back “a few years”. How long is “few years”? Certainly very adult experiences for one so young to be having, let alone SEEKING OUT, as she describes in her story. To my way of thinking, that creates an aura of unbelievability that doesn’t get any better as the story progresses. And I resent your tone. Thanks.

      • skeptical says:

        Ok. Let’s try this again. The story feels untrue because she states that she IS 16, and that she’s been having experiences with Hex during “the past years”. How long is that, specifically? Seems to me like very adult experiences for someone this young to be *seeking* out, apparently with carte blanche from the adults in her life. She is not difficult to believe because of her age. She is difficult to believe because of the experiences she is claiming to have had for, as indicated, a substantial period of time, and – if this story is to be taken at all seriously – without adult supervision and/or assistance. And again I say nice grammar.

        • Caretaker says:

          Childhood and teen years can be very different from one person to the next. For example, by the time I was 16 years old I had already watched my father be killed, I shot a man, and experienced jail, I lived on the road and had hitch hiked all over the Eastern US for two years… long story very short. I dont know about the story on this page nor am I arguing that it is in fact true. I am just saying that judging how much or how little a person may have experienced based on their age may not always be accurate.

          • sharayah says:

            that is so true caretaker.i lived a very hard life from the time i was 12 to when i turn 19 im life was something most people wouldn’t even dream of as there nightmare. im sure there are people who have lived worst then me it’s sad but true. lol it’s sad all the things i knew at a young age :(

  34. Kind Skeptic says:

    A nicely written short story, especially for someone so young. I would recommend though, that you not try to introduce “archaic” verbiage like “prevaricate” which you must like since you used it twice in such close proximity. IIt’s great to expanid one’s vocabulary and learn new words and meanings. But good writing does not leap to usage of words that don’t fit in w/ the tone and register of the rest of the copy. And while, in my opinion your story is a true “prevarication”, I think you show promise as a writer and should spend time creating more prose — fictitious or not!

  35. Jessica says:

    I heard and seen some of those message and dreams. I also felt like I read this one before when I was kid I am 27 now. Just be careful, please……..

  36. KhatNip says:

    Well, whether she is 20, 40, or truly 16, I don’t believe her. This reads as fiction, not a recounting. The ability to translate words spoken backward into backward print alone stretches the boundaries of believability. I agree with Skeptical and Kind Skeptic, however; the prose is purple but she does show some real promise as a writer.

  37. KhatNip says:

    I find it very interesting that my reply – which was thoughtful and entirely lacked inappropriate language but DID state that I do not believe this story – did not survive moderation, while on another story thread entitled My Imaginary Friends Might Be Angels And Demons!, most of the comments disbelieved the story teller and at least 2 responses indicated the possibility of psychiatric disorder with one stating specifically to seek psychiatric help and NOT ONE comment from Caretaker, especially since that particular story teller tells of attempting suicide. I take from this that it is as portlyenglishfatherlesschild suggested earlier: this is not a discussion, opposing comments are not permitted. Wow. Bye.

    • Caretaker says:

      KhatNip – it isnt as bad as all that :) I am not here moderating comments 24/7 so sometimes there might be a delay with a comment being approved. I looked through the “trash” and saw no comments from you that had been rejected so I assume you are talking about one that just hadnt been moderated yet.

      I will say the same thing to you that I did the other person, if you can read through the comments on this site and say anything similar to “this is not a discussion, opposing comments are not permitted” then you have not read anything much. The comments are chock full of discussion and opposing comments. It is only when name calling and direct insults or profanity starts coming into that there is any problem. Anyone that has an open eye and reads much here can see that clearly.

  38. sharayah says:

    im a just say this when you play with demons what do you think is going to happen? you told your friend it mite be Hex but you still did the EVP anyways.why? can YOU make demons go away? do you know how to protect your self or your friend? and why would you even go in her house when you felt something in the driveway.it looks like you are playing with fire to me. i hope you are looking to God for help.take care.

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