Posted on March 14, 2009

My family has an interesting history. We have had so many strange occurrences that, starting in the mid 80′s, we have been documenting them and putting them in filing cabinets. I might add some more of those stories on here and I’ll start with this one since it’s the latest one but by far not the strangest.

My uncle and his family moved into a new home roughly 6 months ago. Almost immediately, within a couple days, they started noticing a thick liquid dripping down the walls. It was semi clear with a white tint and very thick like corn syrup or shampoo. It wouldn’t seep out of every crack and crevice like the blood in the Amityville Horror but it would appear here and there occasionally like in a patch in the middle of the wall or drip down from above the suspended ceiling in the cellar which they have converted into a living room.

It would also appear in strange places like dripping out of electrical sockets and even coming out of an old VHS video player they never threw away. They’ve also found it in thick streams going across the floor in a straight line like the floor was at an angle and it was pouring down. One very strange thing about this stuff was that when my aunt would try to wash it off, she would obviously use a wet sponge and as soon the water touched it, the slime would turn red. I’d like to say it turned into blood but I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

After a couple months of this happening my uncle got sick of it and cut a 2 ft by 2 ft hole in the living room wall where the slime had been the night before hoping to find an explanation. He found nothing, the drywall on the other side was dry, so about a month from there and still having this slime mysteriously appear on his walls he came up with a plan. We have a rather large family so he invited everybody over for what we jokingly called a demolition party.

Everybody came over his house with their tools and we tore apart every wall we could in the house, all the teens and adults tore down the walls while the younger cousins picked up the debris and threw it in a pile in the garage. For lunch we had a barbecue out on the covered deck then we went right back to demolishing. We didn’t find any explanation for this strange goo. My uncle was at least hoping it was somehow caused by the old drywall so hopefully it would stop. We put up new drywall and we surprisingly did all of this in one day and apparently my uncle was right because the slime disappeared but it wasn’t over.

The slime disappeared but more stranger things started occurring. Objects started disappearing, I don’t just mean you would put down your keys and not be able to find them the next morning, I mean you’d be drinking a mug of coffee, put it down to get the news paper, turn back around to find the mug missing. That fast.

Whenever you were in the house for any lengthy period of time you would get the overwhelming feeling that you were being watched. I don’t know if anybody has ever felt that but it’s enough to give you the urge to run out of the house. This was when my uncles family came to the conclusion that their house was haunted.

One time I visited to see my uncles new big screen TV they just set up in the living room/cellar. He was actually still setting it up when I arrived and he asked me to sit in front of the TV to see if the signal was coming in while he was still behind it playing with wires. I sat down in his chair and stared at the screen while he fiddled behind it, when all of a sudden I saw a thick column of black mist fall through the ceiling tiles, not between the seams but pass through the tiles (like a ghost) and as soon as it hit the floor it disappeared. It was so thick it reminded me of ink dripping into water. I sat in shock for a second just staring at the spot. My uncle stepped out from behind the TV jumping me out of my shock. I asked him if he saw that and he said no and then it happened again right next to him, scaring the hell out of him making him jump a mile.

Then, a couple weeks later, one of the freakiest things happened. One of my younger cousins had to sleep over there because her parents were going on a trip to Mexico. After spending one night in the guest room they set up for her, she started sleeping on the couch for the rest of the stay there. When they asked her why she wouldn’t sleep in the guest room she answered “because the zombie keeps talking to me.”

The house was built some time in the 70′s and they know that at least 2 people died in the house, my cousin (the mentioned uncles son) heard from some friends at his school that at least one of those deaths was a murder. We aren’t jumping to conclusions about that because we’ve only heard that from a group of 14 year olds. You might say they need to contact a priest but they actually like it (including their son incase you were wondering). To them it’s a nice conversation piece. They just make sure to warn visitors and to have no more children sleep over.

If you would like to hear more of my families strange stories please comment.

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25 Responses to “Ectoplasm?”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    you should have taken a sample of the slime to a hospital and have it analyzed i’ve heard of this kind of thing happening but not the slime turning blood red you have a very playful ghost on your hands hopefully it not the person who was murdered thanks and do send in more stories

  2. Kathy says:

    kewl but scary and yuxy…! I’d like 2 hear more from you…

  3. Jackie says:

    What an interesting story!!! If you get any more slime do what Trolldoll suggested.

    I think his house is definately haunted, especially after you described that shadow dropping down from the ceiling. It would be better if the spirit wasn’t wrecking your uncle’s home though, sounds as bad as my grandson, lol.

    “If you would like to hear more of my families strange stories please comment.” Errr….yes please!!

  4. Moya says:

    That is a good story. let me know what else happened. that is crazy.

  5. nat says:

    don’t it hate it when you are being watched? i myself have 3 ghosts, (there where 4, but he was terribly mean, so we had to get rid of him.) and i fell i’m not scared, i know i’m not scared, but i want to leave when they are around sometimes. i wish i could know why i feel this way.

  6. johnnie says:

    i thinik this was definitely interesting and i’d love to hear more. lol. id love to expierece something like that. lol

  7. Brackette says:


    What do you want to know?

  8. Zack Sawyer says:

    I saw a similar story in “A Haunting” in DISCOVERY CHANNEL and it freaked me out. To actually experience it is beyond me. Nice story Brackette and i can’t wait to hear more from you.

  9. kyria says:

    Wow that is some freaky stuff that happened. I would also be pretty curious about the strange ooze. Interesting how they don’t mind so much. Tell some more!

  10. tyra says:

    tell some other of the stories you have…it would be great to read some more!!!

  11. Brackette says:

    People keep asking about the slime and i’d like to remind you guys that it stopped after we replaced the drywall. The slime was the only experiences they had until the renovations and thats when the other stuff started.

  12. Kyleigh says:

    Tell me MORE!

    That is yuxy:)

  13. me says:

    that is weird i saw a true movie about that called Haunting in coneticut i think that is so weerid i think when that happens you should take it somwhere and find out what it is made of

  14. Devinn ? says:

    well, i seen the moving haunting of connecticut, and this is pretty much the exact storyy of the movie. even though this is very interestingg, very scary also. if i were you i would of contacted a priest or something that would make them go away, i literally couldnt handle this. if this happens to anyone else what are we suppose to do ? they’re spirits (or whatever you want to call them) coming out of iniccent body’s ?

  15. jade says:

    I saw the movie haunting in coneticute. I am a gifted medium and have had the dead visit me in dreams. So the last haunting movie I saw was the amadivile horror movie and my dumb butt made fun of the little girl who was murdered and said how did the doll appear from the grave into the house. So then my skirt disapeared slowly infront of me the next day. And then reapeared on the couch. Then 4 days after that I woke up to a 100 flies in my windows. So then I went to see the possesion of Emily rose which is also a bases on truth story, somthing attempted to posses me but I am a much stropnger phycic then Emily was and sat up from the dead of sleep and screamed leave me and it was gone but possesed my grandmother while she was in the hospital for two weeks. So after this movie I made a phane call at the bus stop and when I huing up there was a man sitting in the buis stop and he I turned my head and he disapeared. Then I went home and another phycic was tryi7ng to talk to me in my dream but I told him to leave. But my dad swears that he thought I was talking in my sleep. The only thing is I bnever talk in my sleep? Could evil pass threw films or pictures and herase pycics and would movies like these put us in danger?

    Sorry about the spelling mistakes I�m ussing my g-phones typing pad and it has a very small keypad.

  16. Brackette says:


    They say the movie Poltergeist is cursed. Alot of actors in the trilogy have died. One of them being murdered.

  17. Amber says:

    wow, didn’t know that. Still want to see them though. I remember freaky stuff all my life, so i think i’m haunted. supposedly my grandmother was an evil witch and tried sucking the life out of everyone around her to gain immortality. My mother saw death before people died, and so do i once in a while. does that mean i’m psychic or a very powerful witch?

  18. CuteSagittarius says:

    WoW! Shocking! Tell us more stories,please! Can’t wait to read more from u!

  19. PlayGirl says:

    hi! yeah i definitly love your stories.. a bit freaky thou..
    please do tell us more!

  20. Brackette says:


    My uncle has a large collection of dvd’s on a large shelf covering a whole wall, with maybe 2500 dvd’s, and the day before yesterday he went downstairs and found every single dvd off the shelf and on the floor in a large pile.

  21. Jacob says:

    man, you outta tell more stories dude, i like this one

  22. Orli says:

    In my house, which has seen both sets of my grandparent’s die in it, there is constant activity.
    Two weeks ago, when I started changing everything around, I switched the tv off. Well, needless to say that it took me ‘three tries’ to really switch it off – after the third try I acknowledged that ‘there was someone else there’…and then it abruptly stopped.
    I was moving and cleaning things again today and the same thing happened again – just once – and i immediately asked: “who yourself again” – and then everything was quiet.
    It’s just the recognition of their presence that I feel these spirits need.

    I’m changing the house around at the moment (dramatically!) and I have never seen more spirits at one stage/’en masse’ ever before!!! It’s almost as if they are completely agitated because of the changes!!!!

    Interesting times…let me know what you think…


  23. brenda says:

    I would love to hear more of you guys stories to you definitly have to email sometime and tell me more I have some weird things happen from when I was kid and now that iI am and adult I look back on it as wow but anymore stories thanks sorry I am reading your stries so late just found thins website on a access site page.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Wow what an interesting story you should truly tell some more stories

  25. Aleena says:

    wow thats cool, i mean not cool lol cuz it totally freaked me out :s nyc wun! ;D

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