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My family has an interesting history. We have had so many strange occurrences that, starting in the mid 80′s, we have been documenting them and putting them in filing cabinets. I might add some more of those stories on here and I’ll start with this one since it’s the latest one but by far not the strangest.

My uncle and his family moved into a new home roughly 6 months ago. Almost immediately, within a couple days, they started noticing a thick liquid dripping down the walls. It was semi clear with a white tint and very thick like corn syrup or shampoo. It wouldn’t seep out of every crack and crevice like the blood in the Amityville Horror but it would appear here and there occasionally like in a patch in the middle of the wall or drip down from above the suspended ceiling in the cellar which they have converted into a living room.

It would also appear …

March 14th, 2009 by Caretaker