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Dutch Girl Ghost at Indonesia Train Station

Posted on April 2, 2010

I’m going to tell about my own personal paranormal experience when I was little, about five years old, in 1996 to be exact. It happened in my own country where I was born and raised, Indonesia.

My mom and I were about to visited my mom friend’s house in the north part of the city. My mom decided to take the train to get there and we’re going to arrive at the nearest station from her friend’s house. It was my first time to take ride on a train. As we arrived I got fascinated by how massive and old the station was. It was built by the Dutch colonial government in the end of 18th century, whom still occupied my country at that time.

Suddenly my sight spotted on a little girl standing at the corner of the station. She’s 10 feet away from me and she’s probably about my age or so. She’s white with a curly long blond hair, wearing a dress from the old colonial era and holding a doll in her hands. She smiled at me and I smiled back at her. As a kid I never thought she could be a ‘ghost’, I just kept thinking she’s just like me and maybe she’s waiting for her parents. Then my mom and I left.

After visited my mom friend’s house for couple of hours, we’re about to go home and of course we had to take the train. When we entered the station again and were waiting for the train to come, I saw that little girl again on the same corner, and I spotted her crying! I instantly take a look at my mom and people around me, but they seemed unaware of the little girl. Then I shook my mom’s hand and said ‘mom, why is that little girl crying?’ and my mom said ‘what little girl honey?’ and I gestured towards the corner and said ‘that girl! look she’s crying mom,’ then my mom was shocked and said ‘there’s no one there baby, let’s go, the train is coming’ and we left.

Since then I never forgot about that little girl in my mind and as I got older I figured out she might not be a human but a ghost. I told this story to my friend and she said that there’s an old story about the station where there’s a little Dutch girl named Elizabeth who was left by her parents at the station a hundred years ago and when she was running to find her parents she was hit by the train and died. A little girl’s appearance said to be seen by the people around the station, and she’s said to be waiting for her parents to come! She might be the little girl who I saw her spirit 14 years ago. I always feel sad about the little girl, she might be just felt lonely and hurt for being left by her own parents so she tried to communicate with me.

Sent in by maureen06id, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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20 Responses to “Dutch Girl Ghost at Indonesia Train Station”
  1. Nana says:

    A lot of times children are able to see more paranormal things than an adult can. Apparently this is because children often have ‘open’ minds, meaning that they won’t doubt their own minds when they witness a ghost. Children are also more sensitive to things like paranormal energy, so they can pick up a lot more that adults can’t.
    It’s really sad, the story of the Dutch ghost. I definitely believe you saw it, though!

    • maureen06id says:

      yes, i definitely agree with you Nana and I actually no longer able to see any paranormal activities as i got older.

  2. anna says:

    thats sad that her parents left her there.maybe if you do see her again i dont know if u will but if so maybe you should tell her to go in the light and that shes dead.if u do see her do tell us .thankf for the story.i do believe the story too.

    • maureen06id says:

      Yeah, thats too tragic and i just dont get why her parents could left her in there. Well actually ive visited the station again about 2 or 3 years ago but i didnt see any ‘little elizabeth’ appearance so it was probably my first and the last time, i do wish if i could see her again and help her to go into the light or something but unfortunately im no longer being able to see any paranormal activities. eventhough some people who’s working at the station saying that elizabeth sometimes appeared around the station until now. I just could pray for her and hope that she could go to the place where she belongs to.

      • anna says:

        thats sad you cant see her,i wish at least long enough to get her to go to the other side.thanks for resonding back.

  3. Christina says:

    Yes, sad story for the little girl……..it seems she was happy in the day and sad later, when she’d been left behind/killed. If it were at all possible, I would go back to that station and try to find her…..and do what anna suggested.


    • JOANNA:) says:

      wait didnt she say that when she waz little she saw that?could she still see ghosts?

  4. LMC says:

    oh wow such a sad story… thanks for sharing… sounds like she is scared and doesn’t understand why she has been left behind… probably doesn’t realize she is died.

    • maureen06id says:

      ya i thought the same thing too. she’s just seemed so real for me and even i was just 5 i was really wanted to come to her and asked her.

  5. anna says:

    why didnt the parents come back for her?

    • maureen06id says:

      Nobody know why the parents left her and didnt come back for her, some said she was lost at the station and some also said she was purposely abandoned. It’s still become a mystery until now.

      • anna says:

        if she was left there on purpose why wouldnt anyone take her in or put in a home.i know u dont have the anwser for that but thats sad.

  6. Bella says:

    aww the poor girl might of been crying because she had been waiting all that time for her parents to come and then when they hadnt arrived maybe she felt upset and abandoned.
    i dont know why but i have a weird feeling that maybe the girl stands in that corner everyday waiting for her parents to come and at night when they havent come to her she cries.
    maybe if you go to the train station again you could just stay in the corner for a few minutes and see if the girl tries to contact you, of you could whisper a few words to her… i dont know what i do know is i bet that girl has a lot of hope that her parents are going to come for her someday.
    bless it be, all the love and light

  7. Ellen from Florida says:

    I think you should go back to the train station and bring a white candle and light it in the concer she was standing. Ask her if she remembers you (and she will) and tell her your her friend and you know she is waiting for her parent. But that her parents will not come for her because it is a different time from where she is from. Tell her they passed away by now and that she is dead. Tell her that she needs to move on into heaven and her lost ones are waiting for her there and that she will be fine.
    In the end… say a prayer and ask god to welcome her into his home.

    Hope you get to help the little girl.

  8. brenda says:

    that happend to my sis to so i wouldn’t be scared of a little girl
    that is a ghost unless that does something to me or something ells

  9. guinny says:

    I WENT THIER AND SAW HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i know ur right because i saw her and saw her crying and asked her why she was crying and she said “mommy and daddy have been gone for a long time and im hurt can u get them for me plz im very lonely” so i obviosly said sure so asked her what her name was i believe it was sara and she was so cute she danced around a bit and kept telling me that her mommy left her ether in the 1900s or the 1800s she couldnt remember i got pretty creeped out and called A ghost hunter and he took her and said i should leave and 2 days ago i walked into my bathroom and saw a bunch of steam and no one took a shower so i ran out and after 10 secs i an in and saw the words written on the mirror THANK YOU FRIEND I BLESS YOU TO THE HEAVENS and saw lip prints so i ran to tell my mom and it all disinagrated so my mom thought i was crazy:):(;)

    • anna says:

      if your not joking then wow.at least you think you know her name.thats sad that her parents left her there.i just want to know why and how come nobody did anything about it.if i would see a girl or boy i would call the police.

  10. anna says:

    you know what i relized that i have or should i say had a penpal from indonesia.i have not heared from her and i wouldnt even know how.i dont have her adress or anything.so i dont know why i never thought of that until now.

  11. Aly says:

    love that story, it was wow, hope i can visit there.

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