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Dutch Girl Ghost at Indonesia Train Station

I’m going to tell about my own personal paranormal experience when I was little, about five years old, in 1996 to be exact. It happened in my own country where I was born and raised, Indonesia.

My mom and I were about to visited my mom friend’s house in the north part of the city. My mom decided to take the train to get there and we’re going to arrive at the nearest station from her friend’s house. It was my first time to take ride on a train. As we arrived I got fascinated by how massive and old the station was. It was built by the Dutch colonial government in the end of 18th century, whom still occupied my country at that time.

Suddenly my sight spotted on a little girl standing at the corner of the station. She’s 10 feet away from me and she’s probably about my age or so. She’s white with a curly long …

April 2nd, 2010 by Caretaker