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Dreams of Demons Spirits Trying to Possess Me

Posted on December 13, 2009

Hi my name is Eugenia, for those of you that read my other story ( Demons Wanted to Take Over My Body ) will understand my ordeal but if not here goes…

On October 16, 2006 I tried committing suicide by overdosing myself with other 100 pills because I was depressed. Still to this day I don’t know why I actually tried killing myself, I mean I had thoughts about it but never thought I would attempt it.

I remember it like it was yesterday, my boyfriend had broken up with me and cheated on me and when I found out, I was crushed. I then remember going to the bathroom and locking myself in there sitting on the floor crying. I stood up and just looked in the mirror and its like something horrible just came over me. I remember thinking and looking in the mirror with disgust of myself and just said, “I don’t wanna live anymore.” That’s when I took over 6 bottles of pills.

Everything happened in a matter of seconds. I then after taking the pills walked to room and just sat on my bed. My ex-boyfriend came knocking on my door, I guess he wanted to see me and apologize to me, and then he saw what I did. He asked me what was I doing with 6 empty prescription medication bottles and I told him I took all the pills. After that I don’t remember too much, because I started hallucinating because of all the medicine I drank and mixed together. I remember seeing colors like dripping down my wall, and then I passed out. I was brought to the emergency room and they pumped my stomach.

They took me to ICU and I stayed there for about a couple of days. Within my stay there at the hospital, I felt an evil demon trying to possess me and hurt me. It would show itself to me, I would see faces all over the wall, I would hear voices in my pillow telling me to hurt myself. A priest was then brought in who prayed for me and within in a matter of days everything stopped. That incident happened to me in 2006 and still till this day I’m having horrible nightmares.

I don’t know, maybe its all in my head or maybe because that experience really traumatized me, but I’m having horrible nightmares on and off about demons trying to posses me. Most of my dreams are all similar and they feel so real its terrifying.

I had a dream one time that I was in my room and something just wrapped around me like a blanket and I couldn’t move. When I looked it was a demon spirit and it told me it wasn’t gonna let me go, and then I just woke up.

Then I had a dream the other night that there was a demon spirit in my home and all my family was sitting in the living room, and it was just jumping from one body to the next, telling me it wasn’t gonna leave.

In my dreams though I’m really strong and courageous and I just remember saying to the evil spirit, “I won’t let you take me” and then I start praying while holding a bible in my hand. In my dreams the evil demon spirit is trying to take over my body but I don’t let it, I fight back by praying and then I always wake up.

I’m not sure what these dreams mean, but they have been re-occurring since 2006 when I tried overdosing myself. I also posted that story on your website called “Demons Tried Taking Over My Body” I don’t know if there might be a connection… I just know that sometimes I’m really scared to be in the dark when I ready to go to sleep and other times I just feel like I’m being watched or just feel energy around me. I know this sounds crazy, but if anyone can give me advice on what I should do it would be greatly appreciated… maybe I’m just traumatized for what happened to me or maybe there is something evil around. I’m also religious and I pray every night. I haven’t seen any evil presence but I just can’t shake this feeling off. Why am I having these dreams?

Sent in by Eugenia, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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19 Responses to “Dreams of Demons Spirits Trying to Possess Me”
  1. Dee says:

    You need to stay strong. Go talk to a pastor or priest (which ever faith you prefer) & talk to them. Hopefully they’ll have some answers for you. You might have a demon left over from the suicide attempt. We all have our own demons, drug abuse, depression, & other things, maybe yours is making itself more obvious. I believe the devil will attack you anyway he can to destroy you. I hope this all goes away for you, it sounds so scary. I’m sorry you have to go through this.

    • justafriend says:

      i had a dream last night, it was about a demon possessing the people around me trying to come to possess me….in the dream we were trying to cast him out from one specific girl (in the dream she was my friend in reality idk who she is) and only one person (idk who in real life) could get it out without becoming possessed……but we all tried to do the prayers and the demon would possess everyone just trying to get to me…..even loved ones. idk what this means it was a freaky dream and i couldnt wake up until the morning which is odd bcuz normally i can make myself wake up, can someone help me plz, analyze my dream

  2. alicia:) second comment yay!(: says:

    well, Uhmm

    maybe you should try to actually
    pray a lot!(:

    I will pray for you tonight(:
    and i hope it helps:D

    and if it does work, then let me know cause that would be cool(:
    ill pray a lot:DDDD

    Dumb DEMON go away!!!!!!!!((:

  3. Kat says:

    I don’t know for sure if this will help some people say it dose and others say it doesn’t. Go to a church and get some holy water (Water that has been blessed by a priest) Put it in a spray bottle and spray your self while praying after each experience, with whats happening to you I would say that you should spry it on you before you go to sleep and when you wake up. You could also have a priest come and cleanse the house which is supposed to get rid of evil things and banish them from the house! I hope this helped and you are in my prayers.

  4. what???? says:

    please i am begging you do not go to a catholic priest or church for help turn to the lord crossess only make demons really mad havnt u seen the haunting?umm well wat i think u need to do is get into an intimate relationship with the lord he will guide you go to church pentecostal?i am 15 years old i have seen my parents who are pentecostal spanish pastors cast out demons in the name of jesus many times crazy right?i have even seen people possessed with elves as demons and little things like the tazmanian devil and dora the explorer its crazy i know but your answer is jesus throw out anything your not supposed to have in your home scary pictures,stories,nasty things,drugs even ciggaretts and do not make idols of the lord as in pictures of him crossess etc..sometimes i get scared at night too but wen it happens i turn on the light and read scripture out loud from the bible dont watch scary movies or play scary games they bring out demons too but the best thing THAT REALLY HELPS ALWAYS HAVE CHRISTIAN MUSIC PLAYING get rid of that fear learn the words sing them out loud have bible studies in your home it will help

    please take all these things into consideration

    your sister in christ take care

  5. Karen M. says:


    Your parents really put the fear of God into you!

  6. cindy says:

    i been having some of these things happening to me i dont know what it is but it freaks me out im only 16 but ibeen having dreams like this since iwas 14 the same exact thing happens to me im sleeping then out of no were i try to get up but i cant ifeel dis energy so strong and something pullin me back when im trying to get up like if something holding me i try to talk but i cant and sometime i evenhere voices like somethin laughig at me then isay in my head head lord please help me and some how it gose away i dont know if its just me or what not but i get freak out and same like you i dont like being in the dark.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats so wierd i have the same experiences, exept they dont laugh or anything it just feels theyre trying to take me n i cant move but i fight it anyway. i personally thinks it wats going thru my life at the moment i was charged with 211, battery, and assualt with a deadly weapon, which means 2nd degree robbery, was supposed to do 3 years but i fought my case so i only did 8 months. its not the first time i do a robbery but the first time i get caught, i think a year or so of doing them, it started progressing from using nothing to using knifes, to using guns. i usaully hear songs like dance with the devil, or devil son. the reason y im saying this because i recently had the same thing happen n wanted to see wat was going on. i need someone to help me asap, i really think this can end my life somehow

      • justafriend says:

        maybe you need to change your life style around, weapons are bad, ive had a bad encounter with a gun and my brother was killed with a gun and i think you need to stop robbing and deff stop using guns, it is bad, you can accidently kill someone and it would haunt you for ever. please take this into consideration and maybe your demons will go away =)

  7. Kamisha says:

    Psalms 91 read for seven days….clean house with strong cleanser, bed, walls, floors, etc. The devil fuels off dirt in home, in ur soul….so clean up and pray!

  8. lanapoet says:

    hi, I am a bit suspicious about where this all started from. by the way i believe you and my take on your original suicide attempt is that this was under influence of the evil demons. they can also influence people to enter affairs with others-am not making excuses for you bf /ex bf, as this may not be the case atall indeed he might be the cause by dumping evil on you knowingly or unwittingly. I am a bit suspicious that this occurred at the same time he went off with someone else, and wonder whether she did some dark arts against you. thats my primary suspicion, but many things are possible.

    i think you should pray with christians immediately and when praying you should ask God to break any spells, curses, hexes, evil works, done against you in any area of your life by any party. all you need is to want it to be broken 100%. and also pray for God to remove 100% from your life anyone who is having an evil effect on you. sometimes we have boyfriends or friends and they dump evil demons with us, sometimes not knowing, other times being aware, some people do this stuff deliberately.
    also pray for the removal of the demons of course.

    ive put this link up before, as its a preacher who can pray with you over skype and knows about demons, i have also seen on some other post someone put links for pentecostal deliverers-there are good christians out there who will help.
    allan rich http://www.sharing-center.com
    they will also go through things with you to see if you opened any doors yourself, for example via ouija.

  9. James says:

    wow thiers not alot of wyas to put this but for one a demon does not just go after someone randomly stay away from any whitch craft or wigi boards or anything of that sort number two i hate to tell you and im not forcing religion on you but unless yhou are a christian and believe in god thiers not a whole lot you can do demons you cant fight them like you would anythiong else they feed off of fear they feed off of tearing you down. they hate god they fear god they hide from his name if and whenever you feel the energy of a demon arround command them away in the name of our savior jesus christ they have to go they will have no choice or pray that they go away and they will they cant resist the power of god really a demon is only what you allow it to be if you allow it to continue to strike fear it is bigger and bigger if you face it and you are fearless because you know god is right thier with you a demon is no moor then a minor anoyance. just like inb your dreams you fight back this is what you must do out of your dreams dont ignore it dont try to just pass it off face your demons cause you cant run from them you must face them email me if you wish to talk more if the problem proceeds then maybe thier is more i can do to help.

  10. Anonymous says:

    i had some events happen similar to yours,but im not worried bout me,im worried bout my sister.
    may god bless u

  11. anna says:

    thats some scary stuff.maybe get a cross and put them in your room.or even maybe it sounds weird but a dream catcher.I bought one ones because i had a very very bad nightmare that when i woke up i bald my eyes out and i bought a dream catcher and it acually woked so maybe try that.let me know if it works for you.maybe it doesnt work for everyone but never know.thanks for the story.

  12. kyle says:

    its to do with stress… look it up, it happens to me now and again when my mind isnt fully at rest.

  13. Anita says:

    I have the same problems since I was a child I always fight them off they come back from time to time not as bad. But after several months of not having this problems last night whatever it was that was disturbing me was agressive. The thing is that I’ve been trying to get closer to God again. I used to watch empty reality shows or movies and I just don’t want to anymore it doesn’t feed my spirit. So last night I had the exact words to fight them off. I mention in the name of Jesus the son of God, the blood of Jesus Christ I command you to leave evil spirit or demon or whatever evil creature you are to get out of my house out of my life and don’t come back!!. God is my savior he is the alpha and omega no witchcraft, or santeria, or any evil spirits put to work against my person can do me any harm or the enemy himself (devil). All you need to do is believe in the power of God have faith and no harm can come to you. I felt at one point in my life the an overwhelming love and peace and I saw clear water and I showered in it. I am looking to have that feeling again, lately all I want to do is pray and pray even for those who tried to harm me. Yesterday I had visitors and sometimes they say unknowingly they leave their bad energy and others knowingly too. This only seems to happen everytime my mother in law comes which is weird =). I pray for her.

  14. aregular says:

    it happen to me a few times. i use to fight back and think it was demons too. its the same story no matter what. it always happens when im very tired and just about waking up i can see my room but im still a sleep. trying to get up. and i can feel it coming before it happens. that wave and force of something trying to get in u. so i check up the internet and learned about lucid dreaming. when u have these dreams. ur mind is fully conscience but ur body is tired. when these dreams occur i just tell myself lucid dreaming and that would wake up my mind from the dream state and take full control of the dream afterwards. i can build a world out of no where. its very neat. the only hard part is remembering lucid dreaming while it occurs. but if u get do it. its very fun.

  15. Emanuel says:

    Hello guys,
    I am very surprised that other people have this dream too. I have this dream for about 4-5 years and it’s almost the same everytime – I can see my room, exactly how I see it when awaken. I have the feeling that I am awaken, I completely keep my mind and I am able to think, I know that is a kind of dream and trying to wake myself but I can’t. The most interesting part is that strange thing – something like an energy, something invisible, it grabs me, trying to enter inside me. I feel myself in the air. The feeling is very strange, I feel a little bit cold, electrised and paralised. Very weird !
    I do not believe in demons, this is probably a state of the mind, or very rare dreaming phase that occurs in some conditions, indication that you have to take it easy, to change your life and your thinking.

  16. kmb says:

    to all those who have dreams. pray the rosary, where a cross necklace and hold it when you sleep, pray to God ( i always pray the our father holy mary and glory be ) have holy water bless yourself before you go to sleep ( as well as pray) in your dreams pray and fight back, believe in the lord, jesus christ, holy spirit, bless your house in each room on each corner of the rooms saying the our father, and just keep praying until the dreams go away, always pray to god afterwards for him to protect you and go to church, live a very positive life. always have god with you. thats what i did for my bad dreams, worked for me

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