Demons Wanted to Take Over My Body

Posted on August 6, 2009

When I was 16 years old and in the 9th grade I became very depressed and I felt like I wanted to kill myself. On October 13, 2006 I tried committing suicide by taking all of my mom’s medication. She had about 6 bottles of different medications and I swallowed all of them. After that I began hallucinating and thank god my mother found me on time and took me to the emergency room. The doctors pumped my stomach and said I was very lucky to be alive, I swallowed over 100 pills and I was still living. They kept me in the hospital for a couple of days for observation.

I had been depressed for a while, but I don’t know what made me actually wanna try to commit suicide. I remember sitting on the bathroom floor and I just felt like something went in me, something really bad, I just wanted to end my life. After I was released from the hospital is when everything started…

The night I was released form the hospital I just expected to go home and relax and sleep, I had been feeling so exhausted. I woke up around 2 am and saw the most terrifying thing in my life. I saw figures all over my wall that looked like demons. I closed my eyes tight and I thought when I opened them nothing would be there. When I opened them the faces were still there. I didn’t want to scream because my parents were sleeping and I just thought I was hallucinating. I broke night, I stayed up the whole night and in the morning is when I feel asleep.

I told my mother and my sisters I saw demon faces but they didn’t believe me they said I was just tired and stressed to just get some sleep. The next night I woke up again in the middle of the night because I was hearing voices in my pillow and they didn’t stop. I took the bible I had in my room and just started praying and the voices just got louder, I felt like I was going crazy. I jumped off my bed hysterically crying to my mom’s room. She told me she didn’t hear anything in my room. I asked her to sleep with me in the room and she said yes. My mother went to sleep in the bed with me and the crazy thing was as I was laying down I was still hearing voices. I cried and told her, “don’t you hear the voices?” and she said “no”. She held my hand and prayed for me but nothing made the voices go away. I kept hearing voices in my pillow telling me to hurt myself. I kept seeing the demon faces, things would move by them self in my room, and I had a presence of a demon inside of me. The same thing kept happening for next couple of days.

I became even more depressed and I even lost weight because I was scared to death. It was hard for my family to understand what I was going through. I didn’t want them to think I as crazy. I would see figures on the wall and hear voices and when I would try to show my parents, but they didn’t see what I was seeing. I started praying even more and fell asleep every night with the bible next to me.

One night I woke up to feel the scariest thing in my life, my mattress to my bed just felt like it was sinking down into a whole. I felt paralyzed I just began praying and praying until I could move, and then I ran off my bed out the room. I felt like all of this was happening to me because I tried taking my own life. I begged my mom to get a priest to come and pray for me and she did. When the priest came and started praying for me I started seeing the faces on the wall and a black figure. I kept crying to the priest telling him there was a demon bothering me that wouldn’t leave me alone, and he told me to close my eyes, not to pay mind to what I was seeing. He told me, “have faith in God, he’s here with you, now pray with me.” He kept praying with me until all of a sudden I felt a hot presence run throughout my whole body and a sudden weakness. I opened my eyes and everything just disappeared, I didn’t see anything.

I will never forget the experience I went through. I even became more religious because if it wasn’t for the priest who knows what could have happened to me. I know some of you out there must thing this is a joke but it’s not. Demons and evil spirits do exist. Till this day I feel traumatized from my experience and sometimes at night I am scared to open my eyes and sometimes I even fall asleep with the lights on.

Written by Eugenia, Copyright 2009

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48 Responses to “Demons Wanted to Take Over My Body”
  1. dayton says:

    I know how you feel Eugenia

  2. NATALIE says:

    wow that is very scary … i beleive that you being depressed atracted them with the negative energy and they fed off that im very sorry for what you were going trough but im happy to hear that there not bothering you anymore hope everything is good with you :) thanks for sharing

  3. BecKY says:

    OMG! thats soo scary I couldn’t even believe if that happend to me i totally believe you! im soo glad your okay now! good thing that demon got out of you … woww

  4. CuteSagittarius says:

    Glad u made it! I can’t imagine what its like being poSseSsed by entities…Whoa! & thatz 1 thing I sure don’t wana find out!
    Be safe! :-)

  5. Moya says:

    I am so sorry you have to go through that. i will pray for you and hope that it doesn’ come time you pray Ask Jehovah to for give you. and Next time you see or hear anything, Ask Jehovah our father to be there with you .but you have to say his name .It will work every time. Always say his name ,this way they know what God you are asking to help you. Also be strong and have a lot of faith. And remind them what is going to happen to them when our Father Jehovah and his son Jesus are going to do to them when they come. I will pray for you, and Iam glad that you are religious,

  6. Angel Z says:

    Hi im one of those people that believe in those things
    I feel very happy that you are now in peace but beware
    This could happen again i hope not ok

  7. trolldoll1681 says:

    its sad that teenagers go thru such pain and i am so very happy you made it and that your mom helped you!! bless that priest, alot of them don’t nessarily believe those things and usually have to get there superiors to okay the kind of help you needed. keep your faith strong and i am willing to bet you won’t have anymore trouble. thank eugenia your a very special lady!!!

  8. boggiegirl says:

    omg dat was truly scary .. i had to visit the loo … i cant beleive these things actually happen :(

  9. quicksilver says:

    I know how it feels to be possessed by that but do you want to know how does it feel to be with highest dem0ns and stays at your body? I’ll post my story… Hope you’ll look forward to be reading it

  10. MadisonL says:

    i know how you feel even though they didn’t take over my mind and body the way they did you. they took over my brothers body and tried to kill me through him. so i do believe you.

  11. ihorizon says:

    God is ALWAYS in control of ALL things and even the Devil himself had to ask permission to inflict pain! Say the Lord’s prayer and mention ‘God rebukes you, Devil”. The Devil’s job is to cast confusion and fear and to steal as many souls before the end nears. He (Satan) was casted out of Heavenly realm and sent to Earth (our realm) and caused a lot of serious issues! He is angry at the LORD for allowing humans to be saved in the name of Jesus while the Devil was rejected. GOD told him no more will Lucifer be allowed back into Heaven as Devil (before he was fallen angel) got arrogant and pompous and thought he himself should be the ruler. Well, GOD always PREVAILS. Read the book of JOB. Also, the garden of Gethsemane is a good read too! Thanks!

    • GirlRacer says:

      So. God gives the nod when its OK for Satan to ‘inflict pain’?

      I don’t believe that for a split nanosecond. He does not want pain, nor suffering. Even if it was the case, which it definitely isn’t, then wouldn’t that make God a showman? ‘Yeah, sure Satty old pal, you give Janey there a beating and make her go mental, then I’ll swoop in and tell you you’re a very bad boy and do a few tricks, then you go away to the next one. Y’know kinda like Good Cop/Bad Cop!’

      Come on dude. Seriously. God has a sense of humour but he’s not sadistic.

  12. ihorizon says:

    Also, if you haven’t already, please ask for Jesus to come into your heart and believe in HIM and HE will send the HOLY SPIRIT into your heart. This should eliminate the evil presence as they cannot stand to be in sight of the HOLY ONE as they as well were banished from HEAVEN!!! How they wished they had never defiled the LORD but they felled instead to Satan’s domain and there they will stay.

  13. Ghost girl says:

    I’m so sorry for you…I hope you’ll never go through something like this again

  14. Woozle Wuzzle says:

    there is no god so how could prayers or a priest rid yourself of any evil spirits?

    • Anonymous says:

      obviously there is a God…because it happened

    • Angela says:

      If I feel sorry for anyone woozie it would have to be you because the only thing that can help you are saying it doesnt exist. Who can help you if you go through a spiritual warfare? A witch? Black Magic? What do you believe in?

  15. electric boy says:

    whoa that was creepy i didn’t know that demons were real. thanks for the story.

  16. Tyler says:

    Woozle wuzzle, no one Around here appreciates your negative comments, there IS a God, and you’re going to be very angry at yourself when he wont let you into his kingdom. And, every single story on here is not fake. So, I think we’d all appreciate it if you kept your mean comments to yourself. Thank you.

    And, this was a great story! Remember, God is ALWAYS there for you, anywhere. Dont be afraid to call him to help you. He loves to help us, and he is in charge of EVERYTHING, even woozle wuzzles big mouth.

    God bless!

  17. banenz says:

    that’s so scared!! always pray and have faith to God!

  18. Desirae says:

    Wow! God bless you and remember, Fear and Rage are feelings the enemy represents but “Greater is he that is within me than he that is in the world.”

  19. Alexander says:

    I believed it happen, of course.
    Thank God for letting thoes Demons out of you, that’s not very good at all and I’m so happy that they are gone now.

  20. Dondalaya says:

    I believe what happend to you was real .I too have had frightening expreiences with demons, it’s a very scary feeling that no one can really know but you, nomatter how many time you try to get them to understand. But I am very happy that the demons are gone from your life.

  21. AwesomiestOne says:

    I completely agree with Woozle Wuzzle; sorry to say but this(your story) all seems fake. I believe in the paranormal and this just seems off like one of those fictional estimations of what there really is. One thing that is suspicious is that your spelling and puntuaction is off. Not that they would all need to be perfect but you see kids all the tiome on the internet fololing around; weather they’re stealing someone’sk pictures or cyber bullying. You should post proof, like …maybe a picture of the exact bible you fell asleep with? And also: you can’t just “call” a preiest and have them come to clense you. Thanks for the entertainment though!

  22. DarStarr says:

    Here here!!! For someone criticizing someone else’s spelling a so forth – um wow, AwesomeistOne needs some schooling.

  23. Jenn says:

    Actually, if you are a part of a parish or church group, you can call a priest at any time and have them come bless your home and/or pray over your family. Of course, the size of one’s parish may be a factor, as there may be many needs and few priests.

  24. nicolerl5 says:

    my friend is having the same problem right now. there are 5 or more telling her to kill herself. i am with her and helping her get through this diffacult time. she said she thought she defeated them before but they came back. she keeps a bible in her room. they are dark figures as you discribed. they dont want her telling me what she did. they kept making her computer crash while she was explaining. were just teenagers trying to survive middle school. i dont know what to do. i want to help her. i do. they are trying to convince her to kill herself. i read many sites to try and help her. she cannot tell her parents because they will probobly lock her up or something. i dont know if this is the place i should be posting it but ….help me help her.

  25. donibscott says:

    You have experienced more than anyone should have to have experienced. It may appear to be a concocted story, done by someone for fun. It is not such to me. I am a believer. Satan is real. The Higher power does exist. Those who mock may come to know someday. I pray for them and for you.

  26. twilighter says:

    omg im sossoso sorry that happned 2 u i beleavin those things 2 and i do accually have a ghoast in my house now im so sorry keep praying and stay safe

  27. DemonDevourer says:

    u are all lucky i have had no experiences with demons or spirts of any kind other then shadow ppl running around i feel there all scared of me for some reason i wish i had your experiences even with all the negative energy around me nothing happens maybe its where i live? or my spirit must be strong watever it is i hope i get my experience like you all have gotten yours. Good luck be strong i would tell you to have faith but mine is weak i beleive in my own strength not some gods….. hopefully your spirit has adapted and become stronger.

  28. Shaun says:

    To nicoler15 — tell your friend to go searching in churches and other spiritual communities until she finds someone that will pray with her and make the entities go away. Of course they will be mad if she tries to help herself or get help — they want to control her, and if she co-operates with them they succeed.

    So get your friends to help — help pray for her, help finding pastors and even just ordinary people can be very deeply spiritual and full of faith and power to help get rid of these beings.

    Above all tell her to read scripture (whatever kind inspires her) and to focus on connecting to the good side of life — if she is bothered by the dark, that proves that the light exists as well and tell her to focus on that. When you turn the light on, the darkness automatically goes. You can try to beat at the dark all you want and nothing happens, but when the light is on the darkness is gone. So tell her to focus on the divine and pray until she feels God’s love, light, and peace in her being. But it can be hard to do alone, so she needs help with one who has deep faith.

    While she is doing all this, tell her to ignore the beings totally — if they are ignored, then they lose her focus, and her focus and fear are partly powering all this. So if she doesn’t feed the beings, but instead her connection to the Divine love, light, and peace, she will be free.

  29. lonergrllove says:

    NOT A GOOD ROAD 2 FOLLOW!!dn’t do dat and i hope u dn’t hav thos thoughts again!!
    i really kno u had a hard tim and all but u really dn’t wan 2 do dat!!!
    i think dat the hospitals dn’t do much 2 help u and if u need help,
    post it here and let us talk 2 u , we will help u!!!
    ’cause alot of people will miss and do care 4 u!!!!!
    hopefully caretaker will let u post dat so u can get help,
    wn’t u caretaker??????????
    anywayz, i dn’t kno u but i will help u if u need me
    b.t.w: i may be 12yrs. old but i can help u !!!! i understand how u felt!!!!
    anywayz,great story and good luck!!!
    luv alwayz and god bless,lonergrllove=)

  30. Bri says:

    God Bless You! I am sadenned by all the things you went through and i appreciate you telling your story. Warning people of the dangers… Once again God bless you.

  31. ilovejonasbrothers says:

    @nicolerl5 – ill be glad to help, but what do you mean by your friends parents will lock her up?

  32. Nana says:

    I’m so glad that you made it out alive!!! It’s very hard to go through this, and I think that people like you are some of the strongest, because your pain isn’t taken seriously by anyone else. Please, please stay strong, and keep yourself in the light of god.

  33. James says:

    i wrote on your other post i have dealt with cases verry similar to this tust me you will be fine you just havent been givien the right instruction and that is why you still have nightmares this demon knows you are tired of it and you are fighting back it hates it it knows it and it will do everything it can to stike fear into you cause as i said befor thats what they feed off of

  34. anna says:

    that is so very sad.i am sorry you and anyone else that goes through are sooo very lucky that you didnt die taken those sister did that to but she was so very peed off that she did that and she spit it back or i dont really remember but anyways.i do believe you i am glad your better now .and Ive never really had stuff happen to me somethings but not to the point i would write it on here its nothin like everone here.thanks for the story.

  35. don juan says:

    hi. in some religions it is Said that you Sony get to gheaven if you commit suicide , i think that you went halfway the opposite and Came back to life so u invited them in and they werent satisfies not having your soul as u invited them, your negative energy brings them out and your fear… do not fear laugh when your afraid they cant do abything i usually laugh at them when i hear or see spmething become powerful as your life is very valueble and important ypu have been given � second chance therefor i know ur hearth is pur� and worthy heaven !

  36. Tahlia says:

    I feel sorry for you….. You poor person….

  37. Matek says:

    What were these demons saying. Did they say a name that was not familiar…demons tend to speak there name when haunting mortals. I am part demona and part vamparic.

    I can kill them if you want.,

    • GirlRacer says:

      Wow. You’re pretty brave posting that for the public to read. I’m leaning towards actually believing you, as why would you set yourself up to be ridiculed and laughed at. I’d love to hear your story, your life. If you don’t mind sharing.

      Steph xx

  38. joe says:

    sounds horrible maybye a warning not to kill yourself what a nightmare sounds deppresing i tried sucide before i never seen nothing but i am sure i have been attacked by something before it attacks in the dark it paralizes my body and i kept saying leave me alone and go away finally i was able to turn on my tv and make it go away when i get that feeling i will sleep with my tv on all nigfht and it dont seem to bother me it likes to attack in the dark it just feels horrible i sleep with a fan on me and one time it sounded like the fan went faster when it attacked it dont happen to offten but when it does its bad i am 35 years old and it scares me i sleep with my head covered what can it be. i hope your doing ok

  39. alex says:

    I feal so alone right now and need help. If you can believe this story you can believe mine. I feal like im going crazy. God been coming into my body and suddenly i cant speak or even think. Im losing track of time and my body will go into spasms that i cant control or even understand. I know its God i just cant understand what he wants from me…. whats going on… i feal like im having a seizure. whats wrong with me?

  40. Angela says:

    I am glad I found this story me and my son have been experiencing poltergiest activity for the last 4 years. Normal life span of a poltergiest is 1 1/2 years. My son is 14 and it attacks him by scratches, pushing, holding him down etc. I totaly believe you and I am sorry that you had to go through that alone I have experienced it my daughter who is 23 has experienced it and my 3 year old grandson claims to see the monster. Objects fly through our house at all hours of the night (mainly) I dont care if anyone believes us or not I tell them to stay a night with us and then see what they believe. Because I was a skeptic myself! I now know there is another realm of life that is amoung us. I allways watched paranormal movies for entertainment, its no longer entertaining for me its real. If you read the bible it also speaks of demons. Not everyone experiences cancer but we know it exist. We all have our own experiences and what we have experienced or are experiencing is a spiritual warfare!

  41. Toni says:

    People have prayed for my mom but she is still being tormented what do i do i’m scared I love her so much. My mom has lost weight and now she says she saw a men under the table asking if she was going to die. The men face is black and hard to make out she says.My mom is very religious. She goes to church everyday literally!!! She is now shutting down on me she doesn’t want to tell me anything because she says she sounds crazy, but I know she is seeing things. My mom always had a 6th since. She always knew when someone would die with a dream, but now this is just ridiculous. The preachers told her there is a spritual warfare going on. There is also suspection that long ways cousin were practicng voodoo upon my mother without her knowing. She see these people tormenting her too.

  42. Marissa says:

    I know how u feel demon’s try to take over my body but I can’t it’s hard and I tell my mom and she tell’s me there is no demon trying to take over my body but I see something that people can’t see I hide under my blanket at night so I can’t see them

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