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Demonic Visit

Posted on October 3, 2008

One night I had a terrible dream about a black man being held down with a sack over his head. I felt I could see through his eyes. These two white guys pulled the sack off of the man’s head and the next thing I saw through his eyes were these two huge black dogs, like Rottweilers coming at his/my face.

I immediately awoke and looked straight up and circling in and out of our ceiling fan was this long snaky, mist with two holes for eyes and a mouth. It was circling in and out and saying something. At first, I thought it was Spanish or Italian language and then I remember the next couple of it’s “hissing” words were Latin. I am Catholic and I know Latin when I hear it and it was bone-chilling; I just can’t focus in on what it said. It just froze me.

As it circled a third time it swooped down almost like it was in my mind because it was so fast, but it circled twice around my baby boy’s head in the crib next to me on my left. That shot me up immediately. It was all fast, but very “deliberate” what this thing said and did.

The next morning after taking my daughter to school, (she was a week away from being baptized Catholic, six years old), I went straight to our Parish and told the Priest and he came and blessed every crack of that house.

There were other very weird things that happened, like my nursing glider chair being moved to the front room and clothes stacked so high on the glider, there’s no way they should not have fallen over!

There was a down stairs room which was also stone cold, and once I tried to grow starter plants with a strong halogen light centipedes and these weird looking bugs came out of the plants’ dirt and nothing thrived whatsoever.

Once I moved to California, I have had some weird stuff happen too, but I try to just pray for God’s Light and Angel’s protection. I’ve had weird stuff happen my whole life and it’s plain scary.

I also woke up one night positive that I smelled smoke. Just remembering it, I can smell it in my nose. I am terrified to admit that there was something demonic. If anyone runs into this, I strongly recommend finding a Priest ASAP, regardless of your religion. God’s Light to all.
Submitted by Heather, Copyright 2008 TrueGhostTales.com

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11 Responses to “Demonic Visit”
  1. Carly says:

    omg thats weird. i always have dreams that im getting raped but it hadn happed (thank god) and it freaks me out cuz one time i had thos kind of dreams for 2 nights in a row then that next nite i didn but the one after that i did..it was weird…

  2. shayne says:

    well, lyf is a matter of faith in god…dreams are just the realization of thoughts… if you once believe to a certain thing it will occur in your dreams…still, prayer is our great armor…dats all i can say..

  3. Warrior Priestess says:

    Well, you apparently have Second-sight But the part with the bugs and the snaky type mist with eye-holes is strange, it sounds to me like a type of spirit almost like an Elemental, but not quite. And speaking in Latin, so many spirits speak in Latin, Latin is one of the Oldest languages on planet earth which is why so many spirits tend to speak it and understand it. I however would not go to a Priest for something like this, I would go to a Spiritualist, like a High-Shaman or a Sage, they can help you better and will do more than just bless you and your home. They will work with you to understand what going on from not only a spiritual point of view, but a logical and scientific one, and instead of blaming the Evil forces for everything like a Priest or Preacher usually would (Trust me I know this better than anyone because Church people have done nothing but condemn me and blame the devil for everything that goes wrong in life) Anyhow, I strongly suggest you learn how to use and control this gift God has given you, and use it for good and for the good of others.

  4. Coyote Silvermoon says:

    Warrior Priestess,i have a 9 year old little girl that says she hears a voice talking to her and telling her to hurt her friends and family.She also has seen this demonlike man in her dreams and nightmares and she says he says that he will hurt her if she does not do what he tells her to do.also my wife and older girl is seeing and hearing things to in the house.I need alittle help and info on this. thank you.

  5. Warrior Priestess says:

    Coyote, if you visit my Blog The Forgotten-Jungle you can read on different ways to deal with different things, i can give you more detailed advice over there, and could you perhaps tell me Everything you know and be as descriptive and specific as possible? Thank you and i’ll be glad to help, just make sure you go to my Blog to do it because its easier for me and its faster that way aswell and you wont have to worry about anyone else seeing your posts on what youve been expiriencing. Good luck and may God be With you!

  6. ameen says:

    warrior priestess plz help me i hav started seeing an old woman’s ghost in my bathroom.after dat me & my family r facing many problems i will b very thankful 2 u

  7. Warrior Priestess says:

    Ameen, please visit my Blog and read through the Enty titled: “Battling Evil and Negative Spirits” it can be a big help to you and if you have any other problems then you can post them in my blog so i know where to find them. And that way its faster. Please when you post this in my Blog, give as much detail as possible!

  8. awesome dude says:

    i know i’ma ittle young, but i’m studying paranormal stuff and i strongly feel that anyone with this type of problem should get a priest or whoever can help u out…….and NEVER EVER MESS WITH THE OCCULT

  9. cortney lewis says:

    I believe you and the snake was demonic.. anything that carries frear and horrible stinch like that of buring is evil.. that ive ever encountered.. prayer and knowing that what ever happens to you is God’s will.. is what got me through and still getting me through evil encounters.. thank you for sharing your story.

    Cortney Lewis

  10. GirlRacer says:

    The first part of your story sounds like a past life. Maybe if you try past life regression, it will help you understand clearer what attacks you in the present day and how you can fight it now.

    I know its two years too late, but hopefully it has stopped. If you still visit here, then try past life regression.

    Wishing you well.

    Steph xx

  11. Jacob says:

    I’ve seen alot of horrible dreams and visions but I had a horrible night and I was very cold yet I was sweating a lot there was a chill in me I went to sleep but I saw hell the first stage seemed to have fire and bones every where I saw a three headed dog caring a head or soul it went down lower in hell it seemed but that thing looked at me but just staired at me then the next stage and I saw the weird pillars and a throne in front of it and saw a giant mountain behindit all nothing but firethis thing in the throne talked to me but I couldn’t here it but after that I had woken up hearing the screams of the damed in my head but I had another dream a couple of days later and it had the same feeling in my room and I saw a floating figure floating above me it had red eyes and a black robe I tried to run but couldnt and he put his hand on my headed I saw a strange marking in my head and passed out I’ve had more weird and scary stuff happen to me it seems an evil aura is always following me if any of you all have any ideas what this mean please let me know.

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