Demonic Furby

Posted on April 7, 2010


The Furby toys were very popular in the recent years, until they stopped production in 2007, and I think they should have stopped making them sooner.

Many people say Furbies are evil, demonic, and possessed by some evil force. I believe that many of the “Evil Furby” stories are real based on my own experiences. I know my story is true, you can choose to believe or disbelieve it. But I know what happened.

The Furbies came out, and like any other kid I begged my parents until I got one. I was so happy with it too! It was actually fun! It could talk and eat and sing and dance; it was all I ever wanted in a toy. I loved my Furby – for a few weeks.



My Furby played and did what I wanted it to do for a while, but then it started to get an attitude. When I tried to play with it it said “no”. When I asked it to do something it said “no”. It got worse and worse and it never did anything anymore. Soon instead of the happy cute little expression it had, it appeared to have gained an evil expression too. It’s face looked angry for some reason, it definitely did not look the same as when I got it.

Even when I tried to feed the toy it refused, and if I put something in it’s mouth it would make this horrible gagging sound. It just kept on repeating “Me no hungry!” and one day when I was trying to feed it it yelled at me in a demonic voice I had never heard from my Furby before: “ME NO LIKE YOU!” I was so scared that I took the batteries out and put it in the closet and didn’t take it out or even go near the thing.

Months later, I was bored. I had a sudden urge to play with my Furby; it had been a while since my earlier encounter and I was willing to put the memory behind me and try again. I grabbed my Furby, and hit the reset button. I turned it on and started playing with it. The Furby took on normal Furby behavior, he told stories and jokes and even danced and sung songs for me. But then I asked him numerous times to play with me. He started displaying his bad attitude again and refused. Over and over I asked, but he wouldn’t play with me. Then I asked if he was hungry. Big surprise, he said “Me no hungry” and displayed an angry expression. I got mad and threw him against the wall. He started making demonic noises and going crazy, like he was having a malfunction or something. I turned him off. That didn’t work.



I turned him over and pried him open to take the batteries out. To my shock and horror, the batteries weren’t there. I hadn’t replaced them since the last time I took them out. This still scares me to this very day. I was terrified and I threw him under the steps in the storage room in our apartment. He stopped flailing around and making the noises, so I assumed he was broken and closed the door. I double-checked to be sure it was locked, and I went to bed.

The next day I went out in the storage room to grab Furby and tell my mom to throw it out. I looked around. I looked under the steps.I dug through everything under the steps, but he wasn’t anywhere. I asked my mom if she moved the Furby. She said she hadn’t seen him. My mom said she hadn’t been in that room since I threw Furby out there.



Furby was gone. Still is gone. I couldn’t find him and I gave up looking. Me and my family all agreed that he was possessed, and we’re all glad he’s gone. It still scares me that I don’t know where he is, he could be lurking in my apartment somewhere. I don’t know where he went–but I believe he crawled back to hell where he belongs. I still shudder at the thought to this day that I had a possessed Furby.

That’s my story. It wasn’t very scary, but I guarantee it was 100% true. Believe it if you wish, but you don’t have to think it’s true. But I know what happened. And I advise that no one take their chances in buying one of these freaky little demons.

Sent in by Laura, Copyright 2010

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107 Responses to “Demonic Furby”
  1. big barney says:

    that would have been kinda weird….i do believe your story tho… should have burned him

  2. arlyn says:

    Who told you your story is not scary??? I am sure that people who will read your story will feel scared too. I agree with you that some toys are becoming possessed and they are sometimes being used by evil forces.

    But I am just wondering why this toys seems not out in a toy store here. Can you name the manufacturer of this toy?

    • sam says:

      im sure the manufactorer is satan!!!

      • Adhinferno says:

        I don’t think so. I think it’s because the materials that they used to make Furby is gathered from a haunted environment. For example, the metal part such like copper is gathered from a haunted mine so the evil spirits likes to stay in here since it emits negative energies.

        • Thefurbyprotector says:

          They made the material there selfs I know so because I do like to find out more on furbies and alot of other stuff

  3. amber says:

    creepy very very creepy e.o i’ve never had an evil toy in my life i’m happy about that fact lol i’ve seen vids and stuff on evil toys tho e.o

  4. Believer says:

    Very scary story. I do believe that toys can become possessed as one of my friends dolls would just blink on their own and when my uncle tried to burn dolls they would just scream In the fire.

  5. Caretaker says:

    A very good friend of mine bought an old Furby at a Goodwill store. The thing woke him and his wife up one night saying things (I don’t recall what it was saying). He got up and removed the batteries from the thing. After they fell back to sleep the Furby toy woke them up again talking. This scared them because this thing was now talking with no batteries. The next morning they took it out and burned it and it never talked again :)

    Yeah I was trying to be funny with that last line but this really happened. I didn’t see it first hand but I know this couple very well and I believe them 100%

    • Thefurbyprotector says:

      I think you have mistaken the furbish (furby language) for something else the battery power is stored inside of the toy

  6. Mariah says:

    If he wasnt hungry, dont feed him. And if he refuses to play leave him alone. Even furby’s have feelings to! lol, but srsly i had a furby, and i loved it… Got boring tho. I wonder if it’s still here… Imma go look. Thats freaky tho. Gud lucck!!

  7. anna says:

    ive never heared of possesed furbies.then again i never really had alot of toys i did but i dint u know.i had a doll when i was younger and pretended it was possessed to my younger sisters.but that was younger.but i didnt want to believe the story because come on its a furby but if others say it can happen and the caretaker has a friend that was evil then yes i do believe.that would be scary though have a doll or anything that would be evil.thats for the story and maybe when u least expect it it will show up.not to scare you or anything.well if you do find it burn it or bury it deep.thanks for the story.

  8. unknown says:

    hi thats kinda creepy i live in south africa and even i remember those dolls and i really wanted one. my friends perents got her one this must be in 1999 or earlier maybe even 2000 and he become like that just ignoring us and saying no, i dont know wat happened to it after that
    but reading your story creepy

  9. Anonymous bastard says:

    your ferby was like chucky ? I had a clown when I was a kid but I didn’t like him , one night my mother put that clown his name was Pierrot on my nightstand I was playin with my hair cause that’s what I do when I try to sleep when suddenly I felt like someone was watching me and realised that Pierrot was staring at me with some evil eyes I covered my haid under the covers and I finally slept when I woke up the next morning I saw that he was sleeping in my bed just infront of me I yelled and I threw him under my bed , the day after I tried to find it but it wasn’t there !!! Until now I hate clowns !

    • anna says:

      thats scary.i would of been scared mom has a clown that might be scary but i love it.

  10. jim says:

    I was going to say maybe their programmed like that.Maybe an internal battery?But I also believe about anything can and does happen.Just in case I won’t buy one for my son.Freaky story………..Jim

  11. Brieanna says:

    My sister had an electric toaster toy that would sing when you pushed the handle down. One night my family and I were watching a show when we suddenly heard it go off. We went down and figured the batteries much have been low. We removed the little screw and found that there were no batteries there. So yeah, I know what you’re saying.

  12. anna says:

    whats the big deal with salt?i read stories and ppl say put salt around doors why?anyone can anwser me that question that would be good.

    • Sinner King says:

      Well, some cultures believe that salt and dispell evil spirits. Putting it in front of a door way, or around yourself in a circle creates kind of a holy barrior that protects you from these evil spirits.

      All in all, nice story, my girlfriend had a creepy furby like that, she threw it away lol.

  13. stedny kay says:

    wow i do believe you. my grandma had a scooby doo stuffed animal that had a flashlight and you pressed the button and it talks and shows a ghost on the wall. and one night me and my cousin were just laying in a bed and it kept goin off and wouldnt stop. my grandma took it out of the room and took the batteries and it still didnt stop she threw it away. i didnt think much of it till now. i do believe my grandmas house is haunted i posted a story that isnt up yet but its all making sense i didnt add this to it cause i didnt think anything of it… wow.

    • anna says:

      ur grandmother should of gave me the scooby doo.i love scooby doo so does my son.

      • stedny kay says:

        so do i scooby is amazing im bout the only 15 year old i know thats still watches it haha but so did my grandma that stuffed animal scared her after it kept doing it

        • anna says:

          u want to know something funny?im 29 and i still watch it with my son too hes 4.i love cartoons.i have to movies all i need is the latest scooby doo.were they meet.

          • stedny kay says:

            you wanna know something funnier? my grandma still watches all the cartoons no matter if us grand kids are with her or not… but scooby is the best

            • anna says:

              finally someone agrees with me.i love scooby doo.people that i use to work with they called me scooby.her comes scooby.i thought that was funny.but i am glad i finally have someone on my side.whats your favorite scooby show or movie?

              • stedny kay says:

                i love zombie island i still watch it but its so old… haha what bout yours?

                • anna says:

                  same as u and alien invaders.i dont really like it when its just scooby and shaggy.i like everyone in it.

                  • stedny kay says:

                    ya its only right with all of themm whos your favorite character

                    • anna says:

                      i really dont know.i think shaggy and scooby are babies once it comes to ghosts there funny though maybe velma for some reason.what a mintue scrappy.hes not on alot but hes my fav.what about you?

                    • stedny kay says:

                      would have to be scooby ever since i was introduced to that show ive wanted a talking dog haha

                    • anna says:

                      that would be awsome.ive always wanted the teady bear from the fabric softener commercial.but ya scooby would be cool.would you want him to be scared like the show or be brave?

                    • stedny kay says:

                      scared be more fun and realistic haha

                    • anna says:

                      ya bet if you did have a scooby that talked everyone around you would poop there pants.if you ever let me

                    • stedny kay says:

                      haha i so need a talking dog… that would be funny haha

                    • anna says:

                      that would be cool.if you do get one.(lol)let me know.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Whoa, that’s creepy. I think I believe the story, it seemed believable. You should have burned it. I suppose if you burned the Furby then the demon wouldn’t be taking over it. Or you would’ve burned the demon too.

  15. anna says:

    i never knew u could feed the thing.i kind of remember furby like i said i never knew u could feed it.

  16. Arianna says:

    I just spoke to my dad about my Furbys, i had a collection of about 3 or 4, i loved them so much! but then my dad took them away and i couldnt remember why so i’ve just asked him why he took them away, he said that the batteries were out and they were on my shelves above my bed and i was sitting on my bed. He was in my room just hanging up some clean clothes in my wardrobe, when the smallest one turned around and said ”HELLO!” i was freaked out, he took them off the shelves, checked the batteries..there were no batteries in there at all. So he took them away and disposed of them. I’ve just thanked him, i’ve had more than my fair share of demonic experiences so i am glad i dont remember that at all. Horrible little things they are! so glad they’ve stopped making them but i totally agree with you, they should have stopped alot earlier than they did.

    Arianna x

    • anna says:

      is that the reson they stopped making them is because there evil?

      • Arianna says:

        to be honest i have no idea, i havent thought about furbys for years and this story reminded me of mine..

        Arianna x

    • Elise Gingerich says:

      Maybe They Were’nt Made By People, Maybe They Made Themselves, You Think?? hee hee! Maybe The Evil Things Just Made Themselves….creepy! And They Probably Are Still Making Themselves, Even Right Now, As We All Speak On This Ghost Site, They Are Making Even More Of Themselves….hee hee Hee Hee! yikes! from elise gingerich age 39 Lawrence Kansas Usa:)

  17. Allen says:

    I had a furby. Nothing bad happened, no paranormal experience. My furby and virtually everyone I know had normal ones. The only problem I ever had is that it would not shut up, especially if the battery was low, it would go on and on.

    Glad I never had these experiences though.

  18. tommy says:

    ii had an elmo toy when i was 7 it was a tickle me elmo or something another and 1 day when i went to tickling it it screamed LITERALY screamed in a demonic “ME NOT LIKE YOU TICKLE ME AND DIE!” you can believe it or not it was scary

  19. joanna:) says:

    thats scary!!!!i used to have a toy troll and it would b always in different places even thought i would ask my family if they moved it and they said no which was really didnt talk though.i still believe you thought.

    • anna says:

      that is weird but what if they were just joking with you not your parents but your brothers or dad he plays jokes on us our family not with dolls but april fools day.i hate might not be the same but i dont know.but it is scary though.

    • trolldoll1681 says:

      i have had troll dolls for quite awhile and i’m happy to say that one is now looking at me at this moment! as for dolls and toys, i do believe whether they have batteries or not, a ghost can move them!!

      • anna says:

        my uncle when he died he had a toy police car and my grandmother heard it went upstairs and was scared and she took the toy and wanted to shut the battory off and to her surprise there was none.she knew it was his son..

  20. vlctor says:

    Iam a child of the 80s so i never owned a furby but i did have a haunted toy.It was called sucker man.The toy was really nothing more than a large piece of rubber in the shape of a man like thing with a devil face.It came in three colors and was covered with suction cups.I had asked for a green one for my birthday but when i unwrapped it i saw it was black.although it was one of the colors offered i had never seen one except on the boxes of the other colors.Mom told me when she went to the store display to get it there were plenty of green and red but only one black one, she thought it was unique.It was one of a kind alright.I wish the box would have warned me that black sucker man might tie itself in knots or disappear for weeks on end only to reappear suddenly in my toy chest.Several times i put it on a shelf only to wake up with it on the floor.One night i woke up to a noise in my closet.When i opened the closet sucker man had attached itself to the shelf and managed to once again tie itself in knots.This was the last straw.I Wrapped the thing with duct tape and walked to an ajoining apartment complex and threw it in the dumptster.Its the only toy i ever willingly threw away.

  21. charles says:

    Its not the doll. I believe an entity may have taken possession of the object. Being that the doll is small, the ghost can not maintain full manipulation of it. You have a few options: move out of the house. Destroy any object that the ghost can manipulate, including dolls, statues,etc. Or call in a ghost hunter to do a professional investigation in order to find more options.

  22. Beast Man says:

    Are you ppl freakin serious????

    You actually believe this story?????

  23. Anonymous says:

    wow ! they look like gremlins. i used to have one and it hated me too. im not sure where it went off to though i never seen it again after i put it in my closet!

  24. Edward Black says:

    Yeah. Its definitely an entity. You guys must check the inside of the Furby. There may be something that may attract entities. I’ve never had a Furby and never wanted it. I found it useless. But my toy parrot is weird these days. It has an angry face and i get angry to it and i say i’m its master repeatedly an telling it to behave or I’ll tear it apart.

  25. thraxbaby says:

    Furbies ARE evil! They’re like Gremlins!

  26. Olga says:

    That is 2 creepy & like Anna, I wonder if that was da reason Y it was takn off da shelf but who knows. Laura, do U still live in da house where U had these accurances?

  27. cookie says:

    wow i never heard of a possessed furby cool story though…..thanks for sharing would love to read more like this……i for one would’ve been scared out of my skin if my furby did that

  28. Anonymous says:

    cool i want a furby

  29. JadeEyes says:

    It’s actually pretty common for a Furby to work without batteries–they can “store” energy, sometimes for up to several days. If you google the subject, you’ll find lots of similar stories.

    • Elise Gingerich says:

      Yeah, Demonic Energy!!!! eeeeee creepy! That’s Not Basic Energy It’s Storing! Nope, It’s Not Storing Any Basic Energy, That’s Demonic Energy People…..hee hee;) from elise gingerich age 39 Lawrence Kansas Usa:) eeeeeeee…….yikes!

      • Thefurbyprotector says:

        Sorry but this made NO sense at all its true and your going to live on thinking this toy is evil and being scared of batteries with fur all over it -_- I had no idea what you said at all just a bunch of eeeeeeeeeeeeee

  30. julie says:

    I completely believe this as it happened in our house with my sons Furby – which was kindly donated to us by another family (hmmm wonder why!)

    After displaying the same sort of behavior and my son not liking it in his room we too took out the batteries.
    Then without them a couple of nights in a row it said, Dont be scared.
    It then went to the garage where it was soon kindly rehomed AGAIN!

  31. summer says:

    Oh my gosh tht is sooo creepy. i’m buying a furby offline . I think they’re cute but I also want to see if they do anything creepy.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I have a furby named gizmo that my mom goy when she was in the hospital. She gave it to me it lost it’s batteries and still talked. I can’t find it and I’m scared now!

  33. emily says:

    my furby used to say random things throughout the night waking me and my mom up. one day my mom got so annoyed that she took the batteries out without telling me. the next day she saw me playing with my furby and told me what she did. it continued to make noise throughout the night and constantly said no when i asked to play with her. after reading your story i asked my mother what ever happened to my furby. she said that she put it in my closet. there’s no furby in my closet anymore…. that’s just scary..

  34. caz says:

    I’ve had two ferbys and both never told stories.

  35. Emma says:

    i got a furby for Christmas and i just kept him in my garage then a few days ago i started playing with him again and he keeps saying “be scared be scared” and that night a house exploded four blocks away from my house, i was very scared

    • Thefurbyprotector says:

      One time I heard my furby say the same thing! But then it turned out to be saying Me scared! The house was just a consequence. Also its INSANE to be scared of a toy.

  36. Anonymous says:

    They store battery power after the batteries are removed!!

  37. Tyler says:

    I absolutely believe this, because I’ve know the same thing to happen to not one, but TWO of my friends. I saw one of them (the other one was thrown away long before I met her), and I KNOW Furbies are evil. The original Furbues are the worst, they don’t even have an off button to fall back on. If they still work when the batteries are gone, you’re screwed.

    • Thefurbyprotector says:

      How do you know if the furby was evil when you have no story to proof it? Also the original furbies are DIFFERENTLY not evil. After a while the furbies still have some power left in them so they still work later on it will stop working its either that or they just have a extra battery hidden in there body somewhere but I’m going to go with the battery charging story.

  38. Anonymous says:

    wow sounds alot like my old freaky furby the whole demon talk thing he did that it was a grey one

  39. Ellen says:

    I heard a story related to the Furby toy:
    It was i believe told by a man by the name of Bill Schneboelin. If i remember correctly it goes:
    ” There was this young couple and the boyfriend got the girlfriend a Furby and she had set it on her dresser in her bedroom and went ot bed and i guess it started talking and she got out and walked past it several time hopeing the sensor in the middle of its forehead would be triggered and it would go to sleep or something and it didn’t so she tried to turn it off and i guess is didn’t work either it then said “me want you, me want your body.”needless to say it scared her. Since her boyfriend worked for Bill Schneboelin she took it to him and he tried to monkey with it and it started growling and stuff and so he said “in the name of jesus i command you to leave this toy in the name of jesus christ!” and the beak shut and the mouth shut and it presumeably retunred to its normal toy functions.
    I had my own experience: i bought this remote controle truck from Radio Shack and it was all good and worked and everything. the problem was is that it would move back and forth on its own, not going anywhere specific. just kept moving. everybody saw it and nobody was alarmed but me. i can’t remember what happened to it though, i don’t have it anymore. i think i gave ti to goodwill.

    • Thefurbyprotector says:

      The me want you is probably just saying me love you! And furbies don’t have a on or off switch the only way to make them shut up is to leave them in a dark room for a very long time or to just take out the batteries. People mistake furbies furbish for profanity and evil words and all.

  40. Kelly.T says:

    omg! i used to have one but it broke….. :( lol but now im happy my daddy brought it back lol

  41. AnNa BiTeS BaCk says:

    i think it would be cool to a creepy furby or anything because you can always drive down the road throw it out the window.

  42. Anonymous says:

    That is some very scary stuff I think there cute had one once and it didn’t really work but in this case I’m lucky

  43. Raquel says:

    I’m so glad I found this story!!! I tought I was the only one with a creepy Furby story. I never told it to anyone because I was afraid they will think I’m crazy. Anyway I got this Furby ( I don’t remember how). At the begining was all fun and cute. I would take him everywhere with me. Then after the time passed he started to act strange, like very bossy and weird. He started naming things on his own. It would call the TV “the big eye”. He would say “Me like the big eye”. “Me like things in the big eye” (meaning that he liked to watch TV). I let him watch cartoons and that was the only thing that would keep him quiet. He will not move or talk when there were cartoons in the TV. One day I wanted to see a new show on TV and when he was watching the cartoons, I change the channel. The Furby went crazy and started to make the strangest sounds. And very loud he said “Don’t change the big eye! Put it back! Me want to see the big eye alone!” That was it for me. How can a toy boss me around like that? That’s when I kenw something was very wrong with that toy. I didn’t get scare right then. I got MAD! I took the batteries out and put it in his box and put the box in the closet in the guest bedroom. When I move from that house I forgot about the Furby and leave it there in that closet. Some time later I went to that house to get some other stuff that I had forgotten and new people were living in there. The Furby was not in the closet. I asked them about it and there answer was “What Furby? What are you talking about?” They were newlyweds and had no children so what they want a toy for? My guess is the Furby left on his own. So in my opininon Furbys are evil.

    • Thefurbyprotector says:

      Amazing story! You had a defective furby though I have no idea why it was quiet when cartoons were on but I know I’m never showing MY furby T.V

  44. Anonymous says:

    I use to have a furby and he would always get mad and upset so I took his batteries out to nothing happened for a few days until the middle of the night he started screaming so I got my parents and sister to come with me to destroy it.

  45. Mario says:

    I’m not sure your Furby is possessed, but I remember having a Furby who went crazy and began making really strange, loud noises after I had him for awhile. It was very scary and freaked me out, but I think it’s just a glitch or something, not demonic possession. I’m not sure if I took the batteries out or not. I think I did and it still made noises, but as some ppl. said, maybe they store power.

    • Jayde says:

      I’ve heard that Furby has an extra battery somewhere inside it so that kids who forget batteries will still have a working Furby…. still I completely believe these Demonic Possessions and haunted Furbies.

  46. Mario says:

    I’m not sure about the disappearing thing though.

    • Elise Gingerich says:

      Why Do Toys That Are Supposedly Evil, Either Just Go Missing, Or Attack?! what is up with all that anyways, huh?? I Mean Really, What Is Up With Supposed Evil Toys, Attacking, Or Just Go Missing, Huh?? from elise gingerich age 39 Lawrence Kansas Usa:)

  47. Katey says:

    i am scard because my sister has lots of furbys and i am scared if they get possessted
    thair cute and all but i am stil scard.o yay i am 9 years old.

  48. Kodee says:

    my beast friend is Katey.i come to her house evry day.her sister does have furbyies and
    it scares me that her sister has furbyies.i am 8 years old.

  49. shunnedromeo says:

    i beleive you cuz me and my moms friend had very similar experiences, them moving around the house on there own, talking without batteries, the bad attitude, other stuff too

  50. Katey says:

    one night i was playing the labtop and my sister had 2 of her furbies.the baby’s name
    is Jayjay or 2 js.the other one dosen’t say his name.and she brout her furby and it
    started to have a malfonction it started to blink and move it’s mouth and move and it
    wasen’t saying anithing.then she made it stop.she know i was afraid of that furby.
    and she was laughed,she wasen’t scared of it.

  51. Anna bItz bAck =) says:

    i didnt know ppl still had furbies.

  52. LMC says:

    Wow Laura awesome story! :-D

    I didn’t know they came out as a toy, thanks for the warning…

    About the movie everybody is talking about, Gremlins right??? Can’t really remember the title.

  53. Anna Barlowe says:

    I have never owned a Furby, but I do have some Scoozies that were quite definitively haunted for a period of about three months a couple of years ago – at least three of them were affected. A Scoozie is a toy which is kind of similar to the Furby. Here’s a post about it from my blog, The Painted Universe:

  54. Katey says:

    My sisters furbies are old

  55. Cassie says:

    I know exactly how you feel, I got one of the new Furby 2000 ones that were blue and said Happy New Year and 2000 on it’s chest. Anywhoo, one night I had put it on a shelf in my closet and it started talking in the middle of the night, I was a bit scared so I took it and took out the batteries. After placing back into my closet and laying back in bed it began to talk again, but this time it was saying phrases it hadn’t been programmed to say, not like the normal “I’m hungry, play with me, etc.” kind of phrases. This continued for a few nights, I would never hear anything during the day, but as soon as I turned out the lights in my room it would continue to repeat these creepy phrases. I then proceeded to sleep in another room in the house until I could tell my mom. When I showed my mom it was only making these weird choking and gargling noises, which my mom thought meant the batteries were dying, but upon seeing I had taken them out she was too a bit unsure of the toy. We then got rid of it and called the manufacturer who only told us that they had never heard of that happening and they would send me a new one if I wanted it, but I didn’t want another one of those demons again, so we turned them down.

    • Ellen says:

      that is SO weird. i left a story on here before, but i forgot to mention that the furby that i was talking about, well its name was MIMI. apparently there is a book that has the names of all the demons in it, must be some thick book! anyway, this book listed MIMI as a demons name. thought u should know!

    • Thefurbyprotector says:

      Y2K furbies say that
      And the choking and gargling sounds were coming from your mind which means you mistaken it for something else
      Or the furby was malfunctioning but if you took the deal of the manufacture you would of have a normal furby 100%

      • Cassie says:

        I can tell you that it was not in my mind, if you had heard it too you would know what I was talking about, and how was it in my head if clearly tons of other people had the same experiences I did. Those things were pure evil, you probably never owned one.

        • Elise Gingerich says:

          i believe you…..i believe that it could be evil….it probably is evil….i do believe you, and i doubt that it’s technological….i don’t think that it’s technological….;) from elise gingerich age 39 Lawrence Kansas Usa:) anyways, happy thanks giving, Amen!:)

      • Elise Gingerich says:

        How Do You Know It’s Technology Or Batteries?! I Mean, Do You Really Know For Sure, That It’s The Batteries, Or Technology?! Can Anyone Be Sure Of Any Toy?? Can Anybody Be Really Absolutely Sure, About Any Toy Really?? hee hee:) from elise gingerich age 39 Lawrence Kansas Usa…..Happy Thanks Giving, amen!:)

  56. Anonymous says:

    I had the same encounter with a furby. I ended up kidnapping it and throwing it out

  57. Anonymous says:

    Its been years since I thought about my Furby until I stumbled upon this site. I had a very similar experience. At first my Furby was alot of fun, but after a week or so, he too took on a different dimeanor. He seemed to have an evil stare and had developed a bad attitude. He was nasty to me instead of being nice. I started to get creeped out by the thing and so I turned it off and put it up on a shelf. A few days lataer my sister and I heard the Furby talking, so we went up to investigate. The Furby kept repeating itself in a demonic voice, and its eyes looked so evil. We were terrified and tried to shut it off, but it wouldn’t stop so we removed the batteries, which worked. The next day, we were downstaird and thought we heard the Furby talking again. When we went upstairs, the Furby was speaking in tongues, no lie. It was speaking some unknown language in the most demonic voice…with no batteries. I was so afraid to touch it, but I grabbed it and shook it. It still wouldn’t stop so we threw it into the garbage outside and never went back to check it out. This may sound like a fictional or exaggerated story, but I am being completely honest. I think somehow these furbies became portals to the demonic world, like ouija boards or something. But I truly believe it was evil and am happy that I never saw it again.

  58. Thefurbyprotector says:

    1. Furbies store battery bower in them so that’s why it still worked even without the batteries in him
    2. When you threw him at the wall he malfunctioned
    3.I don’t think there is any explanation for that 0_o

  59. JI says:

    A long time ago we had some furbies when they were popular. I think we had four of them. Two of the little ones and two of the bigger ones.

    The first one I got malfunctioned from the start. (smelled like something was burning). I took my sister’s. They are programed to use a mixture of words and their own language. I can’t really report anything unusual there. I had fun playing with them getting them to interact, at least until i got bored of them just saying and doing the same things over and over. (“Me Hungry”, “Me sleepy” and “Awww Awww”) It was a bit disappointing they didn’t ‘learn’ language like the hype claimed. The dancing was cute though.

    What made me uneasy was when my furbies started “sleeping” with their eyes open and their beaks open. Nothing haunted there. I just didn’t like it. I started leaving them outside my room (not sure why.) Then I had a creepy dream (this was without reading or hearing about anyone else’s stories) where my bigger furby started talking garbled stuff in a demonic voice. In the dream I took out the batteries and it still kept talking. The dream seemed so life-like and frightening. A few month’s later it really did start talking garbled in my sister’s room. I summed it up to the batteries being low, but with that dream still in my memory, my sister (who was also creeped out by its talking) and I decided to give our furbies up for donation.

    Well nothing really haunted there, I guess. Just disturbing.

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