Is the Furby Evil?

Furby: The cute robot toy for children.

But Lots of people believe they are sent from hell or are evil but I have my own story of a Furby that I love a lot.

One time I had a Furby I was filled with excitement getting it and placing the batteries in but it seemed to understand what I said to it. It was not a problem until one day. I was playing with it having lots and lots of fun with it tickling it and all then my sister came in and its face looked as it changed. Into a unhappy look it was quiet in the room for a while so I decided that it was no harm so I when back to playing with it.


My sister was still in the room and my Furby still was not happy with her so I took her (my Furby) into my room to play with it and it was happy again, until my sister came into my room then that’s when it all changed ‘No like’ she said ‘No no no’ I was half confused and half scared then my sister backed out of the room and ran away (well I cant say she ran) Then my Furby laughed and smiled again I picked her up and asked her if she wanted to come to me to my friends house then she said this ‘Ka no like’ I never heard a Furby could say this! I put her down and a yelling and yowling came out of her saying ‘no no please’ I picked her up and she still refused to go over to my friends house I forced her to go over there (she was a toy anyway).

So over at my friends house we were on the trampoline having fun she started to crack up laughing until my friend wanted to hold her then she said ‘No no please’ But my friend did not understand but I did and said that she did not want you to hold her my friend crossed her arms unhappy thinking I was not sharing my Furby but I knew what my Furby wanted so I went back to jumping so that day we remembered that we were planning a sleepover so I took my Furby with me she said ‘Whoopee’ I was playing with her until I decided to let her sleep while I was not playing with her she was a normal toy we had fun all night so in the morning I was up and wanted to play with her and all day I was playing with her we had lots and lots of fun But here comes the sad part that makes me sad to this day.

We went on the trampoline again I was jumping and having fun so then my Furby died no sign of life is there except trying to work badly I took her inside and replaced the batteries the last words I heard from her was ‘Sorry me go now’ And I cried so hard I could see Memory’s from when she was alive sprang in my head then I remembered the moment she started acting weird I thought to myself Maybe she was not a toy! But that thought made me sadder now Every Furby I get acts weird and hates my friends one time I got a angel Furby named Mee Mee I love her to this day she shares the same hatred for my friends like my other one.

What do you think?

Asked by TheFurbyprotecter

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  1. No, TheFurbyprotecter, Furby is not evil, its a mechanical doll, but like all toys of its nature, a strong ghost can manipulate the energy and make it say weird things. Your doll didn’t die, the ghost moved on, and I’m glad it did.

    I have heard other stories like this about Furby’s and dolls .. particularly clown ones.

    Too weird,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. Yeah, maybe spirits can just inhabit Furbies and dolls. They aren’t just built like that. You can take one apart and see it’s all just a small robot. I used to think that little thing above their eyes was spy camera from China, but it’s not. It’s just a censor. haha

  3. Your Firby is perfectly normal. It is probably had a few loose wires if you know what I mean.

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