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The Ouija Board and the Succubus

What I am about to write is true. Several years ago one night a group of us were just having a great time playing with a Ouija board and I really enjoyed this a lot because I never knew what type of spirit I would make contact with so I kept seeking out more spirits.

Well one night I night I woke up to something I never thought would happen to me. I was being sexually seduced by an actual spirit. I could tell it was a female spirit because of her breasts but what shocked me more than anything is, its body was large like an anaconda but she moved like a rattle snake, the force that was holding me down was incredible.

I could tell there were several little spirits holding my legs and arms down. I would have never believed in any of this ’til it happened to me. Its a strange feeling being sexually seduced by …

November 4th, 2010 by CareTaker 

Demonic Encounters During Sleep

Hi everyone. This is my latest experience and has been occurring to me for the past three days and with all honesty, left me scared. I have no idea what this experience means and despite how ludicrous and inane it may seem, it has occurred to me and has made a significant impact on my personality and well-being.

I first noted something suspicious when my mum, my brother, my grandmother and my grandfather (both on my dad’s side) and I visited my dad’s grave on the 19th. This is a customary tradition my family has upheld ever since the untimely death of my dad. Anyway, after we finished paying our respects to him, we placed beside his tombstone, a bouquet of flowers. Almost immediately, I felt a cold rush of wind hit my face and I stumbled back and fell down. I was carrying my brother so he fell alongside me and twisted his ankle. This was how powerful the …

December 29th, 2008 by CareTaker