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Caught by an Angel

Posted on June 26, 2008

About three years after I had a horrible Ouija experience (story in Ouija section) this happened to me, I hope you believe it as it is the truth.

I stopped being obsessed with the paranormal and tried to live my life without it. One evening my best friend, Paul brought his daughter’s ex-boyfriend (Daniel) over to my house. We all went out for a drink and I thought Daniel was really sweet and felt so sorry for him that he had been dumped by Paul’s daughter, Dawn. Little was I to realize how wrong I was about the sweetness.

He told me later, back at my house, he was into Wicca. For some strange reason as I stood in the hall with him, I thought I could hear whispering voices, but he hadn’t said anything and Paul was in the lounge. I said to Daniel, ‘did you hear that?’ He just looked at me startled as though I wasn’t meant to hear and said ‘yes.’ I’d just like to say that I have never heard voices before and it wasn’t in my head or imagination.

He then had an odd sort of look on his face. My stomach turned and I was freaked out by this and the voices so I decided to go to bed and tell Paul about it in the morning. So I went upstairs to get two quilts and two pillows for them to sleep downstairs.

As I left my bedroom loaded with bedding under both arms, (bear in mind I still have my stiletto heels on) I felt my footing miss the second step and I started to fall forwards from the top of my steep staircase. At the bottom of the stairs were numerous things including a bicycle against the wall and a rigid telephone table with a lamp on it. I knew as I started to take off, I was in trouble and I screamed and passed out as I tried, but failed to grab the banister rail.

The next thing I knew after coming round seconds later, I’m sitting on the second to bottom stair totally unharmed and still holding the bedding under both arms. Paul and Daniel came rushing in, Paul said he’d expected to see me lying dead or badly hurt as he heard me scream. How did I defy gravity like that?

I later found out that Daniel had thought Paul and I were having an affair and because he still loved Dawn, was totally against me as Dawn didn’t care for me much either. Was it dark powers at work here and then an Angel catching me? I don’t know. I also found out from Paul that one time he visited Daniel’s flat and he was making small home made bombs. Paul stopped seeing Daniel as he was sure he was into black majik. He looked like a sweet person but he was very strange. I think I was meant to hear those voices that night as some kind of warning.

Sent in by Jackie, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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11 Responses to “Caught by an Angel”
  1. irene says:

    hey jackie,
    Your story is a thrilling one.i think it is possible that Daniel wanted to do something evil to you(but unfortunately for him he lost!)just to please Dawn,since she didn’t care that much for you!…and i was gonna ask,how did the voices sound?…(i had such an experience)i read your previous story!…and i was wondering,if you knew if anything (weird)happened to the rest of the people playing with you?

  2. jas says:

    I had this happen but living in the city it could always be hearing a real human and not a ghost, now as for tripping and being cot buy someone and when i look to say thanks there is no one

  3. Jackie says:

    Hi Irene,
    the voices were more than one, probably a group of say 3 or more, it was uninteligable, but i felt as though they were talking about me to Daniel’s mind. I know that sounds bizzare but it really did make me feel uneasy. The voices sounded like whispers that were all talking at once, quickly. You say you had a similar experience. Would you tell me what happened?
    About the ouija experience, i lost touch with Jen after she left the same work place, but before she left she didn’t like talking about it which was really frustrating as i was really excited about what had happened. I’ve never seen any of the people from Southampton since either. I have tried to find the man with the surname Goss though as it is a fairly rare name, i emailed some people on myspace with that surname but no reply.

  4. Char says:

    Hi Jackie,
    I know for a fact there are Angles and God. I think you are right that you could hear the voices so that you would be warned that he was a bad person and that an Angel saved you. I had just written allot about three very special times in my life and I lost it all. I don’t think that devil likes us talking about God but even though I wrote allot and have to rewrite it all I’m going to! My
    first time being helped by an Angel was when I was very little maybe 7 or younger. My family was all in my grandmothers pool. She had a 4 foot side and an 8 foot side. Well I went to grab onto another float and missed and went streight down. I kept trying to reach the to top only to get water in my mouth. I was so scared I even heard someone say where did Charlene go? I was just about to give up and every thing was peaceful when I heard a voice in my head say LOOK UP! I did and there was a float above me. I grabbed it and it was my dad who pulled me out of the water. Another time I was a young teen and leaving youth group my friends and I slid down the huge hill behind the church well I never dressed right and it was freezing out. You needed to use your hands to be able to get back up the hill. I kept trying but kept sliding back down again. My friend even threw down his gloves but I couldn’t put them on because my hands were so num. I cried and said my hands hurt so bad God please help me. Then I felt someone pick me up and hold me up as I walked up that hill! My friends were in shock! Just about two months ago the people next door were giving us a hard time and I just had a really bad day. I was so depressed. I was sitting outside and said God I just feel like crying it’s been such a hard day please help me. Then I put my head back and there in the clouds was a face in perfect detail. I said who is that? That’s not my dad (he killed himself two years ago) It’s not an evil face could it be Jesus? Then I noticed the crown around his head and I said it is JESUS!!! I sat there and just looked and said thank you and I felt so much better inside. I went in the house to tell my mother and she knows it’s true too and said that I was lucky that Jesus did that for me. I went back out and it was gone by then but what an experence! I’m not perfect and I do sin but I say that I’m sorry and I do love God, Jesus, the Angels and I love people and care about people. I will cry over the news for people I don’t even know. Well that is my story.
    Take care!

  5. Jackie says:

    you sound so sweet you know!! I loved reading that, i wish i could see a vision of Jesus. That was amazing you being held up like that going up that hill, after my experience i totally believe that can happen and i’ve seen ‘it’s a miracle’ on Zone Reality with similar true stories to yours, especially where water’s concerned.
    I feel like i sin too much, like i have a bad temper and swear like a trooper sometimes, then i keep saying sorry to God, but i feel as though i let myself down, but i really care about people too and so it kind of balances itself out i suppose.
    Sorry your dad died Char xx

  6. Katie says:

    wow! that really is an amazing story! i’ve never witnessed anything like it but i want to.
    and if i were you i would def stay FAR AWAY from that daniel guy!

  7. mary heffelfinger says:

    i developed a case of food poisoning that is extremely rare and never really leaves your system. the first night i was so sick i thought i was dying. i kept praying to God to send an angel to take care of me. temp was 104.3. i woke up one time to see someone sitting at the edge of my bed and heard them telling me i was a very sick person and showing me the thermometer. couldn’t see them from the waist up. they had on a white robe. got to the hospital and they didn’t want to check for this poisoning cause it is so rare. but i insisted. and that is what came back. this person also saved me from a fall in the bathroom that night. i would have smashed my face into the edge of the cabinet. was i hallucinating or was it really an angel ? i prefer to believe it was an angel from God.

  8. Jackie says:

    Hi Mary,

    that’s really interesting and you saw your Angel, how lucky is that!!


  9. Avaren says:

    Many poeple have the same experiences and they all say its thier guardian angel. (possibly) but in all acuality your firend has another friend (demon possibly) that is talking to him(he probably hates it) and usually there is an angel close by when there is a demon close by (however equal matched in never a guarntee) so ether an angel caught you or someone who died on those steps by falling and now is acting as a guardian of the stairs! (it acually happens more than people realize)

  10. godis#1 says:

    jackie i belive i have the sam problem as you. i wish i can have a ANGEL not deman experiace. im a christan but not a very good 1.i hardley pray but i should more considering every thing i do, if tried to quite but cant. every time i prey i cry for forgivness i know gods a forgiving guy, even though ive never had an experiance i belive i have a gardian angel

  11. AnNa says:

    my older sister’s mother in law told us a story about a mother was in the hospital for her son he was really sick (i believe)and she was over tired but didnt want to leave him there by himself.and on day a nurse went in and said go and get some food or a drink i will stay with him until you get back.she was ify about it but went.and she came back and the nurse was gone.she looked over and he was better.she went to talk to a nurse and tell her thanks for having a nurse come and watch my son i needed that.the nurse station didnt know what the mother was talking about and the mother explained and the nurse said there no-one her but me.she talked to a friend couple days later and she told the mother it was a gaurdain angel.i love that story.

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