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Get Satan Off My Back

Posted on April 14, 2008

About 10 years ago, my skeptic mind was put to the test and my life changed. It was around 1997 when my colleague (Jen) and I went to Southampton, England for an art exhibition that was being held. Bear in mind, neither of us had been to this part of England before.

On the first evening we went down to the hotel bar quite late for some cigarettes and were pleasantly surprised to see the two staff drinking after finishing their shifts. Jen asked if we could have a drink and then we joined in their conversation. They were saying the hotel was haunted, so she suggested they hold a sance.

“All right then,” one of the barmen said. “We could set up a Ouija game. There’s a Scrabble set behind the bar, we could use the letters,” he suggested looking around at his colleague. His friend just half grinned but agreed.

The barman, who I shall call Mark (but cannot remember his name), set out the letters in a circle shape, then he positioned the words YES and NO either side of an upturned wine glass. The four of us then placed a finger on it and began our game. I looked around nervously at the others as Mark asked the usual “Is anybody there?” Before long, I began to experience a strange looming sensation, and I felt something was about to happen… I don’t know how, I just knew.

Then the glass began to circle the inside ring of letters. Suddenly, my heart began to hammer against my chest as I met Jen’s eyes glaring back at mine. I looked back at the glass. “Who are you?” I asked. The glass moved with ease to its chosen letters: HERMIN SMYTHE was spelled. The other barman who I shall call Geoff, accused Mark of moving it, which made him cross and he got up from the table. I asked whatever was in the glass to prove it was really working, and it immediately spelt out a word: GOSS. Geoff took a sharp breath. “That’s my surname,” he said and stood up. Suddenly, he gave us a wild look and pointed. “Look!” he yelled. “It’s spelling out my name again!” A paralyzing coldness poured through me. I had never felt this frightened in all my life, and because I didn’t know what I was scared of, only made it worse.

Suddenly, I asked, “Is there a God?” The glass almost glided as it kept going in a figure eight shape. Then it began to crash into the letters sending them to the floor. This is when we parted company.

A few weeks later, something occurred that I can only put down to messing with the Ouija. I felt restless on this particular evening and stayed up quite late into the early hours of the morning. Eventually I decided to take myself off to bed. On entering the bedroom, I bent over the bed to climb in when suddenly something struck me hard in the back. The wind immediately burst from my lungs and my body hit the bed like a lead weight. I sensed instantly the strike was not from a human and I lay wheezing and unable to scream. I just waited. I then began raising myself up — it hit again. Much harder this time.

I had no time to think. I only sensed evil. Slowly I turned my head to face whatever it was. What would I see? My mind whirled. Too late — it lunged again, deeper now, inside me. I began to think I was about to be possessed or even die.

“Please, God, help me!’ I cried out. Immediately I felt what can only be described as a pulling sensation and then I collapsed onto the bed — safe… it had gone. An overwhelming presence of good remained in the room for around a minute and I knew without any doubt, my prayer had saved me. Fear left me and as I lay. The answer to my question (at the sance, a few months earlier), “Is there a God?” had been answered. I’ve never stopped believing since. Please leave Ouija boards ALONE.

Written by Jackie Stevens, Copyright 2008

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97 Responses to “Get Satan Off My Back”
  1. Wiggles says:

    wow scary stuff! Ouija boards always freaked me out any way….i didnt need that story to prevoke my fear, it was already large and in charge! haha no but seriously scary…i dont think it would make me believe in God though…as i am agnostic. Perhaps it was just ur gardian angel that saved you.

  2. justin says:

    haven’t you heard not to question God’s authority? that’s why the board went bezerk!

  3. Yvonne says:

    It took you that long to relize you dont mess with the ouija bords? Well you’ll learn.

  4. Alexandria says:

    My MaMa Always Said Don’t Mess With Ouija Boards…
    She Wouldn’t tell Me Why But I’m Still Anxious To Try It…

  5. Jas says:

    Yeah bad stuff I’ve been asked to play a few time but I wont touch that stuff my teacher even gave a kid in-school-suspention for trying it in the girls washroom *only real dark place and it was haunted* anyway spirts almost always get mad at the god Question and if you ask about angle it’ll say weird stuff *like I said never tried it but knew many people who have*


  6. Saltayarocks says:

    Bad things happen when you mess with Ouija boards. They are also very hard to get rid of.

  7. NINA says:

    OMG!…..well I have played the game before!…My mom told me never to but i did it anyway with a couple of friends i dont really remeber what all it said but i had taken it from my sister and my mom found it under my bed one night and she threw it away and that morning i woke up to it right next to me freaky!…My mom had thrown it away three times we both freaked out my mom burned it havent seen it sense!…………..lol it told me the initials to the guy i was going to marry sum day S.P.M. hmmm

  8. Jackie says:

    To Justin and Yvonne,
    firstly, to Justin, to reply to your reply, i didn’t even believe in God before my experience.
    To Yvonne, really don’t know what you mean by your comment.
    You said, ‘it took you long enough to realise you don’t mess with the ouija,’ what? I only ever messed with it the ONCE! Bizzare!!

  9. NINA says:

    I’m glad you believe in god now Jackie!

  10. Moose says:

    That is scary. My grandparents tell me not to try this, because most part, they believe in god, and I don’t. But I am still curious because of one strange thing, I believe in Satan. Your story is scary Jackie, and I was a little scared when you told you were hit on the back. That scared me.

  11. Jackie says:

    Hi Moose,
    I didn’t believe in either satan or God, and then i messed with the ouija board and it could have turned out a hell of alot worse – think about it.
    I don’t know you but i’m bothered that you don’t use it, that’s why i posted this in the first place to hopefully stop people using this so called ‘game’ – believe me, it is NOT a game and you will regret it if it works. Over ten years later and with my belief in God i still have sleepless nights, daren’t even have my feet hanging out of the covers on hot nights – it’s that bad. Sometimes i can’t even get in the shower unless someone else is in my home, just feel so vulnerable at times.
    There cannot be a devil without there is a God, it’s just not possible if you think of the law of physics – where there is a positive there is always a negative.
    Take care not to let your curiosity cause you problems.
    Jackie xx

  12. Sierra says:

    Thanks for the heads up. My friend and I are planning to have a sleep over. We were planning to use a ouija board. I well tell her thats a really really bad thing to do. I’m glad I found this website a head of time or my life would have been a living hell.
    Hope u the best.

  13. katrina says:

    hey jackie, i just dont know what to say…i played this “game” and the ghost that was freed thru this hasn’t left me even after 3 years…i never intended to cause it harm or disturb it’s eternal sleep and i have tried talking to it and i believe in god right from the beginning, but it’s not ready to leave me and i can feel that it’s a man, not a woman…plz help me

  14. Jackie says:

    Hi Katrina,
    you can email me at: [email protected] and I can give you support
    Jackie xx

  15. Stacy says:

    you think

  16. Jackie says:

    Stacey, yes, i think!!

  17. Stephanie says:

    You read my story “Two Girls and A Ghost”.
    It’s scary to go through all that over and over again. Trust me.
    I myself have been having things cool down. But now I get vibes.
    Before when I was younger and before my meeting with the ghost, I could faintly tell what was the true feelings and what wasn’t.
    It was funny, one night I went to a concert with my youth group and it was a long bus ride. We expected to be gone from the concert by 11, but didn’t get out of the parking lot until midnight, maybe 12:30. I sat on the bus and finally without even realizing it, I asked for the time, and I was told 1:15. I looked at my friend and said, “We will be there at 1:57.” As we pulled into the church parking lot just as I said, it was 1:57.
    Before that, I was going to Maine with my mom and her boyfriend, just as we got on the highway I said “We will get there at 5:01″ we passed the house at 5 and got out of the car and into the house at 5:01.
    Also, my vibes for people have become better.
    My friend Ali, whom I barely knew, was obsessed with this guy Tyler. I had a feeling it was going to end in heartbreak, maybe worse, adn I told her, she got mad at me. My boyfriend, whom lives with her {they are all teens living in my friend Danielles moms house, my friend danielle is dating a guy, Mike, I set her up with OUT of pure feelings, they are still going after a year and people swear they are a fairytale couple, the book romance kind of thing. Anyway, my boyfriend Matt is brothers to Mike and Mike and Matt lost both parents. Mike set me up with Matt over 2 months ago and we are going strong, they all live in New York and I live in Connecticut.} was trying to convince her as well it wasn’t good, he knew my power to tell what is and isn’t right.
    Soon after Tyler got a girlfriend, and Ali shot herself, she is still alive, but it scared me, that my vibes are a power that I can’t ignore, and it sucks breaking a girls dreams of what she wants. But my vibes are what they are.

    Please, if you would like, E-mail or I/M me at [email protected]. I would love to chat with you.

    Oh and my apologize for the super long comment.

  18. Jackie says:

    That’s alright Stephanie, loved reading it.
    I will email you, we can have a good time sharing things.

  19. Andy says:

    To anyone who wants to use or has used a ouija board or similar game,

    Ouija Boards can be very dangerous! But, they do not always bring evil like many people believe. Ouija boards basically open a door way for spirits, demons, angels or any other entity to enter our world or demension. They are dangerous because most of the time, what wants to come through, isn’t friendly. If a demon were to come through and possess you, It could literally ruin your life. You don’t want to mess with a demon. If you have to play this “game”, I suggest only those who have a bullet proof belief in god. I highly recommend saying the following prayer after using a Ouija board:

    “Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host – by the Divine Power of God – cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.”

    I have been in and seen people in scary situations involving either a demon or other form of evil, and after this prayer is said, The high winds, the heaviness on the chest, the choking, and possession all stop. I highly recommend this prayer. It also helps to have some holy water to spray on every persons forehead.

    In response to Jackie and Katrina,

    I used to be agnostic myself, but for a couple years now, I have no doubt that there is a god. In your situations, I would first of all try to minimize your fear as much as possible. Evil entities can feed off of your fear. I would then, say the above prayer to ST. Michael, and then, as a family, sit down and demand that whatever is following you, or is in your home to leave. I recommend the following words:

    “Whatever is in our home, you need to leave! You not welcome here! This is a house of god, and with his holiness at our side I send you back to where you came from.”

    I would repeat this until you feel that the presence is gone. I have seen this work every time. Now, if when you begin saying one of the two quotes above, scary stuff starts happening, like it getting cold, windy, things being thrown or broken, whatever you do, DO NOT STOP! This is extremely important!!! If you stop, then it will have won, and things will get worse. Continue, screaming if you have to until you feel that the presence is gone! If your faith in god is true, you will be relieved of the demon or other entity.

    If anyone would like more advice, or want to voice to me thier own opinion please email me at [email protected]
    or visit my site at scalpfilms.com/esprit.aspx

  20. Jackie says:

    that is really good of you to give out this advice to people. I’ve not heard of the St Michael prayer before.

    I know what you’re saying with the fear thing, i know they feed off fear, but it’s hard not to be fearful in the dead of night, i’ve tried so hard and I know God will protect me from demon’s but i still can’t help but get fearful at times. I think when you have experienced a demon attack the fear never really goes away. Unfortunately, when i feel this way or have to stay on my own, say if my daughter goes for a sleepover, i just end up having a few bevvy’s to give me courage, which does work for me, although i don’t want to come to rely on it, so far this hasn’t happened.

    What’s happened to you Andy that made you believe in God and demon’s etc?

    I forgot to say that i dont think i have anything in this home im in now, its just the thought of what happened sometimes gets me going a bit.

    Im quite concerned about Katrina as i havent heard anything from her since she asked for help. Although i cant help physically, i and others can at least give her this type of advice and our support. If you read this Katrina, please get in touch.

  21. Alexa says:

    Well I believe in a god, I don’t beleive in a Satan though. I believe there are demons and stuff that can be released by using the ouija board or anything to bring up evil spirits.
    Ouija boards aren’t a good way to be contacting a spirit, and may I say that you shouldn’t be calling up spirits anyways because, they can attatch themselves to you.
    Every story I read on here no one put it on Goodbye, upside down, and that’s why things were happening to them.
    I’m not religious I don’t believe in the stuff in the bible, but if things do happen like, you think somethings is in you, I advise you to call a priest who specializes in excorsisms.

  22. Halloween Blood says:

    those boards work
    ive tryed them
    and im 13….they work wayy to well

  23. Sophi says:

    Wow… so glad your ok!!!

    Although i dont believe in God or Satan i very much believe in spirits through past experiences.

    I have been thinking about using a Ouija Board to contact my grandad that passed away a few months ago but i know they’re dangerous so i wanted to do a thorough research first. You’re story has helped alot =]

    Thank you and again, im glad your ok xxxxx

  24. Caroline Nicole says:

    Qestions like “Is there a God” Anger certain spirits. What you should have done is put “goodbye” there too. Whene The Plachete begins to move in a figure eight, you have angered a spirit.

  25. Jackie says:

    You’re welcome Sophi, please don’t use one, whatever comes through will most probably lie to you and say it is your grandad.
    I have the most amazing relationship with my grandchild, we are so nuts around each other and i know how you must feel to have lost your granddad, he will not want you to do this. xx

    Caroline, that is really interesting you say that, it did go out of control after i asked that question. I did find out it meant eternity though, although this could have other meanings!!! It’s all so freaky in the end, but amazing too!! xx

  26. Warrior Priestess says:

    The Figure 8, thats weird. The figure 8 means INFINITY, which is Forever/Eternal/ etc… As for St. Micheal the Arc-Angel, he may be from Heaven, But i Bet he’s HOT! **Wink** And as for the Prayer of Micheal, i’ve heard of that, but i didnt know how it went… God, i wish i could meet Micheal and see his true-form… Once, I messed with a Ouija-Board every hour of everyday, for nearly 2 whole years until something actually happened, and it was physical. I’m not sure what type of creature it was that Saved me. But i Never really saw the Demon that was hurting me. I just couldnt.

  27. Jackie says:

    W P, i’m LMAO at your comment about St Michael, i bet he’s hot too, built like a Spartan and with glowing bronze skin…mmmm!!!

  28. Jackie says:

    Just to let you know Caretaker has given me and Jeremy our own bit of this site, mine is under, The Snug, which is meant to be a cozy place where no nasty comments are let in!! Jeremys is under Jeremy. Theres posts in both from us, hope you enjoy them.

    I’ve also set up a chat post in the Snug, where i will turn around comments within 5 mins, so you can get to know one another if you like.

  29. Carly says:

    Who do you think it was hitting you Jackie?

  30. angelblueeyes says:

    this story was taken from someone else’s story that was written a few years ago,except the author who wrote this switched it around a little bit, anyways the people who originally wrote it are also passing around a petition to completely ban selling of quija boards.

  31. Kathy says:

    don’t mess with those nasty Ouija boards!!! Satan is afraid of god… God always comes to save his children…

  32. Alpha says:

    Hey beautiful story Jackie
    Only one thing to say: you were truly saved by god and that is a gracious gift. I’m glad it has helped reinforce your belief and turn your life around
    Nice story and yea never mess with ouija boards!

    (p.s. title is a bit cheeky…or i’m the only messed up one here?… :P )

  33. Jackie says:


    hey that is me who has put the petition up on my own site now. I am the author of this story, there is nothing in this story from anyone else.

  34. Whoever says:

    i find that ouija boards are a figment of your imagination. if you go into the experience with the slightest doubt/idea that the medium you are going to utilize may conjure something or raise a spirit, then your mind will inform you and confirm your belief. ouija boards were not even invented for this purpose so, believing in such witchcraft will only scare you even more.
    in life you need be skeptical. sometimes gullible, sometimes faithful, but often times – hopeful skepticism is the best.

    cool story though. but again, only fiction. i don’t see truth in any of the published stories regarding boards.

  35. Keimary says:

    wow…… when i was reading this, my dogs started barking like crazy (i have 3, peanut, puppy, and rico) i was scared, then i relized rico had gone missing, i looked to see what they were barking at…..and i found…………rico. he was staring into the dead of night (it was like, 1:00 am) i am still wondering what he saw……..i have always belived in god and he will always protect us from demons and sins, when we pray and beg for mercy.

  36. Taylor says:

    Hopefully Atheists will experience what happened to you. That will make them Believe!

  37. Neo says:

    I thing i need help. Well all started like this, when i was 12 i first learned that there were people that there relegion was to beleve in satan and those people are doing horrible things and then i started to fear satan. And i am afraid the end of the world and the arrival of the antichrist and am afraid of demons that they come at night such as the evil thing that attacked you. In first place i never believed that god exists or not and sometimes when am thinking that am freazing and i want to suicide to escape from my misery and i cant sleep at nights. However i want to believe in god but i cant what can i do to escape from these thoughts and find my self back?

  38. DarStarr says:

    Honey you need to talk to someone. Wether it be a priest, pastor or counselor. Have you sat down and talked to your parents about your fears and feelings? If not, then you need to, right away. And if they don’t take you seriously, go to a church, any church and talk to someone there. I don’t know how old you are, but these are not normal, good thoughts, and suicide is NOT the answer. Please, please seek help from someone, perhaps even a trusted teacher or counselor at school, but DON’T go through this alone. Please.

  39. eyepriestess says:


    God helps us and he helped you too, some people mock God and that is to be expectd. Don’t turn away from God..I never will!

  40. eyepriestess says:

    Neo, please don’t consider suicide. Did you know it was a sin?

    I want to be your friend, don’t let all this be another weird experienc.

  41. DarStarr says:

    I agree. But I also really feel that Neo needs to speak to someone.

    Please, Neo, get help from someone, I so agree with Eyepriestess, and I am your friend also. We are here if you need to talk. Suicide is NEVER the answer. No matter how hard it gets at times, God gave you life, it is only his to take back.
    I am going through a very rough time right now myself, and there are times I feel so alone and helpless, but I remember, God loves me. And I believe that he only gives us what we can handle. Your family is your support system I hope, so let them be there for you, if not, we are! Remember, you are NOT alone. There are people that care for you!

  42. DarStarr says:

    I am a bit confused as to your post addressed to me. Did I give you the impression that I have turned away from God? I am just a bit confused as to the post.

  43. Neo says:

    DarStarr and eyepriestess,

    Thank you so much for your advises i told that a long time ago to my parents but they dont know what to do and they support me by the way am 15 and am orthodox christian thank you so much

  44. DarStarr says:

    please lean on your parents, tell them you are having thoughts of suicide. please.

  45. eyepriestess says:

    Sorry, just got a bit confused with the posts myself ;)

  46. eyepriestess says:

    Neo, the only reason a demon attacked me was because i messed around with a ouija board, which are portals of access for demons to enter into our existance. I didn’t know that at the time, but I do now.

    There is usually a reason a demon attacks you and it is only if you have unintentionally invited one into your life, or if someone in your home messes around with ouija boards or anything else that is seen to be occult.

    If you want to beleive in God, then start by praying to him, and really mean your prayer.

    Please stop being afraid of something which may never happen, like demons attacking you.

    God bless you! x

  47. DarStarr says:

    No problem sweetie! It can get confusing!

  48. Neo says:


    ok ill tell them god bless you and your family

  49. eyepriestess says:

    DarStarr and Neo, you’re both sweetie’s! x

  50. DarStarr says:

    Thank you so much EP, I needed to hear that today! Your are too!

  51. Neo says:

    u are too x

  52. DarStarr says:

    Are you feeling any better? Did you talk to your parents? I so worry about you. You have been on my mind constantly!

  53. Neo says:

    dont worry i went to the doctor yesterday and priest

  54. Neo says:

    thank god my suicide thoughts are gone

  55. DarStarr says:

    Oh, Neo!
    that is just wonderful news! I am so glad. and PLEASE, if those thoughts ever come back, talk to someone right away! I am SO proud of you! I am sending you hugs!!!!! {{{:)}}}

  56. Neo says:

    thank you thank you so much

  57. eyepriestess says:

    That’s amazing news Neo!!!

    DarStarr that is so caring of you to think of Neo like that.

    Loving all you guys on these threads lately!!!

  58. Neo says:

    i love you guys so much thank you again!

  59. DarStarr says:

    Thank you! You are just so sweet! It’s amazing how you can just instantly connect with people you have never even met, but there are some on these threads, like yourself and Neo that I have!
    I truly mean what I say. If you EVER need to talk, I am here for you. You are never alone, I promise you that.
    Love you guys!!!
    P.S. EP (we still getting in trouble on the dog-eating thread? lol!!)

  60. Neo says:

    OK ill have that in mind love you

  61. DarStarr says:

    Please do. I mean it! We love you right back and will be here for you!

    • Soph says:

      He-he, sorry I’m pretty nosey but after reading your conversations I was like “aawww all of this caring and loving” Here a kiss there a hug and everywhere caring :) absolutely adorable I’m literally smiling at my computer screen right now =) Adorable little bunch you are.

  62. Robert says:

    AM I the only person that has noticed the “hit on the back” thing from many demon/ouija stories? In a couple of other stories, the person mentioned being hit on the back, albeit not very hard, just before their consciousness took a turn towards the Weird (possessed, possibly). What is that? Why the BACK, of all spots on the human body?

    Anyone have an answer?

  63. DarStarr says:

    I would think that is because demons are spineless creatures that have to sneak up on you or break you down before doing their damage. But, that’s just my opinion.

  64. eyepriestess says:

    I haven’t been back to this thread in ages DarSstarr and Neo. It is nice how you connect isn’t it, wonderful infact. How are you and Neo?

    I don’t know Robert, maybe like Darstarr said they are spineless, plus they probably don’t want you looking at them because they’re mingers, lol

  65. DarStarr says:

    It is nice! I am ok, how are you doing?
    Ok, and just what are mingers??? LOL! LOVE that word!

  66. eyepriestess says:

    Hey DarStarr,

    Ugly demons… mingers means ugly, which i imagine demons are…but now i feel bad…even for the demons..lol

    Ha ha, dont you think that comment of mine sounded like a rap?

    We could develop it, i dont mind i am the author of this thread, if CT doesnt mind, then go for it with the rap

    Hey Neo, im betting you will do good here

  67. Karen M. says:

    Hey yeah, I’m up for that, a demon rap song, you could post it for Halloween darling, it will sell, anyway this story still freaks me out!

  68. DarStarr says:

    LOVE IT! now I can call people mingers and they will have no idea what i am talking about!! LOL!

  69. eyepriestess says:

    Ha ha, a demon rap song will be so cool, lets do it then Eddie and Darstarr and if Neo sees he can join in. I can’t do it yet until later though coz i have to come off here now and sort dinner out.

    DarStarr, be careful, you might get someone popping you on the nose, LOL

  70. Neo says:

    im not up with the idea of make fun of demons but WTF? LOL BTW how are you guys?

  71. DarStarr says:

    Not if they don’t know what I’m saying!! hee hee!

    Hey stranger! I am good, how are you doing? Feeling good I hope?

  72. eyepriestess says:

    Hey it’s Neo, how are you sweetie? ;) Yeah let’s just slag them off and see who gets possessed first, lol

    DarStarr, don’t they know what ‘minger’ means in Canada then?

  73. DarStarr says:

    I don’t know if you would want me to be included in your “Demon Rap” I’m about as good of a rapper as Vanilla Ice!!!! lol!!!

  74. DarStarr says:

    Ok, here is my rap

    they think they’re cool
    they think they’re whack
    just keep those demons off my back!!

    bum chicky bum bum :)
    hope it brought a smile

  75. DarStarr says:

    :) WORD

  76. Karen M. says:

    Oh Patsy darling we need lot’s of work here, if we’re gonna make it big!! DarStarr, that was great I could almost hear it in my head …………….OK now I have to think of something , get back in a couple of days…….lol

  77. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    I’m telling you, rap is definately NOT my forte’!!!!! lol!
    You and EP had better carry us on this one!!!

  78. Karen M. says:

    Oh this is terrible, now I have that Desire song in my head , ” I don’t want to see a ghost, it”s a site that I fear most, rather have a piece of toast, watch the evening news” THANKS!!!

  79. eyepriestess says:

    DarStarr, this is you starting as you know and is fabulours: “…


    They think theyre cool
    They think theyre whack
    Just keep those demons off my back!!” …(now ‘I’ (EP) follows the rappin’)…
    St Michael says those demons fool,
    Those surly girls who gone off track…


    (EP) A bitin’ and a missin’ ,just cos you’re crazy cursin’… (Eddie) “I dont want to see a ghost, its a site that I fear most”

    NB: Can’t think of anymore at the moment, hey loving this guys ;)

    Eddie darling, that was amazing, bloody cheers for that:.. “I dont want to see a ghost, its a site that I fear most” … loooove it Eddie!!!! woah!!

    Ha Ha DarStarr…”bum chicky bum bum
    hope it brought a smile” :)

  80. eyepriestess says:


    come join the rap ;)

  81. Karen M. says:

    Patsy darling we’ll have to think some more on this one!

    P.S. DarStarr, remember vanilla ice was a one hit wonder! LOL

  82. Karen M. says:

    DarStarr, you should check out EP’s site, she’s got some great stories on there!

  83. eyepriestess says:

    Thanks Karen!!

    What’s happening with the rap are we still hiding behind chairs after our first attempt, ha ha ;)

  84. DarStarr says:

    Hey guys,
    Karen M., that’s my point exactely is that Vanilla Ice was a one hit wonder and he’s better at it then me!! LOL!!
    Would love to visit your site! can you put it on up so i can?
    So EP, did ya like my Bum chicky bum bum? LOL :)

    OR -
    we can just lift it from the Fresh Prince:

    In west Transylvania -born and raised
    In the firey pits of hell is where I spend most of my days

    When a couple little imps starting making trouble in my neighborhood
    I killed one little imp and Satan got scared
    Said your leaving the pits of hell and getting sent up there!

    Man, thats bad!! LOL

  85. DarStarr says:

    Just wondering how you are doing? Haven’t talked to you in a while. Everything still ok??

  86. eyepriestess says:

    Hey Darrstarr my site has a link on this site under friends called, world mysteries and true ghost tales. Yes i loved your little ‘bum chicky bum bum’ ha ha…you’ve no idea how glad i am to see your post tonight, been upset today and you cheered me up by seeing that ages old comment to me above which i only just saw :) .

    I’d like to know how Neo is too…hey Neo how are you?

  87. Neo says:

    Yeah everythings cool you?

  88. DarStarr says:

    Same here. been kind of a crazy few weeks, but ya just keep on keeping on!! :)

  89. DarStarr says:

    Honey, why are you upset? what’s wrong???

  90. eyepriestess says:

    Hey Neo, glad you’re ok and DarStarr, just someone saying i did something i didn’t, ha ha, got over it now, but at the time it got to me :)

  91. DarStarr says:

    I totally understand that sweetie!!! Glad you are better, I don’t like when you are down! Hey, I checked out your link…awesome!!!!!!!!

  92. DarStarr says:

    How are you? I haven’t heard from you in a while and I am just checking in to see how you are doing.

  93. AnNa says:

    thats something else.im glad your ok now.has anything else happened to you since then?thanks for the story.

  94. Izzie says:

    I have a Ouija board that I’ve tried many times at various times of day and night, but it’s never worked for me. Nothing has ever happened. I read all of these stories about what supposedly happens to other people, but nothing ever happens when I try it.

  95. Computer freak says:

    They cause nothing but trouble as we have seen here.
    God bless you and stay safe

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