When Demons Come

Posted on August 28, 2011

When I was a young girl, my parents told me that my step-grandmother Sarah, sold my soul to a demon in revenge of my Grandmother Ofelia. I didn’t believe it at first, I mean… what kind of story is that? I was skeptical that a demon could even actually manifest itself in our world. I was so wrong though.

I was 16, when the scariest night of my life happened. I remember I was asleep next to my boyfriend, because he was spending the night. I couldn’t sleep for some reason, and I began to feel very hot. My boyfriend, Josh, woke up and told me how hot it was and suggested that we go check the air. So we both were going down stairs to the living room, when Josh started falling down the stairs. He took me with him, of course, and when we finally stop rolling down the stairs I yelled at him. I could immediately tell something wasn’t right; even in the darkness I could see how pale he got. I asked him what was wrong, and he started to tell me that he was pushed. I didn’t believe him at first, but when I saw how scared he was I did.

We went back upstairs and laid down. It must’ve been like 3 hours later that I started hearing chants. Annoyed, I kicked my boyfriend and told him to stop. When I opened my eyes, I saw at least 10 hooded figures circling my bed and chanting in Latin. I was scared so I tried to wake up Josh, and when I moved they disappeared. Josh was already awake, and he was terrified. He started praying and I joined in, but half way through we started hearing like smacking noises around the room. I grabbed my rosary and prayed louder, then it went to dead silence.

Right after I got a call from my Aunt Carmella, who is a priest, and she was hysterically telling me of a dream that she had. Her dream just described everything that happened, so I was in shock. I begged her to come over, and she agreed and hung up.

Josh and I were just stunned, sitting on my bed, and holding each other. The smacking noises started again, and we felt the bed moving up and down as if it was breathing. I started to cry and as I was sobbing I felt something grabbing my legs and I was screaming at Josh to not let go. All of my pictures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus started flying off the wall, and I started hearing chanting again. Right when I was practically screeching prayers, my Aunt came and everything stopped.

That night, I was Exorcised. I have no recollection of what happened. My boyfriend, Josh, broke up with me and refused to tell me what happened that night. My Aunt Carmella died shortly after by a car accident. All I know was that it must’ve been terrible because I have scars all over my back.

Since the exorcism, I’ve had no trouble. Sometimes my scars would ache, but mostly I’m living my life normally. Josh, on the other hand, had to go to a mental institute and has to enter countless rehab programs from his alcoholism. I beat myself up about it every day. That experience, taught me the there is pure evil out there. And I live in fear of that everyday.

Sent in by Charlotte Henderson, Copyright 2011

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14 Responses to “When Demons Come”
  1. jk says:

    Wow, that is a pretty strange story that you have told. I apologize up front to you because I am not really convinced that your story is 100% true. Are you just practicing your creative writing? What type of church was your Aunt Carmella a priest in? I am not catholic but I do know that the Church does not ordain women as priest. There are a few estranged wings of the denomination like the Old Catholic Church that might ordain women. When you said that you grabbed your rosery I took it that you were catholic. Fill us in on that part. The rest is just fantastical. You will have plenty of other opinion thrown at you soon I am sure. Steer clear of the really odd stuff and stuff where only one or two agree on it. Go with the Bible, it will not fail you when used properly.

  2. jacibo says:

    that is an awful story. that poor man your lucky that thing didn’t hurt you. But you said you got scars all over your back how could you not remember how you got them thanks

  3. Carri says:

    I do believe your step mother put some curse on you. I know it has been done to me. I believe your story. your Aunt got the prophetic dream from Jesus to save you. Wear a cross at all times. pray Jesus protects you from these demons.

  4. Buddy says:

    Odd… I may not know much about witch craft, but what I know is that people can’t sell someone Else’s soul to the devil, unless they sell their own. It is possible that you were cursed though. Your ordeal sounds like the stuff that horror movies are made of and I’m sorry for what happened to your aunt and your ex-boyfriend. One thing you can do though is move on and be positive. Don’t beat yourself taking the blame for what happened to your boyfriend, he ended up like that because he wasn’t strong enough to dish in all that nasty ordeal, remember, it’s not your fault! wallowing in remorse over that only adds to the negative energy that is already manifesting in you. Second thing you can do, be strong and do not give into fear. Demons love people who live in fear because fear generates negative energy which feeds demons and that allows them to control you. Believe in God strengthen your faith, if you believe there is evil, then there is also good. From your account I can see that rather leaning toward the positive you chose the negative perspective. Those scars will continue to hurt if you keep being negative, do not let that negativity take over your life. I know that it sounds pretty hard trying to keep on the sunny side (positive side) but there are no quick fixes to it. To stay positive, you have to work for it a little, always pray and develop your faith and keep it strong.

  5. CoralinKC says:

    Hey Buddy, that post really hit home for me so thanks ; p

  6. ashley lancaster says:

    Just one question if you can’t remember what happened how did you post this story…seriously.

    • BekkieLassy says:

      She can’t remember what happened during the exorcism, witch is very normal coz no one can remember what happened to them during an exorcism. Every thing before it she can remember.

  7. Stan says:


    Your experience is very unfortunate. I’m glad to hear that you’ve not had any recurrences. What concerns me most is your statement that you “live in fear” of evil everyday. Please understand that God did not create us with a spirit of fear, but instead, he created us with a spirit of hope and faith and courage. As long as you are living your life in a proper relationship with God and Christ, you have absolutely nothing to fear from evil – Jesus died in order to defeat evil and fear and death on our behalf. He has already fought the battle for ours souls and won. Keep your fath in Christ, read the bible daily with an open mind and heart, and pray to God every day. We speak to God through prayer and he speaks to us through the bible (his living word). If you do these things, evil has no power over you or your life and you will have absolutely no reason to ever be afraid.


  8. brad says:

    i understand .i have a story to tell the world . demons are here in the world.im sorry that that happend to u . ill pray for u.God is stronger .bring GOD into ur heart and he will cast the evil away. BELIEVE

    • Buddy says:

      At times like these I always get reminded of a song “Open Up You Heart and Let the Sunshine In”. It has a line that says “Whenever I’m unhappy the devil wears a grin, but oh he starts to run when the light comes pouring in” though it may be a song for children it is so true. Demons feed off from negative energy and the only way to defeat them is to let the light in or the power of God.

  9. BekkieLassy says:

    Dear Charlotte
    Im so sorry for what you had gone through. I can’t emagin why someone could sell another’s soul to the devil. But I almost did that and if it wasn’t for my friend who asked me one simple question “And what are you going to give the devil in return?” Thats where i realised that I have nothing to give and my soul he wil never have.
    You see when you give your soul to the devil you can also sell someone elses soul to the devil. It’s the devils way of ‘thanking’ you and he wil do what ever you ask.
    Be strong girl and don’t let the fear get you down. Keep God close to you I know the scars can be painfull at some times.
    I hope your x-boyfriend will get well soon.

  10. jeffb1 says:

    Please consider this. On the “emotional ladder,” fear is the lowest rung on the ladder. Don’t get caught or stuck in that place. It could paralyze your life. The longer you dwell there, your chances of moving up the ladder are diminished. I know a bit about what I’m saying, regarding fear.

    Many people understand that giving into fear may even encourage others to take advantage of you…, this is even true about animal predators. People who routinely go hunting know this. I place my need for safety and courage into God’s hands. I believe He is trustworthy.

  11. Anonymous says:

    sounds like your great grand mother made a deal with a demon to take you. The excorism must of gone really bad if u had scars left over you just remeber the human soul is more powerful than what everybody thinks i once fought off a demon when i was 12 and i was never botherd by it since.

  12. Anonymous says:

    women can’t be priests…

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