What Does Soul Mate Mean?

Posted on September 21, 2010

We all have heard this from the time we were small. Many think that your soul mate is the person that you fall in love with. Is this true, if so how and why?

Does the meaning of a soul mate mean some thing different for every culture? The way we are raised in our religions and spiritual beliefs is how we look at that kinda of thing.

The most common thought is that there is some one that is a perfect fit for us and completes us. The one that you fall in love with not the same kind of love that you give to your kids parents and siblings but that special kind of love. If you find that some one and wish to spend your entire life with them then that is thought to be your soul mate. I truly believe this sort of thing.

I also believe that your soul is reincarnated and you live your lives with the same people forever. Not the same way and not in the same body but you have the same desires with every life time that you live and you are bound to met up with the same person that you will love forever. If some one has never found his or hers soul mate in a life time then it may be due to karma. For instance if in your last life you did some thing wrong then most likely it will come back to you in the next life. Now this is my out look on it.

This has been suggested through many mythologies. Greek Myths more than any thing. It was said that humans once consisted of four arms and four legs with one head but two faces. The Great lord Zeus for some reason feared these beings and so tore us apart to make two of us then divided us all around the world in hopes that we would never find the other half. But from time to time these two meet and becomes one again which is the most powerful bond in the entire world because they are the same soul there for they are soul mates.

Now to the Bible and Christianity, Mark 10:7-9 declares, �A man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.� A husband and wife are �united,� �one flesh,� �no longer two, but one,� and �joined together,� i.e., soul mates? Is this really talking about soul mates.

All love is sacred in its own way but the kind of love that shared between two can not really be described as we would describe how we love our kids parents and other family that is not considered a soul mate.

Here is what I think of myself and the life that I have lived.

My past life and all of my other lives I believe that I have been pretty much the same as I am right now. Am I perfect no not even close but I am simple and never really change. I believe that the hard times I have lived this time around is some payment of the bad deeds that I done in past life but it was not so terrible that I did not get something good out of it. The man that I married I believe with all of my heart that he and I have been around together more then this time but many times. I have had dreams of he and I together in past lives. From the time that I met this person I felt as if I knew him some how although we had never spoken to one another until we met face to face but it was a little some thing down deep inside of me and I knew.

Perhaps there is no heaven or hell just another life to live and the way you live each life is a result of how your next life with be lived. I mean I am just throwing out what I think in no way am I saying this is true just the way I look at it. Don’t get me wrong I believe in God 100% and there is a part of me that does believe there is a heaven and hell. But think of this for a minute, what if those of us that has done bad in one life our fate is given to the Devil and his demons for them to decide how we will live and what will happen and for those of us that has done ok our fates is given to God and the Angels of heaven and they decide our fates and what will happen that sorta make sense if you think about it for a minute.

So what do you think a soul mate is? Is there any thing to it at all? If there were nothing to it then where did it come from and why do many of us believe it? I don’t know and never will none of us will ever know what is really true and what is not but it is fun to set think about what it could be it gets your mind going.

Written By Tasha Slone, Copyright 2010. Tasha has a growing collection of articles at Best of All Topics

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7 Responses to “What Does Soul Mate Mean?”
  1. AnNa bites back says:

    i think people will find there soulmates.it might,might not work all the time but i think it works.my friend is getting married she is the pickest person i have ever known.(i thought i was)and she told her sisters she found the guy she is going to marry.if you are too picky maybe it will be harder to find you soulmate then when your down to earth type of person.thats just me.some people dont want to have a soulmate because they want to finish there carer first before they find someone.if it makes sence.

  2. Rosie says:

    Each person think soulmate differently. It depends. For me,my soulmate is my husband. He understands me very well, but it doesn’t mean he is perfect. He has a lot of good parts ands bad parts as a human being. So am I. The good thing is we can tolerate each other and still love each other. After you got married for so long, the passionate part is gone, but love is like the old wine for me. We don’t have to hug and kiss each other everyday, but we have the peace in our heart.

    Asians people I mean a lot of them believe in previous life. Some of them are very much in love this life time, they want to be husband and wife in their next life time too. If you do bad things, next life you may end up being a donkey or a horse to do hard work all your life. The life is like one cycle after another. As huamn being, you come to this world to suffer until the day you die. If you want to do good things, then you go to heaven, heaven has different levels. I personally don’t buy it since I believe if you admit Jesus is your savior and he died for our sin, w will be saved. In that way, there is no next life time and heaven is the best place to go.

  3. trolldoll says:

    i do believe we do meet each other in other lives, but i don’t believe in soul mates. we are all individuals and have different destinies. i have met people whom seem familiar, tho i don’t know them. i do believe i have lived before, because i either get along better with another generation or i feel some connection to certain things that i’m too young to remember.

  4. AnNa bites back says:

    what happens when everyone dies and we either go to heaven or hell what happens to the earth?is it going to be like the movie( i am legend).or what?

  5. Tuffy Magee says:

    I don’t know if I really believe in soul mates or twin flames. Or perhaps we have more than one soul mate. Everyone I have ever been seriously involved with (and I grew up to be an old woman, haha), I thought at the time was my soul mate. So what does a soul mate feel like? And what is a soul mates purpose? I have had wild crazy passionate relationships I thought “he has to be my soul mate…such passion!”, and I’ve had easy going compatable relationships “he has to be my soul mate…such compatability”. and I have had such magnetic relationships “he has to be my soul mate…such a connection!”.
    You know there is another legend I have heard variations of, that we were once androgenous, male and female and that we were separated, torn apart, and lifetime after life timewe are searching for our other half, our torn apart.
    I have studied metaphysics a long long time. If we are here to perfect our lives toward enlightenment and eventual reuniting with the Source, as I believe, then a soul mate would be with us to help us fulfil karma, it would seem. So a soul mate relationship might be filled with trials and learning experiences, it wouldn’t be skipping off into the sunset together. Some people think that being with your true soul mate would be the perfect ‘off into the sunsent’ relationship, but that sounds just too unrealistic to me. Some teachers say you should never get romantically involved with your soul mate. And since I too believe in reincarnation, but I don’t believe one comes back as a male every time or a female everytime. I also don’t believe the personality continues, only the soul. In fact the one person that I could consider my real true soul mate is my best friend I have had for 40 years. We are both totally straight so our relationship has always been platonic friends but we are closer than sisters, and more closer attuned than I have been with any man.

    • TLS says:

      I do agree with you 100% when we do come back we are not always a male every time nor female every time I also think this may be the reason for some not all gay realationships. No I am not making fun of them but maybe the soul mates comes back as the same sex and they have a drawn love for them. Maybe they never meant to be gay they realize some how that the soul mate they are loking for is the same sex and then they stay with that. I may or may not be wrong but it is a thought.
      Although some are just rebelling in my thoughts but there is just so much to think about with this sort of thing.


    I believe this theory of yours to be 100%..

    Before I met my fiance, I had these dreams ever since I was a kid that I was meant for a guy named jr who has a goatea, hed have a darker skin tone. Weird par is when I met my fiance he told me he was a jr. And he’s dark skinned and has a goatea coincidence? Maybe.
    Now what I forgot to mention is that in these dreams I’m the same me but I’m someone else? Forgive me but I’m trying to explain it the best I can. I’m me the same spirit,personality and the same characteristics however I’m not in the body I’m in now, also in these dreams I have a feeling there not in this time but another that has past. Coincidence still??
    Well the first day I met him we clicked instantly had the same likes, dislikes, the same feelings that we knew each other but couldn’t explain from where.
    I thinkl that you hit the nail right on the head the lives we live now have a later affect on how things will be.
    I don’t know if I believe in past lives or reincarnation but how can you explain these, stronger than gut feelings, there’s no science behind it. The dreams, the feelings, the strong instant bond? There’s to much there to just pass off as good luck or like I said coincidence.
    I share thi theory with you all the way.
    Good read and you have a way of explaining it to the “t”. I never comment really and I don’t care if you call me a liar or even crazy, in my heart I know that jr is my soulmate.

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