Werewolves Do Exist

Posted on January 19, 2009
The Wolfman

The Wolfman

When the term werewolves pop up in general, miscellaneous conversations our sub-conscious instantaneously conjures fearsome images of large, canine-like creatures with serrated teeth having bits of torn sinewy meat trapped in-between each of them and a rippling muscular physique encompassed with fur as well as sharp claws and the strength of several men and the agility of well-disciplined athletes.

We regard werewolves to be the perfect cross between a wolf and a man. We deem the creature as possessing qualities known both to man and wolves and consequently they have been branded as a creature of the night. A terrifying abomination of nature, so hideous and grotesque, that our blood curdles at the probability of encountering a creature in the depths of a dense forest at the dead of night. They are stereotyped monsters of Hollywood. Their existence limited to elements of fiction.

But, as expected, this text is here to refute that notion. Werewolves do exist with fairly adequate evidence supporting their existence too. Sightings of werewolves or a tall biped wolf-like creature with discernible human characteristics extend across the globe, particularly in areas of Europe and Asia (the general biodiversity of the ecosystems here and the varying topographical structures and terrains make it suitable habitats for werewolves to hide upon transformation, particularly so, since civilization and these environments are close together). In fact, the frequency of such encounters is rather exponential (but is often disguised or overlooked as animal attacks). These encounters share several things in common: the physiology described by the victims all correlate, the creatures also exhibit intelligence and respond well to various actions suggesting fair intelligence. Some famous encounters include: the werewolf of Skinwalker ranch, the Talbot County werewolf and the Henrico County werewolf.

There are several scientific explanations put forth on the web to explain the existence of werewolves. One such scientific explanation for werewolves is that there was a virus present during the prehistoric eras that was initially contracted by a prehistoric wolf-like species. The virus infected the wolves and extracted DNA or the genetic sequence of these wolf-like creatures, (changing its structure wholly) and then transferred them to humans, upon contact or exchange of bodily fluids. The molecular structure of this virus was so intricate (and favoured the biological conditions of the progenitors of humans as a host) that it adapted the DNA and genetic sequence of the individual cells of the progenitors of humans to varying extents, depending upon the strength of the immune system of the individual. For some; their genetic structure may have remained intact whilst for others it could have been broken down and infused with the genetic sequence of the wolves to a profuse extent that they exhibited an array of wolf-like characteristics both physically and socially at all times. The ability to block off the wolf genetic sequences, at will, was eventually mastered as the progenitors evolved and developed an ethereal connection to the wolf DNA, only calling upon it in times of need. This transformation varies from the transformation undertaken by therianthropes who rely on total spiritualism.

Werewolf German Wooodcut 1522

Werewolf German Wooodcut 1522

Presumably the immune system of the progenitors of humans was readily effective in overcoming the virus because historical records show that there were (if there truly were any) only a limited number of biped wolf-like creatures roaming around and these were mainly restricted to portions of land that compromise Europe nowadays.

The genetic structure of werewolves were expected to have grown stronger for a period of time, because of breeding amongst infected members of tribes and amongst other infected progenitors of humans in neighboring tribes (the meteor landed in a specific place and would presumably only have affected a small portion of the global population, which would have been composed of several tribes), however as tribes migrated and bred with humans that weren’t infected, the genetic sequence of these new humans weakened. The wolf DNA dissipated and is a barely discernible fraction of werewolves’ genetic structure nowadays, however there are those several exceptions whom still have such a strong ethereal connection to their ancestral wolf DNA that they can willingly open it and transform into wolves yet they presumably choose not to do so, upon being warned by the government.

The origin of the virus is still unknown but one theory is that it is of extraterrestrial origin because of the intricate and thoroughly complex biological structure, however recent historical context suggests it is possible that viruses of such magnitude and strength existed in the past on earth.

Another explanation is that a biped-wolf like species came forth from space and infected the humans themselves, after performing experiments. It is thought that the alien species extracted their own DNA and transferred them to humans and taught them how to attain ethereal tranquility in order to unlock the werewolf form.

Another explanation is that Satan formed the virus to establish more minions of his on the surface to corrupt and arouse fear and terror in others.

Another explanation is that the virus belonged to an alien-wolf species and already had the extraterrestrial DNA and this virus then infected the progenitors to humans tampering with the genetic structure.

The myth that humans transform into werewolves at a full moon is fallacious because a full moon is simply reflecting ultra-violet radiation of the surface of a rocky satellite, which is otherwise transferred through space to earth during the day. Therefore, these humans should also transform during the day, unless the mineral composition of the surface of the moon reacts or interferes with the transverse waves of the ultra-violet radiation causing some sort of impact on the cells of the person, thereby making this theory plausible.

Silver, has supposedly proven to be lethal, in several cases against werewolves… Perhaps this is because of a chemical reaction that occurs when silver reacts with the genetic sequences of the wolf.

As for werewolves being immortal; yes it is possible because there is a constant regeneration of cells during the transformation phase, but longevity is therefore determined through how many times a person transforms.

If the 1st explanation is accepted, then it would be near to impossible (but there is still the probability nevertheless) to becoming a werewolf. The virus has already proven to be weak so the transition of the virus from the parent host to the embryo of the parent after conception would be very unlikely. It would most likely have been destroyed in the initial host extending thousands of generations back, contrary to the vampiric virus which is still expected to exist in modern vampires but to a smaller extent. Also, if a person was to contract the virus then their biological response to it would probably result in feverish conditions because the immune system would be at a loss as to how to respond to such an unusual attack.

In conclusion, werewolves do exist and it is more then possible that each of us heralds the genetic sequences of a wolf or the DNA of a biped wolf-like extraterrestrial. but only a few of us can unlock the beast if we try.

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