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We Decided not to use a Ouija Board

Posted on February 2, 2010

This site convinced my friends and me not to use a Ouija board. My friends and I were thinking about using the Ouija board, because there is something in my house. I am 15 years old and I usually sleep in the basement, since its winter it is cold down there and I sleep in the living room. I have a small dog ,he is a shih-tzu his name is Crash, he never barks unless he wants to play or go out and its always a playful bark.

On January 5th or so, I was reading, TV off, and he would just jump up and start to growl and bark. When he did this he would look sometimes at his crate, towards the dining room, and the couch. We do have a cat but she sleeps at the foot of the bed. After he would stop barking he would keep growling defensively. Then I would get the chills. We have a pellet stove on and the room is usually burning up. When he would stop growling the chills went away.

In June or July new neighbors moved in and they were there for almost two weeks and then the father went out to the garage one day and killed himself. I am pretty sure that his son found him. He also had a daughter.

Two days later my mom’s friend came over freaking out. She can see the spirits also and she explained to us that “he” (the one that killed him self) was right next to her telling her something. Crash kept looking at the wall were “he” was standing and at one point he brought his toy there to play. Finally she got the message “he” wanted her to tell his daughter that he will be there for her and he will be at her wedding to “give her away”. My mom’s friend and I got into a fight, she made me apologize and three days later turns out that I am right. She doesn’t come over anymore.

I also live next to an old mine that is used for tours. This mine is the reason my town is here in the first place. There are many stories about the people who died in there and my house is an old miner house, but fixed up and added on to.

I had a theory about who it might be, I thought it might have been the guy that lived across the street looking for my mom’s friend. Then I remembered the way he acted the last time he was here. Then I thought maybe it might be one of the old miners. But why would my dog act so aggressively?

I told my friends about what happened that night and someone told us that dogs can see ghost and spirits. So I planned a sleepover with my friends, Kelly and Duffy, to use the Ouija board. To see who was at my house and what he wanted. I also told my mom about what happened that night and she said that she “didn’t want that board in her house putting a curse on it.” I told her that we are going to look into it more and if there are more good stories then bad then we were going to go for it. Kelly and I made the assumption that if we use pure white candles and beige candles that will cast away most bad spirits.

In the research we were looking for ways to call the spirits and what to do, what questions were right to ask. And then I came across this site looking into whether or not dogs can see spirits and ghosts. I read a lot of these stories and most if not all were bad. I also read the comments that convinced me more that what my friends and I were planning was a disaster waiting to happen.

Thank you for reading my story… this growling happens every other night and sometimes he just jumps up and looks and I assume follow it and I cant get his attention back. If anyone knows of a way to talk to it with out the board. I would really like to hear the ideas.

Written by Gabbie, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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14 Responses to “We Decided not to use a Ouija Board”
  1. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    Gabbie, animals have a long history of being able to see or sense entities – my cats only a few months ago all watched our resident ghost ‘ kevin’ walk across the house. Quite unnerveing because they could see him….and I couldn’t ! My grey call named Pussy hissed at Kevin but the other cats just stared and observed. So it would appear with animals to be an individual response, as they do have individual personalities. Also, animals ( especially dogs ) are protective by nature – if a ‘ strange person ‘ appears in your space I would hope my dog would react! Just because the dog is growling doesn’t mean the presence is ” bad “. My little dog ( who sounds alot like Crash in temperament ) growled at all the visitors I had in the house after I had my first baby – he was just trying to protect the baby! He didnt’t understand all the visitors were OK! Similarly if you have a strange presence turning up, your dog thinks it has to protect you ( its his job – he’s your dog! just cause he’s small don’t let that fool you – he’ll take on a Doberman where his ‘family’ is concerned! )
    Entities usually make themselves known if they want to be noticed and its seems so far you haven’t seen very much personally – Crash is seeing it all ( but that’s to be expected with animal sensitivity ). If the presence wants to communicate with you it will start to make itself known to you. Maybe it did live in the house a long time ago. But whom ever it is, it appears to be quiet and not making any mischief – is there any great need to communicate with the presence? Is it bothering you or doing things that are intrusive?
    I’d suggest you wait and see if anything further develops – there’s no rush – he’s probably already been there 100 years or so.
    Ouija boards can be very dangerous for the uninitiated. You invite everyone in for a chat and you have no control over who turns up. You may not end up talking to the person you intended which can be a worry.
    Other methods of communication such as automatic writing, is still an ” invitation ” and one must take care in offerring any open invitations to communicate by any means.
    Old homes with history can be so much fun!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks i get it now… i just wanted to know if he wanted to talk to me or if he is looking for my moms friend or if hes my cousin… i was just curiose and i guess you could say that me and my friend are going through that “stage” where we want to talk to ghost… lol anway thanks for the advise

    • Gabbie says:

      I get what you are saying and I never thought about it that way… i just want to know why he/ she is here… is the spirit looking for my moms friend? trying to get a message across to me? or is it my older cousin “telling” me that he is here out for me. i guess you can say that me and my friend are going through that “phase” where we think talking to the dead is “cool”. Thanks again for your point of view it really helps

  2. DarStarr says:

    What a smart girl you are!! You and your friends made the right choice by not using the board.
    You need to talk to someone, and try to find other ways to rid your house of this spirit. Yes, animals are very sensitive to the paranormal – why? Who knows.
    Perhaps if you say sternly out loud that this is your house now that whoever is there needs to go, it might work.
    Good luck to you and again, I am proud that you have made the right choice!!!

  3. Jason Smallwood says:

    You can use an EMF detector to communicate with spirits if you have them in your home. Try lighting some white candles and you should be able to get the answers to yes or no questions. Spirits give off energy that will set these devices off when they come close to them. Just google “EMF Detector” if you haven’t heard of em’. This can be a really effective way to communicate with spirits. I would also record each session so you will have proof of what takes place. Hope this helps.

  4. Rachael says:

    Hi, You made an excellent decision when you decided not to use the Ouija board.They are trouble. Animals can see spirit (ghosts) very easily and if the spirit is someone your dog wouldn’t recognise, he will bark. To him, it’s a stranger on his territory – you see?
    This spirit may be stuck and just need your help to move him over to the light. I recommend you visit your local spiritualist church and ask a medium to visit your house. This is also helpful, as the spirit may wish to send a message to a loved one.The medium will then send him over.
    If you can’t do this, all you need to do is think, ” Please help this spirit move into the light, thanks” The people in the Spiritworld or what you call Heaven will then help the fella across. Hope this helps! Take care and remember to stay away from the boards. x

  5. trolldoll1681 says:

    your dog sensed your neighbors emotions is what i feel. and i assume many men died in your town, because mines have a high mortality rate thru history.

  6. Mark says:

    I used a Ouija Board by myself, in my basement, with a pentagram drawn on the floor, a knife inside the pentagram, and blasting satanic music. Tons of weird crap happened. To this day, that was still the coolest night ever.

  7. BRat says:

    Tell whatever that is your house that in the name of Jesus Christ you command it to leave! It will have to leave!

  8. Gregory Brown says:


    You would do well to avoid having any conversation with it. That could make things worse. I had to bless my apartment one night because my two sons aged maybe 7 and 8 were having some pretty intense nightmares. My oldest son said there were many people in the room telling him what to do.

    After I prayed and anointed all the doors, windows, walls, floors and ceilings, we didn’t have any more problems. However, while preparing to go to church, my wife ran back into our apartment saying there was something large and dark hiding underneath the steps from one floor to the next. Turns out it was a young girl that slept there, presumably because she had no other place to go.


  9. anna says:

    If its not doing anything leave it alone.If it bothers you that your dog does that then talk to someone what you can do.I think you guys did a good job by not using the board.I know I wouldnt want that in my house to.

    • Gabbie says:

      It doesnt really bother me… he just startles me cause it comes out of no where… then he wont shut up no matter how much I calm him… but sometimes I wonder if claming him is the best thing cause if the same spirit keeps comming back and its not a good one I keep telling crash that its ok that he is there, and thats what the spirit wants

  10. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if u get a Ghost Hunter in your house and tell them wht is going on and tell then that your dog keeps growlin aggresively and that he also gets his toy as if he wanted someone to play with him. I had the same experience but with my grandfather he died when i was 10 years old i am 23 and i still most of the time have really bad feelings that he followed me to my new house but i think he did because i keep waking up in the middle of the night. I wake up to sounds in the kitchen, and see i dont have kids, but im pregnant with one right now and when i heard noises in the kitchen i got worried. My husband works during the night and dont get off wrok until 6 a.m. and when he got home that morning i told him what happened and after that we moved again and ever since then i havent had trouble. I am a mom now i am raisin a boy who is Joseph and a girl who is Katie and we 4 are doin very well

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