Was it an Incubus?

Posted on August 14, 2010

I’ve decided to publish my story about my experience to hopefully learn more and heed some advice on what to do.

But first I have to give you a background – I have always been able to communicate with spirits, see them, hear them, sense them, etc. I believe I’ve inherited this from my father, who is native American somehow. I’ve never faced anything demonic until just a few days ago.

Everything had been going normal just like every other day, but I was suddenly awoke in the middle of the night by something. When I opened my eyes I realized I couldn’t move or do anything, it was like I was completely paralyzed. There was something that was pulling and pressing down the blankets on my bed around my legs. I looked up and I saw this creature/demon thing that had gray, slick, almost wet looking skin. The lower half of the body was out of proportion to the upper half and looked like some sort of animal because it had a tail. It’s eyes were like bottomless black pits, his ears were pointed upwards, and his teeth were sharp (almost like cat teeth).

The whole time I saw it, it was letting out this terrible shriek I’ve never heard before. It sounded almost like the stuff in horror movies. It kept screaming as it passed from the left side of my bed to the right side until it finally got close to my face. By this point I realized I couldn’t yell or talk, but I somehow managed to get out a couple words and I lifted my right middle finger in it’s face. It seemed like the incident lasted for eternity, but after I put my finger up I popped up and it was gone.

The day after I was so freaked out I decided to join a catholic church and get right with God again.

I think I was visited by some sort of incubus, but I’m not sure because there’s no one I can really talk to. I feel like my choice of words weren’t the best at the time, and that I might’ve angered it more and it might come back.

And I’m still afraid to sleep in my bed most nights. Any help?

Sent in by Tabitha, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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33 Responses to “Was it an Incubus?”
  1. 1txlady says:

    You may well have inherited gifts from your father.

    However, what occurred to you could very easily have been what is called Sleep Paralysis. That said, I am not saying all such occurrences are sleep paralysis. Surround yourself with positive light and forbid any evil forces in your home or near you.

  2. Yarkeliz says:

    Hi. i’ve had the same experience you’ve just had but it happened a lot of times to me almost every night but since the first time it happened i wasn’t afraid and you shouldn’t be afraid because those things just want to see you scared and i believe that’s what makes them stronger. don’t be afraid whenever it happen again (because believe me it will happen again) just pray if you really believe in God. even if you can’t move pray into your mind, scream to that thing to let you alone and never come back or jesus will send him to the darkest bottom where it came from. you know what, those things (for my experience) are afraid of us because he has to make you loose the control of your body movement to do whatever he wants to do to you. just imagine what might happen to those weak useless demons if they don’t paralisses us, they’re afraid of us. we are God’s kids. do it and be prepared. you’ll never be able to move to run (of course) all you need is pray in your mind and it will go away really scared (they’re s t u p i d
    they come back once in a while)

    • Suzi says:

      I agree but I dont think there stupid they can get smart and find ways around things but other then that I agree with you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    STOP communication with these spirits, you are opening yourself up to demonic forces. Start praying to God The Father for protection in The Name of Jesus. Get yourself a Bible and read it and read God’s Word out loud there are bibles that are easy to read and understand. Do not listen or entertain these evil spirits and put this gift you have into the Hands of God and put it in line with His Word. Then He may be able to work through you instead of these evil things. Search for a Christian Church that Loves Jesus, learn about Him and seek Jesus. Ask God for protection from these evil things and also before you go to bed, and ask God into your life and reveal Himself to you, all you have to do is ask Him. There are awesome preachers on TV , look for Joyce Meyer or John Hagee and Benny Hinn, you will learn ALOT from them, they also have websites. joycemeyer.org or jhm.org and bennyhinn.org

    • Annie777 says:

      PLEASE don’t watch Benny Hinn, are you kidding me? He just had a flinging affair w/ MS.PAULA WHITE in ROME!!!! Yes, Hinn admitted it in an interview and apoligized. Theey are snapshotted holding hands walking down the street window shopping this year!! What a joke he is! OOOOOHHH and Hagee is a political man using his so called “prophecies” to dominate his church people!!! He is out of his mind.

      He gets so into it he doesn’t even see what he is doing and should be doing for his bretheren…WAKE UP AMERICA.
      That thing was a DEMON; plain AND SIMPLE.!!!!!

      Also, get away from the Catholic Laws and their Balsphemy of the Word of God!!! I say this to you to protect your soul and spirit. You have to get real w/ JESUS and GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT will move in your life;he will protect you!!! JUST DO IT NOW. IT IS NO JOKE> YOU ARE ALL A CHILD of GOD; ie.not Mother Mary or Buddha or Islam or the Torah or Scientology or anything else out there.. Forget all that. It is FAKE and all lies against Gods word, the BIBLE.

      Watch Jimmy Sawggart and learn his teachings on the BIBLE. Hes the smartest man that I have ever met. The mans knowledge of the word is above and beyond any Preacher I havce ever heard and I ve heard mannnnnny. I am a changed person from studying his teachings. Go to jsm.com they are on 24 hrs a day on that site and on TV as well.
      get an Expository Bible from there as Jimmy explains everything that we cannot understand.

      He preaches the CROSS and what Jesus did there for YOU. There is much to learn about Jesus and God. IT’S ALL FROM THE WORDS OF GOD, NOT FAKE BULL!!! Oh and the MUSIC IS INCREDIBLE!!!

      • Midnight says:

        Jimmie Swaggart, Oh the one that was charged and convicted of aldultary with a prostitute in the late 80s, hummmmm. I Thought that was bad too? Is’nt it? Just wondering?

        • Caretaker says:

          Ole Jimmie is a human being and all humans are liable to mess up. The problem comes in when people start to almost worship people like Swaggart, putting them up on pedestals like they are perfect men of God or something. I can also imagine that would put a killer load of stress on a person, worse than being a celebrity even.

          • scarygirl67 says:

            Very well said, CT! (and I am no fan of ol’ Jimmie, believe me). But human beings look to OTHER HUMAN BEINGS for answers. That is not always bad..we’re supposed to learn from each other. It becomes a problem when that person is seen as being all-knowing. NONE of us know it all. And when the person is seen as being incorruptible (and then of course proceeds to corrupt all over the place)..it’s big news. Gotta love Don Henley…”People love it when you lose..they love dirty laundry…”

          • Annie777 says:

            well yes old Jimmy is a sinner..and you are too..we all are man. He sinned… I sinned you’ve sinned..we’ve all sinned..a sin is a sin is a sin…The man is completely open about his 30 year old faults that came to be in the public eye because he put himself out there and sinned in front of the whole world.
            He knew he was busted and he paid for his sins, have you??

  4. DearTuffy says:

    It sounds like a case of Sleep Paralysis. But to me anyway, a medical explanation does not negate the possibility of other forces at work, it just explains the physical response. Perhaps when one is in this twilight state between dreaming and awake it makes one particularly vulnerable. My daughter was living in San Francisco in a very old apartment building. I could sense all kinds of things had gone on there. One night she woke from sleep hearing clicking footsteps, like from an animal with claws, on her hardwood floors. She could not move and she felt the creature jump onto her bed and climb up towards her under the blanket. Her hands were under the covers and she felt this thing bite down hard on her hand. She struggled and struggled but could not get up or shake it off. Finally she was able to move and she turned the light on and there was nothing there. But her hand hurt, although there were not marks, her hand hurt for several days. She smudged her apartment but I think it happened to her again. She has since moved back east.

  5. Brad says:

    nope it dosent sound like a Incubus. an Incubus would have tried and harm u. this sounds like a demonic spirit that ether u attracted it with ur supernatural ability 2 see things ECT.(6th Sence) and ppl who have the 6th sense can attract spirts of all kinds! espailly if u where angry,sad,depressed, ect. it probably only feed off ur emotions! or life energy, now 2 tell if its life engery it wants or it was taking u should feel sluggish or depressed!

    • Midnight says:

      I agree with you on what you said, you do feel drained after an attack like that, if you don’t close your self off emediatlly, but that takes alot of practice.

  6. Midnight says:

    First of all, you’re are Native American, communication with spirits is in our blood. I do not trust the church myself, but you can pray how ever you want to. You don’t have to get right with God, you already are. God made us too, and in my eyes God has never made trash. But, on to the point. I do not believe this was an Incubus. Most often, the Incubus is sudductive, appearing handsom or lovely as the case maybe. This sounds like some thing else. It sounds like it may have been a Jackle spirit, A very ugly, grey, razor sharp toothed dog. The christians believe that it is a consort of thier devil. It is very evil though. You can pray our way or theirs, BOTH are right!

    • Annie777 says:

      No, Christians don’t think that the devil is a dog….what are you talking about?? The Devil can become many evil things. That is common knowledge…!!

      Look, if you don’t want to burn in a lake of fire then you MUST ASK JESUS, God’s only Son INTO YOUR HEART MAN!! If you do not accept that Jesus died for our sins and he came back to life after he died {risen from the dead} then you will face God when you die and he will deny you light. You will be in the darkness, which is HELL, the lake of FIRE.
      Read your BIBLE, Not the “new living” or anything that has changed the word of God to much. Use the best which is Kings James Version Bible.
      The Bible was written by people of that day; God chose these people to tell the stories of him and Jesus; and many others that were spoken to by God,and met Jesus….

      Read ROMANS Chapters 6-12. YOU WILL SEE THE LIGHT…you will FEEL JESUS CHRIST’S PAIN and what he gave us…ETERNAL LIFE W/ HIM and FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINSwrongful doings, living in the flesh and not Gods word. we are FORGIVEN BY GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRISTS LIFE that “HE” GAVE. HE DIED FOR US.

      • Midnight says:

        Annie777,(A) I wonder, what is so differant about the way our people have been treated by Christians/Government, and this lake of fire you speak of? And if you intend to say it is not still happening, let me point you to Seattle Washington and the murder of a Native American woodcarver by a non-native police officer (The cross on his tie pin should tell you something too.) (B) I never said your Devil was a dog, I made no mention of him, only of a very evil spirit. You pray how ever you want to, but as for me I will pray how I want to aswell. I kind of like not being required to murder, rape, or imprison those that are not like me. Now thats not to say that I don’t belive in Jesus, I just don’t follow your churches way of doing it, I don’t need your bible, I have my own way of knowing him. We call him Wakan Tanka, or Tunksila.

        • Midnight says:

          Correction, I did make mention of the The Jackle being the Consort of the Devil, but not the Devil himself/ itself. All else, stands as written.

      • scarygirl67 says:

        Erm…you do realize that King James rewrote that Bible, don’t you? You do realize he took books out of that Bible, don’t you? Sure, make a Bible that is available to the people..but don’t let ‘em read everything! I believe Jesus is the Son of God, but I do not believe any human being has gotten the story right.

        • scarygirl67 says:

          By the way, the question I asked is directed at Annie777. I’m not trying to offend, but it drives me nuts when people act like the King James version of the bible is incorruptible and correct. It isn’t. Anything done by a human being is corruptible.

  7. Emme Toaye says:

    I never had any paranormal experiences until I bought this old heavy wooden mirror at a yard sale. I had my first ever visitation from a dead relative (wide awake) which was a blessing to me. I had an “entity” which would sit on our bed, get up and sit back down over and over again.

    He/it does this often and myself and my hubby have felt it. Got a new mattress…still happened. We bought a new bed, still had the visitor and eventually bought a new (brand new, never lived in) house and guess who followed. Also since I’ve had only one visit that was a scary entity who never came back again and several other experiences. All, after getting this mirror, and no it’s not for sale. I enjoy the occasional visit.

  8. Lisa says:

    I had a similar experience but i did not actually see the entity. I am happy that you joined the Church, but it would be a good idea to also arm yourself with a rosary and holy water and get your house blessed by a priest. I suggest that you pray the rosary every day, and also the prayers of protection, as these have helped many who have been plagued by evil. Best of luck to you!

    • Annie777 says:

      NOOOOOO…..The ROSARY IS An IDOL WORSHIP …it goes against what God wants of you. The Rosary is a thing that God did not give us. it is JESUS he gave US..not something that only lost Catholics hold and talk to, but it isn’t alive. Jesus is. Jesus is the ONE and God is the our FATHER!!! WAKE UP CATHOLICS! You are blapheming against GODS WORD!! Wow when will they wake up?? Your “Catholic WORKS” are not going to get you into Heaven or give you eternal life with Jesus and God.

      CATHOLICS LISTEN UP> Your ongoing, neverending, repetitive “works” will never please God like you think. He wants you to get realllll and pray to him in the name of JESUS CHRIST> NOT MARY…please, save your soul now, by going w/ Jesus and God, not Mary and saints.
      JESUSSSSSSSS died for YOU!

      • Midnight says:

        The Rosary, is not Idol worship. You don’t worship it, its a reminder of prayers and things to meditate on as well as a way of counting how many times you recite a prayer. I agree, it should not be used for warding evil off, thats not what its for. Catholics are Christians! They just do things in a differant way. If you wonder how I know, Catholic Boarding schools were a big contingiant in the Native American Boarding school experiance. Stop sitting in Judgement of people, or arn’t you a Christian!

        • Caretaker says:

          Careful lest you judge others while not wanting to be judged yourself :)

          • Midnight says:

            Yea.. your right! Those last five words were a bit judgmental, for all others reading this, I apologise for them.

  9. Tabitha says:

    thanks for all the advice.
    The publishers however, edited out half of my story. :(

    • Caretaker says:

      Tabitha – Half? There were only a few words – 5 to be exact – edited out because of foul language/profanity. That is not permitted here. We appreciate it (Really!) that you sent in your experience but this is our policy.

  10. Khepera Mayet says:

    Hi Tabitha. I’m sorry you had this experience; they certainly aren’t fun. You might be comforted to know that your experience isn’t that uncommon. While I certainly believe in the supernatural, I suspect that what you experienced has been identified by science as “sleep paralysis”. Wikipedia and other web sites can go into a lot more detail, but essentially what happens is during sleep your body releases chemicals to sedate you (essentially, paralyze you). If you are dreaming and part of your mind wakes up but the part that’s dreaming doesn’t wake up and the body doesn’t wake up but instead remains sedated, you end up having a kind of waking nightmare. Once everything wakes up you can move and the entity “getting” you disappears. Scary stuff.

    Hope this helps….

    • Annie777 says:

      GIVE ME A BREAK> That thing was not a dream of hers….It’s a waste of your time believing that it was a dream state w/ paralasis!!! It was a DEMON. FLAT OUT!!!
      Listen, I was attacked in my bed and I was awake. It grabbed my ankles and pulled me by my ankles and my legs lifted slightly as I slid down the bed. I opened my eyes instantly and it stopped. That was most likely an incubus. I also had devil demons trying to run my life and emotions. I now have God and Jesus and nooone is bothering me now. Thats my story and I am sticking to it!!!!!!!

      • Annie777 says:

        sorry, that link is
        ….. if you wat to get into an awesome media church or if you live in baton rouge… just GOOOOO. they are starting Camp meeting tomorrow . Watch “live” and learn about God and Jesus Christ and the HOLY GHOST. ie the Spirit of GOD himself. That scares those DEMONS AWAY!
        Play the awesome music loudddddd that they play and sing, and learn some Bible verses to say and read before bedtime. I don’t like traditional churches but these guys got it down good…THEY KNOW GOD MAN! THAY are so REAL. realllllllll…..lol.

  11. sharayah says:

    hi i must say you have big balls but it got the job done that got it to go.i don’t think it’s a incubus it didn’t try anythings with you to touch you or have sex with you.like someone else posted it may be a nasty unclean demon spirit.you are doing the rigth thing looking too God but i love the way you shut that demon down.it’s like it didn’t know what to do after it tried to scared you .lol ;) iam sorry that u r dealing with this. :( .has it come back? let me know!

  12. scarygirl67 says:

    Wow..there have been a lot of interesting comments here! I hadn’t checked this story in a while and it looks like it really got going again.

    @Annie777, if you are still checking this…all I can say is…wow. Never have I seen so many definitive statements about things that are subjective as I have in your posts. If I get going on them, I will become too angry..because intolerance and all knowing attitudes drive me up ten trees. It does seem like you sincerely want to help people, but I do take issue with MANY of your statements.

    Demons get WAAY too much credit for explainable phenomenon, in my opinion. I am not saying it doesn’t exist. I am saying that there is so much of it that warrants a look at scientific and medical explanations. And saying “OMG, it’s a demon!” (yes, Annie777, I am directing that at you) is immediately setting the stage for the perception of EVERY negative thing that happens being attributed to a demon. There are other issues to consider…namely that “everything was alright until…” and then there is this scary experience. Wouldn’t it make more sense for a demon to attack in a subtle fashion? If they really want to take over people’s souls and take them away from God…why scare the heck out of you to do it? Much easier to simply plant the seeds of destruction and watch human beings have at it.

    I don’t know what happened in this situation. But I am not going to jump to the conclusion of demon. I do suggest you read more about sleep paralysis.

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