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Waking Nightmare

Posted on September 11, 2008

When I was a kid I always suffered from really bad nightmares.  Not the kind mind you where I’m in a scary place, nor have they been some leftover memory from a bad horror flick.  No these nightmares always involved creepy feelings of deja vu, or in the worst cases the kind where I have some sense of physical pain.  I know this because whenever I wake up from a dream like that what ever part of me that was affected still hurts (keep in mind I don’t sleepwalk).

One dream I recall I was in some sort of weird, almost earth like air substance trying to claw my way to the surface, and these strange hands kept grabbing me trying to pull me back down, that was one where when I woke up my legs felt like someone really huge just grabbed them and squeezed as hard as he could before I woke up.

When I was a kid I would have one such dream about once a month, since I’ve grown it has thankfully tapered off to about once every six months.  Anyway on with the story.

I have a hard time calling this one a “dream”, because in truth there was some part of me that was still awake.  It happened 3 to 4 years when I was still in the military.  It was summertime and as such I kept the window open to let the breeze in.  My bed was facing the window and there was a light post about 50 to 70 feet past my window behind an old tree.  I was asleep when my eyes just suddenly opened.  I seem to recall being rather calm at first, because I knew I was partly awake, only the first thought I had was something to the effect of, “god this is going to be a bad one”.  Almost as fast as I thought I saw something strange outside the upper right hand corner of my window.

At first I couldn’t make it out because of the orange light from the light post.  After a few moments I could see the screen getting pushed back and a figure of a completely bald infant floated before me holding a pillow.  What I remember most are the eyes, God they were so wide, the kind of eyes that have purpose not at all like an infants eyes should be.  After staring at me for a moment it started moving toward me lifting the pillow in front of it, its entire body was covered except for the eyes which peeked over the top of the pillow.  In an instant every ounce of me was screaming run… run, Run RUN RUN!  Except my body wasn’t moving, I don’t know how to properly explain the feeling except my body was still asleep yet my mind was awake, kind of funny when you think about it.  I felt like I was going to be smothered to death and no one was holding me down.

At this point there was so much fear running through me that my body started moving very slightly, and whatever calm part was left in me was searching for a way to wake up completely.  The only thing I could think of as the infant moved closer was to try and push myself off my bed.  The baby was about 3/4 of the way to me when I finally rolled off my bed and slammed my head into the side of my dresser (it was a very small room).  I actually did cut myself on the wood, and at that point I was fully awake, and I can’t describe to you how suddenly tired I felt, not just physically, but mentally as well.  I didn’t even bother looking up to see if the baby was there or not, well more to the point I just knew deep inside it was gone.

The reason why I consider this the worst dream, or “Waking Nightmare” as I now call it.  Was the feeling it left me with, like I sorta got lucky this time…  Not only that, but after I stopped the bleeding with an old T-shirt, and said a quick prayer in thanks I went back straight to bed.  The attitude was kind of like… “ok a-hole”, see you in another six months”.  I slept like a rock for the rest of the night.

While the dream is never the same I still have them, even to this day, and I have yet to find someone who can tell me why. Anyway that’s my story, believe me or don’t, it doesn’t matter to me.  I just told it because the spirit of this website was kind of amusing.  But I digress, take care and sweet dreams.

This story is completely true, the only part I changed was the layout of the room since it would have taken way too much time to explain, and I felt would have ruined the story.

Written by Ethan Jon Lopez, Copyright 2008

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19 Responses to “Waking Nightmare”
  1. Randy says:

    I personally believe you very much i to get nightmares,not to that degree but scary enough.
    Have you seen a Doctor about these dreams because “night horrors” as they are sometimes called can cause health problems later in life,i truely hope something can be done for you.

  2. ceci says:

    Very interesting! i have frequent nightmares and know how ugly and helpless u feel. best of luck to u sweetie ~cecilia~

  3. yuniepie says:

    To Randy,
    I hope you don’t mean “night terrors” because that’s definitely NOT what Ethan had. People who have night terrors wake up and are in an extreme state of fear.
    For one, night terrors do not even occur during REM sleep, they occur in NREM sleep meaning they aren’t even dreaming. The person is also not completely awake at the time and usually go back to sleep, very rarely do night-terror sufferers even remember the ordeal.

    oh and ethan, i feel for you. I’ve never really had a nightmare before (just dreams that put me in a bad mood or upset me) and it must be a bitch waking up to pain somewhere. Not a good way to start your Mondays…

    God I hate Mondays.

  4. Tatia says:

    WOW, This kinda same thing happened to me when I was little. I do still have nightmares however. When i was around for or five I was lying in my bed kinda like you described, half awake and and half asleep. I began to feel a strange feeling like heavy air. For some reason I turned to look to the left of me and my other pillow that I did not have my head on was drifting up into the air slowly kinda moving side to side as it went. Once it reached the ceiling it started to come down fast as if it were going to smother me. I made myself move and fell out of bed.

  5. mark says:

    whoa this was pretty scary even to read. o btw have u done any research and found out wat that infant might mean? at first i thought it was maybe the christ child. but then u started saying u were scared and it was gonna kill u and all so i was like ” no thats not the christ child”.

  6. Warrior Priestess says:

    I agree with Yunie on this, also Ethan you really should see a Shaman or Spiritualist about this because to me its sounds far too uusual to be just a physical or mental-health problem, i Beleive you whole heartedly aswell, i’ve had only a few waking nightmares, (I Guess thats what they were) And i used to sleep-walk horribly, i also had a few night-terrors and no one knew what the hell was wrong with me, they just thought i was a mentally disturbed bratt, Have you ever done anything, hought anything or lived anywhere or set-foot-on a location that seemed “Evil” to you? I suggest you get regressed, the answer may lay in your past. The thing about the floating infant holding a pillow, GROSS, i or one thing Newborns and babies are Creepy looking, theyre not the right color and ive been around some pretty whacked-out Babies, one of which seemed to have the knowledge of a grown person and terrible evil, even making mean and evil faces and growling at me… I Shit you not. Also the thing about Infantine and wide-eyes suggest it MIGHT have been a grey, they look the nearly identical to a slightly malformed human infant, with WIDE huge eyes. Ick.. You can visit my Blogspot The forgotten Jungle and talk about anything on the subject of Dreams and Nightmares or anything else there you wish to share… Good luck Ethan!

  7. andy says:

    this story reminds me of a tale my older brother (mick) told me, he’s 1 year older and my younger brother (dean) is 2 years younger than me; this happened in the late 80′s when they were sharing a bedroom at our parents house (i was serving away in the army) when one night my older brother wakes up to hear my younger brother fighting for breath and asks him if he’s ok but gets little response, this carries on for a short while untill he starts swearing and raising his voice to get dean to answer, but still no joy. All of a sudden dean jumps out of bed and starts to get his breath back but tells mick that there was something akin to what he can only describe as a “Buddha” sat on his chest, and that he couldn’t move him cos he couldn’t breathe! I think it may have been sleep paralysis but who knows for sure? thanks for looking…Andy

  8. Julie says:

    Hi Ethan,

    When I read your story I was shocked,but at the same time I got excited that there’s actually 1 person that had the same thing happened.

    My story is very similar to yours.It started when I was 11 years old and ended at age 18.
    I was on my bed, half asleep and half awake. Couple of minutes later,I felt like somebody or something huge and strong slowly wrapping my whole body I couldn’t understand what it was. I could not move at all and I couldn’t talk or open my mouth, it was shut.My eyes were half closed but if i wanted to open or close my eyes it wouldn’t let me.So imagine being in this situation…
    So I was like completely attached my bed and couldn’t move anything.
    And then I see these HUGE BLACK EYES in front of me,it was soo blurry because my eyes were half closed so I got so scared I wanted to scream out loud for help but couldnt even open my mouth. So I started to calm my brains down.When I was so concentrated calming myself,in couple of minutes it led me go.
    The next day, I started searching and asking my father about this.He told me he had the same thing when he was in army. So both of us got really curious.
    We still don’t know what it was,but by everytime it’s gotten worse and worse except I could see more.One time I decided to challenge myself.I said ok,if it happens today then I will act like i don’t care wat’s going on and just keep ignoring it which was a big mistake!
    When I started opening my eyes I saw how my body was still on the bed and I was in the air going towards my door and still see these huge black eyes carrying me but i couldn’t not see the rest of the body except the eyes..So from then on I knew how to control it.It didn’t bother at all after I learned how to let it go.Now I’m ok i guess!But this is such a scary thing that I would not even wish to happen to my enemies.


    Thanks for reading!


  9. ZA Recht says:

    Are you all sure this isn’t another sufferer of night terrors? Aside from the recollection of dreams, every symptom aligns perfectly with night terrors, from the inability to move, to the partial awakening, to the feeling of almost physical dread. You mention that night terror sufferers immediately go back to sleep. That’s what Ethan says he did, after a short prayer. Further, more than one in ten children are affected by night terrors, and Ethan says he was a child when he experienced this. Ockham’s Razor – the explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible. We are assuming supernatural intervention when Ethan’s own physical body could have much more easily the culprit.

    (Don’t get me wrong here, folks, I’m an ardent believer in the supernatural, I just try to test the hypothesis before making it law.)

  10. cj says:


    what you describe may need some looking into. The chances are that what you saw was a real manifestation of yout fear, or an entity of some kind.

    Not to offend, but it sounds liek you have underlying issues which may come from this life, or even your previous life (yes, re-incarnation IS real). If the problem persists or escalates, see a therapist or a spiritual healer.


  11. daniela says:

    yup, i have these waking nightmares all the time. its called sleep paralysis.
    look it up everything it says you’ll relate to. that baby one you had oh my god, that is totally scary! but i have see very very horrible things in mine. things that give you the worst feeling ever. now i can honestly tell you that im not really that scared anymore like i was the first couple times i had these “dreams” i now actually try to fight them, or i have actually its a struggle, but i struggle to move my body little
    by little no matter what, so i can completely avoid seeing whatever demonic “thing”
    it wants me to see next..the thing i dont like about my dreams i have is that everything i see is demonic….i pray everyday.

  12. Christy says:

    Whew! Your expereince was really harrowing!

    You’ve been plagued by this since childhood, too. How awful!

    Sounds a bit like sleep paralysis, but what chilled me is your description of a baby trying to smother you. That’s so bizarre, when one thinks that babies are usually perceived as embodying innocence, like lambs. Definitely scary!

    Hope your nightmares soon taper off and leave permanently!

  13. antonio martinez says:

    its crazy how many people can relate to this incident,becaause i am was one of them too. I was having a nighmare that i was in a mansion with a phsycotic ghost . as soon as i woke up i saw an old woman staring at me(this is not in my dreams it happened for real)we had like a staring contest, she was ringing a bell and fliping through a book i felt like getting up and choking her i dont know why i just did when i tried she put her hand in my chest and i was paralised exept for my eyes because i could still see her my body finaly woke up i threw a punch but nothing was there i told my mom about this she said that the dead rose on me wich means that i had some connection with the spirit i asked my friends if there was a grave in the neighborhood they showed me a place were the remainig tombs survived i read all of them and one of them said sherill thornberry died from natural death it scared the hell out of me i pray every time i go to sleep so nothing can happen to me. this was the second time i saw the old lady in my house i saw her 5 or more times. so has my 4 yr old sister she wasnt scared she told me it was her friend. well i just wanted to tell the story to you because i know how you feel . i realy dont care what other people say because i know it happened to me

  14. zoe says:

    i have theese dreams, and then, they happen. NO LIE!!! i toattly belive you. sometimes i think of really random things then they happen.

  15. bruk says:

    hey. ever since i was little i have gotten the same thing…my brother as well…
    they are called night tremmors. the best solution that i have found is to either sleep with a dog (like at the foot of the bed) or to play a classical or relaxing cd in the back ground as you sleep…
    good luck. :]

  16. love never dies but you do says:

    wow amazing story i have had nightmares kinda like yours it all started happening when i was 3 years old after my mom left well every night i slept with my grandma well this happened 5 nights a week so anyway everynight my grandma would go to sleep and i would stay awake and i kept staring at the cieling so i have had many encounters when i was lil and right now i could sense someone was there i always heard a man talking and then i would feel it coming at me and the thing that i would always say is this “hes here grandma” but then it would go away.but there are others i would wake up by the edge of my bed and feel spirits a really heavy presence like an evil spirit and then i would have this images in my head of these really tall people wich to this day icant describe well i kinda can the woman had hair like kida curly and the man had kinda like an 80s hair look(lol) so yeah thats all hoped you liked

  17. love never dies but you do says:

    but please help me i need alot of help

  18. Jackie says:

    I can only offer you the support of prayer since I or others cannot offer their support physically – being in different countries.

    If you don’t know how to pray, or just wonder what to say – all you need to do is to ask for God’s help in your own words.

    ‘Ask’ is all that is necessary, God bless you xx

  19. BEaAnn09 says:

    I argee that it scary but I MEANT THE GHOST IS REAL!!!!!!!!!

    GOD BLESS U xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    PS i hope so xxxxxxxx : )

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