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The Watcher and My Nightmares

Posted on April 11, 2011

It all started last summer. We go down to this camp every weekend we can in the summer. Every time we would come home we would have the same routine.

Now, before I go any farther, I must say, my mom got me this dresser from a thrift store. I really liked it but it always gave me this… uncomfortable feeling. I found it really strange that it had “Emily” carved in every drawer and on the inside. Me and my mom painted the dresser and put it under my shelves.

My shelves are small but very hard to take down. On one of them I have statue of an angel and a little picture and a quote about friends. On the other (a much smaller shelf and is below the one I had just mentioned) I had this little dragon statue that I had bought from a little store in Florida, and another small statue of a frog I had panted. The dragon statue had always given me great comfort for some strange reason, and I’ve always believed in the paranormal (Seeing, feeling, hearing, dreaming etc. it runs in my moms side of the family). I liked to think of the dragon statue as the “guardian” of my room.

One day, we came home from camp and when I walk in my room I see that the top shelf was dangling from one side and my dragon statue was on the ground, broken in a few places. My angel statue and friend quote were laying on the dresser unharmed, while my frog statue hadn’t moved at all. Laughing at this, I called my brother in my room to help me put the shelf back up properly and made sure it wouldn’t be able to fall again. I put everything back where it was.

Later that night some time, I heard a loud noise in my room and turned on my light to see what had happened. To my surprise, the shelf we had just put up had fallen again and the dragon statue was, yet again, on the ground, a few more pieces broken off. The angel statue was on the ground this time and the friend quote picture was on my dresser, but they both were not harmed. My frog statue hadn’t moved. I pick everything up and put it on my dresser, ignoring the fallen shelf for now. I laugh again at the fact of all this happening and we fix the fallen shelf once again, the same exact way we had before. I grabbed my St. Michael the Archangel statue we had on the mantle in the living room and put it on the shelf, replacing the dragon. I had placed the dragon statue on the dresser, out of reach from the shelf. It never fell again.

Not long after that, I saw a young lady just walking in my room, looking around. No harm, no foul (Even though I had a strong feeling she was the one who had a grudge against my dragon statue). Now, being the teenage girl that I am, I stay up late. A month after I saw the young lady looking around my room, just about every night, around 2 or 3 am, she sits by my feet or right beside me and she just watches me. It didn’t take long for me to get used to it, she never did harm and didn’t feel like a threat, so I didn’t think much of it. But this morning when I woke up, from yet another nightmare, I realized… every night she watches me, I have a nightmare. Not the same nightmare or even the same type of nightmare.

Before I realized this out, I thought I had some sort of problem that was causing the nightmares. I now know that I do, but not the kind of problem I was expecting. I want to get rid of her, my sleep has been way out of whack because of the nightmares and I’m afraid to sleep. I already have Holy Water in my room from a former experience I’d rather not share, so I don’t believe she’s evil. I don’t think she’s trying to share anything with me either, since the dreams are of no similarity and the places are recognizable. Maybe she’s envious or she loves the energy I give off when frightened. If it’s Emily, I’ll give the dresser back if she wants. If it’s not (which is a possibility, we live near a graveyard) than… ‘welcome to my home’ is all I can think of and I will learn to get used to the nightmares.

Sent in by Sammy E.Clement, Copyright 2011

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Tags: Dreams, Nightmares

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8 Responses to “The Watcher and My Nightmares”
  1. Adhinferno says:

    Why don’t you try to communicate with her? Maybe she will tell you her problem, especially why she is haunting you. I ever try this when 5 spirits in my house disturb my family. After I know what they want, now I can live peacefully with them. Not all of them, since some of them are bad, so they are exorcised by a spiritualist. Now, they are just only 1 to 3 spirits in my house.

    • alastair says:

      thats probably still 1 – 3 spirits too many.

      • Adhinferno says:

        Huh? ==’ Too many? I don’t think so. Since in our country, living with the spirits is “normal”. You know? Some of them (Usually Familiars and Genies) even traded in market just like some kind of pet for helping people achieve their goals. It’s not strange for someone to have 1 to 10 spirits as their servant(s). But, for me, they are my friends.

  2. alastair says:

    hmm, sounds like some type of spirit has found you. did the shelf start to break just after you first got the dresser? this would almost be complete proof that the dresser has something to do with the ghostly lady. maybe you could go to the owner of the shop the dresser came from and ask them if they know anything about the dresser’s history? the spirit doesn’t seem to be malovent in any way, except for the nightmares and the dragon statue. the dragon itself is interesting. it might have once been a charm against evil spirits in the past or something similar. anyway, there is a chance that if the spirit IS emily, then she could have died from lack of sleep – there are thousands of reports of entities returning and killing people in the same way that they died, usually in the same spot [do you know of an emily in your family history? or any wierd deaths in your house's past?].

    do you ever remember the nightmares? are they all random, with no connections at all? if you can, please describe some of them. it could be inportant.

  3. Carri says:

    I would try to put on a cross for protection. leave a light on maybe if you are scared. go to church it may make the spirit stop haunting you.

  4. Adhinferno says:

    And ask the Priest to cleanse your house with Holy Water. Or, if it becomes really annoying, call Paranormal and get rid of her.

  5. jen says:

    maybe she was trying to communicate you….or to talk to you but no chance because your sleeping…………………………………….hmmm interesting story uhuh……

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