The Truth about Ouija Boards

Posted on September 19, 2009


Do you believe Ouija boards are evil? Should they be banned from the general public? A history and belief have been told about them for generations. But there’s one problem – it’s a toy, made from cardboard and plastic. It is mass produced by Parker Brothers, the same people that makes Clue and Monopoly. Parker Bros. is a corporation like any other and have no discernable evil intentions. So why is there such a controversy about them in the paranormal and spiritual fields?

Let’s look back into the proposed history of the Ouija board. One belief that is said to be the forerunner to the Ouija board is Fuji. Fuji is the divination method in which Chinese characters are drawn in sand or incense ashes. But this is not Ouija, this is a form of spirit writing, with no board. Not Ouija. Another proposed precursor is, according to a Greek historical account of the philosopher Pythagoras, in 540 B.C. his group would conduct s�ances at “a mystic table, moving on wheels, moved towards signs, which the philosopher and his pupil, Philolaus, interpreted to the audience as being revelations supposedly from an unseen world.” The only problem is that there is no record of Pythagoras or his students actually performing this method, and Philolaus was never a pupil of Pythagoras and was in fact born roughly 25 years after his death.

Ouija Board

Ouija Board

In fact, the earliest form of the modern interpretation of the Ouija board can only be found in the late 1800′s, during the heyday of the Spiritual movement. During that time, planchette’s were widely sold as a novelty in which a pencil was usually attached, writing letters or other designs on paper to be later interpreted by a medium, for a decent pay of course. On May 28th, 1890, businessman, lawyer and inventor, Elija Bond filed for a patent for the first planchette sold with a board on which the alphabet was printed, simply calling it the Talking Board. In 1901, William Fuld, an employee at Kennerd, took over the talking board production, calling it the “Ouija Board” for the first time. After his death, Fuld’s estate sold the entire business to Parker Brothers. So, it is not an ancient invention.

As mentioned earlier, the Ouija board was created during the heyday of the Spiritualist movement, let’s look at this. Spiritualism is a belief system that lasted from the 1840s to the 1920s with as many as eight million followers in the United States and Europe in 1897. Spiritualists believe in communicating with the spirits of the deceased. They believe that spirits are capable of growth and perfection, progressing through higher spheres or planes. They claim that spirit mediums are gifted people who can communicate with the dead and provide knowledge about moral and ethical issues, as well as about God and the afterlife.

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini

One of the most well known aspects of this time is the vast number of fraudulent mediums. One of the most well known skeptics of the� psychics and mediums of the day was Harry Houdini. His training in magic allowed him to expose frauds who had successfully fooled many scientists and academics. He offered a cash prize to any medium who could successfully demonstrate supernatural abilities. None were able to do so. This search for the truth ended his long time friendship with Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who was a firm believer in Spiritualism. His final opinion on the matter was “Up to the present time everything that I have investigated has been the result of deluded brains.” the time, purpose, and circumstances of the Ouija boards creation were extremely dubious.

Using the Ouija Board

Using the Ouija Board

Now on to the act of the Ouija board itself. One very easy explanation is that a fully conscious person is controlling it under their own power. If you really think about it, this is extremely plausible since it is mostly considered a toy by the general public. Another explanation is a subconscious behavior called the Ideomotor Effect. The Ideomotor Effect is a phenomenon where someone makes motions unconsciously. Harvard physician-turned-psychologist William James describes it as “Wherever a movement unhesitatingly and immediately follows upon the idea of it, we have ideomotor action. We are then aware of nothing between the conception and the execution. All sorts of neuromuscular responses come between, of course, but we know absolutely nothing of them. We think the act, and it is done; and that is all that introspection tells us of the matter.” The same article that this quote is from goes on to say “Modern brain researchers have produced data and theory that help explain how quasi-independent modules in the brain can initiate motor movements without necessarily engaging the “executive module” that is responsible for our sense of self-awareness and volition.”

With that in mind, I’d like to tell you a fascinating, true, story. In late 1972, an experiment was conducted by the Toronto Society for Psychical Research. They wanted to see if they could create a ghost. They assembled a group of eight people, known as the Owen group, named after it’s originator Dr. A.R.G. Owen. It consisted of Dr. Owen’s wife, a woman who was the former chairperson of MENSA, an industrial designer, an accountant, a housewife, a bookkeeper and a sociology student. The group was tasked with creating a fictional character. Together, they created a name and complete background to the character “Philip Aylesford”.

Their detailed biography of “Philip” is as follows.

“Philip was an aristocratic Englishman, living in the middle 1600s at the time of Oliver Cromwell. He had been a supporter of the King, and was a Catholic. He was married to a beautiful but cold and frigid wife, Dorothea, the daughter of a neighboring nobleman.

One day when out riding on the boundaries of his estates Philip came across a gypsy encampment and saw there a beautiful dark-eyed girl raven-haired gypsy girl, Margo, and fell instantly in love with her. He brought her back secretly to live in the gatehouse, near the stables of Diddington Manor – his family home.

For some time he kept his love-nest secret, but eventually Dorothea, realizing he was keeping someone else there, found Margo, and accused her of witchcraft and stealing her husband. Philip was too scared of losing his reputation and his possessions to protest at the trial of Margo, and she was convicted of witchcraft and burned at the stake.

Philip was subsequently stricken with remorse that he had not tried to defend Margo and used to pace the battlements of Diddington in despair. Finally, one morning his body was found at the bottom of the battlements, whence he had cast himself in a fit of agony and remorse.”

They even went so far as to enlist an artist to sketch a portrait of him.

They would then have informal meetings to discuss Philip and his life, and meditate. This went on for a year with no results. Changing course, they decided to change the decor to be more like the atmosphere of a classic spiritualist s�ance. This change seemed to work because they soon after received “communication” from Philip. Starting with rapping on the walls and even going as far to have lights flicker and tables levitating. It was so successful that they decided to try it again with a completely different group of people and a new fictional character. They soon got the same results and the same happened for an Australian group as well. Mind you, these “ghosts” were completely fictional, created in the participants minds.

Looking back, the history of the Ouija board is very recent and has strong connections to questionable beliefs, it was created as toys and novelty items, that along with the strong evidence toward it being a subconscious act, it is extremely questionable that it is actually supernatural. The definition for Supernatural is “of, pertaining to, or being above or beyond what is natural; unexplainable by natural law or phenomena; abnormal.” So, basically, even if there’s a small chance that it can be explained as a normal and misunderstood object, chances are that it’s not supernatural at all.

Even if you still believe that it’s powers are true, you should know that most Spiritualist believe it to be just a tool that brings the ghosts or demons into this world. In other words, you channel your beliefs through it. It is an object that keeps you concentrated on the thought of spirits. So, technically, anything, be it a drinking glass, flashlight, spoon or car keys, can conjure spirits as long as you concentrate enough on it.

So, in conclusion, it is just a mass produced collection of cardboard and plastic. It’s what you do with it that matters.

Written by “Bracket”, Copyright 2009

More about “Philip”

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98 Responses to “The Truth about Ouija Boards”
  1. jennieboo says:

    Bracket thank you so much for writting this article i found it to be very imformative and insightful. I do have a qeustion for you though do you belive this board should be banned from the market?Do you belive that this board of plastic and cardboard really works? Now personally i dont belive this board should be banned that would be going to far and i can’t imagine congress passing a bill to ban this board atleast not with a straight face! LoL. I know this is silly call it superstition but i wouldn’t mess with an Ouija board myself.I belive the mind and the things we belive with are minds can be a very powerful thing. For example if somone puts it into thier head that something bad is going to happen and then it does. i wonder if these boards are dangerous or is it just the people useing them that are inviting danger spirets ect into their homes and lives the ones that are actualy dangerous.

  2. bracket says:


    That’s basically why i wrote this article. I believe there are many superstitious beliefs about it, so in saying that- no, i don’t think it should be banned. I’m not sure what to think about it but like i said…

    “Even if you still believe that it�s powers are true, you should know that most Spiritualist believe it to be just a tool that brings the ghosts or demons into this world. In other words, you channel your beliefs through it. It is an object that keeps you concentrated on the thought of spirits. So, technically, anything, be it a drinking glass, flashlight, spoon or car keys, can conjure spirits as long as you concentrate enough on it.”

    So, basically, if it does what they say it does, technically, anything else can do the same thing. So if you think about it, it doesn’t really matter if it’s banned or not, it’ll happen either way.

  3. Karen M. says:

    I’m not sure if they work, I have heard sevral stories on this site about them “people claiming to have invited or been attacked by demons, but everytime I tried to “play” one NOTHING ever happend, when I say nothing, I mean the “planchette” didn’t even move.

  4. eyepriestess says:

    Well, good article, but people who have had genuine supernatural experiences wouldn’t be too pleased about being thought of as ‘delusional’.

    I have had proof that this works, when i played a home made ouija in a hotel with witnesses, the glass was spelling out things we could never have in our subconscious, such as a man’s surname who we had never met and was in the room. Plus, if you saw the way the glass was moving you would have been shocked, since the two of us had no pressure on the glass with just the tips of our nails touching the glass. At one point the glass was making a figure of eight shape over and over, try doing that by pushing a wine glass on a wooden table, which was quite sticky from the night time drinks. If you try this out, you will see it is impossible. I would say the shape was made about 3 or 4 times. Then at the end of the game, whatever was making the glass move, seemed to have become annoyed by us and started smashing into the scrabble letters we were using as a circular alphabet, sending them flying off the table.

    What i told you above is completely true before God. There is no exagerration and i was extremely shocked that i had witnessed all this, i was a total skeptic before, but i would not have questioned people’s mental state as i was curious, even if i was skeptical.

    Also, i know the author of a book called, ‘dead happy’ in which a group of business men and women gather each week and have done so for over 20 years in order to help lost souls pass on to the other side. They use table tapping rather than the ouija board.

    The guy who wrote the book, self published it after he witnessed his friends doing this when he was continually asked to join them. He is a well respected businessman who would never be considered delusional and I can tell you one of the most intelligent men i have spoken too. Why would they all waste their time every week for 20 years if something wasn’t definately taking place? I doubt very much that they would trapess round to someone’s house to do this every week if they had any doubts.

    By the way, the author of this self published book, Lance Trendall, has made no profits on the book. He could not get a publisher to print it, so he self published it, but had no time to market it properly. His purpose was to tell this remarkable story.

    Just because you cannot seem to prove to skeptics that these so called toys work, doesn’t mean they don’t. I believe there is a some reason why we cannot prove the paranormal on demand.

    Does anyone honestly believe that well respected people such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Winston Churchill (he was a great believer in the supernatural) are just delusional, they must have seen something with their own eyes which made them be so adament about their beliefs.

  5. eyepriestess says:

    I would like to add that after I played with the ouija board i had realised that what comes over to you is not what many people believe to be long lost relatives, but evil forces as I found out some time later.

    Here is an exerpt from a very good site which warns of spirit communication:

    “God has given us strong warnings in the Bible on the topic of whether or not we should attempt to contact the dead or other spirits (i.e. angels, saints, deceased family members or friends, etc). That includes deceased relatives, friends or anyone else including “saints” and the Virgin Mary. God clearly tells us that it is not possible for us to contact our deceased loved ones, and that there are great spiritual dangers lurking for those who attempt to do so.”

    The author of the site goes on to give examples from the Bible and clearly states that people who contact the dead are being tricked into believing this, what they are in contact with is demonic forces.

  6. HORA says:

    Hi,ouija basic is a toy,but is true if you put your mind in that is will work,only a problem you don”t what you get,normal espirit or a evil.Afer very long time ago for play games I encounter a evil front to from in my face,sure I don’t see him,but is was won destroy me and my friend.A only witness is now dead.After that no way I don’t won play with evil no more.WE intention is get a flavor for evil on nothing to axchange,basic for free.You not believe is normal but a lot of peoples believe.One thing more ouija is can open a door for espirit and bad espirit is can enter in your body.

  7. Karen M. says:

    How exactly does this “game” attract spirits, that I don’t understand, like I said nothing ever happend when I used one! EP, you’re right remember when we were talking about the movie the exorcist and her playing the ouija and contacting the captain howdy guy!!!!

  8. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    We were told that it isn’t necessarily the game itself, it’s the people using it. That the game is just a tool. That’s why you can make your own Ouija board out of paper and a glass.

  9. HORA says:

    To Karen M,let me explain,Is two separate part in human mind,one if you not believe,and second if you strong believe.If you not believe in devil who is real you never will see him or feel him.But if you are very ferviente beliver if will different.Who many peoples in a word get cure for faith?”IF YOU HAVE A STRONG FAITH AND SAID MONTAIN COME TO ME IS WILL HAPPENIG”faith is all energy.I said before I battle with evil,sure not see ,but everithing is start moving alike some one become crazy and start broking every thing.I was inside circle.where he was can’t touch me and my friend,a book is was warming,ig we go outside circle a evil was destroy me and my friend.What we can’t see is not who that is very real.Espirit we can’t see,only if will die.Sorry how I writing,be free ask me any thing you won.Thank.HORA M

  10. eyepriestess says:

    People who use Ouija boards, or conduct s�ances without protection are sitting targets for psychic attacks, with a huge risk of attracting dangerous – �non-human� energies, such as demons. It is believed that a demon�s ultimate goal is to free itself from its miserable existence and to enter into ours – through any means possible.

    Karen, here is how it works if you are in the RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME:

    A Ouija board acts like a beacon of light, which reaches astral dimensions – once a game is in progress. This then becomes a portal of access for anything to come �unintentionally� invited into our existence. Once in, this energy will attach itself to the most vulnerable person playing the game�usually the most naive to the Ouija�s capabilities.

    The Ouija board is one of the most dangerous occult games to �play� and has caused many people to encounter horrendous paranormal occurrences

    I’ll send some more info on Roland Doe Karen

  11. eyepriestess says:

    As regards the case of Roland Doe who was the young boy who inspired the film ‘The Exorcist’ to be written after he messed around with a ouija board and eventually became possessed by demons. This is a true story (the film was highly exagerated and the main character was a young girl as we all know). After Roland Doe’s final exorcism, the Catholic Church has a filed dossier which states that the possession of Roland Doe was �genuine� with forty one signatures of witnesses to the events.

  12. HORA says:

    Please to who not believe respect any opinion.Spirit and evil is very real,believe or not.No one must play with a fire,and later paid a price.

  13. Karen M. says:

    OK To Hora, if I don’t believe in the devil, I will never see him? I’m Catholic and therefore believe the devil is there, I chose to ignore him, I don’t understand the part about not believing though! My Mom always said “if you believe in God nothing can hurt you”

  14. eyepriestess says:

    Karen and Hora,

    you are so right, i believe that when you believe truly in God, nothing supernatural that is evil can hurt you

  15. bracket says:


    “People who use Ouija boards, or conduct s�ances without protection are sitting targets for psychic attacks, with a huge risk of attracting dangerous � �non-human� energies, such as demons. It is believed that a demon�s ultimate goal is to free itself from its miserable existence and to enter into ours � through any means possible.

    A Ouija board acts like a beacon of light, which reaches astral dimensions � once a game is in progress. This then becomes a portal of access for anything to come �unintentionally� invited into our existence. Once in, this energy will attach itself to the most vulnerable person playing the game�usually the most naive to the Ouija�s capabilities.

    The Ouija board is one of the most dangerous occult games to �play� and has caused many people to encounter horrendous paranormal occurrences”

    Do you have any real evidence of that, what-so-ever? Because if you bring up stories about Ouija board experiences, many of them can be explained by my article. If you think about it, like i said in the article, “The definition for Supernatural is ‘of, pertaining to, or being above or beyond what is natural; unexplainable by natural law or phenomena; abnormal.’�.Now, “being above or beyond what is natural” obviously means “the unknown”, so if it’s so easy to communicate with the dead, how can it be unknown? Not to mention the word “abnormal” being in there, how is regular communication with the dead abnormal? The most damning evidence is that it’s creator had nothing to do with the supernatural. It wasn’t created by a psychic, yogi, priest, witch or, necromancer but a lawyer, to make a quick buck, during a time when communication with the dead was very profitable. It’s not even an ancient creation, it’s a little over one hundred years old.

    Also, Roland Doe being possessed by demons because he used a Ouija board is a myth. It was determined by the church by a second investigation that he never used one in his life, his family refused it.


    “Please to who not believe respect any opinion.Spirit and evil is very real,believe or not.No one must play with a fire,and later paid a price.”

    There’s no real evidence of that either. It’s all conjecture, there’s no real way to know that. That is ideas brought forward by people trying to make sense out of the unknown.

  16. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, I never saw any second investigation, everyone said that it was the ouija board that his aunt gave him!

  17. eyepriestess says:

    Bracket, where did you find that info about Roland Doe? could you give me a link please? I have studied with a friend of mine Wayne Ridsdel, the Jesuit priests diaries in detail.

  18. eyepriestess says:

    I know how old the ouija board is Bracket, i know all about it, but spirit communication has been going on for thousands of years, the ouija board was invented, yes to make a quick buck, but the reason it made a quick buck was because it enabled easy communication, that’s why it sold so well.

  19. eyepriestess says:


    there is only one way to fnd out if the ouija board works and that is to find out for yourself, but i wouldn’t advise it. Have you ever used one? If so, what happened?

    Also, do you really think that everyone who has told their story of ouija boards is making it up? Scary and I have, to name two, we have both witnessed it working.

  20. HORA says:

    You ritgh ,believe strong in god is protect over evil,but evil are ready to attact more a peoples who believe God,but good is only we protection.Manteint you faith in good,good is will be with you all a times,invoke good when you feel bad.Only a power for God is can repel evil.
    I wish God bless you and your family and protect all.To all God blessing all and protect.

  21. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    I’ve read that too! And if I’m correct the aunt passed away so when all this stuff first started happening, the family believed it was the aunt’s spirit causing the paranormal happenings,

  22. eyepriestess says:

    Below is some info on the idomotor effect:

    “Skeptics say that the Ouija moves due to the �ideomotor effect� (sometimes called �automatism�). The ideomotor effect refers to the involuntary and unconscious motor behavior of a person. The term �ideomotor action� was coined by William Carpenter in 1882 in his explanation for the movements of dowsing rods and pendulums by dowsers, table turning by spirit mediums and, of course, the movement of pointers on Ouija boards.

    Carpenter argued that muscular movement can be initiated by the mind independently of volition or emotions. We may not be aware of it, but suggestions can be made to the mind by others or by observations. Those suggestions can influence the mind and affect motor behavior. What is purely physiological, however, appears to some to be paranormal.

    The skeptical explanation does not, however, account for predictive events and other phenomena sometimes associated with the Ouija.”

    David, i’ll get the link when i can find it.

  23. eyepriestess says:

    Here’s some evidence Bracket, have you heard of the ‘Scole Report’?

    “The Scole Report is the paper posted at the conclusion of an investigation, occasionally known as the Scole experiment, into mediumship and the afterlife. It was conducted between 1993 and 1998 in the village of Scole in Norfolk, England. In the course of these five years, more than 500 experiments were carried out, involving discarnate beings and materialization phenomena.[citation needed] The researchers involved were, among others, Prof. David Fontana, Prof. Arthur Ellison and Montague Keen, while Robin and Sandra Foy, and Alan and Diana Bennett served as mediums.

    The experiments were repeated in the United States, Ireland and Spain.[citation needed] In the United States scientists from NASA, the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the University of Stanford took part.

    According to the published reports (see bibliography) persons whom the researchers could touch with their hands materialized, as did some fifty material objects of paranormal origin known as apports (such as, among others, an obsolete coin and a newspaper from the year 1944), the s�ance room having been searched beforehand to foreclose any trickery. Luminous spheres that flew around the room in an apparently intelligent manner were also observed, reacting to requests of those present, followed by trails of light and displaying patterns of movement. These were also able to pass through solid objects. Levitation phenomena were observed, and voices that were able to answer those present, giving personal information in order to demonstrate their authenticity, were heard. The phenomena were recorded on tape, photographed, and filmed.

    James Webster, a professional magician with 40 years of experience investigating paranormal phenomena came to the following conclusion: “I was unable to discover any sign of fraud, and it seems to me that fraud couldn’t have been possible, both because of the type of phenomena observed and by the conditions in which they came about.”

    I’ll get the link to this, brb

    The above is from Wikipedia (Wikipedia for the above comment, not the comment on the ideometer, i can�t find that yet.)

  24. D.R. says:

    Bracket, once again you have given a strong and knowledgeable argument. I think it makes a lot of sense. I believe the mind is capable of way more than we know and that the reason we only use a portion of it is because we are not yet capable of handling its full potential.
    However, I do not believe the “mind over matter” theory is the only theory.

    EP said “Just because you cannot seem to prove to skeptics that these so called toys work, doesn�t mean they don�t. I believe there is a some reason why we cannot prove the paranormal on demand.”
    I know what my kids and I have experienced and although I can not explain why or how these things happened, I am certain we did not subconsciously create them. We have never used a Ouija board, but my son did call a spirit with salt and sunflower seeds. ( Read: // ). You are right when you say anything can be used to conjure a spirit if you concentrate enough. Whether it be a board, salt or even the imagination.
    Thank you so much for that info, Bracket.

  25. HORA says:

    Yes eyepriestess,orb are very common,some said is energy,I don’t sure.Very long time ago or better young and over 40 years ago,when I was visiting my father and mother in law in a farm,In nigth only over a distant I was see a big orb floating and moving color alike red but real I no have any idea what was.Also a many history was said,alike peoples is was see a big dog around,attack horse,cow,ect,when was call a police try locate,and when locate a dog escape,some is was shoot,and a dog enter is a house who no one was live.Poloce is was wait,and when don’t see adog enter in a house a found a man dead with shooting mark.No one is won can explain whtat is happening,but a many is said is was peoples who study a black magic.Well there I was not put to much interest,I was young.What are true or not I don’t.Is mistery,any country have a own story.What do thing about orb is?Thank.

  26. HORA says:

    Karem,some come to my brain,I remember when my father in law die,my exwife said she was have a dream talk with him,hr later die and in different country,he said I was die and come here for said bye and I love you..Hours later get a phone call for her sister and said pa is was die,but before she was ignore her father is was die.When her mother die is was some alike dream.I don’ what thing.When my father die hs,before I said pa i will back,but he call my kiss my and said care your wife.around two hr late when I back he was dead.He was now for sure he was die and don’t see again?Also my mother was in another room talk and a little dog come and call a attention from my mother,like call her,she thing my father some need,and go see but he was dead,alike a dog know when he die and report to my mother.
    Every thing can happenig and posible but is in every one believe or not.My name are Horace

  27. Karen M. says:

    Hora, I too believe that anything is possible, it sound as if your ex wife is phycic to a certain level. I too have had some dreams that have come true the next day or two days later! There are lot’s of things out there that have no explination. Can I ask you where you’re from?

    DarStarr, yes that�s what they say that it was thought that the aunt who gave him the board was tormenting him!


    Btw, Roland Doe lives a normal life today and has a family!

  28. HORA says:

    Oh sure Karem,My mother and father was Ukranian,go to Argentina where I was born.My only sister,we are two only,inmigrate with a husband and a little girl to Canada.And after my father die,My mother go to Canada and later get married again and come to USA,Cleveland,OH,Later I inmigrate legal to usa Cleveland with wife and son,he was two years old,now 32,My girl born lest of two months later,now 30 old and also I have one grandson.I spoke Ukranian,Spanish and for sure English.I use English every day,no Spanish,I am american citizen and here are English only.I am 61 senior now divorce and single,but I am white latino,peoples is was surprice when I was said I latino.I not considered latino.After I was become usa citizen my mind is change 100%,who I thing too.I am perfect gringo alike you,thing and ideas alike you,and I hate ilegal inmigration in especial Mexican,I know how Mex thing.I was leave in Mex for two years,I was carry american flag in a front all a times.I love Usa and we peoples.One little secret,never I was going to school,all I was learn for my self,writing writhin,read and talk.
    Many years ago I was get two stroke,and let me bad.You see my friend if I not writing well you can understand me.I use writing,in English not Spanish.If you won more info from me please be free and ask.God bless you.Sorry for some mistake in writing.

  29. eyepriestess says:

    Karen and DarStarr,

    the Doe’s didn’t want any publicity after the exorcism and the priest urged the filmakers to leave them alone.


    how high up was the orb you saw and what colour was it?

    I too was wondering where you are from, if you don’t mind us asking :) . Can i guess at Mexico?


    i just tried to read your story but the page could not be found. :(

  30. Caretaker says:

    eyepriestess – there was a problem with the “)” trying to be part of the url. Here is her story – //

  31. Karen M. says:


    Wow sounds like you’ve had an interesting life! I think people consider you latino because you grew up in Argentina, but me knowing that you’re from the Ukraine, I wouln’t think that. My great-grandparents immigrated to the U.S. from Poland, but they’re not sure cause his birth certificate said he was born in Austria. I remember him when I was little and although he had spent many years in the U.S. at the end he couldn’t speak it no more. I’m American too, but I live in France.

    P.S I meant not sure about the being polish part as my madien name is Hungarian!

  32. Bleedme says:

    “The conventional history is wrong.

    The patent for a �Ouija or Egyptian luck-board� was filed on May 28, 1890 by Baltimore resident and patent attorney Elijah H. Bond, who assigned the rights to two city businessmen, Charles W. Kennard and William H.A. Maupin. The patent was granted on February 10, 1891, and so was born the Ouija-brand talking board.

    The first patent reveals a familiarly oblong board, with the alphabet running in double rows across the top, and numbers in a single row along the bottom. The sun and moon, marked respectively by the words �yes� and �no,� adorn the upper left and right corners, while the words �Good bye� appear at the bottom center. Later on, instructions and the illustrations accompanying them, prescribed an expressly social – even flirtatious – experience: Two parties, preferably a man and woman, were to balance the board between them on their knees, placing their fingers lightly upon the planchette. (“It draws the two people using it into close companionship and weaves about them a feeling of mysterious isolation,” the box read.) In an age of buttoned-up morals, it was a tempting dalliance.

    True Origins

    The Kennard Novelty Company of Baltimore employed a teenaged varnisher who helped run shop operations, and this was William Fuld. By 1892, however, Charles W. Kennard�s partners removed him from the company amid financial disputes and a new patent � this time for an improved pointer, or planchette � was filed by a 19-year-old Fuld. In years to come, it was Fuld who would take over the company and affix his name to every board.

    Based on an account in a 1920 magazine article, inventor�s credit sometimes goes to an E.C. Reichie, alternately identified as a Maryland cabinetmaker or coffin maker. This theory was popularized by a defunct Baltimore business monthly called Warfield�s, which ran a richly detailed � and at points, one suspects, richly imagined � history of Ouija boards in 1990. The article opens with a misspelled E.C. �Reiche� as the board�s inventor, and calls him a coffin maker with an interest in the afterlife � a name and a claim that have been repeated and circulated ever since.

    Yet this figure appears virtually nowhere else in Ouija history, including on the first patent. His name came up during a period of patent litigation about thirty years after Ouija�s inception. A 1920 account in New York�s World Magazine � widely disseminated that year in the popular weekly The Literary Digest � reports that one of Ouija�s early investors told a judge that E.C. Reichie had invented the board. But no reference to an E.C. Reichie � be he a cabinetmaker or coffin maker � appears in the court transcript, according to Ouija historian and talking-board manufacturer Robert Murch.

    Ultimately, Reichie�s role, or whether there was a Reichie, may be moot, at least in terms of the board�s invention. Talking boards of a homemade variety were already a popular craze among Spiritualists by the mid-1880s. At his online Museum of Talking Boards, Ouija collector and chronicler Eugene Orlando posts an 1886 article from the New-York Daily Tribune (as reprinted that year in a Spiritualist monthly, The Carrier Dove) describing the breathless excitement around the new-fangled alphabet board and its message indicator. �I know of whole communities that are wild over the ‘talking board,’� says a man in the article. This was a full four years before the first Ouija patent was filed. Obviously Bond, Kennard, and their associates were capitalizing on an invention � not conceiving of one.

    And what of the name Ouija? Alternately pronounced wee-JA and wee-GEE, its origin may never be known. Kennard at one time claimed it was Egyptian for �good luck� (it�s not). Fuld later said it was simply a marriage of the French and German words for �yes.� One early investor claimed the board spelled out its own name. As with other aspects of Ouija history, the board seems determined to withhold a few secrets of its own.”


  33. Karen M. says:

    I thought I read somewhere that the William Fuld guy commited suicicde??

  34. eyepriestess says:


    some thought he did, but it was just presumed. Fuld was leaning against a railing on the top of the Baltimore building where his factory was located and the railing gave way.

    He died on the way to hospital when a broken rib pierced his heart.

  35. eyepriestess says:


    Fuld never took credit for being the inventor. In 1920 the company was believed to have made over �1m profit and Fuld was also credited as being his invention�a claim Fuld always denied.

  36. HORA says:

    Karem,sorry if you don’t understanding me,My father and Mother born in Ukraina,inmigrate in a second word to Argentina,my mther is was 18 at a time,get married with my father,in 1941 born my sister and in 1948 I born,in Europe count peoples for blood,my two parent are Ukranian fine I too.In America is for place and Europe I was Argentine citizen,now American citizen.You understand now?Take in contact.

  37. Karen M. says:


    I’m understanding you loud and clear it wasn’t a really a question about where you come from, as we’re all from somewhere! I read your comment and I know that you are a Ukranian raised in Argentina, I must add no offense at all as you have the same age as my father!

  38. HORA says: problem.only I know after oat from flag and later ger two stroke,my mind is change.All for me now are my home my peoples my life,USA only.Is hard understand but true.If you won more comment send my hmdog48 at .See I very big dog crazy lover.

  39. mama22bratz says:

    What many people fail to realize, as someone pointed out above, the Ouija Board is just a TOOL. It’s not like Parker Bros puts a little demon inside every box! : ) Anyone can open themselves up to evil by toying with even a home made device (wine glass on waxed table, paper plachette on cardboard etc). Also, It worries me that people are so ready to accept that the “spirit” they are talking to is Great-grandma Pearl or uncle Bob or whoever. Demons will pretend to be anyone you want.
    Which brings me to my next point about the “fake” ghost. Of course they were able to “conjure” him, because, most likely it was a demon telling them what they wanted to hear. Of course they could have just been crazy too! HeHe!
    Actually I think i accidentally invited something into my life by conversing with someone over the internet, but that is another story in itsself!

  40. eyepriestess says:

    Mama22, same here!

    Hope you don’t mind me asking but what happened Mamma22? do you mean some weird person or supernatural over the internet?

  41. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    very true, darstarr, its the person who uses it!!!!!

  42. DarStarr says:

    KTM, (I am shortening knowtomuch’s name!!! LOL)
    That is what we were told when we went to talk to the pastor from the psychic church. She said there will be people that there is just some connection and the board will work and others that it will not. When my friends and I used the board, that is exactely what happened. It wasn’t working for the longest time until my ex’s brother and I tried it, and i am not kidding you, that thing FLEW around the board and we actually had to catch up to it at times, so I KNEW he wasn’t moving it. It was funny because I was always close to my ex’s brother, we did in fact “connect” from the first time we met. I can’t explain it.

  43. mstrssdane says:

    hello to all,
    i have been reading all of your comments concerning spirit boards. true that the origins of the ouija board are realitively new, but its forerunners are as old as time. the modern day “board” is just the newest form. from the acient native american indians and the spirit walks, to the oracles of delphi, there have been many forms of contacting the spirit world(water gazing is the oldest form). these methods required that the person doing the contacting with the spirits be well trained with years of experience(shaman, witch doctors, just to name a few) in order to keep themselves safe from harm(please remeber that at one time we mocked people such as shamans and so forth as backwoods bumpkins. modern medicine and science now look to them for answers in solving some of our societies greatest medical issues). ouija places this ability in the hands of average people and does not require special training, and therefore opens them up to the possibilities of negative or demonic forces entering their lives.
    to state that this is not possible flies in the face of science(every action has an equal and opposite reaction. we have both positive and negative energies that control our universe and our daily lives. the universe expands out constantly, i believe shortly they will discover that the gravitational forces, from the now known to exist many black holes, is what keeps that outward motion in balance with the black holes inward graviatational pull.) to any extreme, there will be an equal and opposite extreme. so if there exist extreme good in the world, there will be extreme evil. there have been many people throughout history that have proven this point.
    to state that the boards movement is based upon unconcious movement is subjective to the individuals participating. yes you can get a group of people to create a ghost. all living things create an electrical fields(this has been proven in numerous ways both in and out of labs), and in a heighten state of anticipation may be able to “create” strange and unusual activity from that field. But that does not explain the hundreds of thousands of people in the world that experience unusual events in life that have not gone looking for “paranormal” experiences. nor do i believe anyone in there right mind would want to attrack demonic activity into their lives. most people that use the board are looking for information about the future, and i am sure that if it is the persons’ own subconcious movement causing the board to answer, then all futures would be happy go luck, as it is in our very own dna to survive at all cost when i comes down to the bottom line.
    as for the reasons that the board will work for some and not others, i am not certain of the reasons. some people may be more spiritually attractive to spirits than others due to that persons ablility to generate an ongoing flow of energy for the contacting spirit to draw from(hypothetical of course). we have all that person in our lives that never seems to tire and can do a million things at once. then we have that other friend that is a couch potato and doesn’t even want to move to get the remote that is on the coffe table in front of them. have you ever noticed the difference in the energy you feel around the two different friends. one gives you energy, the other saps it right out of you. according to many “paranormal researchers”, this is very true when it comes to the spirit world and the areas that paranormal activity seems to appear. “intelligent” haunting cases seem to choose families over couples. there is more energy to pull from for manifestations. in demonic cases, there is also a high level of energy, but this energy is normally generated by fear and terror(like feeds like. positive to positive, negative to negative)that surround a family so it can feed upon it. but as i stated, it is just a guess.
    science is constantly changing what it states is the “truth”, or “fact”. what we know as fact today can quickly change tomorrow. since the begining of man, we have had that gut instinct that tells us there is something else more than just physical facts. man, until the age of science, knew to trust those gut feelings. by doing so they survived for thousands of years. scince the age of science, we have learned to dull those feelings and in the process, have exposed ourselves to an ever expanding uncertain future.
    i have studied different areas of the occult for many years, and this i have learned. that playing with any form of occultic powers is alot like playing with explosives. you had better know what you are doing when you step over that invisible line or it may just blow up in your face.

  44. mama22bratz says:


    Actually i was looking for a good scary story site at the time! It was almost ten years ago and i found a site that wanted all kinds of info about me before I could subscribe to it. Well that sent up red flags like crazy, so i e-mailed the owner and asked about his site and his beliefs and he apparently took offense, he scared me so badly that i quit answering his e-mails! Any way, shortly after that i started seeing shadows and feeling a very evil feeling presence (I know about these things because as a teenager i had a boyfriend that was demon possessed (yeah, seriously , but THAT iS another story and a LONG one!) then I had a horrible sleep paralysis incedent while in the recliner late one night while my infant son slept on my chest! I heard an awful growling and tried to call for my husband but could’nt make a sound, it was terrifying, knowing my son was there and this thing was attacking us! Anyway, after i could move again I demanded in the name of JESUS that the evil spirit leave and not return. It worked. I still have weird things that happen but nothing evil.

  45. HORA says:

    Yes I was here but no time for reply.About a ball no idea because is was in outside of farm and to long distance,I no distance how big or how far for a groung,many peoples said see,but is said to some one try a found and not ever come back.Real I don’t what is true or not.I like see in travel channel a Most haunted,is but I prefer for all,alike tonigh I will watch.maybe another reason is because is from England and I love how talk England peoples.I feel England alike american,but see that long time ago Argentina won figth England in a south for a Island,many peoples is was hat but no me.England for me is mistery country with castles and old history.I like England.Also no problem Karem.See today I was send a email to my daugther,and automatic start writ in English why I don’t,another I was wait a bus and one young man start talk in a Spanish,fast I said I homos not use Spanish,and a guy understant some different in her brain.See all my brain is moving doing in English only.See I am to crazy,gato loco en la cabeza,cat crazy in the head.Thank you.

  46. eyepriestess says:


    OMG that must have freaked you out so much, you poor thing, so sorry to hear that!!!

    Seriously though, just pray and ask for those people and their evil to be taken away from you.

    I will pray for you right now! Let us know how you get on and we can help you further if you like. x

  47. Karen M. says:

    I want to know why it doesn’t work for me? Maybe demons are afraid of me…….LOL!

    P.S. My very great friend (he has since passed on) and I bought one from parker brothers, like everyone is talking about, and nothing happened and we tried it several times. He was from Palestine and a very devout in Islam religion!

  48. Karen M. says:

    Hora, I lost you on that one, when you said “I homos not use spanish”?

    I would like to add that if I think your statement means what it does, I have a very good friend who considers me like a �little sister� and I consider him like a �big brother�, who is HIV positive, and he is the owner of PROJECT LINK OF SOUTH FLORIDA, Please do not use that word like that again, I understand that you want to fit into american culture, but I think that you have been influenced by the wrong people! No offence, just telling it like it is!

  49. HORA says:

    Karem,is homos i alike said also.I am in american culture,is how I live every day,I don’t have bad influence.I is a very little contact with Latino peoples,include Portorrican,I no have friend I not trust so much a peoples,only I love some much are dogs.All my life I was alike now.All
    my way live I was have in my country I change 100% to american system.I rise my family,32 and 30 are my children,I divorce my wife and a second I will leace too,my view over woman is complete change,only my dog with me,no more women in my side.I like have friend peoples around me,talk,no drink,no drugnot go no where,I like be alone in a home with a children five dog now,and later only one.I happy in that way.Conect with peoples over internet I happy,after i will move no computer,no furniture nothing I must ger small apartament for me and leaving quiet and peace.Maybe by next years when I get my case desability,I will change something.

  50. allan says:

    i think theyre only evil if you dont know what your doing.people play around with them just for fun but they can be fun if you know how to do it correctly and safetly. if you gonna believe there evil and then go and do one your negative energy isnt going to help you.if your happy and dont fear and are confident youll get a good spirit.but if you play the game and have no respect and laugh and giggle to much and you go in with a lot of fear and lack of confidence then im afraid to say youll only get a bad spirit you get what you give. if your gonna use the ouija board then BE SURE to learn the history and preparations on it first. also when buying a board online or thats been used before make sure you know the history of the board.spirits attach them selves to the board so maybe theres a reason theyre selling the buying a nemesis on tuesday and iv done all my research and spoke to the confident it will go well and im looking forward to getting it thankyou for reading and take my advise if you gonna do a ouija be sure you know what your doing and DONT be negative

  51. HORA says:

    Allan I believe you are true,evil are any where,sure we can see,but is there,we can see but sense is there.If not invite him is not enter,in different way,we choose what are good or wrong,when choose wrong is there when invite a evil be with a person,in all my life I was note when have a evil in the side all in a life go good,choose a good every thing most a time not go good,evil yes help but in a end he own that person and destroy.See a case of Manson,he and evil is only one,send peoples to kill?.In a good way a faith are a most important key in a life,faith in good is give weapon to repel a evil,but only again a faith nothing more.Be positive in a we mind with faith are a good weapon again evil.I can said now I live with evil,a person are evil when talk,see my in a eyes,that for 8 years,how I was resist no idea,bvut I paid a big price,soon is will end,but a damage to my self is will be with me a rest of life.A evil never is will control me in no way and I not let him doing.

  52. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    ms.dane,,, that was very well put, i was going to leave a post, but you said it all….

  53. Caretaker says:

    I am really surprised that there hasnt been a lot more discussion on this one. I was browsing around and came across it again today.

    I think a Ouija Board is only cardboard and plastic in much the same way that a bible is only leather and paper. That is in themselves there is nothing inherently bad or good – but when it comes to their use and the ‘power’ we bestow upon them……

    A Ouija Board is a tool that can be used to somehow interact with some other dimension or plane regardless of what it may be manufactured of.

    I still say its an excellent article Bracket

  54. eyepriestess says:

    Bracket never did answer this: Bracket “�

    “Also, Roland Doe being possessed by demons because he used a Ouija board is a myth. It was determined by the church by a second investigation that he never used one in his life, his family refused it.”

    Where did you hear that and where are the links please Bracket?

  55. HORA says:

    Yes eyepriestess I agree with you,all is toy until we use with a mental power,that is real danger.

  56. DarStarr says:

    I would like to know also. I had read that they did play with a board. That he and his Aunt did and when she passed they felt it was her that was doing all this.
    I would love to know where it said he never touched one.

  57. Manik says:

    HORA YOU ARE SO RIGHT OUR MIND CONTROLS THE BOARD the working of the board is purely psychological not that the board is packed with one ghost as some one mentioned earlier

  58. eyepriestess says:

    Our minds do not control the board, not in my case anyway, how did my friend and i know someone’s surname the board spelt out, who we’d never met before and was there with us? This guy was in total shock at that. Plus, you had to be there to see it, it was very paranormal!

  59. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    all i know about the board is: i did play with it as a teenager. I have no clue what we asked it now, but i do remember asking it questions, at first it was answering, and spelling out things, then it seemed to get mad and started saying terrible things.. we figured, somehow, we had conjured up a bad spirit.. i have no clue on how it works!!!

    We also had seances as kids, with candles, and we chanted, it was all in fun and silliness, but, wierd things did happen.. after a while we became afraid to do any of it….

    We had no clue what we where doing, our parents even thought it was all in silly fun. Just something spooky to do, and harmless. Of course when we told them of what would happen, they would just laugh and say,, you see,, now you have each other all afraid and your imaginations are running away with you… wow,,, did i hear that a lot as a kid…

    I didnt realize, untill i was older that what i was seeing, and hearing was real… and it still happens on a daily basis… the first time i remember paranormal activity is when i was 4, my mom also remembers how terrified i was….

    My daughter and her cousin played with the board, without my knowledge, some very scary things happened to them also,, in fact, my sis is law is the one who told me about her throwing the thing in the trash can….

    My opinion is, if you already have an insight to the paranormal, you could probably get some results with the board, but, i think they are uncontroled results…. opening a portal perhaps , to the unknown…… i think we could conjour up spirits just by asking!!!! we have to be careful what we do……


  60. eyepriestess says:

    DarStarr :) , yes according to reports from the Doe’s, it’s how Roland Doe’s troubles began through the use of the ouija board. It was his Aunt Tillie who introduced him to it.

    Knowtoomuch, was it you who said that at one time the ouija board kept making the figure of eight shape? That happened to us too over and over it kept doing the shape, It was after i asked if there was a God, and from then on it became aggressive.

  61. Manik says:


    For example Lets Say You Are scared of dark When you happen to be in
    the dark ur unconsciousness takes control then you may imagine some
    scary things (This is not the case when you ACTUALLY SEE REAL GHOSTS)
    Can you understand??? So The unconscious occurs when you indulge in
    some thing that your brain tells that its a scary thing any ways

  62. DarStarr says:

    You are too smart for your own good sweetie!!! ;)
    That happened to us too, when the spirit we were communicating with would grow agitated it would start making a figure 8!!!

  63. eyepriestess says:

    Hiya DarStarr sweetie :)

    Did it DarStarr? this us something that guarantees to get my heckles up when others say that about the figure of shape making – like there is some kind of malevelentness that is around all of us and that figure of eight means more than we could ever imagine. Ok people may say, it’s just a shape. Just try and make that shape by pushing a glass around a table a few times.

    What did you feel in yourself as it happened DarStarr?

  64. eyepriestess says:

    I remember feeling intense fear – but could not stop playing with the ouija. My friend scarpered off to bed after that name was being spelled out, but i was just too mesmorized to give up there and then. I should have though as the glass just wacked the scrabble letters off the table like they were vermin, and in a way you just couldn’t push it…it was very violent in its actions.

    This is probably why i ended up with the demon attack some time afterwards…i pushed my luck!

  65. DarStarr says:

    We were all actually really confused. It just kept flying around the board in the figure 8 shape. And this happened like 22 years ago! We finally figured we had ticked the spirit off and apologized and it stopped and began answering our questions again. It was really weird now that I think about it. At the time, we all thought it was sooo cool. NOT!

  66. Manik says:

    Yea at that time it would seem cool but you think of it now your spine tingles isn’t it darstarr

  67. DarStarr says:

    You are SOOO right! Sometimes it’s just NOT good to play with things you don’t understand!
    I guess all we can do in life is live and learn, right? :)

  68. eyepriestess says:

    Manik, yes you could say that :)

    DarStarr, ours was acting like that, but we must have really got its back up because ours didn’t calm down, we just got up from the table and left it alone. We never even cleaned the mess up and the staff got into trouble for playing the ouija the next day. The staff were told that a person stopping at the hotel had walked in on us whilst we were playing it and reported us all. They were going to play again that next night after my friend and i had left (we had to go home), but i doubt they’d have been allowed to, unless they did it anyway, even though they had been warned by management. I wonder if they did, i’d love to find the guy who’s name the ouija spelt out…GOSS…oh gosh spelling that out sent shivers down my spine just then!

    Did anything ever happen to you DarStarr after you played it?

  69. Manik says:

    Live and Learn Yea Right!!!
    I just want to share a quote with you all and to DARSTARR CAN ANY ONE TELL ITS REAL MEANING I AM CONFUSED

  70. DarStarr says:

    I got physically ill one night, right after we played it. It was like 2 in the morning and I woke up from a nightmare with intense stomach pains, sweats ect., after about 20 minutes it passed and I was fine.
    When we spoke to the pastor from the physic church, she looked at me and said, “you were ill, weren’t you?” and I about freaked. She said it was the entity trying to enter me, thankfully it didn’t.
    I hate to even think about that. Even now.
    Honey, that one confuses me! ;)

  71. eyepriestess says:

    I know you were talking to DarStarr Manik, but this is what the quote is: “I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, whose purposes are modeled after our own — a God, in short, who is but a reflection of human frailty. Neither can I believe that the individual survives the death of his body, although feeble souls harbor such thoughts through fear or ridiculous egotisms.”
    Albert Einstein

    That�s just his thoughts, doesn�t mean they are right.

  72. eyepriestess says:


    Yeah, sounds like you had an attempted possession like i did. Only mine was a physical attack whilst i was awake. We were both really lucky i think. I’d never play with one again, would you?

  73. DarStarr says:

    NO way honey!!! EVER!! I definately learned my lesson! I may be blond…but I’m not stupid!!! lol!
    So how have you been my friend?!?

  74. Madeleine says:

    This was a really interesting article. I had actually missed this one and had posted to another story concerning Ouija boards. I used them growing up as did my mom and her mother and never had anything bad happen. We never felt like we had contacted a demon, etc. we use it as a fortune telling tool and that is it. We never try to make contect with the deceased. I think if you use it responsibly it can be fun and is safe.

  75. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    hi everyone !!!!!!! eye,, for short, ha-ha, i dont ever remember the 8 shape, but you have to remember, this was over 35 years ago…. all i remember is,, the bad language it used as it talked to us,,, i must have been about 13…. we had stopped asking it any questions, it was talking to us now……oooooooo, sends shivers up my spine!!!!!!!

    hi manik and dar!!!!!!!

  76. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    oh!! i wanted to ask,, what is all of this about the 8 shape??? and what about the glass on the table?? man, am i way behind with posts!!! ktm

  77. eyepriestess says:

    Knowtomuch, i’d appreciate it if you would have a little respect for me and others who aren’t stupid. I used to feel like you and dis the paranormal, but i have had proof and i would very much ask you to respect that this is possible and you may get this happen to you and then what would you say?

  78. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    wait a minute!!! i am so sorry that you took that comment the wrong way!!! i am not dissing anything. i have lived with the paranomal my whole life….i was trully curious about the 8 shape….. ask darstarr and manic about me, i would never dis any of you!!!

    wow, i am just shocked!!!!!!!!!!! obviously you havent read many of my posts………. im sure you will be shocked when you understand where i am coming from…… ktm

  79. Manik says:

    Eye priestess don’t mistake her words you never know the character of a person by her texts. You don’t know about her we know Darstarr and me.
    SORRY if she had hurtled u or she didn’t pay attention to u sorry if the speech i am giving is bitter for u.

  80. DarStarr says:

    Believe me when I say Knowtomuch was not dissing you honey. She is a very understanding, caring person. That’s the problem sometimes when you write stuff down, it can be taken wrong. But EP, you are an awesome person too and I know you and KTM can repair this.
    I don’t want the people I care about being upset with each other, and I know Manik feels the same. :)
    HUGS and KISSES guys!!!

  81. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    ep, again, i apoligize!!!!!! i was just having a little joke about calling you (eye) for short… as Dar, has started calling me ktm, for short.. thats all…. and i have started calling her Dar for short…. i will be more careful how i put things in the future…..

    ep,,, i have been through a lot in my life, including the worst,,, when my daughter was murdered by her x boyfriend.. i confronted him first,, you will see part of the story under, ( what does lucifer look like) i will be posting the whole story soon,, its just very hard to do, as i have many illnesses now due to the stress of it all..

    ep,, many of us here, have become good friends, as we cant talk to others about our experiences,,,,, im sure we are all sick of being laughed at by others when we talk about the paranormal….. i would love you to be on my friendship list!!!!!! in fact,, i wonder if there is a way to do that????

    Dar and Manik,, do you have any ideas about a friend list????

    for the first time in my life, i feel comfortable talking about my life and the paranormal… sometimes, i just get a little giddy and silly, as it helps with the stress,, i am just so excited to be here!!!!

    i was going to visit with my mom today, but i was so upset last night that i could not sleep, and in turn stayed home today to make sure you understood… i would never hurt anyone, including you…..

    it takes a lot of my energy to post, thats why im not here every day, some days i just have to rest all day,, which totally sucks… i used to be very healthy anad fit and able to do many things.. my life now,,,, staying at home most of the time,,, some days, to tired to even take a shower..

    ep,, i dont want you to feel sorry for me at all,, i just want all of us to be able to talk about our expereinces, and life…….

    please let me know if i can ever help you in any way!!! i mean everything i say from my heart…… and,, i am a very honest person, maybe to a fault…

    hugs and kisses,,, to you!!!! and to manik and darr also

    what do you guys think about a friends list?? i have looked, but havent found anything�maybe caretaker will see this and he can help?? that would be nice..

    • Caretaker says:

      KNOWTOMUCH – We cant really have a firend list here on TGT. No one is required to login to read or post comments so there is no way for any sort of list to be maintained.
      We do have a forum and members can have a buddy list there, they are also able to send private messages to each other.

  82. DarStarr says:

    I know EP will understand. She is a wonderful person too!!
    I don’t know anything about friends lists, but it would be nice!!

  83. Karen M. says:


    EP is a great lady a good friend of mine, I know she just misunderstood what you said if you come over to talk paranormal I’m known as Isis and I would love to add you to my buddy list, I’ve been reading your stories and following your posts, but I feel that I’m not really capable of saying anything, as I can’t imagine the pain that you have been through!

  84. eyepriestess says:

    I apologise for that Knowtoomuch…again it is the internet communication thing :)

    Thankyou to my friends who saw what could have been seen as a miscommunication…love you all!

  85. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    hi Karen, i am a member of , talk paranormal, but, havent been there since january.. i was having a problem with the site.. i am back on there, but it will take me a while to learn it….. i would love to be on your buddy list. i did notice that darstarr has become a member, i have added her to my list. please,, do talk to me, no one will ever understand how i feel and what i have been through, that is why i am here.. i just feel like such an oddball, in the real world…..

    i look forward to learning more about the talk paranormal website,,,,, i have posted before, i even surprised myself……

    look forward to seeing all of you guys over there,,,, hugs,,,,,, ktm

  86. Kuva says:

    Yes it is only plastic and cardboard or wood, whatever, but it is still a tool. The way it is put together and written on and used makes it a tool, the power is in what it is and what you do with it. It shouldnt be used as a toy. Maybe the power is from you, maybe not, I dunno. I just find it silly that you would take an object that is proven to be dangerous object and say, “Oh it is just this and that put together.” I’m just like “No… it is what it is, we cannot tell where the power comes from; us or the object, maybe both.” Point is it’s made for contacting spirits and if you get one, use it or not, something terrible may happen. It is a tool for bringing forth spirits so something might happen. Ya never know… Maybe some people are more apt to have paranormal things happen therefor if someone not in tune with the paranormal may use one and experience nothing, and someone in tune or more perceptive to the paranormal may use one and have demons terrorise him/her. Hard to say, but I’ve pretty well never experienced anything paranormal, and I tried using a Ouija Board with friends as a kid once and we ended up bored. Ugh I smell burnt rubber, smokes coming outta my ears, you guys are making my brain burn out. lol God bless n take care. Kuva \|/

  87. Person with Common sense says:

    hello its fake you people really want something to believe in don’t you. have you looked at those pictures ooh its so scary a white dot at the top of a roof. i couldn’t have done that on photo shop. get a life people.

  88. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    hi, person with common sense!! have you ever encounted any type of ghosts or spirits??? and, welcome to the site, always good to see a new face…. ktm

  89. Priestess says:

    For starters. I AM NOT DELUSIONAL! You can think its cardboard and plastic all you want, but the FACT is that IT IS A PORTAL. Now tell me, these “movements” Do they occur when you are NOT TOUCHING THE PLANCHETTE? Because, we both removed our hands and the planchette was STILL MOVING. I know very well what happened and I did NOT MAKE IT UP. It actually happened and still does. Let me explain it to you this way, I have had to seek out master conjurer’s for certain spirits and had to get some for the protection of my family. I now have or will soon have 6 bound Djinn spirits for protection. Now you tell me i’m still delusional when I’ve had to seek out master conjurer’s and get some of their bound Djinn for protection. I have other spirits as well for protection and will soon be getting some other types of spirits to further the protection. So before you go spouting off about experiences being fake, that were delusional and that its just cardboard and plastic, think twice. These experiences are real. We came here to share our experiences NOT TO BE ATTACKED, RIDICULED, CALLED LIARS OR DELUSIONAL SUCH. How dare you. HYPOCRITE!

  90. Bracket says:


    How am i a hypocrite?

  91. TheresMoreThanWhatCanBeLinked says:

    You say that Ouija Boards are toys and yet you give evidence that they have been around in some form or other for a lot longer than they have been portrayed as toys. Also spiritualists are around today so it did not completely end in the 1920s. Just because it is considered a toy by the general public doesn’t make it one. It is a tool that people should only use if they are well informed and know how to properly protect themselves and others. Just because its your opinion it doesn’t mean its correct. Example many people refuse to believe that there is a huge universe outside of our solar system. There clearly is, thus making their opinion incorrect. No offense but people seem to always want the answers to everything refusing to accept the fact that you will never truly know.

    • Bracket says:

      Actually, i was disproving many of the myths about Ouija. People have claimed that those were older versions of it, but they weren’t and yes, Spiritualism is still around but the movement really ended in the 20′s. My intention of this article was to disprove myths and conceptions of the board, and if every belief about their background is untrue, how could it be real?

  92. davelucs says:

    hi guys,
    really interesting stuff. not sure which way i lean on the debate as i am
    such a novice.
    massive respect to all posters, so interesting.

  93. Anonymous says:

    If it’s not real…all in our mind, motor skills, blah, blah, blah. Why when someone that is not playing (finger not on planchette), asks a question the board can answer…and answer correctly??