The Offer From Satan

Posted on September 20, 2011

I was born into a family of division of which church is correct mostly on my mom’s side of the family was The reorganized Church of Jesus Christ the Latter Day Saints, in 1985 the church broke up and my dad and along with several members started a new organization called The Church of Jesus Christ the Lamb Of God. The basis of the Church was suppose to be about Jesus Christ and what The Bible The inspired Version (I was told that Joseph Smith was told by God to add into it what man has taken out),the Book Of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants teaches but it seemed that most of the attention is how we are different to the Mormons and we are the only Church on earth that has the fullness of the Gospel. There is more to this but this is the basics.

On January 18, 2011 I went to a healing room center, near where I live and was prayed over for two days over generational curses and every other issue I could think of and what the Lord reveled I should pray about. I also prayed over generational blessings that went back a thousand years to come upon me and my family for now on. “Punishing the children of the sin of their fathers to the third and fourth generation of those that hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those that love me and keep my commandments”. Exodus chapter 20 verse 5-6.

I had Free masonry in my blood line and the church I was brought in was an occult but I didn’t know this until I went to the healing center. After my prayers for these cures to be lifted off of me and the door closed I felt free and the stories that you are about to read are due to Satan’s legal permission to attack me even thought I was baptized and followed and loved God I couldn’t be fully released from there grips until the spiritual door from my ancestors sins was broken and closed shut. Now when I get attacked by demonic forces its due to a door that was open to sin I committed the Lord makes me aware of what I did wrong if I don’t know what I did then I repent of it and the demons leave immediately. Finding out this knowledge at the healing room made my whole life finally make sense to why strange, disturbing and spiritual things happened to me. Thank you Jesus Christ for your amazing love and never giving up on me. I love you.

If you are interested in going to a healing room they have them all over the world you can learn more about them and find one in your area at please know that it is free of charge its a Christian non profit organization they run off of donations only and they are never pushy or give you guilt trips to donate to them. They are really there to help you. Pray about which healing room the Lord would want you to go to.

I was always taught about God and Jesus Christ mostly my dad who is a minister Of the Church Of Jesus Christ The Lamb Of God now called The remnant Church Of Jesus Christ. I always learned about God as well from my paternal grandma. I have always remembered having a relationship with God there has not been a time I didn’t know Him, I have always had a desire to serve Him and I would pray to Him allot as well. I would go to my dad’s church when It was his turn to have us for the weekend, Since my parents divorced when I was three I would see my dad every other weekend usually. When It was not my dad’s turn to take us to his church I would go to my mom’s church as well. I was baptized when I was 12 in my dad’s church.

From the time I can remember allot of spiritual things would happen to me that I did not know how to deal with. For one I didn’t know what it exactly was, It was hard to explain it. When I did try and in the process of me trying to explain it I would forget in mid sentence of what I was saying. So needles to say I was extremely frustrated. Understanding Demonic attacks more now I know exactly what it was. On most days I would hear different voices not audible but similar to when your reading quietly to your self. I would hear voices like that talk to me or just crowed my brain with so much confusion and manipulation of any decision I was trying to make.

I would have the same reacquiring nightmares for years of me being in my house or some other house I would go out side cause I would hear someone calling my name I would feel this seducing feeling like I had to do what ever it was telling me to do. When I went outside I felt so much fear and dread I would try to hide I would either try to run back into my house or get under something like a table I would hear something rawr ring like a dinosaur and the ground would shake when it walked. When ever the monster would get close to me I would always wake up feeling terrified as something was in the room staring at me. I would usually see dark shadows and details of scary faces and sharp teeth when I was in a dark room and would have a overwhelming feeling of being watched.

I would see things in my minds eye. Still do to this day and see things in the dark. I have always loved God and would pray to Him and try to follow Him, I didn’t understand what was happening to me I would feel seducing feelings like I needed to do things that was almost as if I had to do it. This was how I made allot of the mistake most of my life I was always getting into trouble thinking it was right because of the seducing smells I would get and feelings I would get as well.

This is a story that happened due to the generational cures and the a cult religion I was apart of:

It was July 15, 1988 – my 8th birthday, I was at church camp, which always landed on my birthday every year, so most of my birthdays where spent at camp. Evening service just ended and following right after was a birthday party for me at the mess hall, I was excited! Which came naturally, and ran out of the church building to go to the mess hall, which was not too far from the church and noticed my mom talking to a few of her friends.

I ran up to them all excited about my party. I tried to talk to my mom but she was preoccupied and quickly told me to be quiet, so this depressed me a little, it was already close to being completely dark and I didn’t want to go to the mess hall alone because I’m horribly afraid of the dark so I asked me sisters to go with me, but they were busy also talking to some of their friends…. this saddened me.

I ran to the mess hall by my self scared, trying to run as fast as I could. When I got to the door it was open. No one was there except a young boy which I had never seen before! He was gorgeous! Glowing like a light! It was all around him. He had normal street clothes on… His hair was blonde and he had a white sparkling smile that glowed.

I stood at the door in awe! because he was so beautiful, I was embarrassed that he was actually looking at me because I was shy around boys. He looked a little older then me but not by much, he spoke to me and said hi Cortney my name is Eric. I was shocked because I didn’t know how he could know my name! He said I’ve been waiting for you, I smelled this alluring smell that is hard to describe, it was a sweet, seducing and it kind of gave me a panicky feeling like I wanted to be near him, then all of a sudden I was immediately sitting next to him. I didn’t walk over, I was just magically there next to him with no reason how it happened. I was in total shock and was thinking to my self how did that happen?

He spoke to me telepathically and said its ok don’t be afraid, that startled me even more! He started to talk audibly. He told me I was supposed to come with him and that I was created for him that I was meant to be with him (mind you the rest of what he says to me is what I always wanted a guy to say and other things I’ve always wanted spiritually in a person etc.) he said that if I go with him I would be beautiful (one of the many things I’ve always wanted because I was teased very badly at school on my looks) he also said that if I go with him I would be rich and have a Victorian house and cars and what ever I wanted.

The material things didn’t mean as much to me as the offer he gave me to be with him plus I loved how he knew so many things about me without me telling him, (I thought for sure he was an angel, because I was taught by my dad who is a minister that Satan or Demons can’t read your thoughts only God and Angels can) he was able to read my conscious and sub conscious thoughts.

I thought that God had answered my prayers to be with someone (I know I was only 8 but that is truly what I wanted was someone to be with that was spiritual and loved God like this kid was acting like). The more he talked the more I felt this cold feeling come over me with this overwhelming attachment I was having for him that I’ve never felt for someone before along with the seducing smell that he had. The best way to describe was like there was a magnet coming off of him drawing me in.

He said I’m here because Satan told me to kill you! I was in shock! He then pulled this butcher knife out of the air from behind his back, I was really scared but felt helpless and frozen and completely confused! I was thinking in my head that I don’t deserve Gods forgiveness for some of the sins I’ve done (I was always hard on my self and it was hard to forgive my self when I had sinned because I desperately wanted and still do to be perfect for God). I heard Eric’s voice in my head say give your soul to Satan! Then I was really scared. I wanted to get up but I felt like I couldn’t move, then with my own voice in my head I said YES but I didn’t have control over it… it was like someone was using my voice to say it for me trying to confuse me because my voice said YES! BUT IN MY HEART I DIDN’T MEAN IT.

I cant even begin to explain in human words how scary this was and how it made me feel completely powerless because I had no control over my own thoughts! I tried to talk audibly but I couldn’t use my mouth it was like it was zipped shut… after several minutes of trying to move my mouth a lot of time had passed… I then shouted NO! I remember feeling so confused because everything I was experiencing was completely different from what anything I was taught or heard of etc. He tried to be nice again and told me things I don’t completely remember but I know he was trying to convince me to go with him in every way possible.

I remember him having so much knowledge of everything, he would finish my sentences, he was extremely clever, sarcastic, charming, and seducing. I kept feeling the attachment to him get stronger and stronger, then Eric got up and walked towards the door as if he was being called (even though I didn’t hear anyone call him I had a keen sense as to that’s why he got up) and he turned at me and said you know… I like my God (referring to Satan) better then your God, my God gives me what I want yours makes you wait or doesn’t even answer your prayer… (I know why he was saying this because back then I would get upset if God wouldn’t answer my prayers right away) he said I’m the best skater and I have fun all day and don’t have to work or do chores! I can go and do what ever I want and don’t have to ask my parents, their was many other things he said to convince me to go with him then he looked out the door and then looked at me one last time and he said I’ll be back then he walked out.

I was then finally able to move and get up. I quickly ran out the door. To my immediate left from the corner of my eye I saw someone sitting on the ground with a black cloak on, from a far off I could see my mom and sisters talking to their friends still (time must have been at a stand still because I was in the mess hall talking to Eric for what it seemed like an hour) during my talk with Eric someone should of came into the mess hall during that time since my birthday party was to be immediately following after the evening service. I tried to tell my mom and sisters what happened but they didn’t believe me. My mom said I need to see a counselor and possibly get on some medication. My sisters just laughed at me.

During the party I looked around for Eric and asked people if they have seen Eric by the description I gave of him! No one knew him or heard of him… I couldn’t even enjoy my party because I couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened with my experience with Eric. After the party my mom, sisters and I went to retire at our cabin… I started to hear someone out side from a distance say my name and that same smell I smelled from Eric earlier, this time it was so much more intense. I felt like I wanted to run through the walls to get to the voice because of the smell (like cat nip to a cat) it was so over whelming and seducing! I wish I could describe it better but that’s the closest I can get to it.

I asked my mom and sisters if they could hear someone saying my name? They couldn’t… then it seemed to call for me louder and then I told my mom I had to go to the bathroom. The bathrooms were located on the other side of the camp grounds, even though I was scared of the dark and scared of what I experienced with Eric, I still went out in search of the voice calling me. (In my mind I could hear someone say its ok, don’t be afraid you can help him turn to God’s side). The fear I felt with Eric went away at that time… as I was walking out side the voice was coming from the other side of the camp ground where the park was located.

When I got to the park I couldn’t hear the voice anymore, but then all of a sudden I felt surrounded but I couldn’t see anything or anyone… the seducing smell stopped, immediately I felt horrible fear that I never had experienced or at least don’t ever remember experiencing until that point in my life. I started to run. I could hear horses galloping after me (Later on in my life I have been told from two guys who have a spiritual gift of visions…. that on this exact moment there were about six demons on black horses, the horses eyes where red the demons were wearing black cloaks, and one was reaching out to grab for me, Both of these guys who have spiritual gifts of visions…. didn’t know each other. They both were accurate in what they saw so I’m adding this to the story) I could see a big hand with long claws reaching out for me in my mind. I couldn’t see one visually, just mentally I knew it was there.

Despite all of this, I was able to get to the cabin with out any harm done to me. I told my mom and sisters what happened but they didn’t believe me. I begged someone to stay up with me because I was to scared to go to sleep. But everyone told me to just go to sleep. As soon as everyone was sleeping I could hear horses walking out side of the cabin all night long. I was so scared to move or even talk… I felt someone around me also but couldn’t see anyone, who ever it was, was touching me the touch felt cold… This happened all night until there was enough light in the cabin from the morning. The light made me feel more safe, I started to feel more comfortable, then I must of passed out!

This story was taken from my memory for many years up until 2005 when I started to be attacked by demons on a daily basis, (which I have written some of those stories called: Many Demon Experiences/A True Story.) I then was given from god the memory and vision in my head of the story you just read… (as I grew up I would smell the seducing and alluring feeling in situations that later on turned bad…. I wasn’t able to direct it to what I experienced when I was 8, but now it all makes sense! I believe that Satan chooses to come to people with his offers when people are children because of our lack of experience and how naive we are to everything, but I do believe he can also come at any time in our lives! more then once, with an offer to follow him directly: meaning in person/visually…. or indirectly: For example manipulating your life being on the side lines tempting you in any way: such as influencing you and being there the second you fall or experience a devastating trial… such as loosing a loved one, or at extremely vulnerable times in your life, when you’re going through a lot of pain and confusion.) He also really feeds off of pride, vanity, money, trying to “fit into” society, and controlled habits such as alcohol, drugs, sex addiction, and just addiction period, no matter what it is… which a lot of people struggle with and make it extremely easy for him to manipulate and control your life. Or he may just come to you both ways: Directly/Indirectly.

While growing up all I could remember were pieces of this story come to my mind from time to time. I would remember Eric and him having a knife but that’s it… nothing else… Its a theory of mine that God took the memory away from me, He knew it was to much for me to understand at that time.

Therefore, forsake the world, and save your souls; for what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew chapter 16 verse 29.

Contributed by Cortney Stiles and Copyright � 2008 – 2011 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

If you would like some spiritual advice please contact my husband Tom Stiles at revtomstiles at gmail dot com He is a pastor and a specialist in demonic attacks and spiritual warfare.


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10 Responses to “The Offer From Satan”
  1. BeautifullyScarred says:

    I see I am the only person who has commented so far. I just want to say (with no offense AT ALL to you, I’m not sure if you are still Mormon or have since converted.) I have always been creeped out by the Mormon religion. I guess they believe in things that I myself do not believe in. I know that they used to practice poligamy and other such things, and I’ve seen a messload of shows about alot of cults stemming from that paritcular religion. I was told by my ex that the Mormon church itself does not practice those things anymore. He was raised Mormon btw. The things you went through were horrifying and I believe you completely. Stay safe and take care. I enjoyed your story <3

  2. elena ramos says:

    Wen i was smaller i would always hear voices calling me and i would hear my moms voice and i knowing i was alone in the apt. And wen i fallowed the voices i would come to this feelinlike i was soo cold.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seen this sevedral times somewhere else.

    • Caretaker says:

      Thank you that is very helpful to all of us.

    • Lunaterra says:

      I have seen this elsewhere, as well, but that does not mean that the author can’t post it here, as well. She, obviously, has a message to convey, and everyone is entitled to post a story on here. There is nothing stating that you can not post a duplicate story from another site on here.

  4. amanda scott says:

    i know you dont like talking about this but.i got to ask something; how old r u now?has any thing happen to now?do u have any kids???? i had some experince i am now 18 and had lots of experence at my friends house and my house

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cortney, yes I do believe your story. I have had slight experiences with demonic attacks. I think it because I do believe in God. The enemy is always trying to attack us just like the Bible says. He is like a roaring loin. I have heard his roar. He often send his demons to watch us. Pretty scary encounter. I think it was because your father was a Minister. You have a gift to see the other side. Pretty amazing.

  6. borgetta says:

    free mason secret society is a branch of this evil lucifer that they don’t call satan, my family as well had many members back to the civil war and the more i studied this branch it appears from the aftermath death of Captain Morgan that they follow all family genealogies that do not re-join as an offense. You see they got Morgan’s children through the marriage of his widowed wife; Lucinda Morgan married George Harris on 1/12/1831 as he was against freemason but joined with Joseph Smith who brought freemason writings as add’l books of the bible, and nevertheless to engage stealth order over murdered Morgan’s children & his widow defiled by becoming a plural wife of Joseph Smith (1838). They use high-technology and call it magic – holographic technology & electromagnetic wireless 1800 & 1901 technology

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sympathy for you cortney. it must have been terrifying. i cant imagine how you or anyone could go through these experiences without going insane or something. there is truth to the fact that god will always have a giuding hand over your head because you are definitely blessed and one of god’s special children, he guided you through this and he will guide you through many a crisis always. take care and live an enjoyable life. :D

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