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The Man In The Strange Picture

Posted on May 2, 2009

Ok so, well it all started when I was about 5 or 6, living in a one bedroom house with my mom, dad and sister. the house used to be two bedroom before we knocked out the wall.

The first distinct memory of any experience was more like a movie that lasted a while. And as young as I was this is something I remember very distinctly. In that house at the top of the stairs hung a very creepy picture on the wall. I hated that picture but I couldn’t begin to tell you why at that time. It was a picture that my mom had painted, it was a dark picture. And when I say dark at that time I didn’t mean evil I meant the colors very dim and dark.

In the picture was a creature I can’t quit describe exactly but It mimicked a tall, bald, skinny man. Very skinny like he was nothing but bones except a dark brown color. His fingers were very long, they resembled “pumpkin heads” fingers (and those of you who may not now who or what that is, it was an old scary movie. Its good). The background was like an eerie lake.

Ok, as a child I’m sure you can understand how and why that would have scared me right? Ok, we’ve got that part down. But the really weird thing about this is that, the picture wouldn’t always be there, not every day. Some days it would be there and some days it wouldn’t and some days the man in the picture wouldn’t be there only the lake. At that time I kinda thought my mom would take it down some days. I always thought about the picture.

So here’s what caught me. Me and my sister shared a bunk bed, I slept on the bottom bunk. I also had this pink little vanity chair, it was my favorite pink little chair. This night I fell asleep and later that night I was awakened but not by a person or a tap more like a feeling. The moment I woke up my eyes directed to where my chair was and it wasn’t there by its self. The man from the picture was sitting in my chair. Just sitting there staring at me. Like watching me or something. His legs were crossed, one over the other. It did not budge and neither did I. I wanted to just pretend like I was sleep, like maybe he didn’t see me staring back.

Somehow it all ended, nothing really much happened. He went away and so did my chair. I drifted off to sleep. That morning when I woke up the picture wasn’t there and my chair was down stairs in the dinning room. I let it go, but the next I remember having a dream about it all, but in the dream I actually got up and ran over to my parents and jumped in their bed with them. He watched me run in panic. When I felt safe and secure he grew out of the chair and walked over to me as I was screaming for my parents to wake up. They didn’t budge. He went to reach for me, I woke up out of this nightmare.

Here’s the kicker. Recently I told my mom about this story that happened about 10 years ago. And she just stared a me. Then she said “Boo, I never hung a picture at the top of the stairs, where we lived, I don’t even think that I have ever painted a picture like that.” This terrified me greatly. I called up my dad, not telling him about what I told my mom simply asking him about the picture and he said just as she did. There was no picture. I had been haunted everyday by a picture that had no existence to any one but me.

This is completely true and I have not added anything extra to the story.

By Amanda Tabb, Copyright 2009

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20 Responses to “The Man In The Strange Picture”
  1. tyra says:

    Wow, thats really weird….REALLY weird…>.<

  2. kelly says:

    wow. thats really weird may b u should look up the history of the house and see if an older man lived there or may b died there or was attached to that property. great story. the end gave me the chills!

  3. L. M. S. says:

    Wow. Creepy. I agree with Kelly. Maybe you SHOULD look up the history of the house.

  4. Jackie says:

    It was some evil energy probably creating an illusion of this creepy pic, that’s jmo though. And as for the man out of the pic, well that was more than likely the evil energy you saw, or demon, as i like to call them.

  5. paula says:

    when i was a child, i told every weird thing that occured in front of my eyes and i didn’t care at all if anyone thaught if i was weird, you should have done that too…. by the way, if anyoe comes into contact with a spirit, or anything unexplanable you have to jump into conclusions and not wait till the spirit knocks you out of sanity, thats what they want you know, trust me

  6. Mandi says:

    WOW!!!That was freaky I love stories abut the super natural!!!

  7. trolldoll1681 says:

    and here’s another great ghost story only wish i could contribute but haven’t experienced anything yet keep em comin

  8. Alpha says:

    Creepy story….
    I can’t truly fathom the significance of the picture but maybe it was used in some sort of satanic ritual, which could explain its evil properties.
    It wouldn’t be the first time an everyday object seems out of wack after being used in some sort of satanic ritual.

    take care

  9. motomoto says:

    cool. i like this one. never heard anything quite like it.

  10. Aubrey says:

    That’s what you call a ghost story.. nice story.. scary…

    I have a question is the man wearing a suit? or I can imagine he’s wearing a bow tie… I’m not sure..

    I’ll appreciate if you reply..


  11. CuteSagittarius says:

    Must agree with Alpha…u should loOk up the history of that place though,I bet u’ll find some surprises!

    I sometimes sketch/paint dark & creepy imaginary things. My dad always got angry at me when I was younger,he said I should create nice things & bright colors. But such things don’t apPeal to me,I usually go for weird stuff & dark tones. A few of my paintings are almost black & I luv sketching with black charcoal pencil.

  12. CuteSagittarius says:

    I hadn’t much info about paranormal stuff as a young teenager. I had xperienced some strange stuff as a kid though,but had no idea about demons, shadow people, various types of hauntings, etc, & I didn’t have much acCeSs to such stuff xcept for scary storyboOks & silly horror movies. But I started painting weird stuff in my early teens.I usually painted dark faceleSs hoOded figures with glowing yellow eyes.I showed them just standing there but I painted a few pointing towards the full mOon or hiding their faces in their arms or bloOd seeping through black walls in the background.
    Im 30 now. I found out about demons not very long ago & was dumbfound to know that they are presented in the same way I had painted them!
    As I said,I had no idea about demons back then,so how on earth could I have painted them?
    This story has scared me,I hope my paintings aren’t anything significant & I pray they just remain silly imaginary artwork & never become anything dangerous!
    By the way,I still have those paintings in my poSseSsion!

  13. Nameless says:

    yeah i got creeps at the end of the story maybe it is one of the former owners of the house that died

  14. percy says:

    that was awesome

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes we come across events that are unexplainable, especially this experience of yours. The thing is, there are unseen forces within us. There are angels and fallen angels, or to be specific-demons. These satanic beings are masters of manipulation, they can take form of a person, animals or the incident as a whole. Their tool is deception and destruction. You were fortunate that these evil spirits weren’t violent. But if ever you come across an encounter again-remember the power of prayer. Call out to Jesus and drive them out in his name.

  16. sharayah says:

    good story. things happened too me too at the age of five.i posted it has not come out yet my story is not as good as yours. it’s more of a lot of lilttle storys in one.but i know the same fear of seeing&knowing things are around you. :|

  17. Jessica says:

    WOW your right this is like a movie!! Dude im like soo sorry about this but at least nothing bad happened

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