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The Lady Under My Couch

Posted on August 13, 2008

As a child I always had a huge imagination, my parents seemed to know it very well. I often got in trouble for “making up” such odd ball lies and stories as excuses.

One night, it was around 10:00, long after I should have been in bed since I was at such a young age (six). I decided to crawl into bed so that I would not get caught by my parents. As I turned off the lights a sudden breeze ran through my room. I stopped and shivered, automatically I knew it was a poltergeist of some kind.

You see, ever since I was three I could see things and people that no one else seemed to see. It often frustrated me but sometimes it was nice to have a world of my own. Usually when a poltergeist was around I was never scared, but that night something ran through me that I can never explain, fear but something much worse.

The air was stale and the smell of decaying flesh was everywhere. I ran to the door but only stopped, thinking that no one could do anything because it would just seem that I was making up stories. As I walked back the smell got stronger as I walked past my mini couch. I looked down and saw black hair laying on the ground next to the couch. I looked up and saw my doll sitting there, it only made matters worse.

I turned every light on in the room and ran to my bed and tried to fall asleep. I finally did and had an awful nightmare about a girl being tortured by an odd man. He hit her and a startling crack stopped everything. He looked down at the girl lying on the floor. Her head was cracked and she was bleeding non-stop.

The man turned to her in the gentlest way and touched her cheek and started sobbing. Then out of nowhere he pulled out an old steak knife and stabbed her, and stabbed her, and stabbed her, over and over again. Then the man started pulling her over to a spot set her down and left her there. I thought he left her there for good but he came back dragging the couch and laid it over her, walked over to an odd old fashioned fireplace and turned it on and just walked out of the house for good.

But the thing for sure is that it wasn’t my house but just a girl asking for help. I woke up from the dream and ran over to the couch and looked under it and there she was. I reached out to touch the poor deceased body but it disappeared.

It took me a while then I started to forget about the odd things that happened that night and then I forgot leaving the small memory at the back of my mind. When it was the summer of 7th grade I was so happy to have no school for at least three months. It was very, very late at night and I was getting ready for bed. I turned off my TV, but it didn’t go off. There was a girl on it that looked exactly like the girl that was under my bed. I pressed it again and it did turn off. Freaked out, I turned around and the she was standing there. “Who are you?” I asked then she disappeared the last time. I had seen her. I did nothing about it but that time I would and here I am still trying to figure out who she was and how to help her!

Sent in by “Anonymous”, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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31 Responses to “The Lady Under My Couch”
  1. Christian Cuevas says:

    thats some pretty freaky stuff

  2. Glen says:

    Dude why would you run to the couch and look under it . I know you had a bad dream still id probably just hide under my blankets or get a stick keep it with me and wait for that ODD MAN to come and get me and id be like haha i has a stick bit** :D

  3. dea says:

    I would have been sooo… scared I dont know what I would have done. I probably would have ran out of my room and never would have went back in there.who ever this person was that encountered this story was very brave.

  4. Warrior Priestess says:

    that sounds strickingly similar to the movies: “The Grudge” and “The RING” the Black-Hair, the TV, the dead body of a little girl laying under the couch etc….

  5. tori says:

    no effence but what “six” year old knows about poltergeists?? i didnt even know what the movie ment !! lol and if tht was me i would so not go 2 the couch i would b too scared

    good story tho :D

  6. chloe says:

    Wow, you were a brave six year old! ill tell my friends that story, some people will doubt you for that gift.

  7. Lisa says:

    That story bothers me…how old did the girl look? She didn’t try to say anything to you?

  8. chloe says:

    o my friend has something 2 say… it was a insane story. (me again) well someday i might make a movie about that!

  9. nicole says:

    try to think about the dream look at what the place looks like or search for any possible liklyness it is the same thing as ur dream and see if they captured him if they didn’t then find him tie him up and call for the lonley desperate spirit or something????? im just a kid and love spirits when they come and talk to me

  10. Kevin and seb says:

    THAT IS SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sorry for you-Kevin

    wow. thats pretty morbid. i mean…a dead girl under your couch. and a six year old being ok with poltergeists

  11. Sarah Jane says:

    Woah! That is pretty hard-core stuff for a six year old. That dream sounds super scary- and you being able to remember everything so well. You should do some research about the girl, the man, the room, to see if there is evidence that it happened. Not that I doubt you, but if you found evidence, that would be so cool. You could channel spirits or something!

  12. Wolvina says:

    i believe in ghost and stuff but for some reason….this story seems made up. i agree with tori….

  13. dx says:

    i think it sis very nice of u 2 try 2 help her. I just have 2 pices of advice. 1 DO NOT use a ouija board or anything of that sort. And 2 look up the history of the place, maby th info will help u figure out how 2 help her

  14. Eric says:

    Most psycologists well tell us that humans retain no memory of events that happened between the ages of 1-4 years old. Yet you claim to have an amazing memory from when you were 3. Likewise, you seem to have been a very preceptive 6 year old! I am tempeted to use the word genious!!!!!

    But maybe the word fraud would be more appropriate. Having studied and read thousands of ghpst stories over the past 35 years, with time, it becomes very easy to sift through the garbage. This one belongs at the top of the garbage heap. Sorry………….never happened. But, better luck with your next fairytale.

  15. The Caretaker says:


    I have clear memories of some events that happened when I was only 2 years old. Whoever says “humans retain no memory of events that happened between the ages of 1-4 years old.” are WRONG

  16. Jackie says:

    Eric, I remember being 18 months old. My parents went on holiday to Spain and i was left with my auntie. I remember her fireplace as i was getting ready for bed, i’d just got out of the bath and she was drying me in front of it. I can clearly recall how i felt so secure in the orange glow of the room and loved by her – never left me that moment!! I asked my mum once why i was at her house for that period of time and she said she was surprised i remembered as i was only 18 months old. It was the only time i stayed over at her house my whole life.
    Alway’s have hanckered for an open fireplace all my life and i’m about to move into a new home with an open fire in approx two weeks!! hey, my dream has come true – don’t ask for much you know!!

  17. Warrior Priestess says:

    Well i agree with Caretaker and Jackie, i know from personal expirience, i too can remmebr being younger thant 2 and the things i would do. I actually even remember wanting my bottle with warm milk in it, i however dont recall what age i was when that memory was imprinted. I also remember being weaned and potty-training. But i must also agree with Eric on the story not being all that true, if i was six years old and saw a dead girl under the Couch id be afraid, because wen all the supernatural stuff happened to me i had no knowledge of Ghosts or Demons, but i was still scared when i saw or heard something creepy. But as for calling it Garbage? Thats a little over the line. Made-Up perhaps, but i would not call it Garbage unless it truly was garbage, the story inst garbage, its just too made-up sounding for me to grasp it as real. The part about the dream i beleive, but the other stuff, sorry, but i dont… I’d like to, but i cant… It just sounds a little too weird and doesnt make much sense…

  18. vanessa says:

    i happen to think that you have the talent for writing and man you could be up there with king and rice. keep that imagination vivid and working i smell money along the line for you

  19. lola says:

    wow. ur soooo brave. if i were stuck i that situation i would just scream and run to my parents room. or i would at least run to my brothers room and leave him in my room.

  20. Matt says:

    I think you can remember things from a very young age. Why I remember the day I was born! NO LIE I remember doctors surrounding me, some sort of light above a me,a blonde woman to my left. Like I said NO LIE. Pretty brave for a six year old kid to look at a corpse…

  21. bayleighh says:

    that’s freakyy. :/

    i’m sorry.
    it’s a good story to tell,
    but maybe she won’t come back. :/

  22. CMF says:

    Tori nailed it….

    And I remember my 3rd B-Day party so that theory is incorrect.

    But uh 6 year olds would not even know the word poltregeist, secondly the first paragraph tells you that the writer has a great imagination and makes things up. Good writing though.

  23. Tim magnone says:

    You are preety brave for doing that

  24. Anonymous says:

    thats not a poltergeist. its just some crazy entity

  25. ANNA says:


  26. haley says:

    that was a really kool story!man,when i was 6 i was scared of everythang!!!!!!!!

  27. Nabila says:


  28. Angel Z. says:

    I would of go and check or even research about it, maybe she died in your house long ago like way long before you were born..

  29. blondie says:

    I too can remember being bathed infront of the fire as a baby. Im not sure how old i was but probably only a few months because i remember sitting in a yellow tub holding up a sponge and watching the water pour back into the bubbles.
    When i asked my mum about this memory, she told me the yellow tub was actually a spare washing up bowl. So people with a good long term memory can definatly remember very early memories.

  30. lonergrllove says:

    wen i waz really little my mom said i used 2 stare @ certain places and no look away 4 wat seemed lyk 4 eva and it used 2 scare my mom.
    i used 2 do dat all the tim andmy mom tried everything she cls 2 get my attention
    but she cldn’t do it ……………….
    finally wen i got bigger i grew out of it and my mom calmed down……………………………..
    1 night wen i waz lyk 6 yrs.old i took my dailey nap and i woke up screaming!!!!
    my mom said she waz hysterical ’cause she ddn’t kno wat 2 do.
    i remember dat my dream waz ’bout me at daycare and we went outside 2 play and
    ther waz a well , i waz dared 2 go over 2 it and scream down the hole “u cn’t get me!!!!!!!!!!!!!” i neva let down a dare and i walked ova to it and b-4 i cld say anything i waz grabbed by the hair and waz starin’ @ a young grl who looked ’bout her mid teens and looked lyk she used 2 be veryy pretty, but noww her skin waz peeled and rotten and dat
    her 1nce black , shiny hair had tured greyy and knotted up tremendiouslyy.
    she said in the most hoarse voice in the world “U little kids lyk 2 really [email protected]# me off, dn’t u? U wan 2 live 2 c ur mom and dad? (in my dream i shooke my head yes)then GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!”that is wen i woke up and i tried 2 explain it 2 my mom and we moved.
    but i still cn’t get that hideous image out of my head!!!!!!
    i think i should get som sleep now i hav been up all night ……………………
    god bless and be safe
    luvv alwayz , lonergrllove( =

  31. Red rose says:

    Things dont happen right always. may be the little girl was sick at the age of six or maybe the story is true. jus dont want to jump into conclusions, but though it reminds me all the Japanese horror movies.

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