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The Gift of Knowing

Posted on July 19, 2009

I have been reading here about different people with gifts their parents had too. My mom and many in her family have a gift of knowing things. It’s like something is said in their heads and when they act on it – they find out the fact was true. So many examples – I could not write them all on here – it would make a book. I always felt the gift too. Sometimes I would dream something and the next day think it was real and when I realized it wasn’t – it was just a dream – I would shrug my shoulders and think – well, it WILL be true soon…. Knowing it would be. Could be little things like getting a phone call or a note or an assignment or whatever.

When I was 23 I joined a church that was very controlling and I really got spiritually lost. I really second guessed so many things in my heart – I got in lots of trouble for being in sin but not being told what sin I was in at the end which made me leave (I had prayed for a sign or whether to leave or stay and that was just nuts so I got my answer) – I was told who to date and in sin if I liked someone who was not approved for me. It was a mess but the Bible classes I taught and groups I led (mostly the teen ministry) were based off some really sound moral character and wonderful principles. I stuck around far too long but after I left, I was spiritually dead. Seriously, it has taken 10 years to start opening (peeking) open with one eye on my spiritual self. And as I am, the Knowing things are creeping back in.

Here is an example of so many that I know of my mom and her Knowing: I was dating a boy when I was a senior in High School. I broke up with him and he came to my house. It was the afternoon and sometimes I was not home and sometimes I was so my not answering the phone does not mean anything. I was into a lot of things. Dave started to chase me around my house because he was very angry that I broke up with him and I knew he was going to hurt me and take advantage of me. The phone rang. My mother worked 30 – 40 miles away. This was my mom calling. 20 Minutes later she showed up and broke up the problem moments before I was about to get beaten up and whatever else. She said she KNEW I was there and in trouble. Surely mothers intuition. She had so many of these. But one reason my dad said he left her was he was sick of her knowing everything all the time – and she could read his thoughts.

When I was in college, a boy I really liked would think things and I could HEAR them in my head. He was not knowing this – only I knew this. He would drive by and think “There is Lara, I need to stop and give her a ride – but I cant – what if she refused?” – and later he would tell me he thought that and I knew the exact words. He would see me at a dance and I could hear his thoughts so clearly. He did not know – he was not transmitting them to me – they just were in my head. Almost every time we were around each other, I got this from him. He did not hear my thoughts but he was crazy for me from the day he introduced himself to me and he could not explain why. He was dating some other girl who he ended up marrying – that was a long weird story – and I ended up going off to Europe and then Los Angeles and chasing crazy dreams but I will never forget him.

The summer after he graduated, I worked at a camp (he basically got me into the job) and I had dreams that we would finally be getting together – it was like – I RAN when any man suggested marriage. I was one of those girls – but with him – I thought it was kindred spirit. But I got back at the end of summer and heard he was married. What? There are a lot of stories with him that year but he was not there much – as he had graduated and moved. Weird connections and stories. But the following summer I found out from the log book he had called and called and called the previous summer and the camp leader had purposely not given me the messages. His mother had died and his ex-girlfriend was there and he was weak etc. etc. I KNEW he could be great in life but now I knew he would not be. Is that egotistical? I feel like we were a couple in another life and we probably will be in another life. I am a Christian and how can I think that way? It is very confusing.

But another Knowing thing is I dreamed MJ died. I woke up and went a week thinking he had died and I asked – why are people not going insane right now with Michael Jackson dieing? And I was told he was not dead. And I realized then that he was going to die soon. My dream was not about him – it was an aside thing – and I love his music and watching him dance but he wasn’t my idol or anything. When I heard someone say he died two weeks ago – I thought immediately – yep – knew that was coming. As if most of us could not have predicted it… surely, but I am telling you it was that deep Knowing thing. It is like – when a thought comes in my head that is this ‘knowing’ thing – it feels different. When it comes, I KNOW that whatever it is – is real. Too bad I do not get lotto numbers. I can feel it in a different part of my spirit or soul or something.

My story is not a ghost story but it is like a series of ESP stories or something. I know I have fallen into that odd sleep but awake thing. I know I have felt ghosts among me and against me – and I see them flit and flash here and there and be gone. I know I have had somewhat out of body experiences. So many times I should have died and didn’t. I keep wondering why. I do not buy into the thing that the ghosts are demons. Are they? I think there is a passage after death we all just do not understand – yet.

When my mother died last November (hers was because of excessive smoking and drinking and being emotional and stressed out…) I was sure she would come to me as a ghost and tell me what it is like. I thought if anyone could, she would. But nothing. I was so sad. I lost some faith in this. Then when we took her to be buried – as we drove to the church, it was gorgeous – not a cloud in the sky. I said – “it feels like we should have a rainbow – it is a rainbow time right now… but that would be impossible… ” During the service (my uncle conducted it at a gorgeous church in the middle of the Ok fields of cattle – a church built and developed by my mom’s side of the family since the land rush). My daughter, who is 5, lamented and cried and I felt a chill start. We opened the front of the church and there was a wild storm outside. I mean, if a tornado touched down and clumps of hail hit us right then, I would not have been surprised. It was so windy, we held on to each other to get to the cemetery. It was heavy with humidity and high straight moving winds but they would whip back and forth too. We got to the hole and dropped my mom in – my daughter dropped in flowers and pictures – my uncle said a prayer. A dove was screaming and flying back and forth above us. Then right when he said Amen, it started to rain. We ran for the church and 30 minutes later we came out – and there was a gorgeous massive rainbow stretching over the cemetery.

Written by Lara, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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14 Responses to “The Gift of Knowing”
  1. Silverwolf says:

    You might consider looking into the book “Afterlife Connections” it was written by an Therapist about how to communicate and find peace spiritually with your loved ones that have passed on.

  2. CuteSagittarius says:

    Amazing,amazing story! Please write more about ur talent!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have dreams that come true. i dont get them all the time but when i get them it will happen. i once had a dream i woulg get a speeding tickert and the next day i got cort by a speed trap. i have been having dream like this from a very young age

  4. kutin says:

    i heard of people that are gifted and sometimes it bothers them depends on what kind of gift they got. For example, my aunt has a gift to see the paranormal. She never really talked about it , I actually found out from my mom. Then later on I found out that both her son can also sense the spirit in different ways. Your story seem very interesting. I like it.

  5. Sai Chan says:

    You can be a very powerful person. Find your right path. Search for the spiritual tutors to guide you. You can be a very helpful person to others, after you develop your senses.
    Don’t end up like your mother, who had the powers but preferred to demean among the ordinary.
    Your near death experiences are signs to make you ponder your real purpose in this life. They are just inevitable process to warn you of the need of a change.
    You are special!!! Remember that. You can’t be ordinary anymore. To see your mother again is an easy thing for you. The question just lies on you whether you want it or not.
    You are suppossed to be in the psychics field helping people. That field can just be your lotto.
    Try thinking this..your mother turned the weather or you turned the weather. I believe it’s either one of you.

  6. nita says:

    While reading your story about knowing and the part about your dad leaving your mom I was taken back because my kids hate when I warn them about things and my ex-husband said I was a witch as well as my sister they could not understand that what I have is a gift my aunt on my father said it is a halo over me and she had the gift as well as an aunt I never had the pleasure of meeting, sometimes it can be frightening to know something bad is going to happen and you tell that person and they think you are nuts, it is so good to hear that someone else understands and can relate. I would very much enjoy talking to someone who I can share this with, latey I’ve be having some out of body experiences and visions of ghost around me and don’t understand what is happening or what it means would like to have some advice or help to understand it or what to do

    keep up the good work in helping others and thanks for your sharing and kind words

  7. Sai Chan says:

    I understand the dilemma Lara has to face. The Bible and the ‘witch’ thing.
    I myself have only a bit more understanding of the earthly things.
    Analytical, and observant is me.
    I’ve been judged unfairly always. To tell one instance.
    But I think… I would be too liberal to take up too much space here. If you wish, please go to

  8. Peter says:

    I used to experience similar things when I was a teenager. I used to see things happened in my dreams that later happened in real life. I was always warned by a sign that popped up into my head like a slide-show vision that reminded me of my past dreams projected into my mind right before a particular event took place. For instance, I remember that I was stunned a few seconds for a vision to tell my parents not to leave. A few hours later they got an accident. Also some other occurance that related to my friends and relatives. I had many things like this on some occassions afterward by I’d just ignore it.
    Until now, I still have a sense about events or things that will happen in near future though it’s not through a dream or vision anymore. I think it’s just some kind of intuition matter.

  9. reader says:

    I have the same experiences of knowing things. I feel better now that I know im not crazy! It really is somethings that just pop in my head out of “nowhere” or in my dreams it will be an image that I remember when I wake up buts so significant I cant stop thinking about it, and then something will happen that explains the image. I really want to read up on this. As a child I had experiences with spirits so bad that I was always scared! And I always had dreams that came true. It wasnt until now I am older that I experience these premonition-like thoughts. Can anybody that understands this tell me if that means Im psychic? I am confused too. I even know what certain people are thinking or going to say sometimes but its more of a thought in my head and then the other person will say the exact words seconds later! Weird & freaky but 100% true, it happens with my boyfriend all of time and sometimes my cols friends & family. I remember when I was a kid my little brother & I used to play this game where we would take turns holding up a card while one of us would try to guess what it was without looking at it. I would hold up a card so I can see what it was and concentrate on sending the message to my brother and it worked 3 out of 5 times statistically speaking!

  10. brittany lott says:

    sometimes i would really love to have that gift as strongly as you do but then again i kind of like not knowing things then its more of a surprise i think only at certain times i have that experience but i think thats just god letting me know something or i could have it and just not know it or not know how to use it heres a test for you if you want to do it what was my friends name that i went to choir with that i believe is possessed by a demon

  11. Alpha says:

    Premonitions and precognitive abilities are all characteristics of the paranormal i’m not well-versed in. I’ve had few subtle dreams that could be regarded as being symbolic of events in the future but no more…

    Anyway, your gift is a wonderful one truly
    Hone your skills and use it for the protection of loved ones and if you do get any premonitions that affect a nation or the world (MJs death could be regarded as one since he touched the heart of many in this world) there is an agency in America you can contact regarding this stuff.

    Take care

  12. Sai Chan says:

    A fortune-teller of Hong Kong once told his story on television. He had a meeting with his friends, who accompanied a ‘national treasure of China’. This treasure was a healer serving the top officials of the China government. Now dead, so he felt free to relate his story, without fear of his dislike. There they played card games and always lost to this ‘treasure’. Everytime the treasure would have cards that barely won. One time, after the last deal but before opening the cards, the trearure went to washroom. And they decided to flip his cards to see how come he always won. And found out that was just poor cards. After the treasure returned, OK! He started to collect the money. Of course they refused. Then he told them to open his card for him. So they did but were all amazed to find that the cards were totally different. He won again. He didn’t even touch his cards throughout the game! After this, the fortune-teller learned that the treasure could do not only transferring materialised things into people’s pocket but even into someone’s body. (Please note that this is different to the tricks David Copperfield played as a magician.) The treasure was recruited when he was small, by the officials learning that he was gifted. When he reached the test centre, he saw other children from different provinces as well. At first, they were put to a test of ‘seeing cards’. Some child could see through cards and some see by their ears. After passing this test, they had to feel and describe what things and what people were behind the thick wall at the other room. And he passed again. All others, even the ear-seeing child were sent home. At that centre, he and the other two began their learning with the masters.
    In China, a friend of my relative even has x-ray vision, that he claimed, can see through not only a body and can tell where your air pockets are, but can also tell if there is a body buried underground. This man, whom I’ve never met, still practising kinds of chi-kung (or Qigong), taught my pregnant wife to tell me the method to distinguish a male or female fetus, just by checking the pulse on wrists. (Although I knew it before implanting my seed into my wife, I still checked out his theory and found a match.) My relative, though a plain man, he referred him as just a good friend. I asked him and my wife if he is odd. They replied that he just looked normal.
    I hope the above can resolve your distress of being different.

  13. R says:

    I know how you feel …….. it happens to me all the time …….. half the time I feel like I’m losing my mind

    with my friends I am known as “the witch”…so is my mother

  14. Amanda says:

    i believe i have the gift of ‘knowing’. i have many examples of this but after reading your story one part of it strikes a similar chord with one of my own personal experiences, this being your account of MJ. Mine was related to the death of princess Diana. It was early Morning Sunday 31st August & on getting out of bed i switched on the tv. It was filled with the news of the death of the Princess of wales & i looked at my husband & simply said “mother Teresa is going to die next”. i dont know why or how i knew this but sure enough not many days after the funeral of the princess the world was once again shocked when the news broke out of the death of Mother Teresa! The knowing is a special gift that although i dont yet understand it, i truely believe it is a gift from God & although its not always pleasant it is certainly something that i accept & recieve with Grace in my heart.

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