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The Ghost – Was She An Angel?

Posted on April 21, 2008

My name is Dean and I am 16 years old and I was born with a third eye. The third eye runs weakly in my family, most just being occasionally aware of spiritual presences (scent of candles or cemetery flowers), but not always.

I, on the other hand, was born with the innate ability to sense them and physically see them and occasionally speak with them. I have been seeing ghosts me entire sixteen years of living, my yaya even mentioned that as a baby and toddler I used to play with some unseen person. Though, I’m only going to talk about one particular ghost… a very special ghost.

The first time I saw this ghost was during grade four, and it was by my peripheral vision where I saw her black hair and the hem of her white dress. I would see her everywhere, in school, at the road, outside the window while the car was moving, etc.

The first time I ever caught glimpse of her face was late in the school year of grade four. My cousin and I were playing “wrestling” and when I was slammed on the bed, I turned to get up and saw her standing beside the bed within my arm’s reach looking down at me. She looked Chinese or Chinita and wore a white dress and had long black hair. She only lasted for a second and disappeared. I told my cousins and we decided to sleep downstairs that day.

After that incident I began seeing her more frequently and often times she would whisper in my ear whenever I would nearly have an accident. I began to think that she was a guardian angel. I mean, the white could have fooled anyone.

It wasn’t until grade seven when I began to doubt. In 7th grade I was bullied by my classmates and when I was alone in my room hating my life and the world, I would speak out loud thinking that she’d listen and hear me. She never actually materialized and sat down to talk to me but my bullies one by one got injured. They said things such as someone pushed them down the stairs or pushed the knife off the counter or tripped them while they ran.

I knew it could have been my so called “angel” who was doing it but I didn’t mention anything. The bullies were getting angrier with each injury and were taking it out on me, when my “angel” would pay them back for what they did to me.

It wasn’t until one of the bullies got into a car accident because the wheel of their car “wouldn’t turn” when I finally got scared. I begged her to stop and she did. I was sure that she wasn’t an angel so I began researching on the topic and my theories include her being a Shikigami (Japanese mythology speaks about spirit guardians that can be commanded by their masters), or worse a succubus (female demon).

To this day I don’t know what she is, but I do know there is still a pretty teenaged Chinita girl who appears to me everywhere, someone who whispers in my ear to save me from accidents, and someone who deals with my enemies for me when I ask them to. If anyone can tell me what she is…it would be great.

Written by Dean, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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19 Responses to “The Ghost – Was She An Angel?”
  1. Jas says:

    I could tell you but would you believe me?
    It’s a spirit acting in a sense as a weapon for you, she/it will help you to get your trust but ANYONE and anyTHING capable of such horrers it cable to there loved ones *I.E You* I wouldn’t call her a succubus, they have sex with men (manly) I’d go for with the Japanese forum Idea.

    I warn you out of concern, Spirits may pretend to be friends or to be on your side but unless it’s a true angle (helping you while not hurting others) I would be VARY wary of it, Mine helped we when my bus almost capsized and it hit about the hight of a man and it was like it was pushed back onto all fours or the time I almost fell into a glaisher lake and a man grabbed my hand but when I looked up to thank him it was the branch of a ever sprouce and some how it hand not picked into my skin and all and was all folded to the side like hair.

  2. jay says:

    what ever you do stay away from her dont hate anyone and just stay calm most of all….her name is christina and she is an evil spirit….i dont even want to tell you how many experiences i have had with her….i am a 20 almost 21 year old woman and trust me she can hurt you and she will hurt you. you have to try and get rid of her, i have tried so hard and she wont leave me alone. now she has gotten to the ones i love, my autn teresa passed away from what we are calling cancer because there is no other explination, my friend dell died, my ex boyfriend shot himself, thats how he became my ex!!! i walked in on him and he shot himself in front of my eyes….he was a happy guy too no sign of wanting to kill himself….my boyfriend now and i have been together for 2 years and 4 moths today. and thankfully she hasnt come between us, it has been several years since an encounter with her but its only a matter of time….she is coming back i can feel her, she haunted my dreams and made me unhappy…trust me you want no part in her evil dealings….because of the things she has done for you she is going to want something in return so trust me. you dont want nething to do with her. please get rid of her in any way you can and if you do please let me know how you did it…i need to get out of this

    btw christina is bloody marys daughter, supernaturally somehow you conjured her upi did when i was 5 living in wheelingi have moved 2ce and she is still hereplease be carefull

  3. vanessa says:

    Wow I Read A Comment On Here And U Shud Pay Atention 2 Wat They R Teln U!

  4. Krystal says:

    holy S***!
    excuse my language.
    anyways, yea, be careful. i don’t know how you could of brought this up, but with anything else of the spirituall realm, remember, you are playing with fire, and when you play with fire you are most likely to get burned, so relax, be careful, and do what’s right.

    I honestly didn’t know bloody mary had a daughter, jay. please, enlighten me more. [ no I am not mocking you. I just am interested.]

  5. dineo says:

    i have not really had a first hand experience with ghostrs but if i was in your shoes, i’d be happy to have such a spirit for myself, though i would have to get over my fear first. Come on, she has been nothing but good to you, it could be the spirit of a relative who cares and hates to see you hurt or anyone hurting you. Besides, she obeys your commands , so if she plans on wanting something from you in return, you can tell her how you feel about it and whether or not you want to give it to her: i believe she would respect your decision.What i know for sure is that she is not a heavenly angel but someone (in spirit form) who would like to take care of you, she just gets pissed when stupid people think they can just walk over you as they please and get away with it without being punished. Overall, i suggest you ask her what she expects of you as a way of thanx, servants dont lie;tell her to assure and promis not to hurt you.

  6. Ria says:

    Hmm… this sounds very familiar to an anime show called “Deathnote”… anyone ever heard of it??

  7. Krystal says:

    To: ria
    actually… yea.. I just started getting into it [ death note ]
    wow. this does have striking similarites.

  8. Kaitlyn says:

    OMG I love Deathnote, but I dont see how this is like it.

    I found pay close attention to the girl’s face, if you look close enough, it would be like knowing what she has to say

  9. Jackie says:

    Try praying, it worked for me. I had a bad experience after messing with the ouija board, i never even believed in God or anything until then, i only prayed out of desperation – you know one of those, ‘please God help me’ kind of things but it worked anyhow and i now completely believe in God – BIG TIME!!!

  10. Melanie says:

    OMG- some of you jumping to conclusions!
    I dunno how I know, but I agree that this IS a relative that has passed but is watching out for you. Obviously she cares a great deal about you.
    Ask you parents if you ever had a sister who died? They will get weird and may not want to tell you, but you will have to convince them that you deserve to know the truth.
    Also, was your house ever on fire?

    Look, the best thing you can do is tell her that you appreciate her caring about you, but you don’t want anyone to get hurt. Let her know that you care about her too, and because of this you want to know why she hasn’t moved on. If she doesn’t reply, ask her to at least tell you who she is, and why she stays with you. Try not to sound accusing or like you WANT her to go away because if she is a vengeful spirit, she could invoke that vengance on you if she feels like you are ungrateful.
    If you need any further help, email me at [email protected]

  11. Flameonfish says:

    Im not trying to offend anyone here but i think that your lying about this whole story

  12. Halloween Blood says:

    she seems nice to me…
    why dont yu ask her what she is?

  13. eliane says:

    talk to her, she might be bad as much as good, she might be white now but u won’t know whenever she’ll trun black, i suggest for u 2get help from a religious persson, what ever she was u might have to know her more…
    by the way i had an expirience with my gardian angel, we r friends, i always ask him his opininon bout things, he’s always there for me, how i know his a he, i don’t know i just feel him around, specialy when i was about to have a serious car accident..
    Gardien angels exist, but u might get help knowing yours better.. don’t feel scared just accept it!

  14. Avaren says:

    well obviously you have had several comments on this.

    here is my opinion. just baised from what i have read of your story ( I skipped all th comments so not to be influenced by others) It seems to me you have a type of half angel or fallen angel (not a demon). this gives her the ability to hurt others. probably because of your gift she (or possilby some one else) has chosen you and seems to really like you. which would be why she helps you. now you have a great responsability controling that type of power so use it wisely or not at all. And what ever you do don’t get her mad. it would not end well for you i’m sure. try talking with her see what language or if she has the double toned voice or if you here strange noises when she speaks weather it be pleasent or unpleasent noises. this would be a great way to see what she wants or thinks and what she is about.

    Ps i just read the comments (ask what her name is first k?)

  15. Anonymous says:

    are ther such things as putting curses on others if how can i do it

  16. Mellisa says:

    Jay, do you mean that the spirit who following the author (dean) around is the same one as yours, christina? how do you know that? you seam like you are very sure about this.

  17. Lizard says:

    OK, i have a similar experience. there is an angel conected to me, but the reason she is connected to me is because we had a history before in a past life. She used to be my wife. I think this girl may have been your wife in a past life. She is connected with your soul, she isnt evil though. just a little misguided, she cares about you and only you. if you can see her as a full formed figure and feel love coming from her then she is good for you. dont ask her to do things in anger though. Try connecting to her with your energy and try to become enlightened with her. The spirits around us get affected by our mental state. You have to change your attitudes about things, your regret, your hate. you were bullied. know what you truely want, not anger, but to be accepted and not be bullied. Basicaly dude, its not her its you.

  18. mike says:

    just be careful u never know what will happen. My best friend has seen a ghost or something like what u see and if it is blod\ody marys daughter never call her out on it!

  19. Kanin says:

    She can possibly be a different version of a guardian protecter.or she protects u b/c u make her remember someone

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