The Faceless Lady in White – Dreams And Demons

Posted on July 9, 2008

Now about three or four years prior I remember feeling down and began to lose my faith.� In which I was curious about the occult and in all honestly thought it was rubbish.� For the life of me I cannot remember what I read but I do remember sitting at the computer and reading aloud a passage from an occult book.� When I did I felt great, all my problems felt as if they lifted away and it’s odd to say but when I finished reading it my whole body felt refreshed.

At my old house I used to continually dream about this Lady in White at least once a week.� The strange thing is that I wasn’t scared of her or anything, it felt nice having her there in a weird way.� Each dream was vivid and would start off with me seeing myself doing something I’ve done through the day but I wasn’t in my body.� Then slowly it would warp into just an empty room or area with windows where I could see mountains and a sunrise while the Lady in White stood in front of a window with her back turned to me.

It wouldn’t be until late spring of 2006 when I would see she had no face.� That dream was extremely odd because in it I saw every last person I knew at the time.� Each one in that room, all wearing white, all just happy and smiling.� Then I walked up to the Lady, she had something in her arms.� It looked a like a small child, all bundled up in a white sheet.� Before I looked at the child though I looked at what I was suspecting to be her face.� However nothing was there, no mouth, no nose, no eyes, nothing.� However just as I was about to pull the sheet away from the baby’s face something distracted me and I looked behind me but when I returned there was nothing except for black space all around me.

It wouldn’t be until later that year when every night I would see glimpses of the Lady in White in and out of my dreams.� Every night I would hear someone screaming in agony and pain just to be released.� Though I couldn’t see anything, it was just a black void all around me.� Until oddly enough I had a dream that I was watching a bunch of people in an office building, I could see one man look up in fright and confusion as the screams came again but the rest seemed to not to notice it.� I couldn’t tell where I was or what they were saying since it sounded muffled.

The man then walked to a wall put his ear on it and began to pace as if looking for something.� Then out of nowhere while the screams got louder he grabs a chair and just starts wailing on the wall.� He continues this while people around him panic and look in disbelief, but he doesn’t seem to care, he just seems to want to find where the screaming it coming from.� After a moment he breaks a good part of the wall out and then just starts ripping out pieces making the small hole larger.� Until finally a white sleeved arm drops into a view, the man looks in disbelief and attempts to grab at it but collapses as the screams intensify.� At this time I grab my head and close my eyes because they are so loud and then open them only to be back in my bed.

Then shortly after my first few dreams of the Lady in White, I got a major shocker to the system.� My family of four, my Dad, my Uncle, my Grandma, and myself would begin to die off.� Firstly my Uncle would be killed in a car crash while my Dad was came close to death in surgery that same day.� It would be later that year after stewing in pity and letting the home become filled with negativity that I would begin having the dreams of screaming.� I would go through the process and see her again then pitch black when I tried to hold her hand.� The screams would come and every morning I would wake up at 4:00 am on the dot.� This would continue for a year (mid 2007) after my Grandma passed away and my Dad would come close to death once more in another surgery mishap.

For the first time I went back home, alone.� That was the night when the office worker dream happened.� Here’s the kicker though, during this week it so happened that every friend I knew would be out of town or unavailable so I was stuck in the house by myself with no one.� If a demon or something were to make their move you could not plan it better than that.

Shortly after I noticed changes within myself. I just began to feel, well feel nothing.� Everything from Love to Hate I just acted, I never really felt any of it.� I even tried to feel something like watching a hilarious or sad movie but I couldn’t understand what was happening.� That’s also when the animals around me started to act very strange.� My two cats would run in fear and just look at me scared when I would walk in a room, birds outside would stop chirping when I would walk near their tree, and one thing that really got me was when the horses from the farm next door would began to neigh and get into a frenzy when I would walk towards them.� When they would usually walk right up to you and mooch any food off you.� No one noticed much or at least didn’t mention anything to me about it, since I would just act like a person was supposed to act during activities with friends.�� Not to mention just horrible thoughts and images that would continually enter my mind.

My dreams would also become quite violent and I could swear like I could feel them or if they even were dreams at all.� One of which was when I could see something wrapping it’s hands around my neck while I was asleep and attempting to choke me.� Again I would be seeing this from the outside and yet I would be feeling it at the same time.� Another was that I could not see what it was but I was pinned down and I felt nails begin to go into my arms.� I was in my body for this one and I could feel warm air brush against my face.� While the nails dug in deeper.

One last strange thing that would happen was a few things I would begin to see while fully awake.� I would begin to see swirling orbs all over the place that would come in and out of view in various places.� Also at night when I would stare at some light that is surrounded by darkness the light would be swallowed up by it.� Like a reflection of light from a street lamp would be on the ceiling but it would slowly be swallowed up by the darkness around it until I shut my eyes and it would return to normal.

All of this would continue until late 2007 until I really got into reading about demons and various religions.� Then slowly I began to figure out different items and markings that would hold back a demon.� So around the end of November I stood my ground and claimed my body back from whatever was holding it.� I had recently come by a pendant of the Shield of Solomon and wore it as I cast out whatever was doing this into a spirit box.

Soon after my father and I had to move out of the house (he rented the place) and found a new home to live in.� However before leaving, to make sure whatever was there would not follow me, I found a site that described various Voodoo spells that would “lock” a spirit within a home.� I did this since I was never too sure of the spirit box and had no way to know if I really had it inside of it.� So I sealed up the house and left.� Now I’m very happy and everything seems to have returned to normal for me.� Though I do wonder what in the world I encountered and if anyone else will be able to survive it as I did.

Oh and if this story seems a bit confusing and rushed it’s because when I ever try to post this thing something happens that causes me to be unable to post it.� Be it from my own computer screwing up, the website having an error, or even once when the entire house lost power.

Written by Michael Ryan Clary, Copyright 2008

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19 Responses to “The Faceless Lady in White – Dreams And Demons”
  1. Kyleah says:

    this is some pretty freaky stuff. I have had insidents where i have dreams that seem to tell the “future” but i still try to stick through it just like you did.

  2. Hazel says:

    Wow its very intrested, they say dream’s say alot that can happen, its up to us to try to figure it out, but in the end I’m glad your much happier in your life, its something very intrested, but I’m glad your in a better place, did the other house got sold, you never want to affect anyone that move’s there as well.

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    The way animals react and faking your feelings sounds kinda like me, but I’m just depressed all the time, do you think there’s a bad spirit in me?

  4. Krystal says:

    holy crackerjack.
    dude, that is so messed up.
    you did the right thing, sealing the spirit. most people can’t do that.
    [believe me, it's not as easy... I've done it.]
    I glad that your life is going back to normal for you.
    Well, take care; you seem to know how to handle yourself. :)

  5. Alexa says:

    Wow that’s crazy! I believe you though!

  6. Mike says:

    Hey everyone, sorry not to get back to you sooner I went on a little road trip with friends shortly after posting this. Anyways thanks for the comments and I’d like to address a couple questions here real quick.

    Hazel, as far as I know the house has not had any occupants since I’ve left. The owner has spruced up the place a bit but other than that nothing around it has changed.

    Kaitlyn, it is one of many possibilities I’ll admit that. Though do not first jump to that conclusion. I’m not saying you are but many people want this kind of stuff to happen to them, even though most who have experienced it usually don’t want it to ever happen again. In your case I’d advise you to keep social and just continue to be around people or at the very least keep in contact with people. I know it sounds odd but surround yourself with positive environment and just try to find some sort of happiness or enjoyment. Spirits like the one I encountered tend to try to isolate a person so they can take full advantage of them when they hit their weakest moment.

    Once again thanks for the comments and thanks to the site for hosting my story. Also if there is anything you’d like me to give more details about or anything in general don’t be afraid to ask.

    Take Care.

  7. Halloween Blood says:

    the animals can see demons,spirits and ghosts all of that!
    they freaked cuz whatever was following yu..they saw it and knew it was evil

  8. Jackie says:

    Hi Mike, I hope you can still keep this thing at bay, you sound like a pretty switched on person to me and i agree with you in your comment above to leave things alone.
    I think that praying helps more than anything, it worked for me (yeah, everyone must be sick of me saying this, i know), using spells or whatever is probably a short term result, but praying is the long term one.

  9. Mike says:

    Hey, thanks for the comments Halloween Blood and Jackie.

    Halloween Blood, I have to agree with you there. That was one of the reasons I really began to believe I had something bad following me.

    Jackie, I know where you’re coming from and prayer will work for some. However it seems that God (no matter which you believe in) seems to help those who are truly helpless. If he sees that you have or will have the ability to get through your struggle alone he will not answer your prayer. I guess it’s just a way to keep us from continuously calling on God for every problem instead of using our own abilities to figure out such problems.

  10. Lissette says:

    I believe that by saying that passage aloud you opened a door into something evil. The feeling of being refreshed was just to leave yourself open to the idea that maybe a ocult was the best thing until the spirit took control then it began to show you it’s true intentions. I hope that you never experience that again and hope you learned dont mess with things you dont understand. You paid a big price for a few months of feeling refreshed.

  11. ashley says:

    very freaky! good luck yo!

  12. Mike says:

    Thanks for the comments Lissette and Ashley.

    Most definitely Lissette, that was a majorly misguided move on my part. Though thanks to that event I have really found myself fascinated in this stuff. Since it happened I’ve just kept doing some research here and there about this stuff. Heck I’ve even built up a small occult book collection and have picked up the practice of Wicca. Now I don’t actually do any spells or anything like that these days but I just research the stuff and once in awhile help people who need answers to this kind of stuff.

  13. sasha says:

    well that does sonund pretty freaky….so it all began when you read the passage from the occult book?

  14. Olivia says:

    hey Mike your story is truly amazing. Im glad you got through it. Ive had dreams of hands covering my eyes and another of a deamon in my cat. The deamon was speaking to me but i dont recall what he said. Then I actually had an experience where i heard a heavy breathing all around me. What do you think it means??

  15. Mike says:

    Sasha, yep when I read it I just felt a strange but good energy flow over me. Like I mentioned above in the story, it just made me feel extremely refreshed both mentally and physically. Also I think I’ve actually have come close to figuring out what book I read, though am not certain. The Black Raven by Dr. Johannes Faust has a warning right at the beginning of the book about how dangerous it can become by just simply reading it out loud. Now most would not even mess with it but knowing how I was back then I most likely went ahead and tried it out.

    Olivia, remember when dealing with this kind of stuff become a major skeptic on it. Try just about every other possible conclusion before thinking it could be a spirit or demon, the last thing you want is to come face to face with one of these things. In your case it could be just dreams and imagination, though I can’t be certain. It could very well be the beginning of something far worse. Even though it does sound a bit corny, I’d advise you to surround yourself with a positive environment. People tend to become negative then surround themselves with negativity making the person more vulnerable to these types of things. If a person is happy or hell can laugh on a daily basis they are less likely ever to experience this. Just keep a log of these types of things and see if there is a pattern or specific dates or times when these things happen.

  16. Carly says:

    i kinda got confused but its pretty freaky and im glad that you finally found a way to get your “body back”.

  17. cj says:

    A brillian example of some one taking their life in their own hands.


  18. keyana says:

    Well my story isn’t as crazy as this per se, but maybe it is. You dreamed about a faceless lady in white and I saw one in real life when I was 10. I was at camp… there were only 4 girls age 10 this year and like 20-25 beds. I woke up in the middle of the night and on the opposite end of the cabin, opposite side of the room…on an empty bed…I saw a lady in a long white gown that was hooded rocking back and forth looking at the door… I was not dreaming bcuz I pinched myself several times and rubbed my eyes. The lady stopped rocking, looked at me and where her face should have been it was a void…she had no face… where her eyes were supposed to be, lit up red like hot coal…then faded back to black and she turned back around and faced the door and started rocking… I was petrified…I don’t know what it means or why I saw her or what she represents… but I think your visions and dreams were real.

  19. Shadow eyes says:

    The Japanese have a classification for the faceless ghost. It is called Noppera-bo. At least it wasn’t a Nukekubi (means detachable head), a Toire no Hanako-san (means Miss Hanako of the Toilet) more specifically the Deadly version of the Hanako (Which lets you choose how it will kill you.), or a Tek-Tek (The woman who walks on elbows). If you had met one of those, you would not be alive today.

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