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The Dolls On Halloween Night

Posted on July 24, 2008

It was Halloween and I was eight and me and my older cousin were playing in my aunts room. We were waiting for her to get back from the store because she forgot to buy candy.

We started to jump on the bed then we heard this strange noise. It came from my aunts dolls that her grandma gave her. We were scared we hid under the covers, then we got up and said, “it was the dog,” but it wasn’t. Then we started to play again. My cousin needed to go the restroom.

I saw a doll turn its head to look at me. Then I screamed and my older cousin came running out of the restroom. She said “what happened?”

I was crying and she came over to me and put her arms around me. Then she had a feeling that a doll was staring at her. She jumped on the bed and turned on the TV. Then I started talking and as I was talking I turned my head to look at the dolls. Then my cousin looked at the dolls too. As she looked at them she said, “those dolls are creepy right” and I said “yeah they scared the crap out of me.”

Then I threw a pillow at one of them and I looked at another doll and I saw a weird look on its face, like you should never have done that. My cousin said, “I’m going to get something to drink ok” then I said “ok, but hurry up.”

As she left the room I looked at the dolls and said, “these dolls are not that pretty” then I saw a doll move its head toward me, then all the dolls did it. When my cousin came in the room the dolls heads were turned back around as they were. I asked my cousin, “did you see that?” and she said, “no, what was it?”

Then 15 minutes later the power goes off. We go in the restroom and get a flashlight then my cousin hits her face on the door then she says ” that hurt!!..did you shut the door?” I said “no.” Then we went into my aunts room and lit three candles around us. I moved the flashlight towards the dolls and they were gone. Then all the lights came back on and the dolls were back in their place.

When my aunt came home from the store we told her. After we went trick-a-treating we went to sleep with my aunt then at 5 in the morning me and my cousin woke up at the same time we both looked at the dolls and they all had evil smiles on there face. We woke up our aunt and told her to look at them. She said, “I don’t see anything. I think you ate to much candy.

Now my little cousin keeps them. She says they love to talk to her. I don’t go to my aunts house anymore to go see my cousin because she says there going to get jealous and they’re going to hurt me.

Sent in by Bianca, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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51 Responses to “The Dolls On Halloween Night”
  1. Natalie says:

    Wow! How creepy. Especially on Halloween! I don’t think i’d have stayed in the house that night! Great story!

  2. Nick says:

    That would be so freaky if that happend to me id have gas and a lighter to those things so quikly

  3. Tamara says:

    Holy cow!
    I absolutely hate dolls, they’ve always scared the crap out of me… And this story didn’t make things better. X)

  4. Jesyka. says:

    Oh man, something like this happened to me too. Except it was one doll and it would just stare at me and end up in my room in the morning. But creepy stuff i hate dolls…

  5. v-nizz says:

    i hate dolls…they just scare the crap outta me i couldnt keep any kind of doll in my house

  6. nate says:

    thats really good but is your little cousin crazy!? Cuz i would never touch the dolls

  7. luis says:

    whoa readind this story was creepy after this i would never go near my cousins dolls ever again. XD

  8. hannah says:

    i believe you really cool story

  9. Krista says:

    Holy crap that’s creepy! only dolls I keep in my room are bratz dolls and polly pocket. I have a porciline doll in my basement but it doesnt creep me out. only when i’m home alone and i hear a noise that sounds like a little girl giggling :(

  10. VALERY says:


  11. dx says:

    the porslane dolls at my grandmas house are sitting on swings that hang from the ceiling. at nite they swing by themselves and we no its not the wind cuz all the windows r always closed at nite.

    once at nite the dolls were swining all of a sudden we heard a scream and a crash a few seconds later.the next morning we found a doll shatterd in the middle of the living room floor. i was pretty happy cuz that doll countinuosly gave me evil glares wen no1 was around

  12. Warrior Priestess says:

    Holy cr__ dx…. Its sounds like the Dolls were swinging and she fell and Screamed. Thats really wierd. Maybe the other Doll Pushed her Off… I cant help but Snigger about it dx, that the doll screamed when she fell off before she shattered. Its So cute, and creepy that its funny. HAHAHA, i just read it again…. Did the doll say WEEEEeeee Before she screamed?
    Hilariously Creepy! Screaming Dolls, Dolls afraid of Heights…. Good gravy!
    What would have made it even better is if there were other dolls and toys in the House that would be carrying her away on a Toy Strecher and loading her into a Toy Abulance. And Tiny Police Tape…

  13. Warrior Priestess says:

    About the story though. Its sounds weird, i dont like dolls, i especially hate Ventruillaquist puppets. And my Grandma’s Crazy Sister Collects Dolls, Old-Dolls, New Dolls, Baby-Dolls, Porcelain, Wooden, Straw you name it, she has 2 trailers completely full of Dolls, and her Garage has a buch of Dolls packed away in Boxes… Ehk… The thought of the Thousands of Dolls she has makes me ill. She even had a few life-size dolls around 4ft high. Bleck. She says she’s even got a few Dolls that have Real Hair. Gross. I Hated Dolls even when i was a Kid… i Was more interested in Trucks and GI-Joes. Which was Odd for a Little Girl! But Dolls creeped me out. I Didnt like Barbies Either.
    Did you know they actually make Chucky-Dolls? They sell them at Spencers. Theres a Nightmare ready to Happen.

  14. amber says:

    this story was really creepy I hate dolls they are the uglest things i have ever seen in my life i have never had a doll and never will because so many movies i seen with doll and when they come alive thats what creepys me out none of my family likes dolls becauses my sister destiny had one and she woke up in the middle of the night and she looked on the floor in our room and she saw a baby doll on the floor and it started talking so she screamed real loud and my parents woke up and ran out there room and graved her and said ever things going to be oky dont worry so we throw out all the dolls after that one night that creep my sister out

    thats why i dont like dolls

  15. Taylor says:

    Two of the scariest things in the world are monks and porclin dolls.

  16. jezzabelle says:

    OMG that is hecka scary i would NEVER have a doll out of my closet. my mom has this old ragady anne doll and she is hecka creepy i hate her i think she hates me……

  17. nicole says:

    my grandmother got my mom a doll that was a big baby with a very big smile with its brows looking like it was an angry baby with a smile or these small babies that had different faces on them. but have you tried to be on a grave site on halloween??? lol

  18. melissa says:


    • Mitchell says:

      It sounds like you were just freaked out from these dolls. Why didn’t you just move them? What could dolls do? They can’t grab you they don’t have muscles or thumbs…

  19. vinny says:

    thats completely believeable, cuz one time me and my sister were playing with a wija board one night, the next day we heard noises in the house.in my living room my mom had shelfs of porclein dolls. and they were up high of the ground.me and my sister went to sleep on our couches, we both woke up with one of the dolls sitting in up right position staring at us, we both thrown the dolls.may i remind u we did this at the same time.

  20. Loki says:

    Your cuz is right, the dolls would hurt you if they got the chance. A mentor of mine taught me that objects are not like people, they are incapable of bending and adjusting in order to accomodate others. In other words when when someone hurts another person, that person is usually able to forgive the offender (in some way or another). Objects however are completely incapable of such things, once it gets an idea into its head (so to speak) it will never let it go, and will do as it pleases untill it is stopped.

  21. Dianne says:

    OMG!! i swear that is a scary story…. that’s why i never keep dolls… and i hate dolls who laughs when you press something on it!!!

  22. Carly says:

    That was a creepy story..i never knew dolls were like that..but some do look really scary and creep me out..

  23. bayleighh says:

    That’s messed up;
    Creepy Creepy.

    you’re alot stronger in the head than I am.
    you can deal with things like that,
    i always want to be scared,
    but i can never get scared.

    this is a good scaryy story though,

    i’m sorry it’s truee.

  24. Desiree says:

    Hello…my name is of course Desiree…I read your story and I thought it to be very scary. Thing’s like this should be taken seriously. I know alot of thing’s about possessed items and people because I have done TONS of research on them. The only thing you can really do is just pray to God and BELIEVE in him and accept him as your savior and your garunteed that no demons will do you no harm. Nothing scares away Satan or his demons like a person praying. They will FLEE from you if you pray because the word of prayer is very powerful. I know this might seem useless for YOU right now because you don’t have to deal with them. But please keep what I said in mind. I will help you or anyone who wants advice.

  25. santana says:

    i’ve always beleived that somthin was wrong with certain kind of dolls nd not jus any doll tha old kind



  27. Eva says:

    Holy —- that is so creepy i so b leeve in that stuff ever since i saw my cousins doll crawling cross the floor it was creepy

  28. Anah says:

    WOW that was really creepy.! I never want a doll again. It might kill me in my sleep.! lol=]

  29. Jonalyn says:

    I have 10 dolls on my room You scared me from this day I would not play with my dolls agin ever unless we are many in a room

  30. alexaisscared says:

    woah! i hate dolls like those. they totally freak me out no matter how cute they are. hope you’re all right now. scary dolls wack!

  31. ADRIANA CHAPA says:


  32. psychotically happy says:

    WATS up with doll s and grandma’s??

  33. brittany says:

    i dont like doll at all not even clows too

  34. karl says:

    Dolls are always creepy to me. Sometimes ghosts will change their form to be the same size as a doll when they want to play with little kids. My mom experienced that when she was a little kid. It always wanted to play with her until my mom wanted it to go away. Then the ghost was upset grew to full size then dissapeared. from then on it left her alone.

  35. valery(a.k.a Izzy) says:

    my aunt says that she has this doll in her office so one day she was working in her office doing some paperwork and then suddenly she saw her dolls head move wich really scared her and i think she got rid of the doll

  36. Miranda says:

    Kinda sounds like the movie dead silence. I watched it and got so scared of my dolls that i slept in my moms room for a long time. What was funny is that i was scared that they would be mad at me if I tried to get rid of them. Now all of them except my American Girl doll are gone. (I kept her cause my aunt got her for me, and my aunt is SUPER nice and the doll is Kit Kittridge, and they’re really expensive, but she won it in a contest.)

  37. Nora§ says:

    Woah. Im sooo breaking those dolls my mom brought in yestherday. i told her not 2!! but she bought them anywayz!!
    i swear they are in a chair rite now behind me and i feel like sum1s watching me!!!
    im 2 afraid 2 look bak. Mommmyyyy!! my mom wont frikken help. shes a doll addict. i hated dolls evr since i was a baby!!
    Now im 12. and i still hate em. i evn hate barbs. :D lol
    :( why why why me!! :’( lol

  38. thraxbaby says:

    Woah! I was almost screaming my head off just reading this! I hate dolls, especially dummys and this story was way creepy. Worse since it’s night.

  39. Tracy says:

    I also hated dolls as a little girl. never liked them. But there is something about old porcelaine dolls, they seem so lifelike, too alive !
    They have something in them. I also thought it was funny , a doll swinging, then screaming before she fell. I would be like serves you right, you are a doll! shouldn’t be swinging!! I think lost spirits take over dolls like that , because children , people play , talk with them. And some just want comapny , they are allone. So they go in the doll,and feel somewhat alive I think. But not all spirits are good and just want to play with children….Never know. Really creepy!

  40. Moya says:

    That is a creepy story. Go and burn them.

  41. amber says:

    im sorry but sounds made up to me fair play to you though good story gave me the shivers.

  42. Seree says:

    burn them & bury the ashes!

    get in that house & burn them!
    i had to do it & it worked

  43. angelblueeyes says:

    i believe most of the stories i have read on here, but i have to call this one bunk, if any of you want to read a true, freaky story about a doll, google “robert the doll”

  44. Bailey says:

    I tottally beleve this. When I was little I had these plush cabbage patch dolls and I remember them always staring @ me!!! I was so creeped out , I told my mom and she imediatly threw them away.

  45. Rachel and Yasiris says:

    Rachel: Wow ! i freakin got scared i love to read soo WOW ! no im scared of looking at my grandmas dolls! >.<
    Yasiris:that happened to me and one musical doll i had i ended up destroying it with a hammer the next day lol!!!!!

  46. CuteSagittarius says:

    I’ve had afew dolls & many stuffed toys in my roOm as a teenager & I still luv to buy them sometimes. They’ve never scared me…I’ve always actually felt very comfortable with my dolls around. None of them has ever behaved strangely. I don’t have a porcelain doll, but I would like to get one!
    Your encounters with dolls is weird,though. I’ve read quite afew stories about dolls & I believe most of them.
    Thank God my dolls & toys are nice!

  47. Wolfy says:

    i fear for ur cousin they may be dangrous as she grows she wont Like dolls anymore and they may harm her

  48. Azteca says:

    nice story

  49. Karen M. says:

    What a peffect Halloween tale!

  50. crissy says:

    omg dont feel bad i rember wierdly when i was hmm i think around 3-4 ish and i had this doll i got for my i think i just turnd 4 it was like a porcelain doll but it was a baby and i had so many nightmares that i would be like * i know ur alive BLINK ALREADY BLINK! and it would and i would scream and run away then awake but the thing is back then i dident even know dolls could like be alive and in my dream i knew but when i awoke i dident understand so i told my mum and wierdly she got rid of it as fast as we got it and it was like a 60$ doll so that creeped me out and till this day im 12 now. i see things that are un-normal i have a spirit in my room she is a elderly lady with a oxygen tank and she just romes around she is harmless :) i dont mind her i feel safer knowing there is a spirit around wierd right? im getting a haunted doll tho off ebay and boy oh boy lol im excited i dont mind them but yes,i do hate clowns. i love ur story and keep up the spooky tales

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