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Temporary Possession

Posted on July 19, 2008

When I was a young child, there were many strange things that would happen as soon as I was in bed, the light had been switched off, and my parents were far away in the lounge.

One night in particular remains engrained forever in my mind. I was drifting in and out of sleep when I suddenly heard a loud banging noise which sounded like it was coming from the room beside me. I sat up in bed to listen more carefully and I could just make out the sound of a muffled voice repeating over and over: “Your time has come, give us your body now, you will not be needing this vehicle anymore, not now, not ever”.

The previous words, are exact, word for word, I have never forgotten them because it must have been for an entire hour that I heard them. The reason that I did not go to my parents, or scream for help, or even leave the room to verify the noises myself, may sound very strange, but I will write it, as it is, for those with open minds.

I wanted to scream, cry, shout, but I found my jaw was locked shut, and there was a great tension in my throat. The most I could do was make a sort of mumbling noise, that coupled with the fact that it was intensely painful, wasn’t loud enough to capture the attention of my parents.

The second thought I had was to run for help. I managed to get out of bed when I suddenly noticed that the door was gone. All around me was a completely different setting, there were no posters, there were no doors, just an empty room, my bed and my mirror. I immediately knew that I must be dreaming, but the problem here was, I KNEW that I was dreaming, but that didn’t change a thing, and I could not wake up, no matter how I tried.

I tried to get back into my bed and close my eyes, but when I opened them nothing had changed. This time I didn’t have to sit up, because I floated above my body. I was very afraid at this point and wanted nothing more then to get back to my normal bedroom. I noticed now that I could actually see my physical body lying in bed below me. At this moment I was terrified beyond imagination.

I felt a terrible presence lurking behind me, and turning with great speed I saw before me a dark robed figure. I could smell what I can now associate with the smell of burning fingernails. I was paralyzed in fear before this entity as it walked closer to me, chanting over and over: “Your time has come, give us your body now, you will not be needing this vehicle anymore, not now, not ever”.

I thought I was about to die, but I began to feel the dark presence merge with my own body, it was the strangest sensation, and I lost a certain amount of control of my limbs. Now I was pulled back violently to my physical body lying in bed and woke screaming for my parents.

Although I can prove nothing, there is no doubt in my mind, that this was not a usual dream as we have every night, and this creature was not a creation of my mind, but a living negative entity. I don’t believe I am under the control of this particular entity anymore, but at the time, for at least a week, I often said and did many things against my will.

One example of this is when I was talking to a young child at school, and suddenly for no reason at all, lashed out and punched him in the face. Later I had to apologize to his family even though I myself had not consciously done it.

It is now 10 or so years since this frightful incident that I shall never forget and I have experienced nothing more of this entity. I still find it hard to sleep, in case such a vivid experience should happen to me again, or the dark figure shall return. I assume it has moved on to the next victim.

Written by Jeremy Garner, Copyright 2008 Visit Jeremy’s site and join at www.bebo.com/SpiritOfA6

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38 Responses to “Temporary Possession”
  1. Jackie says:

    I know your fear, i still feel scared at night, sometimes my fear is almost unbearable especially if i wake in the night and it is pitch black. I now sleep with little lights around my dressing table.
    This dream of yours is incredibly vivid and i can understand how you must feel. I wasn’t dreaming by the way, i was not even in my bed, just about to get into it when i was attacked by something i could sense was evil. Like you, my voice was paralysed too. I couldn’t scream out either. How you describe it is exactly how my voice was, just a sort of mumble. I prayed in my mind and luckily the thing left straight away. All i can suggest is that you pray for this dream never to become a reallity and whatever you do keep well away from ouija boards or anything else like that, which is what caused my attack to be reall.

  2. v-nizz says:

    that is creepy

  3. nate says:

    wow thats really good story… Did you wake up ever or was it like real the whole time

  4. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for everybodies comments, and for your advice jackie, it seems you have had similar experiences.

    I’m not sure if I fully understand your question, but the whole time it was completely real to me, it was in fact more clear and vivid than what our everyday lives are.

    The creature I am sure had a mind of it’s own etc, and did not seem to be something I had created with my subconscious mind.

    This was more than just a usual dream

  5. ashley says:

    wow id never want to experience that thank God u survived

  6. Lissette says:

    why do you the entity picked you? Did you think about that? In the mist of this happening did you once pray?

  7. Jeremy says:

    Yes, it’s always interesting to look back on these experiences from an objective point of view, but at the time it’s nothing but absolute terror to believe that you won’t survive.

  8. Jeremy says:


    I think the entity may have picked me because I was always interested in the supernatural world & unexplainable things as a child which seems to open yourself up to these sort of experiences.

    Of course many children are, and nothing like this ever happens to them, but maybe there was something they felt they could use me for…I’m really not sure exactly.

    I didn’t pray at the time myself, though often after describing these experiences to people, they would pray for me.

  9. marjorie nason says:

    it is alway’s good to have people pray for you, but you should try praying your self it may help i will also pray for you.god bless.

  10. Jeremy says:

    I don’t actually believe in god at this stage in my life, prayer has never worked for me, many things like this story has happened to me for years.

    I think we have the potential as humans to face these terrors ourselves, and to learn a great deal about life (and death) in general, where we eventually become master of our own fate, without putting our lives in the hands of other beings, divine or evil.

    To pray to God seems to admit defeat, unless it is used as an aid for something you are already acting upon.

  11. Tamara says:

    This is so much alike some of the dreams I’ve had… It’s scary, the way you describe some of the things in your story, they match what I’ve experienced exactly.

  12. Jeremy says:


    Thanks for sharing, it’s very interesting to know that others have gone through very similar experiences.

    I would imagine there are quite a few who get this sort of experience, but do not share anything about it.

  13. Roger says:

    Someone is trying to say your time is near dont listen to them pray to God out loud when its happening or in you head.

  14. Jackie says:

    Hi Jeremy,
    i totally respect your views and you seem like a really intelligent person. I USED to be very logical in my thinking as i’ve been educated to understand such and such paranormal cannot happen this way and that as it’s not scientifically possible. BUT, then i had the logical stuffing knocked right out of me when i messed around with the ouija board and got proof and then was attacked by whatever ‘it’ was one night shortly afterwards BEFORE getting into bed (not half asleep). Well, you can imagine how i walked around for along time..on planet ‘what the f**** was that’.
    I don’t believe we have the understanding or power to fight against things we know nothing or very little about. I never believed in God at all until i prayed that night and whatever was in my room which attacked me went straight away. I could call that a coincidence, but it really came at the exact second i needed help, just can’t call it coincidence at all.
    Hope you never have to call for help in this way, i just wish you luck in finding God in another way.
    It amazes me how people can believe in something that they have never experienced, that’s probably why it’s said somewhere in the bible, (it goes something like this, apologies if i get this wrong in exact words, please feel free to correct LOL) ‘blessed are those that believe but need no proof’….heck!! hope that’s half way right LOL

  15. Jeremy says:

    I deeply appreciate the views that you guys have expressed they are very interesting.

    I understand that they are trying to tell me that my time is near, but this particular experience was at least 10 years ago now, I didn’t pray at the time, and they were obviously wrong. Thanks for your advice and opinion.

    You say you used to be very logical in your thinking, and then after an experience with a Ouija board you got the logic side knocked right out of you.

    How I see it, is that logical doesn’t mean that supernatural things don’t happen, or that God doesn’t exist, it means to experience and see things, which then get added to your logical point of view.

    As an example, a logical way to look at the Ouija board, having never used one…would be to say “It could work, or it could not” and then proceed to try it.

    If it worked as it did in your case, that doesn’t mean that logic has suddenly disappeared, but that you now “know” for a fact, that ouija boards do work, from a logical point of view.

    When applying this to God, I am open to the fact that God may exist, I am also open to the fact that God may not exist.

    Prayer is not necessarily an accurate way to prove the existence of God.

    There are many factors that could be involved with prayer, look at what hypnosis can do, the power of suggestion, the subconscious mind, even maybe spirits or guides could come into the question here.

    All I know is that I have prayed many times, and have got no results, so at this stage in my life, I do not believe in prayer, and I do not believe in God.

    That does not mean I am not open to the possibility that they may exist however.

    If prayer works, but you can’t pray for a million dollars, or pray for the latest car, that implies that prayer, only works for what is “right” for you in the first place.

    If you have enough trust or faith in God and where your life is headed, why would you need to pray in the first place?

    Why is it that people pray and then say, but let it be your will father…?

    Why is it that people who don’t believe in God, suddenly have a turn-around when something tragic, or fearful happens in their life?

    That is quite obviously because fear and the search for security, are very deeply related.

    A man is afraid to be shot, he finds security in a gun.

    A country is afraid to be attacked, it finds security in purchasing weapons, bombs, war machines etc.

    A young chicken is afraid of a loud noise, and finds security hiding under the loving wings of its mother.

    A person is afraid of life or death and finds security in God.

    Is it fear, or is it love that draws one to God?

    Many are the cases of an abused wife who remains with their husband, and even claims she loves him!

    Is this love…or is this fear?

    I know the quote you are referring to which is:
    “Blessed are those who believe without seeing”

    A quote I dislike wholeheartedly.

    If people are willing to blindly believe in anything because they will be “blessed”, they are giving their lives away to many unintelligient people who may lead them in the completely wrong direction.

    We can’t just believe everything without proof really, or we lose our natural judgement of reality.

    Not to mention, that to look at anything written in the bible as fact and something to live by is purely dangerous because of the hypocrisy that exists within

    Psalm 137:9 “Happy will he be who takes and dashes his little ones against the rock”

    Once again I thank you for your views, they are most interesting to me, it just intrigues me though that people feel that we don’t have the strength within us to do things for ourselves.

    The very basis of belief in God or religion, is automatically a disempowering one, because it implies that we are slaves instead of controllers of our own destiny.

  16. Jackie says:

    Hi again,

    well my reasonable mind found it hard to believe what i was witnessing, first with the glass moving in such a way it would be impossible to fake it by pushing it as it would have toppled over many times. Then when we took our fingers off for a bit it kept moving to the middle, then it spelled out a stranger’s name we had never met before. That to me kicks the reasonable or logical thinking that such a thing could happen right out of the window.

    I didn’t belive in God BECAUSE i had had no proof until the night i was attacked by an invisible force – INVISIBLE… again how can that be possible my reasonable mind thinks????? Hope this explains it a little better maybe. I WAS open to the fact that it could happen this is why i messed with the ouija in the first place, but i didn’t for one minute expect it to work. It’s hard to explain, but that is the best i can come up with as it still makes me shake my head now and then.

    I agree with what you’re saying on most things to a certain extent, apart from the abused wife part as i have known a few people in this situation who didn’t hold the purse strings and were unable to move away from their home, which houses everything they need. It takes alot of courage to pack up and take your kids into the wilderness without a penny and in alot of cases without anyone to help them as the husband has made sure over time that the wife only has him to rely on. My daughter’s mother-in-law was one such person, who was abused mentally and has only just lost her husband last w/end. I find it hard to understand how she can miss him so much when her life was ruled by him, but she knows no other way.

    Some people do believe in God even though they don’t have any proof, that to me is hard to understand and i agree with you there. Although i do think it is because people need some kind of faith in their lives in order to get through the hellish times.

    Wondered what your view was when my prayer saved me from the attack i had and if you think it was a coincidence that it left as soon as i prayed, which at the time i really had not other alternative method of getting rid of this presence.

  17. Jackie says:

    forgot to mention the psalm you mentioned, i think you have read it wrong as you need to read the whole verse from 7-9 as it says ‘happy shall they be who pay you back what you have done to us! Happy shall they be who take YOUR little ones and dash them against the rock!’ It means they are wanting revenge on you and your children.

  18. Jeremy says:

    The things you explained that happened with the ouija board, are a perfect example of how you can now “logically” look at that event and say “It is true, I know for a fact, that the ouija board works”.

    That is different to saying “I just saw something impossible, so now I won’t keep my ‘logical’ mind.”

    Logic can continue to be expanded, it’s not one set of rules.

    If we had never touched fire before, and we logically thought because of things we had read “when I touch that flame, I think it will burn me” and you touch it and it burns you, it doesn’t now mean that you have lost the logic, it means you have expanded it.

    It is quite hard to describe my point, I hope you can see where I am coming from here.

    Something very strange happened with the oujia board, now that just means you have an expanded knowledge of the board, through pure experience, and now it is logical to you that a ouija board works.

    I think you are using “reasonable” mind and “logical” mind as the same thing, when they are really two completely different things.

    The words you used to disagree with my point on the abused wife, only demonstrated the very point I was making.

    You said that it takes a lot of “courage” for a wife to leave a husband when they have that “security” there.

    My very point was that they remain in this situation because of “fear” and the “search for security”, and not because of “love”.

    Therefore, do you really disagree with that point, because your words only demonstrate it?

    People certainly do need some kind of faith in their lives to get through the hellish times, but in doing this, are they facing the problem head on and destroying it, or hiding it away somewhere to get back at them in the future?

    My view on the fact that the prayer saved you from the attack, is a difficult one because I was not there, only you can know for certain.

    However, I think that your faith in the prayer, your belief that something was going to help you, would have created a strong energy of certainty that you had some force or power behind you to eliminate this entity.

    I personally think you could have achieved the same result with a confident stance, without prayer to an external being but I may be completely wrong here.

    There are of course as you probably know, countless examples of demonic possession, where the exorcism which includes many different prayers, has failed miserably.

    Why would prayer help some, and not others?

    Is it chance? Is it preference? Is it destiny already written?

    Who knows?

    All I can “know” is what I have “experienced” and through testing prayer, I have achieved no results to prove the existence of God.

    I am aware of what is before that line in the bible, I did not use it to demonstrate the point that the bible is telling us to do violent things, but to show that when taken out of context, the bible can be dangerous, and not something to live by.

    Even when in context, there are many, many contradictions.

    Don’t get me wrong, many of the words of Jesus Christ are very wonderful, and there are many great things in the bible, though as with all things, there are good and bad points.

    I appreciate your views once again,
    Thank you

  19. Jeremy says:

    Sorry I see where you are coming from using “reasonable” and “logic” as similar terms now.

    The difference I was establishing was that reasonable seems to be unexpandable, though logic can continue to grow.

    I see the point you are trying to make, I apologize for that misunderstanding

  20. Jackie says:


    It’s OK, i’ve enjoyed communicating with you!!

    Just a point though, i didn’t believe in God when i prayed in my mind whilst being attacked, it just happened to be the only thing that came to me at the time. It probably came from my subconscious i suppose as i didn’t have time to think about it at all. I just wonder what would have happened if it had stayed and finished what it came to me for.

    I know what you mean about prayer when you say why does it work for some and not for others, this is a constant puzzle to me. However, who knows if their prayers are not answered, they could have been answered in a way that person was not expecting.

    I’m sorry to cut this bluntly, but i must go out now!!

    All the best, Jackie

  21. Jeremy says:

    Thanks Jackie, and not a problem, it has been a very interesting discussion with you, and I have really enjoyed your views.

    That is an interesting point you made about not believing in God at the time, but the fact you prayed to God seems to indicate there must have been some sort of subconscious belief in such a thing, for why would we pray to something we didin’t believe in?

  22. Jackie says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    I know, i think i was open to the fact that God could exist, moreso after the ouija experience. When i spoke to my dad on the phone after the ouija, he said after listening to what had happened, ‘the first thing that springs to my mind right now is, it begs the question is there a God?’ That got me thinking and apparently my dad did think alot about this also.

    Funny though because my dad has decided not to believe in God because of the Bible stories, which are so over the top at times. There was one part in the Bible though about the prophet Isiah which was sent to me by a friend, about Isiah saying that the earth was a sphere, even though in those days and until quite recently earth was thought to be flat.

    Another is the prophecy of the fall of Babylon, which i will have to look up and let you know about. Then there is Revelations about the mark of the beast in the end times being on the back of people’s hands or forehead. Check out barcodes which are similar to the ones being tested in America at the moment on the back of troops hands to try and do away with fraud and credit card theft. I’ll let you know more about that when i get more time to type, although you may have already heard about this. If not, i’ll tell you how to read the bar codes – really interesting.

  23. Jeremy says:

    I would be very interested in what you could tell me about these barcodes etc, it sounds very intriguing.

    Thank you

  24. Preetham says:

    I feel that you must just have had a really bad nightmare.Regarding the punching of the child,you would have overreacted unintentionally.

  25. Jackie says:

    Here goes Jeremy,

    If you look at all the items in your cupboards where you will find the UPC (Universal product code) or bar code. You will see what looks like two sets of a group of bars, with numbers at the bottom of these bars. Seperating these sets are two long lines in the middle with no numbers underneath. These longer lines are also at the beginning of the bar code and at the end. Locate those first b4 you read on otherwise it will become confusing.

    If you now look at the bottom where all the numbers are below the bar lines, you will notice that each number is represented by two bars above it. (you need to look very carefully here) Each PAIR of bars representing a particular number from 0-9 are different in thickness to another number they represent. For instance the number 6 is represented by two thin lines of the same thickness. Once you’ve studied the numbers, then look at the two lines at the beginning of a bar code which are longer in length than the majority of the bar codes which represent numbers. Then the longer two in the middle and at the end. Can you see what number they are equivalent to, even though they do not have numbers underneath them?

    Once you’ve discovered this supposedly secret hidden code, ask yourself why should the inventer of this UNIVERSAL system have picked the number equivalent to 666 and no other number.

    Now this system, the very same, is being used in the implants for future use to avoid fraud etc and is being tested by the American troops as i mentioned before.

    Then when you look at the propesy in Revelations below, it could be called a coincidence but it’s very strange, don’t you think?

    “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hands, or in their foreheads; ” “And that no man might buy or sell, save he had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name 666. ” Rev 13:16, 17

  26. Jeremy says:

    Thank you very much Jackie, I find this absolutely fascinating!

    It was very surprising to follow along with your words while looking at the bar code, and to see indeed that you are right.

    This has sparked a lot of thought.

    Very intiguing.

    Thanks, I appreciate your opinion.

    Personally having gone through the experience which was as real and vivid as everyday life, I can’t call it a bad dream myself, but I would think similar thoughts were I in your position, so I respect your views.

    It felt very different to a usual dream.
    I am open to the possibility that it was a creation of my own mind, powerful enough to take on its own form.

  27. Jackie says:

    I was looking forward to your response very much this evening and it seems that you have the same as i and others who have checked this out….even my cousin who is a professor in Texas is astounded by it and he is one incredibly intelligent person.

    If you look on the internet about it, then you get people poo pooing it, but i’m not sure how they can justify their reasons.

    Jeremy, I’ve just been given a space on this site by Caretaker to moderate would you believe??? I’m going to start a thread about this, which could become very interesting. Not sure as yet how to locate to my bit as i’m only able to click on my email link that Caretaker sent me at the moment.

    I would just like to thank Caretaker for our stories being able to become public and enable people to share their amazing experiences. Then to help those who are naive to the paranormal world who become vulnerable to the evil forces that await our curiosity!!

    See you in the ‘Jackie’ section XX

  28. Jackie says:


    I’ve just discovered you have been offered to be part of this new space from my last email from Caretaker.

    What do you say, shall we carry on with the bar code discussion??

  29. Jeremy says:

    Yes, it would be very interesting if you continue with the bar code discussion in your new space. I have already written my first article at:


    I will look forward to reading your new posts.

  30. VALERY says:


  31. Nicole says:

    wow interesting… im just a kid but i have had many experiences myself im with my inner soul and see things that can’t be explained i feel you need to be with the inner you to reconnect to those who find you and want contact

  32. Jeremy says:

    Thanks Nicole, though “I’m -just- a kid”…I think kids are often far more aware than adults give them credit for.

  33. NICOLE says:

    well i believe more because ghosts are my hobby. so i have more contact inmy inner soul and mind to know peoples emotional experiences. as well as being scared. i too wrote a blog but not sure when it will post. but if you read it you’ll know what i have been through. i have read every single storie. and i feel how they feel.most people don’t understand how we have been contacted by these trapped souls trying to find their way home. and its sad that they didn’t go into the light. people who are skeptics haven’t had this happen to them so they don’t know. but if it does they will probably have scientific reasons or say it was a prank or something. they just wanna be smart as usual. i know how it feels to be stalked by those who won’t cross over. i feel everybodys pain. for those who don’t understand who cares if they haven’t anything nice to say or feel the pain and emotional break downs in your expieriance then don’t comment at all or you will hurt the person.

  34. Jeremy says:


    You said some very good things to say there. You will be emailed when your blog is posted, and I will keep an eye out for it.

    It sounds like you are a very thoughtful, caring person, and open to paranormal experiences.

    For many people when they recieve comments that aren’t nice about their experiences, it can hurt them. However in my case I still like to keep a logical approach, and I am open to everybody’s opinions and comments good or bad.

    To ignore the bad, is to see only half.

    Thanks a lot for your comments, they are much appreciated.

  35. chloe says:

    creepy, feel that way, im scared to be alone in my room, and when i close my eyes i see faces from my imagination

  36. Jeremy says:

    Thanks Chloe,

    I know that feeling, seeing faces, being alone, the dark/unknown and so on…

    In many cases, the more we do something, the less frightening it becomes.

    It is more often than not, ourselves we have to fear, more than anything else.

  37. Jonathan says:

    I guess I am now on a quest to set people straight on the UPC thing.



    People do some research. I don’t really have a comment on the story itself, the UPC stuff appeared in the comments.

  38. Angel Z. says:

    wow Jeremy this is really scary story, I wonder why when we always encounter with ghost,
    why do we always wake up in the middle of the night??? is it a sign ? that we are being
    forced to be encountering ghost?

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